Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Michelle Obama's Quotes.

Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends,
     'Is it even safe to go back into the water ? ?'   
      Well,  it's so true that "hindsight is always 20/ 20,"  and if we don't learn from the past -- we are compelled to relive it.   People say, joke,  and  ridicule others who DO or DID study History, and the Bible,  because they didn't.   They say that it has no real value now days and that 'things change,' and God is dead or just sleeping or impotent.   But true Christians see miracles often, sometimes driving home in a foggy, icy, snowy, Winter day or night when your vision is not so good anymore, for us aged folks, is almost a small miracle in itself  --- that we didn't slip/ slide off the road and hit a tree !   Well,  I also know that some folks have fears, phobias, anxiety attacks, emotional, mental and physical challenges that young people yet don't experience.   I am happy and blessed to still have my head knowledge and a firm grip on the reality of God's Power, and Promise keeping inner core quality.

And one of the simple pleasure I still have in life is the power to GIVE SOME VERY GOOD THINGS TO OTHER FOLKS, while I still can, and that just gives me JOY.   One of the nice [9] fruits of the Holy Spirit.   I don't know too many people who have ALL 9 fruits,  but if a person claims to be a true Christian, he/ she ought to have at least a few !   People can't always be crabby, sour, mean spirited, and hateful all the time.... or folks will start to wonder if you are honestly a true Christian.  
     And don't we really expect to find an honorable, leader, or public servant, happy, helpful, graceful, and cordial, just to name a few good qualities ??   Not so, for many of the Dims, Liberals, BLM, Lefty, nut-jobs... LOL !    Real Christians have pain, sorrow, hard lives, huge challenges in their lives,  but the Bible is our 'Guide Book' or  "Technical Manuel" that keeps us shiny and bright, and if we fall,  it shows us how to get right back up and keep walking the walk.    BECAUSE, we are to set a proper, right, example to the 'world of mankind' as "followers and imitators of Christ,"  which is what Webster's Dictionary  defines a Christian !  

I want to apologize to my friends and readers for showing / wearing my love and hate, on my sleeve, complaining, blaming, pointing fingers at other people this past year at others as reason for my unhappiness, and all I can say is that I will try much harder to curb that bad, negative habit, and that you for your readership and patience !     Let me say that it's so easy to be sunny, bright and joyful, when everything is going your way, of being a loved, respected, man with everything at his/ her fingertips, when we are younger, and full of spirit and energy.   And I honestly worked so hard when I was younger, always helping out, doing favors for others, giving presents of money, food, help, labor, etc.   But, I should be thankful of a good pension, VA benefits, etc., to at least pay all my bills and also have some nice luxuries and "toys."   And a roof, warm house, and a great big, hot,  2015 Dodge 4WD truck, that gives me freedom and independence !

Ha!   I am willing to bet money on us all finding out some wild, HUGE TRUE stories about what really happened to the Obama's and how they got so far, with NO HISTORY, records, into Ivy League  schools, and the real reason that they both LOST.... had to surrender their Law Licenses years ago.   They will soon lose their impunity, power, and protection, guarding those secrets !  And what a powerful revelation that will be.... and Hilly Clinton, too.   We shall see how much they bad mouth America and us poor white folks, then !   I am looking forward to that saga.
     I am also looking forward to some HUGE VA hospital services, reparations, and improvements, with just a little more respect, and accountability down the road for all their deadly goof ups and mistakes !   Lord,  just let me live to see some of that, please. 

Warm Regards,
Tommy  Schuckman

And here down below is a picture of the infamous Milwaukee VAMC, where I have been 'too many times' and never want to return, for more hostile actions and abuse.

black                                                          is beautiful                                                          but not                                                          always:
Crooks.//                                                          Aren't                                                          political                                                          campaign lies                                                          just                                                          wonderful!!                                                          All                                                          information                                                          that would                                                          reveal what                                                          these two                                                          frauds really                                                          are was                                                          suppressed,                                                          denied, or                                                          threatened                                                          into silence.                                                          Both parties                                                          do this, but                                                          it seems the                                                          Democrats have                                                          the greater                                                          ability for                                                          obsfucation!!                                                          These two need                                                          to be banished                                                          from DC                                                          forever!!                                                          Traitors!:
If she                                                          is so proud to                                                          be an American                                                          then Why not                                                          show it???:
What                                                          makes her                                                          think she                                                          deserves this                                                          when our                                                          economy is                                                          shot and                                                          people are                                                          barely getting                                                          by? Someone                                                          please knock                                                          some sense                                                          into her.:
I read                                                          she has 22                                                          taxpayer paid                                                          assistant and                                                          1 dog handler                                                          at tax payer                                                          exspense at                                                          over $100000                                                          annually.                                                          She's the most                                                          awful 1st lady                                                          ever she hates                                                          America and.                                                          All we stand                                                          for. She                                                          disgusts                                                          me.she's such                                                          a                                                          rasict.Mooch-ell-O:
Michelle                                                          Obama quote:
Hurrying                                                          back from                                                          vacation so                                                          she will not                                                          be late                                                          leaving for                                                          her next                                                          vacation...                                                          All hail Queen                                                          Mooch...:

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