Saturday, February 25, 2017

The "Hand Writing on the Wall."

Tom's Journal.

Beautiful German Song:

"The Hand Writing on the Wall."

Perhaps these key subjects will allow you to see into my Mind, and why I feel like a 'man on a mission.'    There is just not enough time left to reach my goals, and my dear friends, included.   So....  when all else fails ---  Read the "Book."   Friends,  I now believe that a lot of the anxiety and urgency is coming out of my writings, so that it may be impossible to mask my true feelings,  as my heart is now exposed.   Wise people are discerning so that they can 'see into my heart.'   Ha!   The KJV Bible talks much about the heart, as being the 'seat of emotions, etc.'   I guess that,  even though I love the Lord, and profess, study, teach and share the Word of God, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ....   I still want to be a 'success' -- a survivor of the coming crap storm [sorry to be too crude...], if possible.   Most men would like to have SOMETHING to show for all his years of hard work and labor ! !  
    I truly apologize if I came across the wrong way, or said the wrong words.
      Maybe I will just take a vacation, or a Sabbatical to let my emotions take a chill.   Or should I use the term:  Hiatus ?   I guess that I am not as clever a "Word Smith" as I thought, but never said I was a Saint or a Genius....  LOL !   I am just a poor, old, disabled Soldier, Welder, Auto Worker, Farmer,  and a big sinner man.

But God still loves me.


Pressure: “Culpable For Our Bubble Economy And Trying To Shift Blame Before A Collapse”
I have noticed an expanding disinformation campaign which appears to be designed to wash the Federal Reserve of culpability for the crash of 2008.
Profound Events Are Taking Place In Russia and North Korea: ‘There Are Destabilizing Forces At Work Here’
As long as globalist oligarchs are operating, we can bank on continued destabilization and the creation of hot spots in addition to the three outlined in this article.
“Hold Gold”: Why This Country Wants Its People to Buy Gold
The societies that recognize the danger of abandoning gold as a benchmark have typically witnessed the devastating toll that fiat money and inflation can have.

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Heli gunner Tom said...

From Ruth H,
You will give yourself a heart attack Tom.....share what you can and relax letting God do the rest. I know that these are funny times

and going to get more strange but we can only do so much. Then we have to let the peace that passes understanding to take over

or we get too worried. Course that is being human and that is the hard part. Not everyone digs as deep and will do as they do no

matter what is said to them...that too is the human part of people.

Take Care and rest, Ruth