Friday, December 30, 2016

The Book of Daniel.

Tom's Journal.

Here is a picture of my beloved son,  Andy Schuckman, dancing with my Rottweiler dog, male.   Andy was killed about 6 months ago, about one month after I lost my dear wife, Sharon L. Schuckman, in death, from CHF -- heart failure.   I was very close to these 2 fine human beings and taught them both about being 'Saved' by confessing Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, before they both perished.

My Dear Friends, and Readers,
     I find it just so uncanny and wild,  that when I need some encouragement the most -- God ALWAYS provides it for me !!    And Hal Lindsey,  is a 'Master' at choosing the right words at the right time, and he humbles me in that I wish I had his skills and talents.   When I see and read stuff from the loyal servants of the Father,  I am moved to contribute some funds if I can, and that is also why I included Hal's snail mail address at the bottom.   Please join me in chipping in some funds $$$ if you possibly can, dear friends.    If you say that you like and agree with this stuff, please share it with your friends, and don't let it just go 'dead.'
     If you say that you love God, and His Son, Jesus Christ, but don't THINK you have the talents and skills to share the Gospel as I do,  why not chip in some money to folks like the ones I post and re-post on my humble blog.    I am NOT asking for any money for myself,  because God has already blessed me with good jobs most of my life, and my pension keeps me alive....  lol, and surely not any humans on earth... Ha!  

In fact,   I have NO friends where I live now, in the "Ice Box" where people's heart are also cold as a frozen stone !   And I am now saving every dime for a move farther South of here in the coming Spring, if God wills it.

       But when you read what the man said about the Rapture --- that COULD come at any time, now,  we do well to head the words of James:     James 4:14 Why, you do not even know what will happen ...
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    Life is a Vapor

  •       I used to have a fear of just dying alone... all by myself U.P. here in Northern Michigan, instead of with my loved ones,  but I am trying and praying to the Lord, to take that fear from me, and that I KNOW He loves me, and I am clean now and undefiled, walking a proper way, in His Grace.    You see, friends,  most folks just don't understand how powerful the H.S. is !  The Holy Spirit !   Somehow,  I need to come up with,  $2700. just to move my few things/ stuff, in  a  4 hour drive South of here, back to the back to Wisconsin,  where most people understand and speak the higher form of English.   Just like Hoch Deutsch... or "radio German", dialect.   But we shall talk about that some time.   Right now "we have bigger fish to fry."

    Now,  some folks just love being alone, or they replace humans with animals and sometimes even kiss animals,  which I find disturbing... even though I love great, smart dogs, like the Rottweiler noble beast.   Kiss should be reserved for humans, only,  IMHO.   But when I was growing up in Middle Class, polite society America,  men didn't hold other men's hand of kiss them on the lips, ever.   That was reserved for the other sex... the ladies, and girls.   You see,  time change --- but God's laws remain the same, forever.  

    Anyway,  down below, Hal makes such an excellent analogy / comparison,   between God's 'predicament' and the Persian king,  Darius, who also got caught in his own words....  but with God's help, figured out a way to correct things !!   It is such a wild, interesting, true story of how God is the Mastermind, and always has the right solution.   Well,  that ought to give us lots of strength, endurance, and peace of mind !   It has helped me a lot,  today !

    Remember:   The best revenge is Massive Success !   I think that Mr. Trump thinks that way,  too.    Not to be negative,  but looking at Obama and his junk yard dog, his Sec. of State, john Kerry....they are both acting like really sore, sour grapes, LOSERS !   They are going out of their way now, to totally destroy and cripple America before they leaven office.   Clinton did stuff like that too, including stealing the silverware from the WH !     Shame !  And look at how many people voted for these two 'humans !'   That why we can readily see that 'few' people of the world/ earth will be Saved....   sorry.   God doesn't want quantity  --but he wants only the humble, who really bend knee and try to follow His Son,  Jesus.

    Love, and Hugs,
    Tommy  Schuckman

    December 30th, 2016
    The book of Daniel is the most important prophetic book in the Bible, even more than the book of Revelation. This week, however, I will focus, not on the prophecies of Daniel, but on the man and his character. It's an especially timely study in a world charging headlong into a new dark age.

    Daniel lived one of the most remarkable lives in the history of the world. Even as a teenager, he changed the course of history. But in the story I want to examine this week, many years have gone by. The Medes and Persians had defeated the Babylonians and taken their empire. Darius now ruled. For about twenty years following the death of King Nebuchadnezzar, it had seemed like Daniel's career was over. But as happened to him so often, he quickly rose through the ranks again.

    After becoming one of the most important figures in the empire, Daniel's integrity and the king's confidence in him ignited the jealousy of his peers. But the only way they could eliminate him was by concocting a plan that depended on his faithfulness to God.

    As the world grows darker, God can and will prosper and care for His people, but don't expect everything to be easy. The psalmist wrote, "Many are the afflictions of the righteous." But he doesn't stop there. He goes on to affirm, "But the Lord delivers him out of them all." (Psalm 34:19, NASB)

    Daniel is testimony to that promise. He made the decision to honor his convictions rather than obey the dictates of the state. By doing so, he assured himself of a terrible fate. He was thrown to the hungry lions.

    And his friend, King Darius, trapped by the power of his own words, was helpless to intervene.

    It's interesting to note that because the law of the Medes and Persians, once signed and confirmed by the king, was unalterable, King Darius found himself facing a dim reflection of the dilemma God Himself once faced when Adam and Eve chose death over life with Him. He loved them, but had given His word that sin always carries a death sentence. And God's word is infinitely more certain than the law of the Medes and Persians.

    So in His infinite wisdom, God devised a way for His love to deliver sinners from His wrath while not compromising His righteousness and justice. Jesus Christ took upon Himself a human nature, lived as a true man, and never once sinned. He therefore qualified to voluntarily take upon Himself the penalty and punishment for our sins. He died in our place and secured a true forgiveness for each one who will receive it as a gift. Salvation cannot be given if any human merit is attached to it. Salvation is an absolute gift.

    Tune in this week as I examine how the intractability of the Law of the Medes and Persians, and Daniel's faith in his God, led to a national revival of faith in the one true God.

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    I want to wish all of you a wonderful, blessed and happy new year.

    Thank you so much for your prayer and financial support of "The Hal Lindsey Report" during the past year. We are on the air around the world only through your faithfulness and persistent giving.

    As I look back on 2016, I'm amazed by the prophetic developments that have occurred. The Bible warns us that in the final days of this Age, the appearance of the signs of the times will occur with greater frequency and intensity.

    I will continue to report them to you as long as God gives me the strength, the resources, and the opportunity. I feel, however, that the rapture of the true believers could occur any day of this new year.

    If it does, I'll see you on the way up!

    Maranatha! And Happy New Year!

    God Bless,

    Hal Lindsey

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