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Financial Chaos ?

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Meine lieben Deutschen Cousins und feine Leute in Deutschland, ihre Liebe und Geduld ist bekannt in der ganzen Welt. Aber jetzt ist es an der Zeit zu handeln, bevor die islamischen Eindringlinge völlig ruinieren Ihr Land, mit Vergewaltigung, Mord, Gewalt und Dreck ! Schieben Sie sie zurück, wo sie hergekommen sind, jetzt, heute, und die Straßen wieder sicher für die Frauen und Mädchen zu gehen, arbeiten und spielen ! Angela Merkel muss gehen ! Wenn Sie nicht sauber, Gott wird.

Ha!  Check out the Link directly below this opening statement, please....   and I am telling everyone that I PLAN to move back to my home State of Wisconsin....  but after you see the short video,  you may question my sanity.... LOL !   Smile.   Well,  please let me enjoy the short time of laughs and chuckles watching those ignorant, crazy, over-medicated, morons who call themselves 'Dims.'  [sic]   But then, the Bible predicted times like THIS would happen in the 'End Times,' before the Lord comes back to take His true Followers "off the scene,"  before the SHTF....


Hi  Friends,
   I get tired faster in the cold Winter, windy  weather, but I had a good, productive,  VAMC appointment meeting today, and got a few other things done,  too.   I told my intake lady there how stupid I was for giving a $$$ 'gift' to a loco -- local woman that I know, that I felt sorry for as she needed it for an important repair job,  but later on she just didn't even have the time to call me on the phone.... and she usually treats me like used toilet tissue, AFTER I help her on like that..... so I truly am a very STUPID fellow, and I told the VA lady that someone ought to shoot me in the head, the next time I give my hard earned money away like that, when I could have been paying off my own bills, etc. !!   
       Some one sent me a nice pair of leather, fur lined Moccasins in the mail /  at my door step, today,  but I don't know whom.   I didn't order them, and I didn't yet try them on,  but am flattered that someone had the kindness and compassion to send them to me.... THANK YOU VERY MUCH !   I even consider that a small miracle ...LOL.   I really don't have a family anymore,  but I know that where I am now is not a good place to be, all alone and cold, in  a drafty old house that leaks cold air in and wastes my fuel/ heat dollars... as I am just renting her until I can get the hell our of Dodge City.... lol.     There was no return address or attached tag, so it's just a mystery to me, at this point.

I was also very interested in reading the short article down below today, about our collapsing Financial system and economy, that has been propped up by the Obama Administration, the Fed, and the Big Banksters, who didn't want to make Obama look so bad on his watch, even though he did as much as he could to destroy America, and he isn't finished yet.   And just look at his record breaking attempt to free all the drug pushers and other criminals from prison before he walks  out of the WH that he polluted.   Mr. Trump is going to have a hard time getting all the illegal drugs vacuumed and washed  out of the carpeting, nooks and crannies,   when the  'hired help' moves out  next month.... LOL.  
    Now,  are we really sure that Hillary LOST yet ???  Duh....  Or are the  'Dims' going to dream up /  cook up some more bogus baloney again ?   What a bunch of sorry ass, losers and sour grapes, and I have never seen anything like this before in my 67 years on planet earth !!   Give me a break, please !   The angels above must be laughing so hard at all the moronic antics that we humans perform for their amusement.... Ha!   The entire world is a stage as we entertain them.  

But, in the mean time,  back at the ranch,  I always like to get an "edge" and be in the "Know" about smart ideas, concepts, great investments that I might be able to get a piece of the action, so that the author, Mac Slavo, wrote for us to scarf up here today, so please pay attention.   Here, I thought that investing in gold, would be a better way to go,  but Mac seems to think that Silver might be more sensible and prudent.    Hummmmm...   Personally, I think it's good to have/ invest in both....  but one minute after the Rapture comes and goes,  it won't amount to a bucket of spit !   Because no body can 'buy their way into heaven.'    And besides that,  the streets of heaven are reported to be paved with GOLD !
       I have many fine, wonderful, true blue, friends on the InterNet, and perhaps 95% of them have limited resources here on earth,  but they all put 100% of their Trust and Faith in God's Promises, and so do I !   As  I have said on this humble Blog, so many times,  what we have and save up here,  is only good  for / profitable ---- between NOW.... and the Rapture, and nothing else. !   For instance,  if we were to be 'caught up in the air'  ..... Raptured by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, tonight, but our relatives and offspring are not.... what good will our "Precious things" left behind   do/ or benefit them ? ?   Knowing that they would have to literally "lose their heads to get into Paradise, is not a thrilling prospect.    And remember,  when all the Saints are lifted up into heaven --- so goes the Holy Spirit, too !   So, let us reason on this fact,  if we are struggling now WITH the help of the H.S.,  how will the people "Left Behind"  on earth work things out, and cope with the wild, horrible happenings ...  a prelude to Hell  ??  
     Now,  I don't lust after women or stare at Pornography,  but I surely MISS being with some  nice, normal, kind, friendly lady, and taking her out for a great lunch or supper, going to church with her, talking, holding hands, etc.  In fact, I do very well in a good marriage !    I told the lady, Lea, at the VA today, that every time I have to come in for something,  I feel so comfortable with my fellow, Brother Veterans surrounding me, and we all greet each other, nod our head, and say complimentary, kind things, like,  "Welcome Home," and Merry Christmas, etc.   And it also gives me a chance to hand out my small ministry of,  "Bible Tracts, Inc.,"  little bible tracts that I keep some in my wallet, in case I strike up a nice conversation in the "Waiting Room."    I also give some of the Vet's my own business card, and invite them our for breakfast, or just to talk, etc.,  because I could surely use the comradery and companionship, up in this cold frigid waste land.    We Christians call that:   "Soul Winning."    But being a goof ball, none of the women I picked as my wife was ever a real Christian before I married her !   Only ONE lady became a good Christian,  and her name was Sharon L. Schuckman,  and  we loved each 0ther so much, until I lost her in death, about 6 years ago, and that just crushed my poor old heart.   I think that MOST women now days, with their 'Women's Lib' -- Independent attitude of thinking,  never  pay attention to what the KJV Bible says about marriage being forever, or until one of them dies !!   And I am not talking about servitude, but a simple, legal, working, partnership, as the man should LOVE his wife, as he does himself, be generous, loving, kind and considerate of her as is humanly possible.    Ha!  Sorry,  those days are long, gone.    Well, I was never a Saint,  but I was generous, kind, and loving.     But here is a very valuable piece of advice for all men.....  NEVER, ever, move into with woman who owns her own house !   Because the first time she wakes up with a head ache, or in a bad mood,  you might just get KICKED OUT OF HER HOUSE !!    And... always have your own stash of money, gold, and silver, in case you get kicked out of her house, in the middle of   Winter, or when ever !    And here is a warning for all the arrogant women:   'Never kick a combat Veteran when he is down !'   God doesn't like that....
    And now days, our kids, grown up or not, bad mouth their elders/ parents and abuse them terribly, with 'potty mouth,' and verbal abuse, total disrespect,  etc.   If I were to have talked to my father like that, he would have slapped my head OFF, and I would never again be eating corn on the cob, either !!   Ha!  I guess I won't be moving to CO...  lol.   I will not be abused, period, nor pressured, forced, nor stripped of the little dignity that I have left.    I know the score, and I value my independence.  Better that I die in a ditch somewhere, or in the deep Northern Woods, than abused by my kids.   Sorry,  but that's the truth, and the end of it.

I hope I am not getting into trouble,  but I like to give good people an edge, and a hand -- up !   I highly recommend that people invest in pure silver, etc., with a great, honest, courteous company called:   MMX  --MoneyMetalsExchange.com     ---800-800-1865, is their main phone line.   And they will treat you right !   
    Right now I am also trying to save up to move down South to my home, Wisconsin, this Spring time, and since I walk with a cane,  I will need a lot of cash money, to pay for some hired help.    I am not looking forward to that hard day, for sure,  but there is nothing U.P. here for me anymore,  except super laid back goof balls, ignorance, and slow thinkers.... LOL.    And just because someone attends church on a regular basis, doesn't mean that they are real Christians, one tiny bit !!    The rent, property, insurance is all lower,  but so is the low pay, wages, and the mind set....Ha!   In fact, the average I.Q. --U.P. here is about that of a potato !     I will miss the good, kind, help at the local VAMC in Iron Mountain, MI.,  but they never do any serious surgery, but they have to 'farm it out' to Green Bay, WI., or Milwaukee,  and I will never, ever allow any fakes and butchers at the Milwaukee VA TOUCH ME AGAIN !   I truly messed up when I let those horrible butchers truly good up my Right knee replacement surgery, in Milwaukee VAMC,   so that now, my Right leg is shorter than my Left, and they both hurt now, as they made me a cripple and messed up the rest of my life, and relationships !!    What woman now days wants a man who has to walk with a cane, or in a power scooter.   Remember that ALL  the women of the world LOVE TO DANCE 24/ 7, non-stop, forever !   That's right, dance, dance, dance, is what they all put on their dating profiles !    But as soon as you marry them,  they collapse and cannot ever clean the house, nor have ANY energy for love making, ever !!     But they might be wearing their dancing shoes to bed, and at the store, when you give them your money.... LOL. 

IMHO,  I am glad and proud that I voted for DJ Trump this year, and believe him to be very smart and highly intelligent.   But the world situation of the slow burning, downward spiral that the economy is doing right now may be more than "the King and his court" can handle, and in time, the castle will crumble, just like the hidden 'shadow gov't and world elite' want it to happen.   We might end up lie South America or Africa in the long term.   It's like a small fire, getting out of hand and then burning down the whole forest.   Sorry to bring you this news.... or my, and other's opinion.   But better to be safe than sorry.   I cannot afford to give any more of my goodies, cash, money and other things away anymore.... sorry, again.   And I never get anything in return,  not even a stinking phone call.   Well,  I might be slow, and old,  but not a mental midget.  
   Have a great day, dear friends.

---Tommy  Schuckman

Tom, at the D.C. Wall.

The One Thing Doug Casey Is Very Confident Of: “We’re Going To Have Financial Chaos… It’s A Dangerous Situation”

Mac Slavo
December 19th, 2016
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Shocking Video - Must See

Doug Casey is the founder of Casey Research and well known for his forecasting prowess, having accurately called the crash of 2008 and many other trends over the last four decades. In his latest interview with Future Money Trends Casey explains what a Donald Trump Presidency will mean for financial markets, economic stimulus, and geo-politics. As he’s noted previously, 2008 was just the first part of the storm and we are rapidly approaching the trailing edge of the hurricane. This time around it’s going to last much longer and be much worse than what we experienced before.
In short, as Casey succinctly explains:
The one thing I feel very confident of is we’re going to have financial chaos in years to come and that’s going to drive people into gold and to a lesser degree into silver.

There’s absolutely  no reason from  fundamental point of view for bonds and stocks to be as high as they are right now… We’re in for a huge political, financial, demographic and military upset… these people might start World War III or seem like they’re trying to with the Russians… It’s a very dangerous situation.
With Donald Trump set to take office in late January 2017, Casey believes his infrastructure initiatives will be a boon for the commodities industry:
I really believe him. I think that they’re going to push for doing lots of infrastructure in the U.S. and that’s going to take a lot of metals, so that’s a favorable short-term influence for metals… I can be talked into buying a copper or zinc or cobalt stock, but I want to stick with gold… and also uranium… I really think that the future of power generation is going to be in solar related things…. but at the present moment, by far the cheapest, the cleanest and the safest form of mass power generation is still nuclear… that’s exactly the opposite of what everybody is told… but especially if we have a de-regulated environment in the future, nuclear is going to do well… There are about 150 new nuclear plants under construction around the world… most of them in China and India… I’m very bullish on uranium… it’s selling below the cost of production.
But despite President Trump’s best efforts, says Casey, he won’t be able to stop the bloodbath coming in the bond market, a preview of which has been available for all to view in China, where the government halted trading last week following a record bond market crash.
People forget that the last peak in interest was between 1980-1982 when T-Bills were yielding over 16%… since then interest rates have been in a 35 year bear market going to below zero, which i thought was metaphysically impossible… So, interest rates are going to go up… Low interest rates and negative interest rates are actually destructive of capital and civilization because it discourages people from savings.
It doesn’t matter what these stupid governments do… interest rates are headed up… and I think they’re headed way up for a long time at this point… so if you own bonds sell them… hit the bid. 
Ever the skeptic when it comes to information, disinformation and misinformation emanating from the mainstream media, Casey warns that the narratives being spun to divide Americans are dangerous to the stability of the nation and could lead to civil war:
It’s extremely serious.. The real fake news is what you hear on CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox… I don’t trust anything I hear… the mass media is basically the mouthpiece of the deep state… these people that have the money and have the power and basically treat the rest of the country as peons… they’re very dangerous… I actually think that the U.S. is on the ragged edge of a civil war… because the people that elected Trump are hated on a visceral level by the preachers that are around the Democratic Party and the Deep State, and that includes Republicans…

Visit Future Money Trends for more interviews like the one you just watched. 
Doug Casey is the founder of Casey Research. His latest book is Speculator, a thrilling tale of international intrigue. 

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  1. Zeus says:
    In short, as Casey succinctly explains:
    “The one thing I feel very confident of is we’re going to have financial chaos in years to come and that’s going to drive people into gold and to a lesser degree into silver.”
    I somewhat disagree, Sure the Millionaires will go to Gold cause a Million Dollars with of gold (About 2 400 Oz Bars.) can be put in a drawer, unlike silver which a walk in vault would be required. However there is much less silver than Gold, and Silver has a Greater upside currently at 71 to 1 Silver to Gold Price Ratio, but its trading range goes to 47 to 1, so Silver has a much greater upside than Gold does on todays date. Silver also has much more industrial uses in electronics and solar panels, which there is no use for Gold other than intrinsic value and or Jewelry.
    People will flock to PM’s but silver will be easier to trade in a collapse for smaller items like $20 bill rather than a $1500 Bill. Just saying.