Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Next USA Civil War.

Tom's Journal.
 Seattle employees ask for REDUCED hours so that "jacked-up" minimum wage
won't cost them their subsidized housing:  Gee, who could have seen this coming...? 
Now this is downright funny. They scream for a higher minimum wage, then, when
they get it
they complain because they make too much money to qualify for the
free stuff, go figure.  By jacking up minimum wage, Seattle has provided a valuable
lesson in liberal economics. The plan has now backfired. 
Nora Gibson, executive director of Full Life Care, told Seattle's KIRO 7 TV she saw
a sudden reaction from workers when Seattle's phased minimum-wage ordinance
took effect in April, bringing minimum wage to $11 an hour. She said anecdotally, some 
people feared they would lose their subsidized housing so they have asked that 
their work hours be reduced to remain eligible for all government subsidies.
It doesn't stop at $11/hour. The law puts it up to $15 starting January 1, 2017, they will 
have to reduce their work hours even more to remain eligible for handouts. Good 
thing the minimum wage wasn't raised even higher, most would not work at all, 
they prefer to be spoon fed and remain on the government plantation.
So now workers work fewer hours, but for the same take home pay, business' labor 
 increase so prices increase, buyers (workers) pay more and no one is better off.  
Re member free market capitalism? Under that system, the harder and smarter you worked, 
the higher your standard of living. But that was found to result in income inequality, so 
now we have a system where wealth is bestowed by bureaucrats, and working
harder doesn't always make sense. 
PS!!! Looks like they're not starving.

Dear  Friends,
   Well,  I did buy that Garmin product to help me navigate to new places where I need to go, without getting too lost and wasting my gas/ fuel, today, for about $99.   But the written instructions are so tiny and microscopic that I need a high intensity light and maybe some magnification... LOL.     Too bad one of the 10 different languages didn't make English a top priority.... duh, with a larger, bolder print/ text.    But the Dims [sic] love to experiment with their 'multi-culturalism thing....Ha!     Have they not noticed that Sweden and many other countries are now just about defunct and totally ruined by that crazy notion ??    Wake up and smell the roses...  before Islam stomps them all to death and defecates all over the earth.... give me a break !    Well, all of us bible smart folks that are brave enough to read the pure KJV Bible know that eventually the Lord will clean up the earth so that a New Earth can be turned into a beautiful Paradise again, with perfect humans, fauna, etc., live without fear of violence or terror, ever again.    Quite a bit different from what other 'Religions of Peace,'  teach,  huh ?   

Now,  dear friends, a  good, smart Soldier or Marine trains hard so that if a war ever comes,  he knows his/ her job [J.O.B.] and does the right job at the right time.    But we would all love to just peacefully co-exist, if we had to pick.   The trouble is that water and oil just don't mix,  just like STD  ---Satan the devil never wants any good or correct, harmonious times to befall humankind.   Satan is a liar and a murderer, and always will be.   He is God's prime adversary and enemy, and he WILL BE DESTORYED forever, some day !!   In the mean time STD 'is misleading the entire inhabited world of mankind !'  That is pure scripture, friends.   But if you want to poke your finger into Satan's eye,  just crack open the KJV Bible and start reading the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, and then the book of Romans !   If you read them a 2nd time... it will really sink in well !   Then you are just about ready to tell and share what you read to other people, while you continue to keep on learning more, every day.   Now...  friends,  I know that it's hard to find a  REAL, KJV Bible loving, sharing, preaching church now days, but there still are some around,  but you just have to keep looking.   On Radio,  WVCY -Christian radio, is very good and beneficial [coming out of Chicago area, etc., so try to latch onto that, and you can also get it via you computer !   I could also refer y9ou to fine groups of other Christian circles that could help you and benefit you, too.   

As for the short article down below,  this expert is just trying to prepare us for something that will happen on Jan. 20th, that I also worry about,  so we can at least prepare, while hoping for the best.    Remember, Mr. Trump might be a very good man who wants to help America out of the deep hole that the last few presidents put us into, in many ways,  but Obama- goof really doubled our debt so that it's now almost impossible to climb out.   But the whole world is about bankrupt, and what happens to Germany, Japan and China certainly will  affect US too !!
    So if you have ever read this humble blog before,  you know how I feel about getting and being prepared.   I have been in 3rd world nations when I was age 19, and I know what happens when so many people are poor and hungry.   As Mr. Trump would say, "It's not a pretty sight, folks."  
      In a way, it's tragic, and ironic,  because Mr. Trumps actually wants to turn it all around for us, in the USA.   But he will have inherited a huge, toxic mess from Obama and his idiots and hate mongers --- and Hillary was planning to ship off millions of us to the FEMA camps,  while she and her ilk fly away to a hidden country with her loot.    Not that I am too worried....  because NO ONE ever really gets away with anything in the end.   They don't think that God is watching all of us !   The "Bible tracts, Inc."  that I carry in my wallet and hand out to most anyone I meet are a great 'extension' of my ministry of sorts, sharing the Gospel, and you all can get some for free just for the asking.  If you want/ need more help, just email me.

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

HR warns: Next American Civil War begins January 20
Mike AdamsI want you to be safe, which means I have an obligation to help you get informed about what's really being planned for January 20, 2017.
It's an all-out coup attempt. A nationwide communist uprising... combined with an effort to overthrow the government.
My article today reveals what you need to know about all this, including how to protect yourself, which gear is best for self-defense, and what you need to know about CNN cameras trying to capture staged violence to be blamed on patriots.
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Tom's Journal.

The Horn News
December 14, 2016
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1 spoonful a day could crush cancer
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FBI to investigate Obama's VA
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Trump's America, great again!
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Massive election fraud uncovered by recount grows
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Hi  Friends,
   This message just cracked me up and made my day !!   I thought most of you readers would enjoy it too,  because I believe that MOST of my friends and readers must be Conservative, hard working, Freedom loving People !   We don't have a 'money tree' growing in the back yard, and were not born with a silver spoon in our collective mouths,  but we were taught right from wrong, and a good, proper "work ethic" from young -- on.   There is NOTHING WRONG with enjoying the fruits of our life long labor,  but the Liberals - Left wants to somehow shame us and lay a 'guilt trip' on us so they can continue their Welfare programs.

It's for this reason, dear friends, that I pray daily that Mr. Trump gets sworn in without any trouble from the weirdo's on the Left or any violence or malice !!   So that he can carry out his promises, if at all possible, and I believe that the man has a good heart.   I sowed some 'wild oats' when I was younger, too, many that I regret now,  but I didn't know the Lord back then.... but I know that loving God's Son, Jesus, and trying hard to follow Him is my ticket to heaven.   Thinking that somehow my so-called,  "goodness" or good deeds will get me into heaven is a goofy lie,  a myth, and deadly!   I can and will lay down some scriptural proof a bit later.  
     But I just want to live to see Mr. Trump, 'drain the swamp,' and kick out the crooks in D.C.   It will be so good, so cool, to see the Liberals pull their own weight and WORK for a change !!

Enjoy !

---Tommy Schuckman