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Missouri -- Illegal Aliens.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Norwegian: 

Hei venner,
jeg kontering i dag, og åpne sinn, ikke noe tull, factual, se på ett av våre stater i Amerika, som har funnet en måte å spare mye penger, og bli kvitt sin tilstand av parasitter, og late folk som bare ønsker å leve på våre skatter uten å gjøre noe for å bidra til velferd i landet. Det KJV bibelen sier: "Hvis du ikke arbeide - du ikke ete." kort og enkel. Vår Gud i himmelen er ikke en gjennomsnittlig frilynte, hatsk, Gud, men han vil ha oss til å være glade, men også kloke og intelligente. Hvis vi ikke våkne snart, skal vi alle gå konkurs, selv som et folk !
Varm hilsen
Thomas Schuckman


Revealed! Obama’s $418 billion arms sale to Kenya halted

Lawmakers are calling for an investigation into a series of highly unusual moves made by President Barack Obama while he had one foot out the door.
His administration signed off on a $418 million arms deal to Kenya on his last day in office.
While that alone isn’t suspicious – American weapons are sold to our allies all the time, under both Democratic and Republican presidencies – the conditions are certainly raising eyebrows.
And at least one lawmaker thinks the Obama Administration might’ve tried to pull the wool over the Kenyans’ eyes.
“My office has received credible allegations of faulty contracting practices, fraud and unfair treatment surrounding this sale,” North Carolina Congressman Ted Budd said in a bombshell interview with The Daily Nation, Kenya’s biggest newspaper.
In fact, he said Kenya is being charged nearly DOUBLE what it should be paying!
The deal includes up to 12 Air Tractor AT-802L propeller-based aircraft as well as two AT-504 trainer aircraft along with weapons, technical support and program management, the Standard Digital reported.
They would replace the aging aircraft Kenya is using in its battle against ISIS-linked al Shabab terrorists. The new aircraft would be able to fly lower, getting closer to their targets, and better armed against the Soviet-era weapons favored by the terrorist fighters.
But Breitbart News is reporting that Budd and other lawmakers are raising questions over the deal and may even open an investigation over some incredible suspicious arrangements.
Turns out the contract was given quietly to a company called L3 Technologies that’s NEVER made the aircraft before. Jane’s even reports that Kenya may not have even known that this company never made the things.
And this firm is charging nearly $200 million more than the going rate charged by an experienced, veteran-run company in Budd’s North Carolina district.
That company, IOMAX USA, never got a shot at the contract because they didn’t even know about it until AFTER it was quietly given to L3.
“It looks like politics,” Budd told Breitbart News. “Why are they sending it to someone that’s produced zero, for twice the price? This is inappropriate.”
The Kenyans appear concerned, and not just because it looks like the country’s family ties to Obama didn’t serve them well.
It’s also because of the cash.
While $418 million might be a drop in the bucket of the U.S. military budget, this is a massive expensive for Kenya.
If it goes through, it might be Kenya’s largest-ever arms purchase, more than double the total spent on arms over the previous five years combined, the East African newspaper reported.
The number seems even larger when you consider that it’s nearly half the nation’s entire 2015 defense budget of $954 million.
Now that deal could be in jeopardy – and the Islamic terrorists pillaging Kenya’s vast rural regions are no doubt celebrating… all because of a shady deal made in a hurry on the former president’s final day on the job.
The Horn editorial

Hi  Friends,
    This is so cool, simple, easy, and COMMON SENSE,  that I had to post it !  
     But it's good and well to put things a different way.   If all the experts are correct about the world and U.S. economy,  we might have a bad scenario coming our way before this year,  2017, is over.   Hey,   I don't want to see it, or experience it,  but why continue to take expensive vacations and party hardy when there has been a huge tsunami sighted and coming our way ??   If you have read my humble blog at all,  you already know that I believe in God Almighty, and COMMON SENSE to prepare and also move fast to higher ground !   The KJV Bible is full of great advice on how to live the right way, how to prepare for this life and the life after death, hereafter.    Also, let me suggest a great, book of wisdom for preparing for the hard times ahead:   THE LOST WAYS.   It's what our ancestors did to stay alive years ago, and great Pioneers.   Get it today.   I also believe in and take my:  PATRIOT POWER GREENS,  small scoop of power in a glass of cold water in the morning,  to boost my energy level --- Dietary Supplement,  and yes, it costs MONEY,  but I don't smoke,  nor drink too much.    I don't gamble with my money, and try to live frugal, except when I go out for lunch at Carlos' Cantina,  the Mexican place where they serve great, fresh, spicy food !!  
       After all,  God wants us to be happy, but also smart, wise, with common sense.

Now,  we must understand,  that our family should come FIRST !   President Trump reminds us that,  'Americans should come FIRST, also.'   We are the most generous nation on earth,  but there WAS a Muslim President here not too long ago, that did many unauthorized, Anti-American, unlawful,  things, like shipping money and arms to hostile nations who HATE US !!   Yes,  it is all coming to light --- and something I never thought would happen, that we are just now unraveling the real TRUTH about so many unlawful,  illegal things that just drain our national treasure ! !  And what a low life, shame!  
       Others say that Mr. Trump was "allowed" to be president on purpose, so he could,  'take the fall' and be the patsy when the SHTF, and the 'house of cards' falls down sometimes this year.   Now....  I hope I am wrong !     Because one more year of Prepping would also get me out of debt and give me a more stable platform and readiness !   But it's not about me at all;   It's about God's time table, and His Will be done.

I hope that you are able to share this blog post,  if you think it has merit, and makes sense.   Remember,  we are a nation of welcoming other people from foreign lands to come here and start a good life,  but we don't want lazy bones, Welfare people, who also hate us, who never intend to work, pay taxes and contribute to our national wellness.   Just what did they do in their country of origin,  nothing ?   It took me all my life to get where I am now,  and I started working hard on my parents' farm when I was age 12 !   Actually,  those were the good old days... my happy days !

Warm  Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

Tom,  the Welder:

Subject: MISSOURI -- illegal aliens
"The Ozarks Sentinel" Editorial -
Why is this not national news?      
 Missouri has no illegals; go figure... shouldn't the other states do the same? Missouri's approach to the problem of illegal immigration appears to be more advanced, sophisticated, strict and effective than anything to date in Arizona . Does the White House appreciate what Missouri has done? So, why doesn't Missouri receive attention? Answer: There are no illegals in Missouri to demonstrate.
The "Show Me" state has again shown us how it should be done. There needs to be more publicity and exposure regarding what Missouri has done.
Please pass this around.
In 2007, Missouri placed on the ballot a proposed constitutional amendment designating English as the official language of Missouri . In November, 2008, nearly 90% voted in favor! Thus, English became the official language for ALL governmental activity in Missouri . No individual has the right to demand government services in a language OTHER than English.
In 2008, a measure was passed that required the Missouri Highway Patrol and other law enforcement officials to verify the immigration status of any person arrested, and inform federal authorities if the person is found to be in Missouri illegally. Missouri law enforcement officers receive specific training with respect to enforcement of federal immigration laws.
In Missouri, illegal immigrants do NOT have access to taxpayer benefits such as food stamps or health care through Missouri Health NET.
In 2009, a measure was passed that ensures Missouri 's public institutions of higher education do NOT award financial aid to individuals who are illegally in the United States .
In Missouri all post-secondary institutions of higher education are required to annually certify to the Missouri Dept. of Higher Education that they have NOT knowingly awarded financial aid to students who are unlawfully present in the United States .
  So, while Arizona has made national news for its new law, it is important to remember, Missouri has been far more proactive in addressing this horrific problem. Missouri has made it clear that illegal immigrants are NOT WELCOME in the state and they will NOT receive public benefits at the expense of Missouri taxpayers.
Taken from: "The Ozarks Sentinel" Editorial -

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