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The "New Heavens."

Tom's Journal.

Dear  Friends,
    I firmly believe that there are so MANY real, honest, true,  CHRISTIANS living in Russia, China, and many other countries, "underground" ---secretly, going on with their every day lives,  but still sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior,  today,  March 31st,  2017 !   They could die in a heart beat for their unwavering Faith in God and Jesus, and they live a happy, yet stress filled life in some of those Communist lands/ countries.    And ijn places like the Middle East, under the Islamic thumb --- they risk so much, but just one slip up -- death and torture !   Not to worry,  those times will also hit the good, old, USA, someday.... and just read the message below by my fav. author   Pres. Trumps NEEDS and deserves our fervent prayers at least twice a day,  every day !   And I feel sorry for MY self sometimes..... Ha! ?

I woke up late today, and how, I don't even know except that I must have been plenty tired.   

Tonight that special program on Hal Lindsey's  Channel/ Program will air !!   I intend to check it out !         www. or

I know that most of the world doesn't even know what the "New Heavens" are and how big the dimensions are !   If you drove from the waters/ beach front of California --- to the Western edge of the State of Minnesota in the USA, and "CUBED" IT,   that would be a rough estimate of the total area of the "New Heavens !!"   And that would abundantly hold the population of heaven.... and only God knows that number.  along with Jesus Christ [who is God,  too].  
     Now !   How many of you fine people even learned about this subject at any church that you've ever attended  ???   Hello ?   Hey!  this is all found right in the KJV Bible... See:  Revelation !   Don't be Afraid !   The Bible won't bite you !

Want more answers ?   Here is my personal email address:  

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

My son,  Andy T. Schuckman,  who passed away about 7 years ago, one month after I lost my wife, Sharon, in death.   What a supreme, terrible loss !   I think that they were both better human beings than I was....

March 31st, 2017
Some Democrats in Congress think that they will soon be able to charge members of the Trump administration, and maybe the President himself, with "high crimes and misdemeanors." That's the terminology used in the Constitution for impeachable offenses.

They are pressing the narrative that Donald Trump and members of his campaign team made deals with the Russians regarding the 2016 presidential campaign.

Meanwhile, many Republicans believe that it was actually the Obama administration that participated in "high crimes." And they make a strong case.

They believe that the Obama team illegally surveilled the Trump campaign. Based on its history, they may have a point when it comes to the Obama administration and illegal surveillance of U.S. citizens.

In 2013, The New York Times blasted the Obama administration for having no "credible justification for secretly combing through the phone records of reporters and editors at the Associated Press in what looks like a fishing expedition."

They were also exposed for illegal spying on reporter James Rosen of Fox News.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the NSA gave the Obama White House communications it had intercepted between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and various members of Congress. The White House wanted to know how members of Congress planned to fight Obama's Iran nuclear deal.

Recently, former Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich revealed that the Obama White House had listened in on his private phone conversations. He found out about it when two investigative reporters read to him excerpts of his phone conversations that they had been given by members of the administration.

Given the fact that President Obama was willing to spy on journalists and sitting members of Congress, is it really surprising that they might have spied on Donald Trump's campaign and members of the transition team?

Even The New York Times seemed to confirm that fact when its front page headline on January 20, Trump's Inauguration Day, read: "Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides." Isn't it interesting that members of the Left and the mainstream media deride President Trump for the use of the archaic word "wiretapped," but no one seems to mind The New York Times using it. Even before Trump did!

Further, the extremely liberal East Coast magazine, The Atlantic, questioned the purpose behind President Obama's sudden and unexplained expansion of potentially dangerous surveillance practices in the last two weeks of his presidency. Its headline read: "Why is Obama Expanding Surveillance Powers Right Before He Leaves Office?"

That's an easy one.

In the very last days of his presidency, Obama signed yet another executive order allowing NSA surveillance data to be widely disseminated to other intelligence agencies. The mainstream media paid little attention, as usual, but privacy advocates were outraged!

The executive order meant that the NSA's interception of the communications of the Trump team could be accessed by members of sixteen other agencies. Wide dissemination meant that lots of people would see it. That made it a virtual certainty that it would be leaked. And, it also gave "plausible deniability" to the White House, since it did not actively hand the information to anyone.

Also, law requires that in the interception of communications by U.S. citizens, the citizens' identities are to be "masked," since it is illegal to randomly spy on American citizens. However, when the information regarding the phone calls was illegally released to the press by members of the Obama administration, the identities of the U.S. citizens were revealed or "unmasked." This, too, is a felony.

All of which makes it seem likely that members of the U.S. intelligence community, as well as members of the former administration, have been working to undermine the new President.

On this program a few weeks ago, I warned of an unprecedented onslaught against President Trump. The entrenched federal bureaucracy, the establishment on both sides of the aisle, the mainstream news media, academia, Hollywood, and big money globalist-elites from around the world are coming after the President from all directions.

It is absolutely critical that all believers pray daily and earnestly for President Trump. Pray that God will encourage him and give him the strength to resist their efforts and follow through on his promises and convictions. Above all, that God will impart to him wisdom and understanding beyond his personal experience.

It is more important now to support him in prayer than it was even during the campaign. I truly believe America's survival is at stake.

Recently, the Foreign Minister of Turkey issued a threat that Europeans have dreaded for centuries. He said: "You are dragging Europe into the abyss. Holy wars will soon begin in Europe."

Was this threat a response to an invasion of Turkey by the EU? Was it a response to an attempted takeover of the government by covert operatives of NATO?

No. It was a temper tantrum approved by the newest aspiring dictator in that part of the world: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

You see, he is promoting a national referendum on April 16 to dramatically alter Turkey's storied secular constitution. He wants to substantially expand his own powers so that he can effectively become President-for-Life. Think Vladimir Putin, Mahmoud Abbas, Bashar al-Assad, Robert Mugabe, etc.

Turkish law allows 2.5 million Turks living in Europe and the rest of the world to vote in the referendum. So Erdogan wanted to send high-ranking officials from his government to campaign for those constitutional changes among Turkish ex-pats throughout Europe.

However, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands and officials in Germany, Switzerland, and parts of Austria refused to permit those rallies in support of Turkey's national suicide (my interpretation).

Erdogan blew a fuse.

He blustered that Holland and Turkey could no longer be friends. He called German officials "fascists" and "Nazis." He orchestrated protests across Europe, some of which turned violent. He is even threatening to pull out of NATO and stop Turkey's application to the European Union.

His anger toward Europe and other western nations may well drive him closer to two other powers that hold similar views of government's relationship with its citizens: Russia and Iran.

It is not coincidence that the Bible says that in the last days, a coalition of nations will invade Israel. It identifies the origins of three modern-day nations that will comprise the bulwark of that coming coalition. They are Russia, Iran, and Turkey.

And it will take direct intervention by God Himself to save Israel.

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I began a discussion of the New Jerusalem. This week, I want to share with you some particulars. The details of that magnificent city of the future, whose builder and maker is God, are stunning. It will simply be beyond compare.

And you know what? If you are a member of God's forever-family, it will someday be your new home!

If not, make your reservation today by accepting the free gift of pardon from your sins that Jesus died on Calvary to purchase for you. or
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Hal Lindsey

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Revealed: Illegals WELFARE $$$.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Norwegian: 

Kjære venner,
i Amerika, jeg tror at vi alle ønsker for våren til å komme og gjøre planter, korn, mais, frukt og grønnsaker vokser. Opp hvor jeg bor, den kalde vintre ser ut til å bli verre, og bare for lenge. Men en lys, solrik dag som i dag er mest velkommen.
Jeg er 68 år, og kan huske når livet var så god, morsom, full av kjærlighet og vennlighet --- men nå dager, hver natt på TV-Nyhetene, er det alltid vold et sted, like meningsløse drap, mord, og smerte. Dette daglig påminnelse forteller oss bibelen-smart kristne at Jesus snart vil komme tilbake til Rapture opp hans følgesvenner og hellige. Jeg ser frem til at tid, fordi det er "Guds vilje" som det skal skje, og ikke bare min egen egoistiske ønsker.... og jeg har også en ny Lady venn, at jeg bryr meg for ! Og hun er en smart, intelligent, Christian, også. Jeg håper at alle vil du være i stand til å oversette og lese resten av mitt blogginnlegg, i dag.
Min e-postadresse er:
varm hilsen
Tom Schuckman
Michigan, USA.

   Good,  hard working, Patriots--Americans are NOT against LEGAL    Immigation!!   We are against Illegal Immigration !   Big difference,  because most of us came over on a big ship... the LEGAL way, thru the "front gate."   My people came over on a boat from Northern Europe, to practice their Christian religion in Freedom and safety,  while at the same time assimilating into the American Culture, and learning to read, write, speak English...  while also keeping their Germanic languages and customs.   Most of my uncles served and fought bravely in the U.S. Army, and my Dad served and was wounded in the U.S. Navy.   Not working hard for a living to support our families was considered a bad sin and a shame !   
      Personally,   I wanted to go to college, first, but didn't have the money, so I joined the U.S. Army, and then came home to immediately get a job, raise my family, trying to get up in the world and progress at various places,  but settled down to put in over 30.5 years at Chrysler Corp., retiring with a good record, but working at many other places too, and going back to college to study Welding, etc., twice, to learn a good, viable, trade and skill, and opening my own small Welding shop on the side, but also doing carpentry and making storm windows, etc,  part time, and wood carving,  but I   never     got rich.... LOL,  but always paid my bills and even bought 4 houses.    I am NOT a loser,  but my faith in the KJV Bible and Jesus Christ, makes me a winner, for sure.... and "Heaven is my Home !"   I know that Jesus died for all of my sins,  past, present and future, so that I don't have to go to hell, and the Bible firmly teaches me all these wonderful things,  including the fact that Jesus Christ, my wonderful, Lord and Savior has promised to come back SOON,  and Rapture Up, all of His servants, Followers and Saints... BEFORE the stink hits the fan, that can also happen at any time now.    Now,  we are just plain BLESSED to have a new, good, POTUS.... President who loves to work hard and help Americans,  but he has a pack of terrible Socialist wolves nipping at his heels all the time, trying to bring down America into the NWO --- the New World Order,  run by STD  --- Satan the Devil, himself !   I CAN PROVE ALL OF THIS NEWS IN THE KJV Bible, and just read the 13th Chapter of the last book of the Bible,  Revelation,  please, for starters.   Do Not be intimidated or afraid to crack open that Grand Book of Instruction -- the Bible, written on a 5th grade reading level,  dear friends and readers !   But ask our Lord,  Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, to come into your heart, and guide you --- and allow you to fully understand the scriptures,  now,  today !!

Sorry to sound like a continuous 'broken record'  rom the 1960's era music time,   but you all need to sound this Info down into your minds and hearts and then share it with most everyone who will hear you, no matter if the grasp and hold this information in their hearts and minds,   or not.   That is our "Great Commission,"  fellow Christians.   We are not "buying our way to heaven."   That simple cannot ever be done !   Only a real, firm, belief and following Jesus can get any of us into heaven.   Fact !  
     And,  please be very careful of where you attend church,  as many are just spewing 'false religion' and lies, only wanting your MONEY !   The Bible is the only place you will get the real Truth and Info.   And the most pure rendition of the Holy Bible [although not the oldest...] is the KJV Bible.   Fact.    A great place to purchase such a good edition, the DEFINED KJV  BIBLE,   is:    --- and it won't cost a lot of $$$ money.   I use a Giant Print Bible so I can see it better at age 68.   

Thank you all for reading my humble, simple Blog post, here, today.

Please continue to pray for me, friends.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G  Schuckman
My email: 

Here is an old picture of me,  Tom  Schuckman, at age 19, at Cu Chi, Vietnam, just got "In-Country," and had so much to learn and experience.   God was protecting me those two high adventure years of my life in Vietnam.    Praise the Lord !

REVEALED: Guess How Many Illegals Get WELFARE? [Read for Total Number]

Illegal immigrants hurt our communities. Not only through violent criminal activities but also by abusing our generous, bloated welfare system.

A new report by the Center for Immigration Studies, based on data from the Census Bureau, has found that households headed by illegal immigrants rely on welfare programs at over twice the rate of native born Americans, via US Defense Watch.
The report was based on census data from 2012, and it found that 62 percent of illegal immigrant households rely on at least one form of welfare while only 30 percent of native households do the same.
In terms of specific programs, illegal immigrants abuse Medicaid and food programs more than others. Fifty-seven percent of illegal households claim benefits from food programs, and 51 percent use Medicaid compared to 22 percent and 23 percent of native households respectively.
The most common way for illegal immigrants to abuse the system is by birthing their children in America. Of the households surveyed, 86 percent had a child present representing the majority of the access to welfare.
Almost all illegal immigrant households with children are on welfare. Eighty-seven percent of these households abuse at least one form of welfare compared to the 52 percent of native American households.
Sponsored by Revcontent


The conclusion of the report is that illegal immigrants are the most likely to abuse Medicaid and food programs by having their children in America and receiving welfare through them.


Sponsored by Revcontent
Find Out More >

Knowing how to manipulate the welfare system is part of the culture of illegal immigrants. It is very difficult to prevent access to these programs once low-income illegal aliens are allowed into the country.

The data from the report adds increased impetus for President Trump to move ahead and build the wall. While Mexico will likely be responsible for the cost of construction, we would see significant savings even if we paid for it ourselves. Illegal immigrants use our welfare system at much higher rates — we could save BILLIONS of dollars by not letting the parasites into our country in the first place.
The savings in welfare spending would be just a portion of the total savings. Eliminating illegal immigration would also ease the burden on law enforcement within our communities, generating increased savings.

At this point, there is no legitimate argument against the wall. It will create thousands of jobs, prevent crime and human trafficking, and save our overburdened welfare

Thursday, March 30, 2017

"Agent Orange" Kills/ Hurts Vietnam Veterans.

Tom's Journal.

Good Day,  Friends,
    I am pressed for time this morning,  but I needed to get this article about Agent Orange printed/ posted right now,   because it is that important ! !   Please have the kindness and honor to share this Information with other people,  but especially other Vietnam Veterans AND THEIR FAMILIES !   When a combat Veterans knows that he won't be long for this world-- this earth,  his thoughts are on 2-- things;   Heaven/ Jesus Christ,  and the family/ wife that he leaves behind.
        Though many people say that I had a hard life,   I feel very Blessed by Father God !    I worked hard all my life, and that gave me purpose, dignity, honor, and a good feeling inside that I could provide well for my wife and 3 kids.    So,  I am fairly happy with my Chrysler pension, etc.,  but now at age 68,  I know my family history and also know that my 2--years in Vietnam exposed me to Agent Orange,  even though I still may not have any side effects, to date.   But if I ever settle down with a good lady,  I want to leave her with something that will help her live after I am gone !   [Ecclesiastes 4: 9]   ---  "Two are better than one, because the have a good reward for their labor." The family and friends that have forsaken me will just have to scratch out their own living....   until our Creator 'cleans up this earth' and brings a halt to all corruption and evil, in the near future.    Anyway, with all my study and learning of the KJV Bible  ---  that's the way I see things.

Got to go now --business and breakfast.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Agent Orange catching up to Vietnam veterans decades later

February 27, 2016 (Photo Credit: Defense Department via AP)

OWENSBORO, Ky.— Snow fell outside the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 696 as its members held their monthly meeting Feb. 9.
Although attendance was down, most of those present were Vietnam veterans receiving some percentage of disability benefits from their exposure to Agent Orange — a herbicide sprayed by the United States military during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971.
Among them were Billy Milan, Lou Drawdy and Terry Stinson.
They were like thousands of other Vietnam vets who returned home unaware that they had been exposed to the same toxic dioxin that was meant to combat their enemies — the Viet Cong guerrillas and the North Vietnamese Army, known as "Charlie" to U.S. forces.
Now, decades later, Agent Orange is catching up with Vietnam veterans, leading to debilitating and deadly health problems that range from heart disease to various forms of cancer.
The three men said they were proud veterans, but, like many of their comrades, struggle with their Vietnam experience because they live every day with a multitude of illnesses stemming from Agent Orange exposure.
"It was bad enough that you were over there, and (the guerrillas) didn't like you," said Drawdy, 73, who served as a Marine and whose diabetes has been attributed to Agent Orange. "... Then you find that all of the hazards that you were exposed to, that maybe, the U.S. government didn't like you."
Stinson, 64, served in Vietnam from 1970 to 1971 as an Air Force aircraft mechanic, working and flying on planes that sprayed Agent Orange.
"I started showing signs when I was 26 years old," said Stinson, who is a severe diabetic due to his exposure. "Now, here I am 64 years old and I'm taking seven insulin shots a day. ... I can't feel my feet anymore."
Milan, 73, served several tours in Vietnam as part of the Army's Special Forces, 173rd and 101st Infantry Divisions. His first tour was in 1962 and his last in 1971.
"I thought I was a resident of Vietnam," said Milan, who receives 100 percent service-connected disability benefits for high blood pressure, an irregular heart beat and post-traumatic stress disorder. "I knew something was wrong because when the planes flew over to spray for mosquitoes and (the foliage) there was a different smell to it. ...So I had a taste of the Agent Orange."
It wasn't until 1991 that Congress passed the Agent Orange Act that gave the Department of Veterans Affairs the power to declare certain health conditions as "presumptive" to dioxin exposure.
The VA, however, doesn't have an accurate count of how many Vietnam veterans suffer from Agent Orange exposure.
"I can't get the Agent Orange statistics because it's not a general diagnosis," said Beth Lamb, Marion, Illinois, VA public affairs spokeswoman.
In Daviess County, there is no shortage of Vietnam veterans who are either suffering or dying from exposure to the herbicide.
John Yates used to be involved with local veterans organizations such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars, but his health has declined to the point that he rarely leaves his Cedar Hills home.
He now draws 100 percent disability benefits from his service-connected congestive heart failure and diabetes.
He served in Vietnam as a Navy hospital corpsman with the Third Marine Division from 1968 to 1969.
"I was out in the bush all the time," Yates, 71, recalled. ".I slept on the ground and drank from the streams. The Agent Orange was all over."
He now functions by taking a daily regimen of medications used to control his plethora of health problems he says were caused by his exposure.
"The medications help, but you still hurt and you still suffer," said Yates, whose calendar is filled with doctors' appointments.
To help flag any changes in her husband's condition, Cecelia Yates tracks his medical information by recording it in a notebook daily.
The Yateses blame the Agent Orange effects for John Yates' early retirement from his job as an educator in 2007.
"He's frustrated and angry because he feels like he was robbed," Cecilia Yates said. "He loved teaching, and that just broke his heart when he had to quit."
Agent Orange — named for the color of the metal drums in which the chemical was stored — was the main herbicide the U.S. Air Force used to reduce the jungle canopies as part of "Operation Ranch Hand."
An estimated 19 million gallons were sprayed over 20 percent of Vietnam in an attempt to uncover roads and trails used by the Viet Cong.
Sharon Westerfield watched her late husband, Larry Westerfield, struggle with the effects of Agent Orange for the last seven years of his life. Larry Westerfield died in 2012 at age 63 of congestive heart failure.
He served in Vietnam from 1969 to 1970 as a member of the Army's 14th Engineer Battalion.
"After they sprayed the Agent Orange, he went in with a 'dozer and knocked down the foliage," Sharon Westerfield said. "So it was all over him."
According to Sharon Westerfield, it wasn't until 2005 that her husband discovered that there was something wrong.
"He had stubbed his big toe," she said. ".And one morning about 3 o'clock, he said, 'I think you're going to have to take me to the hospital.' So when I looked at his toe, it was black. .They were able to save his leg but they took his big toe and part of his foot. He had trouble with that forever. He was at the wound center all the way up to the day he died."
Sharon Westerfield said her husband was then diagnosed with diabetes and learned through an Internet search that Agent Orange exposure was a related cause.
"It was like a domino effect," said Westerfield after her husband's diabetes diagnosis.
Larry Westerfield underwent open heart surgery for five bypasses in 2006, followed by bladder failure in 2009 and skin cancer in 2010.
Before dying two years later, Sharon Westerfield said her husband's congestive heart failure would cause fluid to build up throughout his body.
"His was so bad that his legs would swell up, and water would seep out," she said. "He couldn't sleep in a bed from 2005 until he passed. He slept in a recliner because he was unable to lie down."
It's through local Disabled American Veterans organizations that Vietnam veterans are finding help with medical and financial coverage for their illnesses associated with Agent Orange. The DAV aids veterans in filling out their disability claims to the VA.
Ross Jewell, a volunteer service officer for the Owensboro DAV, said there are many Vietnam veterans out there suffering but are only now coming forward.
"I just helped a (Vietnam) veteran who's had heart problems since he was 28," Jewell said. "And he just passed away in January a week after receiving his (financial) award from the VA. The one thing he wanted was to make sure that his wife was taken care of."
Jewell said there are still Vietnam veterans who are unaware of what the DAV can do for them and others who have been disheartened from previous denials from the VA.
"The people who come in here tell me the stories they're not willing to tell their doctors or their families," Jewell said.
Jewell recommended that any veteran who has an illness or injury that could be service-related visit a local DAV.
"The majority of the people who come through here today are Vietnam-era veterans," said Jewell about those who are filing VA disability claims. "It's a painless process with a lot of painful memories."
Information from: Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer,

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Things You Need to Know.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in German:

Liebe Freunde in Deutschland,
ich frage mich nur, warum wir in Amerika nicht viel über die islamische Gewalt in Orten wie Norwegen, oder Ungarn oder Russland Hören... Ich denke, es ist eine einfache Antwort, dass, wenn die Entscheidungsträger nicht erlaubt ist, ein Land zu geben - - - Wie kann man sie Gewaltverbrechen von Gewalt, Vergewaltigung, Diebstahl, Mord und Krawalle! Was wissen Sie gute Leute denken? Da ca. 20% - 25% der Amerikaner sind deutscher Abstammung [Gott sei Dank], wundern wir uns über andere Länder, auch, weil das, was über den Ozean passiert uns auch in den USA beeinflussen! Geld, Wirtschaft, Kriege, etc., ... wir sind alle eine große Familie, außer daß einige Dritte Welt Nationen einfach nicht die gute Gesetze zu Leben, und Sie sind schuldig, der viele Verbrechen gegen Ihre Mitmenschen. Amerika verwendet der beste Ort in der Welt zu sein, zu leben und eine Familie zu gründen, aber jetzt den linken Flügel, Sozialisten wollen die meisten unserer Geld für diejenigen, die arbeiten können - zu geben - aber Sie wählen, NICHT ZU ARBEITEN, und live auf unserer Steuergelder, statt $$!! Was für eine schreckliche Schande, denke ich.
Herzliche Grüße,

Good Day,  Friends,
   Finally a nice, semi-sunny, warmer Spring Day !!  I am so thankful for this day....  except 2-- special loved ones of mine are hurting and in pain, today,  and I ask all my close friends to pray for my two good souls who need help and comfort, please.    I also recently met another Disabled Vietnam Veteran, who wants to remain anonymous,  but he owns a few nice horses,  who has suffered just too much, and he also has a bunch of true but wild tales of how the VA system has abused and failed him...  and this subject is just getting out of hand, [and I just cannot do all the work by myself !]   and needs quick improvement and also a few VA heads on a platter [in other words,  they need to be fired from their jobs!] for failing our wounded Veterans for way too long ! !   I know that I must appear to be bitching and complaining for so long --- but nothing REAL ever gets done,  as our good, legally elected POTUS, Pres.  Trump is usually hamstringed from doing his job  by the jack ass Lefty-Losers and Obama 'left-overs' hiding under any rock or cubicle to ambush him,   the good POTUS !    Shame.   Just fire them or jail them !   Yes,  I am bone tired of these oinks, too,  and I, for one,  am not getting the  satisfaction that I want, with the silly VA game, and I KNOW FOR A FACT, that they have the "Good Old Boys routine at the VA,  where they can put a mark on your 201 file, or what ever and just give you the treatment.  For me, personally,  I want and deserve better Dental care !!   And if the VA can't or won't do the job --- let them 'farm it out to other competent CIVILIAN Dentists and Doctors, who can, and will  !!   Now !!   Not after we are all dead and buried,  and the VA wishes that we WERE dead, and silenced !   Sorry,  I wasn't raised that way, and I have studied enough  to know my rights, and the Law.   But I found SOME ways that work well, for me, and I might share them too.   Email me.

OK,  next subject,   Friends,  for how many years that I have been pounding on my drum and tooting my horn,  I honestly believe that MUCH, HARDER, Times are coming, even as the good POTUS [President of the United States] is a work-a- holic..... a tireless, 70 year old man, who is a 'Maker, Shaker, Get things Done' kind of a Alfa-Male, Gentleman, and now Chief of our Nation,  but our Socialist System from Obama and other Liberals, and OWG FLAKES,  has grown so lax and lawless.   Yep !   When we let ourselves go for a while, and get too fat,  it's really rough and tough to shed that weight and get healthy again.   Put away the donuts and sugary Coke, Soda Pop, etc., and start drinking pure water, and eat  your salads, again, time.    I would certainly know about these things,  and I have a long way to go.... to lose 99 pounds this Summer !   
     But, again,  I am just saying that we should expect things to gradually get worse, and all the worrying, crying in our beer and pulling out our hair, just won't help things.   Just try to eat good, and take your healing herbs and vitamins.   See:   for the best herbs and vitamins, with really great prices and fast service... and EDUCATE yourselves !
       BUT,  but,  All Bible-smart people know that,  unforeseen things, accidents, and war, are things that just happen, and we somehow have to deal with them !    And we Christians have a real, secure Hope and Trust that "God cannot lie."  ---Titus 1: 2.      Just like:   Vietnam combat Veterans, KNOW,  what a socialist/ communist,  violent, Governments can do to surprise and suppress  a peaceful system  -- or way of life,  by terrorizing the population and murdering, taxing and scaring the people.   And in those poor societies --- if you don't work or have some kind of job --- you just starve to death !!    I would just love to see some of the "Welfare Queens" and lazy boys/ punks,  exist in that kind of environment ---Ha !    It would be such poetic Justice !     But  not having knowledge or experience how to work,   they would probably start stealing and land in prison -- where the real fun begins !  
        Well,  the great, interesting, warning,  article that I have included today shows what, not only COULD happen here in the great USA ----  but the Bible says that it WILL HAPPEN !   In some 3rd world situations, the father will even tell his daughter to prostitute herself so that the family can eat and exist.   And I have seen this stuff with my own young eyes in Vietnam and Thailand,  when I was 19 years old, carrying an M-16 rifle !    We were young --- We were Soldiers.   Not too many of us were ready to see all that stuff at an early age.... and we came home completely different.  but some of our brothers came home in body bags/ steel coffins, and some came home all messed up,  crippled and disillusioned.   Just remember that when you feel like tearing down the once great Society that we FOUGHT FOR, and it's hard for us to put up with the Left-Socialist, B.S.  [Berry Sap]. 
       Yes,  Read and Learn, even Study.   Much harder times WILL come to America and the rest of the world....   but so will our Lord and Savior,  Jesus Christ...  above the clouds.  Now what does that mean?   Well,  if a plane or jet is flying "above the clouds,"  can we see it with our eyes ?   Answer:  "No."   But when, all of  a sudden,  Thousands/ Millions of human beings, just disappear,  it won't be Space Aliens who are spiriting the Saints away !   Although the Gov't will try to TELL YOU ALL THAT LIE !  That will be the "Rapture" and Jesus will call all those who are REAL,  TRUE, Christians, to the nice place of safety that He has built, especially for THEM.    Woe to the earth and people who are "Left Behind" who will be forced to endure the Satanic world here down below, and things will get very bizarre, to say the least.   But,  as away,  just like today,  people are just going thru the motions of every day life,  just as Matthew wrote down --- in the "days of Noah."  [See:  Matthew 24: 37-38.]    And Remember,  a good, well bound Bible can also serve as "Body Armor."    Also,  please visit a great place to buy a good, well made, easy to read:   DEFINED KJV BIBLE, for a good price:      ---And I think that the NASB might be a close runner up... but nothing beats the pure KJV Bible, IMHO. 
    And may God bless all my spiritual brothers and sister, all over the world...   in Jesus name.  Amen.   Yes,  the Name of Jesus, has a lot of Power in it,  and I believe it to be a strong weapon against the machinations of the devil,  Satan.   In the book of Revelation, at some point, Jesus will bind the Devil and his fallen angels, and then hurl them into a deep, dark, abyss, for 1000 years !  But why not read this for yourself ??

Warm Regards, and please pray for those in pain and suffering,
Tommy  Schuckman
My email:  

5 Things You Need to Do When There’ll Be No Rule of Law

Fergus Mason
By Fergus Mason March 29, 2017 11:05

5 Things You Need to Do When There’ll Be No Rule of Law
Mention a dystopia to most people and they’ll probably think of Nineteen Eighty-Four, the Thought Police and Big Brother. That’s understandable, because there are worrying hints of it in our own society – are ideas like no-platforming, safe spaces and misgendering really so different from wrong-thinking and thought-crime? – but there’s a different kind of dystopia that’s a lot more common. Unfortunately it’s just as scary.
The word dystopia itself just means a society that’s unpleasant or frightening. That can mean a brutal, highly centralized authoritarian state like the one ruled by Big Brother’s Party (Orwell modeled it on the Soviet Union under Stalin) – but it can also mean a society where the rule of law has broken down (WROL – without the rule of law), and that’s a lot more common in the world today. For every North Korea there are half a dozen collapsed societies like Somalia or Pakistan. And, while it’s difficult to impose a one-party state and organize things to the point where you have absolute control over what people do and even think, it’s easy for a society to collapse. A natural disaster can do it – think New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
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Of course, that didn’t last; New Orleans is one city in a big, advanced country and the rule of law was quickly restored. But what if the government was weaker, or society was less stable to begin with? Or what if it isn’t one single event that causes the collapse, but years of neglect? Many countries are a disputed election or an economic crisis away from collapse – and there are even parts of the USA where the rule of law is too fragile to be taken for granted.

First Things First: Social Breakdown

If there’s one thing guaranteed to reduce a society to chaos, more or less instantly, it’s a sudden absence of cops. It doesn’t matter what kind of society it was to start with. For example, Canada is famously peaceful and friendly. What happened when the cops walked out? Nothing good:

“As a young teenager in proudly peaceable Canada during the romantic 1960s, I was a true believer in Bakunin’s anarchism. I laughed off my parents’ argument that if the government ever laid down its arms all hell would break loose. Our competing predictions were put to the test at 8:00 A.M. on October 17, 1969, when the Montreal police went on strike. By 11:20 A.M. the first bank was robbed. By noon most downtown stores had closed because of looting. Within a few more hours, taxi drivers burned down the garage of a limousine service that competed with them for airport customers, a rooftop sniper killed a provincial police officer, rioters broke into several hotels and restaurants, and a doctor slew a burglar in his suburban home. By the end of the day, six banks had been robbed, a hundred shops had been looted, twelve fires had been set, forty carloads of storefront glass had been broken, and three million dollars in property damage had been inflicted, before city authorities had to call in the army and, of course, the Mounties to restore order.”
canada dystopia
Unfortunately, police strikes are more likely than they’ve ever been, especially in the USA. Cops are under a lot of strain, and the media are against them right now. What happens if there’s an officer involved shooting, and under pressure from the media and far-left activists like BLM the officer is arrested? Is it that hard to believe the police could snap and walk out? And as soon as criminals realize the cops have gone home all hell would break loose.
In Montreal in 1969, the main problem was simple crime. Now there are political extremists to worry about, too. “Anti-fascist” protesters like Black Bloc are saying it’s acceptable to use violence against Nazis, and their definition of “Nazi” includes pretty much anyone right of Bernie Sanders. If you have a Trump 2016 bumper sticker, and suddenly the law isn’t being enforced, there are people out there who’ll take the chance to have a go at you – and your car, and your home, and maybe your family too. They’ll see this as the perfect chance to get revenge for all the imaginary wrongs you’ve done them, and maybe “redistribute” your property to “the people” – meaning themselves.

So, what can you do if law and order suddenly disappears and your area becomes a free for all?

What you can’t do is tool up and go on a mission to clear the streets of crime. There’s a good chance the law will be re-imposed at some point and people will be called to account for what they’ve done – and, as a law-abiding citizen, you’re more likely to get caught up in that net than someone from a gang or a far-left group.
What you need to do is take steps to protect yourself and everything that matters to you, but make sure that you can justify them later. That means your aim is to avoid confronting the lawless elements, but be ready to defend yourself if a confrontation is forced on you.

#1 Blend In

The first thing is try to blend in. If you and your home don’t stand out you’ll attract a lot less attention, and that can be all it takes to avoid being attacked. If there are leftist mobs rioting in the streets they’re going to focus on any home that looks like conservatives live there, so at the first hints of trouble you should do an outside check to make sure you aren’t being conspicuous. It might be tempting to make a visible show of support for the cops, president or whatever, but is that worth the risk of attracting attacks?

#2 Bug In

Another good way to avoid confrontations is to just stay at home as much as possible while the crisis is going on. This is one of the best arguments for being a prepper – you should already have the food supplies and other resources you need for this. If you don’t, now is a good time to start. There’s no point leaving it until a crisis is developing, because the stores will be full of people panic buying. Joining the last-minute shopping frenzy is actually a good way to get into trouble, because tempers will be flaring and you can expect outbreaks of violence as people fight over the last stocks of food. You’re much better off sitting that out in a well-stocked home.
The same applies to all the other essentials of life. If you already have medical supplies and plenty of ammo at home, you can fall back on those reserves and avoid the disintegrating outside world. If you have a generator and a water source you won’t need to worry about failing utilities (but keep the generator inconspicuous).

#3 Self-defense

In the worst case, though, you’re going to have to defend yourself. Don’t trust to luck on this; be prepared. Firstly, plan things out. Decide on a safe room for your family in the event of a home invasion or a riot outside. The best option for this is a room with solid walls and only one way in – a room at the end of a corridor is ideal, because you can cover the approaches. Clear the corridor of any heavy furniture that attackers can use as cover. Also try to choose a room that has one way in but an extra way out – for example a second-floor room with a rope ladder fixed below the window. If attackers set fire to your home that gives you a quick escape route.
Stay aware of what’s happening in your home. Keep the family together as much as you can, and do regular security checks to make sure windows and doors are secure – especially if you have kids.

#4 Carry A Gun At All Times

When rule of law has gone carry a firearm everywhere – even if you’re just going to the restroom. If a mob breaks down the front door you don’t have time to go pick up the handgun you left in the kitchen, so it needs to stay on your belt. If you need to go outside, carry at all times – but not openly. That will just mark you out as a target. Have a concealed handgun on you, and a long gun hidden but easily accessible in your car – under a jacket on the floor works.
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#5 Comply With The Rules

Even though the rule of law has broken down, try to keep within the rules as much as you can. That could make your life a lot easier when order is restored. If your home was attacked and you used deadly force to defend it, that shouldn’t cause you much trouble – but forming a posse and hunting down the bad guys might be a bit harder to explain.

Be Ready!

Like most disasters, civil disorder is easier to survive if you’re ready for it. For most preppers this shouldn’t be a huge challenge. Just be prepared to fall back on your own resources, keep your head down and wait it out.
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