Sunday, December 25, 2016

Great Rottweiler kisses Master Tom.

Tom's Journal.

Merry Christmas,  Friends and Readers !  And a Happy, Safe and Prosperous NEW YEAR,  too !!  

Well,  a friend of mine called me this morning who lives in Wisconsin, [K.S.]  told me that the weather down there was SO  COLD !   It's just another day U.P. where I live, in the 'Ice Box' of North Michigan,  USA.   But I am NOT complaining!   I enjoy the 'change of seasons'  but I prefer Spring and Summer more than the snowy Winter, where walking is harder in the snow, and I dread slipping and falling down, and getting hurt.  It's like the good old days,  where you had to keep working even if you got hurt... on the job, or otherwise... unless it was serious,  like a broken neck, like I had, one time....  
     I was going to buy a Ham with the bone in it for Christmas time,  but instead just bought 2 pounds of sliced ham, some cheddar cheese, Pepperoni, and  Beef Steak Rye bread.   I try not to think of other people who put on a big showy display at Christmas time,   and a grand FEAST on special holidays ---  but if it gives them pleasure to be so nice to their loved ones, or just part of an old tradition to make the kids happy, etc,  that's all  fine, and good.   What ever 'trips their trigger.'  And we had such things and events when I was a kid on the farm in Racine County, in Wisconsin,  too.       

I am so happy that Jesus, who had a "Pre-human existence"  --- in heaven with His Father, God Almighty, for many Trillions of years... prior to coming to earth to save all  mankind from their  sin --- by making it possible to have total and complete forgiveness with His 'sin covering death on the cross,  and thus,  saving us from  hell.   It's just so good to KNOW and UNDERSTAND all the minute details and see things in prospective,  dear friends ! !    Just read the Gospel account, then Romans, and then start at the very beginning --- Genesis, and tie it all together.   The coming of the Messiah [the 'Anointed One'], was a very exciting mystery for the Jews, and the Angels in heaven, and the Jews were given strict orders/ binding commandments  by Father God, to have a 'verbal/ oral,  memorized History of their linage,'  -- family heritage,  so that they could 'track' what line the Messiah come from just as Jesus did, in the book of Luke, Chapter 3]   --- just like modern day "Royals" do in Europe, now days, to see just whom will ascend to the throne of their respective country.   the Jews of old, were given 'sign' and hints where and what to look for, and what "Tribe" Jesus was coming from -- the line of Judah -- the lion, etc.    I, personally, traced my own linage back to the 15th Century in Germany, where my ancestors spelled their last name:   Schuckman,  just as I do.   But I was really surprised at the DNA --[spit test] results that was analyzed,  later, to find some British and Viking in my family linage.....   shhhhh !   But what was really interesting to me was HOW and WHERE my past ancestors came up from the Original 'path' from the Fertile place, the Cradle of Civilization near Iraq,  but got busted up and separated when God and Jesus 'Confounded' their human languages, at the 'Tower of Babel.'   So,  the Germanic people moved North, of course, and from there, some of them came to England and the Scandinavian countries.  It all makes perfect sense to me, and is so logical.   The KJV Bible is ALWAYS correct and pure !   It's exciting too, IMHO.      
       But remember, friends,  that stuff may be interesting,  but time might be better spent seeking a good name, personal zeal, and staying in God's kind Grace, and going to HEAVEN !   And as I have said so many times before....  A person can KNOW FOR SURE, that he/ or she is going to heaven after they die... or get Raptured up.   And you do not [actually we can not] have to be 'perfect.'   In fact, we will be SINNERS right up to the time that we die/ expire !   But if we have the Holy Spirit inside of us --- "In-Dwelling," we shall be ushered into heaven, forever, to be with Jesus, and His other Saints.    And that is much better than getting, "Left Behind," after the Rapture comes, and goes.... duh.   Not getting Raptured would be the ultimate, kick in the groin, or stomach ! !   Too bad, Obama and the Dims/ Liberals/ Progressives, and Socialists just don't WANT TO see that, pure truth/ fact.   But, the Bible predicts that the majority of humankind will not go to heaven,  but shall suffer in the "Great Tribulation, of 7 bad years," followed by the war of Armageddon [Rev. 26: 16], between good and evil.   Hint:   I can tell you who wins that war....     You see,  poor, old Tommy boy HAS THAT KNOWLEDGE, and I also love my Lord, Jesus, and try to follow Him, as best I can, and pray often.    Yet, I am a sinner man and need the Lord so bad.   He is my 'Life Line' to reality, hope, trust, love, and many other good things, that only a relationship with Jesus can bring.   

I choose not to use the term:  Lucky,   but I use the word:  Blessed, instead.

On the other hand, people like,  Judas  Iscariot,  who betrayed our Lord with a kiss on the cheek, and Obama,  who betrayed the Jews, and who stuck a knife into the backs of all those in Israel, recently,  WILL SUFFER, BIG TIME .... and  their Salvation, IMHO, is very questionable !   And I highly doubt that they will get their 72 Virgins, either....    There are 3 chances that we humans have --  1. "to get it right" -- on earth.   Either we are FOR Jesus, and we try hard to follow Him and his teachings found in the Holy Bible,  2. -- or we are against Him.   3.   Or, we try to take a 'neutral', cowardly  stand/ position, thinking that we are somehow safe.   But that is a non-winner, too,  because Christ doesn't like cowards, or 'Luke-warm' people, saying that he would 'vomit them out of his mouth.'   Revelation 21: 8, talks about Cowards.   See:  Matthew 7: 6, please.    And what mother or dad could feel "Saved" and call themselves a real "Christian,"  if they don't have enough courage and where with all to witness/ teach/ share the Gospel  to their kids and GRAND KIDS, about Jesus, and all of His promises in the KJV Bible  ???    But so many false 'Christians'  THINK that if they go to church every week and hug, kiss, shake hands and eat together, that they are 'Saved,' and going to heaven.... Ha!  See:  2nd Timothy, Chapter 3, verse 1- 5.  ---about, 'having a form of godly devotion, but proving false to it's power...'    See:  I have done all your homework FOR YOU !   My humble gift to you, today !


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Well,  maybe you want to break away for a few minutes from all the long lost relatives gathering in your humble abodes later on, and just relax for a while, while reading this to 'chill out,'  --LOL.  Smile,  things could be worse... like the huge bills coming in the mail AFTER the New Year's spending the money that  you don't have -- just to keep up the tradition,  when our Lord, wasn't ever born on December 25th..  !
    But I am so glad, happy, and joyful that our Father did send His only begotten Son to earth, on a special mission, to eventually die for all of mankind, to save us all from hell.   I hope that everyone who reads this today will also give THANKS for God, for His Son, helping us.   And ... Please pray for Israel right now, as she is in a pickle and navigating dangerous straights, thanks for the mean-spirited, back stabbing, sneaky,  heathen, Obama !!  !!   May God 'reward' him, according to his deeds.

Warm Regards,
Tommy   Schuckman

This is my old, passed,  "Super Dog,"  "Deuce, the Rotty !  And what a brave, noble, beast and protector !  He was saved from the floods of Katrina, and Sharon, my pretty, loyal, lovable, wife and I adopted him.   What a Treasure !

   Dear Lord,  PLEASE help me lose at least 100 pounds in 2017,  please !  In Jesus name.   Amen.   but I will probably never look like this picture below -- the Power Lifter, again.....

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