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Nasty Revelation about Obama.

Tom's Journal.

WE FOUND IT! Dr Manning EXPLAINS WHAT OBAMA Did To Andrew Breitbart !!!!!!!! - Duration: 17:53. JUN J95,594 views

'I rest my case....'

There are 3141 counties in America. Trump won 3084 of them. Clinton won 57 of them. There are 62 counties in New York State. Trump won 46 of them. Clinton won 16. Clinton won the popular vote by anywhere between 1.5 and 2 million votes (that is if you don't count the illegals and dead people). In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton only won 4 of those counties as Trump won Richmond). Therefore these 5 counties alone, more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country. These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles. 

The United States is comprised of 3,797,000 square miles. When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election. Considering the above and the fact that Trump got 306 electoral votes and Hillary got 232 this election was indeed an overwhelming victory for Trump. 

So, Large, densely populated cities like NYC, Chicago, LA etc, don't and should not speak for the rest of our country. I rest my case.

Well... Hello -- Hello !
   One song by Jimmy Hendrix... went something like this...'Excuse me while I kiss the sky !'   I never did any serious drugs in my life, besides a little grass and some cold beer, etc.   And I really needed to 'come down -- back to earth, after bring so "wired" on a fast paced, Merry go Round,  Combat--Vietnam: 69-70.'  
       And if it had not been for a serious, intense study of the Bible,  I would have surely been in jail or dead !   I just NEEDED something really POWERFUL to capture my attention, for the good of me, and my young family, and even now, it's still my guiding Light and stable ANCHOR...  Jesus Christ.    So many others are swimming out there in the cess pool of life, in the rat race of lies and deceptions, or just living in a half baked fairy tale of FALSE RELIGION ! !  Some say,  "Life is a Bitch -- and then you Die !"   But it doesn't have to be that way, dear friends !    And when/ IF, you do find the Truth that leads to Salvation and Truth,  please learn it well enough to SHARE IT WITH OTHERS WHO NEED IT SO DEARLY !   
      I AM LOOKING into just that arena more, right now, next week, and going to talk to someone special, I hope.    So many important things to do, that I have scheduled, with the VA, etc.

I also wanted to touch on something that I think has merit, today.   And I think that we SHOULD celebrate right now, after the great Presidential WIN, plus all the other 'down bracket' wins,  Senate, House, governors, etc.    The stinking low life, Dims- Libs are all trying to steal our JOY and VICTORY now,  but don't let them !   Time to finally stand up and turn the tables on crime, corruption, and lies !!    Yes !   "I don't believe in miracles --- I DEPEND on them !"   Let us GROW some manhood now, in this country!   Look at the over 200 great Admirals and Generals that Obama-oink fired because they wouldn't dance to his sick music !   An now Mr. Trump is hiring many of them right back up !   That, in itself, makes me so happy !   Can't we be just a little bit more vocal and give them all our support, one way or another, folks ??  
    Jesus said,  'Don't worry about tomorrow,  because tomorrow has it's own troubles and anxieties.'    That doesn't mean we should quit working, saving, prepping, etc.   But there is a time and place for everything.   And since our new leader has not even been installed and sworn in yet,  why burden him with every minute little thing ?   He has already moved a few mountains... so give him a little breathing space, please,  and also defend him from base, cruel, lying critics.   Actually, Mr. Trump is too gracious, IMHO.  Even making nice to his mortal enemies !  

He is here to govern... NOT prosecute criminals like HillyBeast and Obama.   That will all fall into line down the road, for sure.    Anyway,  what person can better punish and prosecute the wicked better than God Almighty ?   I don't worry too much about the wicked, one bit !   Although I am armed and know well how to defend and deploy...  LOL, and  I also teach others how to throw tomahawks and knifes, accurately,  I must and do have Faith and Trust in the protection of my Lord, Jesus Christ.    Indeed, the remainder of my life that I have left.... isn't the sum total of importance, and heaven is my real home.   And I want to leave a few of my good things to my family.
    Enjoy the beautiful day,  because sub-freezing air temps are in store for most of the USA.   Have a great day.

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

JUST IN – Special Forces Just Went Public With NASTY Revelation About Obama, It’s BAD

The Benghazi attack of 2012 is unexplainable to say the least, with the deaths of four Americans, no one coming to their aid, and Hillary Clinton’s negligence on the matter, but here is a revelation about that fateful day four years ago.
Col. Andrew Wood, a former commander of an anti-terrorism Special Forces team assigned to protect Ambassador Chris Stevens and another diplomat, and his team were removed from Libya a month before the attack took place, and when they were on their way to provide support, they were turned back, as per PJ Media.
“Those individuals I know loaded aircraft and got on their way to Benghazi to respond to that incident. They were not allowed to cross the border as per protocol until they got approval from the commander in chief,” Wood stated. “That authority has to come from him, or they’re not allowed to enter the country.”
Even though Obama denies it, it seems like someone, maybe even Obama himself, stopped the Special Forces team from going in and helping the people who were trapped in Benghazi. The evidence will not be denied.
There were a number of teams that could have responded to the call for aid in Benghazi. Not just Special Forces but SEALs, the Marines, and so on, but they were all not allowed the clearance that could have saved the lives of four Americans Hillary Clinton forgets even existed.
“They could have gotten there before the last two Americans died,” said Sharyl Attkisson, an Emmy Award-winning journalist. “Those attacks went on for eight hours.” And that’s what is most alarming—we could have save lives, but our government did not allow it.
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Benghazi was one of the biggest screw-ups our government has ever allowed to happen, and the truth is still not public knowledge considering the corruption in the Democrat party still runs very deep. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton deny everything about it and make up several conflicting stories to try and explain it away.
But America refuses to forget and neither will the families of the four Americans who were killed. Hillary can forget about them and sleep soundly at night, but they can’t. That seems to be all Hillary Clinton can do effectively—sleep on the job.
Even during her presidential campaign, she would only do one speech in a state and then go and reportedly take a nap. We didn’t need a president who wouldn’t respond to an attack because she was off somewhere catching up on her sheep counting.
Benghazi proves that Clinton failed in her duties as secretary of state. She failed the American people, and so has President Obama, who still has the gall to say he was a good president to this country. And I suppose he would be in an opposite world.
Not only could Benghazi have probably been prevented, but American lives could have been saved if not for the negligence and corruption of our government run by Democrats.
Luckily, we elected a Republican as our next president, one who cares about honesty and the American people. With Donald Trump in the Oval Office, our country is going to crawl out of the grave dug by the Democrats and move forward to better times.
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The History of Coins.

Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends,
    Part of my humble Blog features/ endeavors to 'educate' and teach people some interesting and useful things that can enhance our knowledge, culture, reality, and relevancy, of life on Earth.   You all know that I am fond of History,  and there fore, the 'Pure History' of the KJV Bible !   I hope that my attempt to teach the 'history of Coins' --- their value, and good places to invest in them will help you all.   As I have always said [and all real experts, too....].  "Paper money is ONLY as valuable as the treasures and Treasury of that Nation, can back up with Precious Metals !"   And right now, we all fear that the true amount of Gold and Silver in the United States Treasury....  is nil,  if existent at all !   We OWE Germany, for example,  hundreds of TONS of pure Gold,  but we are unable to pay them back, and they only have our 'promises.'   Well,  that certainly doesn't inspire confidence, does it ?  

Silver Bullion

Our Silver Forecast is Bullish

Historical precedent coupled with current fundamentals point to the likelihood of an explosive super spike in the silver price and a high price plateau beyond that. In the last super spike in 1979, the white metal went from $6 per ounce, to over $49 just 12 months later. In other words, that's an incredible 700% upsurge over the course of a single year! Today, industrial demand will continually increase along with its investment benefits. These factors will cause the price of silver per ounce to reach new highs, or possibly another huge spike similar to 1980. Let's look at additional factors why we're bullish on the poor man's gold:

U.S. Debt Level Reaching Tipping Point

The U.S. is reaching record highs in debt and the tipping point may come sooner than later. In 1980, the national debt was a mere $930 billion. Today, it's over $18 trillion officially, with tens of trillions more in "off budget" debts and obligations accumulated in the last 40 years. The Federal Reserve's balance sheet now tops $4 trillion, with no end in sight to ultra-accommodative policies.

Above Ground Silver Inventories Are Diminishing

In 1980, available above ground stockpiles were estimated to be 4 billion ounces. Today, many estimate these stocks at less than 1 billion ounces. And annual consumption has exceeded supply in many years. As industry finds new ways to use silver, the market could experience a long-term supply deficit, and inventory depletion would then accelerate.

Silver Mining Production Appears to be Reaching Its Peak

There may be 18 billion ounces of extractable silver left according to the according to the U.S. Geological Survey. If this is indeed the case, there won't be enough supply left due to the steady increase in demand. Just last year, the demand rose to a record 1,081 million ounces according to The Silver Institute's World Silver Survey 2014. While the demand rises, production has increased less rapidly. So not only are we running out, the supply is diminishing faster than ever.

Global Silver Demand is High and Getting Higher

Considering the record growth in demand last year, all signs are pointing to a continuous increase. In 1980, the world population was 4.6 billion. We've since added another 2.5 billion people. Silver is required in a multitude of industrial, electrical, consumer, health, and energy-related applications critical to today's modern economy. (It is the world's best conductor of electricity and heat, best natural biocide, and best reflector of light.)
Unlike other metals, it is consumed in very small increments, making recycling very difficult. In other words, once it  is used, it is usually gone forever, practically speaking.
At the same time, it is generally an incidental cost in the products that use it – such that a dramatic increase in the price will not necessarily cause substitution. A hint of shortages could cause industry users suddenly to hoard the metal and drain remaining available inventories.
  • Investor demand is surging. From 1990 to 2005, investors had been net sellers of silver. In 2006, we witnessed what appears to be a major sea change in the market. The public again became net buyers. In 2014, demand for American Eagles soared to a record-high of more than 44,000,000 coins – a number that would surely have been higher if demand had not completely overwhelmed the government-run Mint's production capabilities at times. Other government and private mints around the world have been cranking out coins, rounds, and bars at record-setting levels.
  • The gold / silver ratio is currently around 70, which suggests silver is vastly undervalued. The ratio of silver to gold in the earth's crust is 17.5:1 – and the price ratio has hovered in that range for most of recorded history (see graph). If history is any guide, the remaining bull market in precious metals could see silver outperform gold by a factor of 4 or more.
  • Save for recent decades, silver coins have been used as money throughout human history and is in the process of reassuming that role. As faith in government fiat money (such as Federal Reserve notes) diminishes, savers and investors worldwide are embracing gold and silver as a store of value. Savvy investors are paying more attention to the declining purchasing power of the U.S dollar than ever before.

Silver as an Investment

Is silver a good investment? Wise investors are buying silver to preserve their wealth for the future. The white metal has become a viable part of a robust investment profile. Precious metals such as gold bullion are used to accumulate wealth and hedge against inflation.
Discover the reasons to invest in silver and how this popular commodity can be purchased.

Why You Should Buy Silver

Silver is unique because it is considered both a commodity and currency, depending on how it is used. Precious metals, such as gold and palladium, can be purchased to guard against inflation. While any investment is a risk, silver has been used for centuries for a variety of purposes. Industries rely on it, making it a solid investment choice. As a vital industrial and monetary metal, it has value around the world, regardless of economic conditions. It can be sold at current market prices as needed. An investor can buy it in basic forms such as bullion, bars, coins, and rounds. Investors typically purchase it by weight, such the troy ounce, pound, gram or kilo. It is priced by its weight in .999 fine silver. If an item contains lower purity levels, it may fetch slightly lower prices per troy ounce of the .999 silver it contains.

Silver Coins

Silver coins are possibly the oldest type of coinage in history. The use of these coins for trade dates back to the drachma used during Greek times. A collector purchases coins as a hobby and these coins may or may not have value. Coins sold by weight are purchased to store financial value for the future. Consider some of the products from which buyers can choose:

American Eagle Coins

The American Silver Eagle coin is as well-known as the famed gold Krugerrands minted in South Africa. As legal tender coins, they can technically be used as currency as well as for investment purposes. The United States government mints American Eagles as an investment. They are also collectibles that can be used as a reward, gift, or incentive. Each American Eagle contains, at least, one troy oz of 99.9% pure silver. The notable design on its obverse is based on the “Walking Liberty” half dollar created by Adolph A. Weinman in 1916.

Canadian Coins

One of the most common Canadian coins is the Silver Maple Leaf. Each year, the Government of Canada issues the Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coin. It is also legal tender, with a face value in Canada of about 5 Canadian dollars. The market value is determined based on the current spot price. The standard coin weighs 1 troy ounce and contains 99.99% silver. The obverse side of the Maple Leaf features Elizabeth II. The reverse has the Canadian maple leaf.

Australian Coins

There are two major types of silver bullion coins from Australia. The Kookaburra has been produced at the Perth Mint since 1990 and is minted of .999 fine silver. While the obverse always features Queen Elizabeth II, the reverse features a different kookaburra bird each year. As a result, these coins may have a slightly higher collectible value than some other bullion coins. They are available in four sizes, ranging from one troy ounce to 1 kilogram, with face values from $1 to $30.
The Australian Kangaroo is minted by the Royal Australian Mint. They have legal tender value in Australia and the design changes annually, which also gives them more numismatic value than other bullion coins. Introduced in 1993, the Australian Kangaroo is a one troy ounce bullion coin. It is issued as both an un-circulated bullion coin and a so-called “proof” coin.

Junk Silver (Older Coins That Have Silver in Them)

Junk silver (aka pre-1965 coins) is an informal term to describe a circulated 90% silver dime, quarter, or half dollar that has the bullion value of the silver it contains. This type of circulated coin has no collectible or numismatic value. Beginners and people who are looking to invest on a budget are often attracted to junk silver.

Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars

Morgan dollars are one of the most collected coins in United States history. These large coins were produced between 1878 and 1904. They are part of America's westward development, which gives them historical significance. They were produced again in 1921. There are many varieties, making the Morgan a challenge for collectors. In 1921, the Silver Peace dollar was released and produced until 1935. While most Morgan dollars are worth little more than their actual melt value (despite what rare coin dealers attempt to argue) those that are in nearly pristine condition can be considered collectible and carry a premium well above the spot price. These coins represent peace, liberty and power in America.

Numismatic Coins

Numismatic coins are different from bullion coins. Bullion investing is premised on inflation hedge, survival, and building wealth. Conversely, numismatic coins are supposedly collectible. Numismatic coins are not produced in modern times and some of them are actually rare, although most coins marketed as “rare” are not rare at all. The truly rare coins are valued mostly on their collectible value rather than the silver content. Only experienced collectors should purchase any form of numismatic or rare coin, as there are so many scammers out there taking advantage of novices. Even if you do happen upon a truly rare coin, one should not expect to be able to sell them quickly or at a profit until much further into the future. The bid/ask spreads are extremely high – sometime 50% or more. Do your own research, or better yet, only buy bullion coins, bars, and rounds that are priced based on their actual metal melt value rather than some highly subjective numismatic value.

What is a Silver Bullion Bar?

Silver bars are a type of bullion. Many investors decide to add them to their portfolios. The silver is shaped into actual bars that are usually sold in troy ounces. Sometimes they are sold in gram or fractional ounce sizes, too. These bars can be purchased in various ways, including online and at local shops.

Silver Bar Sizes

Bar sizes are typically one-ounce, 5 oz., 10 oz., and 100 oz. There are also large 1000 ounce bars. Smaller bars actually cost more per ounce because the fabrication costs are higher per ounce of metal. It is more cost effective for mints to produce larger bars, and as a result, they cost less per ounce. However, larger bars may be somewhat difficult to handle or store.

What are Silver Rounds?

Silver rounds are coin-shaped but are minted privately. They are commonly referred to as rounds rather than coins because the word coin refers to circulating, legal-tender currency issued by the government. Rounds bear a variety of designs. They can also be engraved to use as gifts or for military commemoration. They do not have a face value and cannot be used as legal tender. Usually, they weigh 1 troy ounce and contain 99.9% silver. Rounds tend to be a very cost-effective way to accumulate ounces when compared to coins.

Walking Liberty

Money Metals Exchange has commissioned the creation of a proprietary round design loosely based off of the U.S. Mint’s Walking Liberty silver half dollar from 1916 to 1947. This 50-cent piece was designed by Adolph A. Weinman. It depicted Liberty walking toward the sun. Art historians have deemed it to be one of the most attractive United States coins. A modification of this design has been used on the obverse of the American Eagle since 1986. Our privately minted rounds are branded with our company name and do not bear markings that would create confusion that the round is an actual legal-tender coin. Instead, it is a lower price way to accumulate attractive-looking silver ounces. Money Metals has these rounds in one ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce, and tenth-ounce sizes.

Buffalo Rounds

Buffalo Rounds are also 1 troy ounce and contain .999 pure silver. They typically feature the design from the American Buffalo Nickel. These attractive rounds represent a important slice of American history. They also have an image of the Native Americans. Private mints across the country produce Buffalo rounds each year.

Generic Rounds

There is a wide variety of generic rounds minted by private mints across the world. For example, they are made to celebrate holidays or as commemorative coins for service providers such as the armed forces. As rounds, they are not legal tender. Generic rounds general have a weight of 1 troy ounce of 99.9% silver.


Medallion is another word for a round. Medallions can be used to add silver to an investment portfolio or as collectibles. Some can be custom engraved to celebrate a certain occasions, such as birthdays, graduations, holidays, and more.

Investing in

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