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Not His Fault--But His Misfortune.

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Reporter Breaks Free From ISIS, Then Exposes SICK Secret Obama Wanted Hidden

Anthony Lloyd is a British journalist who was taken hostage by Islamic terrorists. He was tortured and made to watch as other captives were executed by beheading, but he managed to break free and flee to safety. However, he then he realized something about the Obama administration.
Lloyd viewed a video of Obama’s “newest ally in the war against ISIS” and says he saw the face of his kidnapper and torturer, Hakim Anza, also known as Hakim Abu Jamal. The video showed Anza as one of the U.S.-backed Syrian rebels –which the CIA claims are vetted “moderates.” (via The Times)
It’s a miracle that Lloyd managed to escape, considering that he failed the first time. As punishment for trying to escape, Anza shot him in the ankle twice at point-blank range. But he and his cameraman, Jack Hill, managed to escape.
The Obama video, made two years after Lloyd’s capture, described sub-commander Anza and the Syrian fighters as a “moderate” rebel group. Anza allegedly kidnapped and tortured innocent journalists, and that’s “moderate?”
This alleged terrorist is not only free but he is working with the United States, serving in the First Regiment, an organization that has received weaponry from the U.S. and even air strikes to support their missions. And yet, Centcom, U.S. Central Command, refuses to reveal how this man was able to pass the screening process.
But, I have very little doubt that Obama’s administration doesn’t know exactly who Anza is, and what he has done. The media, including the New York Times has reported on his crimes several times, which include wiring a vehicle to explode upon reaching a checkpoint.
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But Anza is not the only one, many Syrian rebels have a long rap sheet. Some even are responsible for the kidnapping and deliverance of James Foley, an American journalist. They handed Foley over to ISIS where he was beheaded.
When Bush left the office, to make way for Barack Obama, there were only around a few hundred jihadists scattered about in the world, and now there are over 30,000 organized militants. This is thanks to Obama’s unfit leadership of this country and sympathy for radical Islam.
Obama sends financial support to these “moderate” rebels, meaning that we are basically funding terrorism thanks to Obama. These rebels have kidnapping, tortured, and killed many Americans and people from other countries as well.
The U.S. might as well send a check directly to ISIS at this point, why beat around the bush? This is exactly why so many Americans can’t until for Donald Trump to be sworn in so he can do the work that needs to be done to start destroying ISIS and organizations like it.
Obama’s refusal to address the current situation, and refusal to call radical Islamic terrorism by it’s name was bad enough, but this, if its true, is horrifying.
It’s time to drain the swamp!
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Hello Great Friends,
    It took me a long time to learn that I must bend a little bit in a strong, harsh, wind.... or just snap in half, and die.   It's the sin of  PRIDE that hurts so many of us, promoted by the 'god of this world...Satan,' and that goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden true story.   Man cannot rule himself, and that point will be proven once and for all, we believe [in the KJV Bible and Jesus Christ] very soon.    So,  do you feel lucky today?   For me,  I am not a gambler, and I like "sure things" so I picked the road to Life, and it doesn't bother me one bit to be a 'servant and follower' of Christ.  What are the alternatives ??   Death now, and eternal punishment in a nasty place.   This is not a scare tactic -- but very provable in the Bible, written on a 5th grade reading level !  
       I will tell you a secret... from the beginning of the Bible, in Genesis,  God has always given long and plain warnings to humans, and sometimes hundreds of years before the said calamity.   Those who have the real, truth and wisdom,  heed God's instructions, and they are a HAPPY PEOPLE, for the most part.   God has a name, just like you and me !   Whether you call Him, Jehovah, or Yahweh,  or Heavenly Father, of YHWH.   And His only begotten Son, is Jesus Christ, through which all things were created.  
      The end of the 6000 years is about up, and the Scriptures say that,  "God's Kingdom" is about to happen and change things forever.   In God's Kingdom,  there will not be any more violence or wickedness.... so, go figure:  we are certainly not there now... or yet.   Islam is just another 'false religion' and will be extinct soon enough, not to worry.
     But right now is THE TIME to Prepare, Prep., draw close to the Lord Jesus Christ, and be forgiven of all our sins, so that before the MAIN, HUGE STORM,  we will be Raptured up to safety, while people "Left Behind" will suffer, big time !

You will understand more, if you read the article below.

---Warm Regards, in the Cold Winter time,
Tommy   Schuckman

This a picture of me in the back yard of the 4th house I bought, and this one on my very own...living on my pension.   I also had a new truck and a great dog, a veggie garden and a tomahawk target made from a cross section of the tree trunk.   I teach people how to throw tomahawks and knives,  ACCURATELY !  It's a fun sport.
Here is an older picture of my dear, old, Mom and I on her 50th Anniversary in WI.    I was back to work at Chrysler at that time, and engaged to an RN....   I was not yet 50 years old yet !   I ask that you please pray for my Mom's  health now.  She just got out of the hospital with Pnumonia a short time ago, and is not well yet. 

Trump About to Preside Over New Global Financial Crisis: “Not His Fault, Merely His Misfortune”

Mac Slavo
December 5th, 2016
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Shocking Video - Must See

While the world celebrates the political demise of the wicked witch of the west and braces for a Trump-style president, the real crisis is coming, in the form of a financial avalanche that could dump on everyone’s parade.
The warning signs have been up every mile for a long stretch now. The build up of pressure, and the creaking fault lines have been evident. The monetary policy has long been triggering what may prove to be an inevitable collapse…
And it may have been planned for the Donald Trump administration.
via Jim Rickards:
A new global financial panic will be one legacy of the Trump administration. It won’t be Trump’s fault, merely his misfortune.
Since 2008, the largest banks in the world are larger in terms of gross assets, share of total deposits, and notional value of derivatives. Everything that was too-big-to-fail in 2008 is bigger and exponentially more dangerous today.
The 2008 crisis was truncated with tens of trillions of dollars of currency swaps, money printing, and rate cuts coordinated by central banks around the world. The next crisis will be beyond the scope of central banks to contain because they have failed to normalise either interest rates or their balance sheets since 2008. Central banks will be unable to pull another rabbit out of the hat; they are out of rabbits.
In the next crisis, liquidity will come from the IMF, which has the only clean balance sheet remaining. The IMF will print the equivalent of $10 trillion in world money called special drawing rights. China and Russia will acquiesce in this liquidity injection provided it hastens the demise of the dollar as the benchmark global reserve currency.
Trump himself has long been wary of political meddling by the Federal Reserve, who could have used a rate hike or other measure to unleash bad news that could have hurt, or alternately helped, his chances of winning. He accused the Fed of waiting to burst the bubble so that it didn’t happen during Obama’s watch.
In the end, that didn’t happen, but the hot potato of the next financial crisis may still be dumped in Trump’s lap. It may figure into why he has been appointing so many Wall Street cronies in his administration… but it probably won’t mean that America gets to avert the crisis.
There is more potential in how to deal with the crisis after it happens. As Rickards explains:
Can Trump avoid this fate? Possibly.
Descaling finance means reinstating the Glass-Steagall and pre-Big Bang separation of deposit taking and securities underwriting. It means breaking up the big banks… Derivatives should be banned except for exchange-traded futures tied to specific assets used for commercial hedging. It’s time to close the casino.
Will Trump pursue these policies? It’s unlikely. Bank lobbyists rule Washington from the commanding heights; draining the swamp won’t change that.
If the bankers are getting close to Trump and taking over his cabinet and advisors, it is because they wish to benefit from the solution to economic catastrophe.
They have plans.
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New Song -- Rocks !

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A group of conservative leaders is urging both houses of Congress to “establish and fund permanent standing committees to conduct hearings and investigations, take testimony, and issue reports on all foreign-funded influence operations inside the United States, and on organizations and movements and fraudulent tax-exempt foundations devoted to the overthrow of the Constitution of the United States.”

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The university and the media share two traits: Both industries have become arrogant and ignorant. We have created a climate, ethically and professionally, in which extremism has bred extremism, and bias is seen not as proof of journalistic and academic corruption, but of political purity. The recent election, and especially its aftermath, embarrassed journalists and academics alike — and should not be forgotten.

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Now it’s the Democrats who are lepers in the land. The same wise men who were writing obituaries for the Grand Old Party are recycling them as obsequies for the party of the people. That would be the party that lost the White House, the Senate, the House and so many governors, mayors and state houses that everybody but Jill Stein has quit counting.

House Freedom Caucus elects a new chairman

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Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., was elected chairman of the House Freedom Caucus on Monday evening by the conservative group's 42 members. Meadows, who will enter his third term in January, will replace the retiring Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio next month. The Tar Heel State politician said he is "ready to get to work," according to a statement issued shortly after the election.

Damning Report: Estimated Apprehension Rate on Southern Border Only 54%

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For 2015, the estimated apprehension rate of illegal aliens between ports of entry on the southern border is only 54 percent. The report finds that although there has been a steep fall in total illegal entries over the past 15 years, there has not been a steep rise in the probability of apprehension over the same time period.

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After eight long years, cops might finally have a friend again in the White House. Do you think Donald Trump will be a friend to law enforcement? Please let me know by completing our new Survey.

Trending News: Chinese Assault On USD Begins . . . Trump, Former U.S. Congressman Issue the Following Warnings . . .

Circle December 4th on your calendar in red ink. While every American focused on the presidential election, one devastating event went completely ignored by mainstream media . . . On the first Sunday of December, "Big Brother" will launch a deadly propaganda attack on American citizens.

Hi  Friends,
   Just check out this great, funny song about Mr. Obama...  Mr. Scam-Man.   It will tickle your funny bone !

I would like to tell you about my college time, and the many things I learned, and it was a 'dream come true,' for me !   I always wanted college so bad when I was younger... as the 'Key to Success' and moving forward in life, but it all got put 'on-hold' for many years,  because when you get married and start having kids,  you need to TAKE CARE OF THEM, as our parents and churches taught us, so-called,  'Middle Class workers,'  back in the 1960's.    The KJV Bible reinforces that notion too, of course, and I can quote scripture until the cows come home, if you like.... LOL.   Now... quoting scripture will NOT GET YOU INTO HEAVEN,  but it sure helps to defend the Faith of our Fathers--pure Christianity.   And we figure that if the Islamic free loaders who sneak across our borders, with Obama's OK,  ILLEGALLY,  we can have OUR say too !   And we will, now that we have a real leader ready to take the steering wheel,  Mr.  DJ Trump !  

Any way, back in 1989,  Chrysler, in Kenosha, WI was so proud of our hard, quality work, that they rigged up the coffee machines all day to give us FREE coffee !  And a few days latter, announced that they just had to close down our two plants in the nice, clean city of Kenosha, WI., on the beautiful Lake Michigan, a town of about 88,000.  And so they did lay off indefinitely, about 6000 workers !  Well,  that was a huge blow to our local and extended economy and much sorrow !   Personally,  I pushed hard to get back into school to learn some kind of marketable TRADE to support my family, and so I got into the Welding class, with other subjects, and learned a ton of things.  But in such "Depressed Time/ Economy" such training only barely got our foot in the door, to start off at the bottom again, and we all took huge pay cuts, and we had to explain that to our kids, etc.   I was scared, too, and super depressed,  and also in a religious cult -- the JW-cult, so that compounded things, along with a rebellious wife, at the time, who finally left me, two years latter, for no good reason,  except her Women's Lib thing.    My family was pretty much scattered to the 4 winds, and I was truly broken hearted.   BUT,  like I said,  I did learn many things in school, and we all stuck together.  
       I had a very good Welding Instructor and other great teachers at Gateway Tech College, in Kenosha, WI.   His name was Art  Mahone !   ...............   and I will remember his last name, soon.  He was a black man,  also into Martial Arts, a good man, who helped so many people, IMHO,  and was also in WW-2, Navy, and he gave us all much more help than just teaching us a trade.   You see,  most of us in that huge class were laid off Chrysler workers, a bit scared, depressed, and hurting inside, and Mr. Art Mahone, tried to help us breach the scary ass future of the unknown.  He taught me how to weld !   I was a "combination welder," learning every kind/ type/ mode, of welding, etc.,  and Print Reading for welders was hard for me too,  but I passed with a 'B.'   In fact I got straight B's at Gateway Tech.   Anyway,  I believe that the reason I got along with Art so well, was because he knew that I was also a Combat Vet, and I just liked and respected him.   
      From Art Mahone,   Such pearls of wisdom, like:  "Never let an enemy get back on his feet !"   He fought the Japanese in the war,  and knew what he was talking about.   Well,  when you have an extreme enemy like the cruel Islamic Jihad folks trying to end the life in your country, and the rest of the world,  you need to fight them and put them down,  or they will rise up again, to hurt you.  Now days,  it's a whole different battle ground with NUKES !!  Hello !!   They think that they will go straight to heaven to their 72 virgins if they kill us  and die in the process !   Wake up!   Obama and Hillary Clinton were and are supporting ISIS !!    In my book, and UCMJ, that is called treason !  

And that is why I say,  put Clinton down and lock her up !  But in our Socialist, Liberal culture, even treasonous people are help us as heroes...  duh.   Even if Mr. Trump is a good, or great man,  he can only do what a mortal-- human can.   God knows this, and His Word the KJV Bible PROPHECY MUST BE FULFILLED.... and soon.  But don't take my word for it, folks.

Well, where I live, on 'top of the world,' lol,  we expect to get hit with a huge surge of cold Winter falling Temps and frigid air-- wind.   I am so glad that I got my huge bag of mail and gassed up my cool truck !    Thank You, dear Lord, for everything you give me, every day !   In Jesus name,  Amen.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

This picture was taken about 10 years ago at the Victory Baptist Church South of Kenosha, WI., in the church garage, where the pastor let me set up  a small welding shop there, so we could mend, weld, repair the snow plow that was always breaking down in the middle of  Winter.

This is a GREAT tune!