Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sharia Gold Standard.

Tom's Journal.

Subject: Road Racing in Italy!
I will never again think that American race car drivers are the most daring or the best drivers in the world.  

  Oh,  No !  It looks like I may have been wrong, or jumping the gun a little bit !   However,  I did pick up 3 more containers of 'Liquid Plumber,' today at the store....  Ha!   And I admit that I recently got addicted to "Cheese Ravioli's" -- frozen in a bag, and I then drown them in Prego spaghetti sauce in my new 'Crock Pot.'   I also add fresh Italian sausages to the supper treat, and I can eat it a few more times before it's gone.   But, as my kids will tell you,  this has been my 'Modus Operando' most of my life.   I find a new crazy dish of food that I fall in love with, and then binge out on it until I am sick of it -- and then move on, or move back to sauerkraut and Dumplings, mit wurst, etc, etc.  
      I also get a warm, fuzzy feeling when I give some of my stored food away to someone who really appreciates it, or those in dire need.   I seek no praise or reciprocation at all.  And "ONE thank you," is always more than enough.   I have always thought and read, that such beautiful behavior and actions were part and parcel of true Christianity.    But my parents and grandparents also practiced this kindness --- so maybe it's just the "Old German" mentality...  In fact, an Old German Proverb, goes like this:   "When one helps another -- Both are strong."   And that's not far from Holy Scripture.  
    Well, I just reheated some of my past concoction and only ate a little, and now I am very full, happy and content !    It works for me.  
     OK, I know that I am swimming in circles, and you all must be wondering where I am headed as we near the prime article that I have wrapped my blog post around today, or now.   And that is,  another scripture that I recently quoted,  'there is wisdom in a multitude of councilors.'    Well,   I do read more than just a few columns to get a more balanced view point, and in this case,  'Metals.'   To me and many other students of the Market, world wide and here in the USA, it is sometimes hard to 'hit the nail on the head,'  but then we would have all winners and no losers in life.... Ha!   However, in old King Solomon's kingdom, it was said that all of his servants had vessels  of gold... and not of silver !    Well, in many ways, Mr. Trump reminds me of a wise, old king, who wants his people --- his country to PROSPER !   A man can even prosper in poor, harsh times !  

On the other hand, those who are foolish will mostly be poor and silly.   Those who gamble, smoke and drink too much, might end up in the so-called,  "Poor House."   And in my humble opinion.... there is NO REASON for a 4th generational 'Welfare System,'  unless it is governed by Democrats !!    And on the New Paradise Earth after all the dust has settled,  there will be a Mosaic like repatriation of the old ones who were good, and will be awakened again, and those new ones who are born into the New Paradise Earth,  just as God intends.   And the people in heaven the Saints, will help Jesus Christ rule over the humans on earth and help them reach godly perfection, as God always intended in the first place, with Adam and Eve.    Does this explanation help to create a nice, warm picture in your mind ?   I can, and will provide all the scriptures you need to put all of this together, IF YOU WANT.  

But, just like you always hear....  time is of the essence, and we must move quickly to be "tucked in," and ready to rock and roll.   Because the Lord and Master is coming back soon enough, and we don't want to be caught with our collective pants down,  brothers and sisters.    Any honest, real questions ?   You know my email address:

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

New Sharia Gold Standard Won’t Ignite Bull Market …

Larry Edelson | Wednesday, December 7, 2016 at 4:00 pm

Don’t believe everything you hear and read about gold these days. It’s just not yet prime time for the precious yellow metal.
If it were — gold would have held my important cycle low point at $1,245 on October 5. It did not. If it were prime time for gold, it would have rallied when Trump was elected, due to the inflation expectations of many of his policies. It did not.
If it were ready for prime time, gold would have already rallied on the recent approval of a gold standard in Sharia, Islamic law. It did not.
And if gold were ready for prime time, miners would already be taking off to the upside again. They are not.
image1 Don’t get me wrong: Precious metals and miners will again explode higher!
Don’t get me wrong: The time is edging ever closer when the precious metals and miners will again explode higher. It could be soon, or, it could be from below $1,000 gold in the first quarter of the new year that’s coming.
Either way, longer-term gold is heading to $5,000 an ounce, minimum, and most senior miners will at least triple while many junior miners will quintuple and more.
Silver, copper, platinum and palladium will all follow. But gold will experience the most stable gains. It’s more of a monetary metal than the others, though most governments are working hard to eliminate it as such.
The key is being patient and separating the wheat from the chaff. All markets have their time in the sun, and it’s the major macro-economic cycles that drive them.
Right now, the macro-cycles are still largely targeting the imploding sovereign debt markets in Europe, Japan and the U.S. That will continue for years.
In turn, it’s driving most money into either cash or mostly, a handful of the biggest U.S. blue chip stocks.
However, once the Dow Industrials and S&P 500 take their inevitable breather — coming soon — I strongly suspect we will see a big shift back into the precious metals.
Be patient and follow my lead. There’s oodles of money to be made in the precious metals and in the mining sector.
Stay tuned and best wishes,

Larry EdelsonLarry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader.
Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC

Imported Tooth Paste--Beware.

Tom's Journal.

  Big Pharm, and Big Gov't are both sleeping in the same bed !   You heard so much dirt and true stories about how corrupt the Gov't is in D.C. this year...  something that combat Vets knew for a long time,  but few believe us, much to their sorrow.   When, and if, Mr. Trump actually gets sworn in on Jan. 20th, he will be in the 'cross hairs' and eminent danger all the more, for his ideas of 'draining the swamp,' and flushing down the corruption in Gov't, etc.   Where do these BILLIONS of our tax money disappear to ??  Like the State Dept., and the DoD ??   Even I can figure that out...  Ha!   Cut off the criminals money and they get very pissed off and mean !    People have been murdered for much less in America.   Sorry, Folks,  but I just don't trust the VA and the Gov't farther than I can spit !    I have learned that the hard way, and I would take ANY combat Veteran's side of a story before I would believe the VA...  those totally corrupt, lying turkeys !     You see the head of the IRS getting fired and perhaps going to jail now, too, for all his lies !!   Good !   Let true Justice happen, for a change.   It's always been about:  Money, Greed, and Power !

 Just peek at the very short article down below about our toothpaste, made in China !  Do you like putting cancer causing agents into your mouth every day ??   Hey!  I have enough problems of my own.   I, personally buy a good brand of toothpaste called:   "Tom's Toothpaste, Fennel flavored."   All natural, as far as I can tell.   Yes, I read the labels more so, now days, and encourage you to do the same.   Thank the Lord for the InterNet, that allows us to share the truth.  

And the air temp. is about 20 degrees today, this morning, in the U.P. where I live.  
    I missed my 'mail call' for about 4 days and got flooded with all kinds of packages and letters, including a nice Christmas card from Greg and Kathy, from IL.   Thank you, so much !   As for me,  I think that I over spent again, this month, already, preparing for any emergency, etc.   So, I might have to mail out my Christmas presents a bit late.... so sorry.  
     I need to buy more Liquid Plumber, this morning, too!   Long story....
     I didn't eat all yesterday,  sort of a Fast, for certain reasons.   I feel lots "lighter" today and yesterday, and not dizzy, either.   I have plenty of food in the house.   And getting to use my new "Crock Pot,"  slow cooker a lot more, and loving it.   Actually, people who are trying to help me at the VA -- U.P. here in Iron Mountain, MI., suggested that I buy one and use it more.   It sends heavenly aroma into the house and makes the old house kind of like the family home I was raised in, and my Mom was a great cook, that I remember, and I love her so much.   Her health is getting worse, and I fear the worst.  If/ when something happens to her,  I will be devastated and hurt,  big time.   If you all have a loved one,  tell them that you really love them and appreciate all the hard work they did for you in the past,  TODAY !   When they are gone --- it will be too late.   I call MY MOM, almost every single day, just to check up on her and say hello.    I have always gently and respectfully share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her many times, the best way I knew how.   but with my special skills and bible smart knowledge,  sometimes it still isn't enough to convince them of the supreme sacrifice that the Lord Jesus made, 1900 years ago.... and it boils down to heaven or hell, in the long run.   When a loved one refuses Christ, it hurts really bad, as we try to figure out if we did our level best to present the sacred scriptures in a smooth, smart, palatable way/ manner, as we 2nd guess our past endeavors.    But... don't allow the devil to torture you !  Remember, that even Jesus could not persuade the religious leaders in His day,  either, as their evil hearts were made of stone.    Just pray for the H.S. [Holy Spirit] to help us do the best job we can, and STUDY the KJV Bible, or the NASB, as best you can, to learn the material/ facts of the Gospel, and the rest of the Bible, please.  
    In the past, I broke away from my welding skills/  specialty, to get into Finance and Investments with PFS, and admittedly,  there was a lot of dry material, but I had to learn it all, and pass very hard, Federal Exams, to get with the program, to help people save money, invest, and protect themselves... and they loved me for it, and the company paid me well, too.   And that is a big step --- making a career change when you are older.   But I went back to school at age 38 and loved it so much, a dream come true, and it put a feather in my cap, so that I didn't feel so stupid and useless anymore, and at least I could get another job and support my family, even if I had to start at the bottom again and take a serious pay cut.   "When the going gets tough --- the tough get going."   However, I have known other guys who were also laid off at the same time I was, and had a nervous break down.   Unfortunately,  too many combat Veterans have taken their lives, and I believe that they were put thru the ringer and abandoned by the corrupt, lazy, VA system, and people like Obama never lifted a finger to help them !!    I will be so glad when he is gone and Hilly [sic],  too.   But,  sorry to say...  he left a horrible state if disrepair to the next leader, Mr. DJ Trump, and things may fall apart after Mr. Trump is sworn in... on purpose, but it won't be HIS fault.   Harder, much harder times are coming,  IMHO. 

I have to make a list now for shopping.   Old Joke:   'Confucius say,  short pencil better than long memory.'   How true !   We forget more when we grow older.   I heard it said that my Mom's father was a near genius in his younger days,  but when he got old,  he lost his mind, and developed Dementia and Alzheimer's disease.    What a pity,   and I talk to many other folks who have loved ones in the same boat.   Pray for those who are stuck in similar positions, and NEVER be so proud to think that can't happen in YOUR lives !   God hates the Proud.   
       Friends,   It would be so good and profitable if you all read, studied and memorized the first 6 verses of the Psalms.   And kept your bible open to that place so you can re-read them, periodically.   I do that, and it has helped me, big time.   Please try it.   Also pray for me to endure this cold Winter.    God bless all my fellow Believers in Jesus Christ, but most of all,  true Followers of Christ and 'Doers of His words.'   Are you a Hearer of the Word [bible], or a DOER of the Word ? ?   I just left a messed up church near me, where they appeared to be 'Hearers of the Word.'   And I will never go back there again !   

Warm Regards,

Tom  Schuckman   

Colgate is imported from China! bet you didn't know that!
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Subject: Is Your Toothpaste SAFE?

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Imagine if the toothpaste you put in your mouth each day were linked to cancer cell growth.  
Well, you don't have to imagine now.
The best-selling toothpaste, Colgate Total, does contain a chemical, triclosan, which can cause serious health problems even when used topically.
And it is even worse when you used it in your mouth as chemicals can be readily absorbed in your oral cavity.
The worst thing is according to a featured Bloomberg report, 35 pages of summaries of the toxicology studies performed on triclosan were initially withheld by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
You definitely want to stop using toothpaste that contain triclosan.
In fact, there are 4 other ingredients that you should look out for too in your toothpaste and I've compiled them in this article at -
Tell your friends the hidden dangers of their toothpaste by clicking on the Facebook share button on the page.
Warmest Regards,
Emma Deangela
Best-Selling Author