Sunday, December 18, 2016

Obama Confesses.

Tom's Journal.

BOOM! This Map Shows Just How Badly Americans REJECTED Hillary Clinton. Amazing how many jerks live in California

Via RedState Watcher
Thomas Neviaser

The Link down below talks about Obama's own admission [for the wise ones who know how to pick out those 'shadow words/ terms'], explained here by the experts who know his mind.   I am  a  firm believer in the KJV Bible that teaches the truth about humankind, about LIES and deceptions that almost always come out in the wash,  sooner or later.   God sees everything, and forgets nothing, and I have the scriptural proof to answer all those questions, anytime you like.   I often quote scriptures to reinforce my thoughts and ideas,  because there is no higher 'Authority' in the Universe but for Our Father in Heaven !   He 'trumps everything, and every body.'   Satan, the 'rebel,' always paints a different picture... all the way back to Genesis and the first human couple, and beguiled the woman.     He will always pick on the 'weakest link,'  the new, younger ones who do not have a strong back ground in the Word of God, the Bible,  the ignorant, etc.   Now, that is not a slam on women, per say,  but he knows that women are more emotional, where as men think with pure logic....  we hope... LOL.   So then, men automatically add up:  2 plus 2, and get 4, so usually they are not so easily deceived.   It sometimes seems like more women are true Believers in Jesus Christ, than men, as the world is growing so ungodly, selfish, lustful, dishonest and violent.    I usually see more women in the church than men, so maybe the jury is out yet.  

I have a feeling that we just might get a few tons of pure Truth poured out on us all, pretty soon, as more concrete revelations come out.... such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio  [sp?] has just disseminated his legal, accurate, findings and proof about the illegal activities of Mr. Obama, breaking Federal Law in becoming POTUS, and not being a U.S. citizen.   Yes !   You all need to finally read and hear this stuff, and heads will roll.   And there have already been too many murders to cover up all this probing, truth, and facts/ investigations, and threats, payoffs, etc.    It won't be pretty.   The guilty will certainly pay in the long run,  but they already have their ticket to ride a fast jet to places unknown, in countries where they can hide, and the deals are already done and paid for !!  The Clintons too !   
     I figure, right around that time, the Lord will also come back to Rapture His Believers.... but that's just my opinion.   I believe one thing...  He will come when most folks are NOT expecting Him !   And that's the way He wants it.  
     I may be suffering, emotionally now,  but hoping and trusting in the Lord's Promises, for sure.   
I don't know why this early Winter seems to cold to me,  but I am buying some more special WARM clothes,  and feel so sorry to those who are homeless and cold in the USA !!  Believe it or not,  combat Veterans make up a large portion of the homeless, and Obama is to blame for much of it !   He did very little to correct the VA problems for his 8 stinking years, while golfing all over the warm climates and taking lavish vacations along with his family !   I heard that Hell hath yuge  [sic]  gapping   jaws and plenty of room !   Yet, honestly,  I am not too worried about other folks --- my own salvation.    I already know that I am Saved, and where I am going, only because the bible teaches that all true Believers who love and try to follow Christ, are Saved, and they have the Holy Spirit, too.   Yet,  I still always ask for my 'followers'/ friends/ readers' Prayers.   I can never get too  many prayers for myself.  And I can never have too many friends.  
    I have learned that I am not the almighty, strong, powerful man I once THOUGHT I was, and now realize my many imperfections, faults, stupid mistakes, most every day that I draw oxygen from the air.    Forgiveness is very important to me, even as I try to make amends for past mistakes.   But some folks know how to milk these feelings of guilt by pouring it on, in anyway they can.  Those people are just evil and contemptible, IMHO.   So far North, U.P. where I live, close to Canada, in this huge refrigerator,  it's hard to find real friends, who also Christians that don't smoke.   Plus,  there are a lot of false, churches, that CLAIM to be Christian, but don't follow the Bible...  just greedy for money.   I wish I could find a good church near me... to meet more nice people and worship all together in these last days.  

Good Night -- sleep tight.