Thursday, January 5, 2017

I just got scalped, today !

Tom's Journal.

     I just LOVE Pastor Manning, and I could listen to him all day long !   He cracks me up, and makes me laugh so hard that I think I can lose weight just by laughing at all his comical ideas and colorful speech !   I invite all of you to just set some time aside, to listen to this gifted Christian gentleman, who really lays on the stick -- on that total failure,  Obama.    Enjoy !

Pastor Manning Blames Obama For Black Men Turning Gay ...
Pastor Manning Blames Obama For Black Men Turning Gay Pastor Manning Blames Obama For Black Men Turning Gay Pastor Manning Blames Obama For Black Men ...
  • Manning: Obama Cut a Deal With Terrorists To Strike in Paris
    The conspiracy-obsessed Alex Jones spoke with always controversial Pastor James Manning, who has some ideas of his own about why terrorists struck in Paris.
  • Harlem pastor preaches 'Obama is Evil' - NY Daily News
    Harlem pastor James David Manning preaches 'Obama is Evil' on church signs, angering local residents
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    ATLAH Pastor James David Manning Says He's 'Absolutely' Been Tempted By The 'Gay Lifestyle'

  • Interesting California statistics:     GEM.

    Subject:  California
    CA stats are:

    Hispanic............14,990,000 million
    Asian..................5,736. 098
    Negro.................2,552, 858
    Am Indian..............648,172
    Note, Hispanics outnumber Caucasians. But, another interesting statistic is this:
    34% of the nations 67,980,000 million people who receive welfare live in California, 
    and California has only 12% of the entire U.S. population [Fed stats].
    This means:  
    23,113,200 million welfare recipients live in California. 
    39,487,345 million people total live in California. [more welfare recipients than workers]
    According to your stats, Clinton beat Trump in CA by 2,708,893, so you could say she didn't do that well in California!
      We hear a cacophony of blaring and bleating from the media and the Hillary gaggle that she won the popular vote and therefore she should be president.  
    65,124,828 to 62,652,263 or 48.2% to 46.3% with the remaining 5.5% going to the other candidates. 

    But here are the facts:
    Trump led in the total popular vote for all states……. except California. 
    Hillary won California 5,860,714 to Trump’s 3,151,821.  61.6% to 33.1% exclusive of the other candidates.  [a margin of 2,708,893]
    Thus, California gave Hillary the popular vote for all states as claimed by the Democrats and their media stooges. 
    But, deduct her California vote from her national vote, leaving her with 59,264,114, and deduct Trump’s California vote from his national total,leaving him with 59,500,442. 
    So, in effect, Hillary was elected president of California and Trump was elected president of the rest of the country.
    This exemplifies the wisdom of the Electoral College, to prevent the vote of any one populace state from overriding the vote of the others.  Trump’s Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway, whose expertise is polling, saw this early on and devised her strategy of “6 pathways to the White House”.  This meant ignoring California, with its huge Democrat majority, and going after the states that would give him the necessary Electoral votes to win, FL, NC, MI, PA, OH, and WI.  It worked and our country Will Be Secure - after January 20, 2017.
    One other tidbit: California is one of 11 “welfare states” where there are more people living off the government dole than there are working for a living. A perfect example of those who vote for a living. Since they have some time on their hands they are the ones who have time to “protest,” (in other words riot)!

    Hello Dear Friends,
        Doesn't it always seem to go,  that when you are searching for something special with a fervent desire -- you just cannot find it.   And then all of a sudden you find many of those things or People at the same time !   Well,  I was happy to find 2 --nice ladies today, and I figure that at the very worst,  we will all be friends of sort in the long run, and perhaps help each other.   Now that's as refreshing as a strong Winter's Day breath of  -20 below zero blast of arctic air !!    And it will be at least  -10 below zero where I live,  tonight !   Oh well....  I just hope I can satisfy all my VA appointments without my power scooter running out of 'Juice.'   I have so much to accomplish and work to do.   When it rains -- it pours.   Snow doesn't bother me  -- but invisible ICE does ! 

        I needed a haircut  -- trim,  but I also had the barber cut off my full beard, today, too.  And when I saw myself in the mirror,  I wished I only got a short trimmed beard, instead.   I don't like the way I look, and even the barbers thought that it was the wrong time of the year to get naked ... LOL !   And I also remember my younger and more foolish days when I used to jump into Lake Michigan, down in Kenosha, WI., on New Year's Day with ice floating in the Lake !  So then, after 5 years of that,  I gave it up, too.   But I learned what the human body can really "TAKE."   I have nothing to prove to anyone,  it's just that I wanted to experience something 'New.'   Are you all sufficiently impressed/ amused,  now ???   --Duh.   Well,  now I will have to shave every day or so, now.

    Let me tell you all about combat Veterans that many of us have in common, if you like....   We were trained to believe that our ways of fighting were some of the best,  but we had to get the edge on other national armies, the way they were trained,  or else their methods would work well against us.   And I also think that most of us slept fairly well at night, knowing that our 'brothers in arms' were standing guard at night, protecting us.   But when we got home for good, back in the States, we began to have nightmares and be hyper vigilant, etc.   We also found out that, because of sleep deprivation in Vietnam,  that we aged too fast and got grey hair before our time, and there was a lot of stress on us, unbeknownst to us at the time.   And woe to the jack asses that never served their country who took advantage of our stresses, who like to spook us with loud noises behind our backs, and saying certain things that they knew would in-nerve us, like yelling the word,  "Incoming !"   Because that meant to a combat man that 'incoming mortars or artillery from the enemy' was coming into our compounds, or company areas !   Ha!  but that worms didn't know was that combat Veterans also know how to cause great fear in the hearts of men, and how to really HURT THEM BACK, in serious ways.   I always tried to protect my fellow Vets/ Brothers, from jerks like that, by 'hunting them.'   They just need a 'lesson or two.'  
        And just look what happened to an innocent, mentally disabled white guy, torments and tortured by 4 black ghetto punks, with 2 of them female in Chicago, recently,  and then the Liberal 'Press" tried to down play it, of course.  

    Let me tell you a little secret.... LOL.   I just have a gut feeling that in a few months there will be some payback for some of those BLM punks, if they still want to play games like that.   But there is a favorite Black clergyman on the radio, who also has some choice things to say about that subject, that I will also try to share / incorporate here, to give you all a pleasant laugh and JOLT !   And he doesn't care much for Obama, either.   "That's real entertainment !"  

    Again,  I thanked one lady today, for just having a nice, long talk with me on the phone,  because she really made me feel good inside, and that alone just perked me up,  no matter what MAY happen in the future,  and it was like:  'One hand washing the other,' on a cold Winter day in the far North.   Thank You !   It's just so nice to have a few things in common, when you don't know too many folks in a far away place.  Plus I finally got some cushioned socks that I ordered but got mixed up at the 'company level.'   Too bad the 'hired help' can't take simple orders and get them out in proper time, etc.   Blame Obama's "Dumbed Down" failing educational system.   What a stinking loser...  sorry.  

    And now,  I have often said that I enjoy helping others, especially my fellow Christians and Veterans, first, so I want you to please pay some attention to the 'cut and pasted' article that I've added, below.

    And I ask you to also, please pray and try to help some of our Homeless Veterans, out in the cold.   I have been in their shoes, unfortunately,  but I think that the good Lord was [and needed to] humble me, so that I knelt down in a bad place in Milwaukee, WI, to beg for the Lord Jesus Christ, for help and assistance.  And after that, things started getting a lot better for me !

    Warm Regards,
    Tommy Schuckman

    And here is a picture of me about in 1989, a power lifter.

    Why Is This Bank Hoarding 550 Million Ounces of Silver? What Are They Preparing For?

    | |



    Shocking Must See Video - Click Here

    It’s no secret that the precious metals market has been manipulated by a small conglomeration of shadow players for over a decade. In fact, just in the last few months Deutsche Bank, well known for their trading prowess, settled lawsuits amounting to over $100 million dollars after having scammed investors by rigging prices on so-called open exchanges for silver and gold.
    But if you think that was bad, consider that JP Morgan, one of the world’s most influential financial institutions, has been helping to rig prices while also hoarding upwards of 550 million ounces of silver.
    Now why would an institution be suppressing prices to give the indication that an asset is under performing, while at the same time stockpiling it en masse?
    As Wealth Research Group rightly asks in the following report, “what are they preparing for?”
    Watch this critical report:

    They are using their status as the SLV custodian to enrich themselves by buying up cheap silver.
    Why is JP Morgan buying up silver? What are they preparing for?
    What is happening behind closed doors at the meeting of the Federal Reserve Banks, the government think tanks and councils of the elite that has JP Morgan, the biggest silver bull on the planet, to the point where they are desperate enough to commit fraud on a global scale?
    With silver prices having been suppressed in recent years, falling from nearly $50 to around $16.50 today, one can’t help but think that JP Morgan’s massive holdings are an effort to prepare for a significant upswing in coming months and years.
    Visit Wealth Research Group for more informative reports like the one you just watched.
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