Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Survival Basics.

Tom's Journal.

 Here is a picture of me,  Tom, about 15 years ago >>>   with my shirt off, as I was a "Power Lifter."

Hello  Dear Friends and Readers,
   Well, the snow is here and I have a new "Crock Pot" -- Slow Cooker that I need to 'baptize' tomorrow with some carrots, turkey legs and onions, and I just thought of putting some rice in there too !   I will be alone, as usual, but I am still so very thankful for every thing I have !   Thank You, dear Lord !  

I kind of wish I could share my meal tomorrow with someone else, perhaps someone who has less than me,  but that just won't happen, so I am NOT going to feel bad, sorry, angry, but just accept my life, as a Saved Christian man, and I have come a long, far way from when I was homeless in Milwaukee, back in 1994-5 in that harsh, cruel, Winter time, with not one human being on earth who cared enough to invite me over, including all of my so-called 'family.'   I am thinking about the long range life in heaven that will trump everything else in the Universe,  friends !   Please don't misunderstand that I am not crying about my own life,  but all those on earth that forsake the Lord, Jesus Christ, and therefore condemn themselves !   I am RICH by most world standards and able to pay all my bills on time, and also invest  $$$ in the good stuff.   As a matter of fact, I just might look to some organization in my area to try and help some desperate family in need.    But I been doing stuff like that most of my life, one way or another.   Right now I choose not to contribute to any 'church.'   The last time I did that I only got a kick in the teeth from a so-called 'Baptist church' in Iron Mountain, MI.... Ha!   I know how to help people.   But if someone has some bright ideas, please email me:  
       And who knows that I just might move back to my beloved, Wisconsin, where the laws are smarter and the people are certainly smarter.... lol.  

I just need to say right now, that I am very  happy Mr. Trump has been elected, and I helping him in that process, and proud of it !  But he is going to inherit  a terrible crap load of a failed fiscal, economic policy that is doomed to fall apart on his watch, created by Obama and his global elite, "One World Gov't" bums !   Donald Trump will do everything right,  but it's too late now, as the whole world is collapsing already, and only a matter of time.   I keep telling everyone to JUST READ THE BOOK OF REVELATION, to find out what bible prophecy says is our future, good and bad.    Frankly, I don't care anymore,  except that I want God's Will to be done, on earth, also in heaven.   Period.   I just want to get to heaven, and in God's mercy and Grace, no matter what it takes.   To that end,  I think that God is guiding me, and with holding certain things and people from me right now, so I "qualify."   God will Judge all of us in the end.  
       I don't really think that I need to Prep too much more at this point in my life, so maybe I can start paying down/ off my bills a bit faster now.   
    The wind blows right thru this old house, and the landlord won't spend one penny to fix and repair things, so I am just living one day at a time,  and keep a look out for better things to come.   I do like and appreciate the local Iron Mtn., MI., VAMC, where they do treat me well, for the most part.   PTL.

I hope you all read the article below.

Warm Regards,
Tommy  Schuckman

 Here is me in Vietnam at age 19, in 1968.

Here is me,  Tom, as a helicopter door gunner, with a Royal Thai Soldier sitting next to me on my Left.

James Wesley Rawles: “Double Up On Your Prepping,” They Can’t Hold Back Collapse Much Longer

Mac Slavo
November 23rd, 2016
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Shocking Video - Must See

Enjoy your turkey, family events and holiday cheer. Enjoy the changing political environment and the strange sense of normalcy that has returned since the end of the election.
None of it is likely to last. 2017 may prove to be pretty brutal.
Now that the Western world has turned in the direction of Trump and Brexit, it may be that the bankster class is prepared to start the next phase.
The pressure that has been building since the 2008 economic crisis is poised to topple the system again. As reputed author James Wesley Rawles of points out, negative interest rates and big debt governing under Obama have set us up for a fall. Easy money, cheap money and free flowing, unlimited credit to the top of the heap have brought things to a desperate point of no return.
Nassim Taleb made the point that Obama’s most grandiose betrayal against the American people won’t be felt until the coming tide of inflation enlarges the national debt, already at record levels of government spending, even further:

Federal Reserve officials have already conceded that the zero percent interest/quantitative easing package is no longer capable of stimulating the economy, and so raising interest rates to normal is in order; however, raising these rates even slightly is enough to induce panic and economic turmoil.
Countless figures have come forward to warn that our financial system is set up for a pump and dump – and that the populist Trump presidency is likely to be background to economic pain, gloomy news and grim difficulties in every respect. Though the die was cast by the cronies who drafted the phony recovery, Trump will be associated with what could be one of the worst financial eras in history.
Worse, that time would leave millions and millions of people without jobs, money or a way to provide.
As usual, Rawles makes the case for how to survive in such a depressing and chaotic environment, and how to avert the worst of the collapse by preparing now, and building a lifestyle that is resistant to market pressures and political shoes dropping.
Here’s the interview from X22 Report:

Check out more of James Wesley Rawles work at or via his survival books.
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