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Be Safe --- Be Blessed.

Tom's Journal.

----  Just bring on those "T-bone steaks," and other grilled delights !
        Do you like the huge picnic table I built and stained Walnut ?  It's made of 4 by 4's, and 2 by 12's..... very strong and comfortable, married together with 1/2 inch carriage bolts, etc.   !   I learned carpentry from my Dad, and the 4-H club.  
    Now,  please bring me a cold drink, and I will share my delicious grilled food with you !    Smile.   This is the back yard of my humble hovel, in Union Grove, Wisconsin., that I bought all by myself, and no one else.   That way.... now one can ever kick me out, and I always pay my bills, early.  

More Signs That the Great Collapse Is Upon Us: “Has The Date Been Set?”

Mac Slavo
March 3rd, 2017
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The system is breaking apart as we speak.
Retail has taken a brutal pounding over the last several years, and an epidemic of closing stores continues. Jobs have never picked up, despite the optimism. The flaws of the larger economy are compounding, and what has already been for several years a “recession” may soon crumble into an outright great “depression.”
As the X22 Report discusses, the stress points are all there, and absolute destruction is looming over the United States, and the global economy in general. The music has already stopped in terms of Federal Reserve stimulus money; as interest rates soar, the debt implosion becomes little more than a matter of time.
No man knows the day, but it is clear enough that something big is happening.
Beware of the bubbles popping… and the rest of the fallout.

“The situation right now is a disaster, and people are going to be really hurt by it. Now, Trump gave his speech to Congress and he said some very interesting things in the speech. And this gives us some type of indicator on how well the economy is doing. The first one he said was 94 million Americans are out of the labor force… 43 million are living in poverty. 43 million Americans are on food stamps. More than 1 in 5 people in their prime working years are not working. We have the worst financial recovery in 65 years – actually, it’s not really a recovery; it’s a manipulation; it’s an illusion to make you think we’ve recovered.”
“In the last eight years, the past administration has put on more debt than nearly all other U.S. presidents combined. We lost more than 1/4 of our manufacturing jobs since NAFTA was approved. We lost 60,000 factories since China joined the WTO in 2001. Our trade deficit with the world last year was nearly $800 billion; and Obamacare premiums nationwide have increased by double digits. We spend trillions and trillions of dollars over seas, and we didn’t do anything here in the United States for the infrastructure, and that’s why things are falling apart.”
“He’s letting the country know that the economy is a disaster, that the economy is collapsing… a complete disaster.”
As many experts have pointed out, President Trump cannot avoid the debt crisis. For starters, the U.S. government debt ceiling deal expires at the end of March – more debt must be approved, or budgets altered.
But beyond that, there is a palpable sense that another big event is coming… with a lot of talk about the second half of 2017. Has a date been set?
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The Shocking Reality: This Chart Shows Just How Bad Unemployment Is Today Compared to The Great Depression
As the Middle Class Dies, Millennials Give Up: “The American Dream Is Not Really Alive”
Prepare For Anything, Including Economic Collapse

    Here is a letter / message, from a new Christian friend that I MUST SHARE with all of you, please.    I realize that God has many other fine Christians with talents that 'dwarf mine,'  and it would be a disservice to everyone involved in my small, or maybe large community / readership, and other friends,   if I kept his under wraps.  
       I agree with everything my fine, bible smart, friend says here, and it also makes me wonder if I have all of MY priorities currently  in the right order.    I know that we all are living, working, sharing, studying, loving and supporting ourselves and our families, and it's a struggle NOW,  and so ....  what will we do after the SHTF [pardon my 'French']   ??    No doubt, many, actually the MAJORITY of humans on earth will be super surprised  ---- the same way they were back in Noah's time,  when it NEVER RAINED BEFORE,  and then it DID RAIN.... big time !!     All their money, wealth, popularity, 'stardom', fame and fortune won't help them one tiny bit !    True Christians won't be laughing at those 'Left Behind,'  but we will just feel so blessed and thankful -- "on our way UP !"   Yes,  UP, up, and away, to a very "safe place"  while all hell will break loose down on Earth.    Friends,  this is not meant to be some, scary, hell fire, sermon, just to impress you or ask for your money.... LOL.   I am sharing this because Jesus told His followers to do "This Work."  
     I am nothing more than a simple servant  -- a simple, obedient, Soldier, following orders from headquarters.  

Be Warned --- Be Safe  ----  Be Blessed.

-----Tom  Schuckman


Jesus Said.......

Speaking about the Fig Tree.......which is the symbol of Israel.  And it was foretold that Israel would be put back into their Holy land in the last times.......The fig tree spouted in May of 1948....and in the book of Matthew Jesus said that, that generation that sees the spouting of the fig tree will not all be gone until all is accomplished, it has been almost 70 years.....and 70 is a number the Lord seems to like, in Aug of 2017 (this year) starts the Jewish Jubilee  year and will carry over to 2018.  Christ was born during a Jubilee year (2BC)........This will be the 40th Jubilee year sense the birth of Christ and that number is also a number the Lord likes......
I voted for Trump too!, all Christians had too! because a vote for any democrat was a vote for evil, such as abortion and same sex marriage and any God faring Christian that voted for a democrat will have to give an account to Jesus for that error......
We would have gone down fast if Hillary took the WH.......we are still going down....because.....we can't stand against what is coming,    A new Order, A new world government, you have heard talk of it a lot in these days....It's coming and the ten horns are in order for it already....this is a prophecy of the coming world tribulation, along with the other prophecy on the horizon of our time already, The attack on Israel by Gog (Russia) and Magog (the turkey Iran area) and Russia has already moved down right next to Israel with it's military ....but bare in mind, the Lord takes His church (Rapture) before these two prophecies come about........What will happen to America? Isaiah 18th chapter, seven verses tells us about America, the country beyond Ethiopia which was the fringe of civilization beyond a sea, to a people tall and strong from their beginning, the whole world sees and hears all about this nation, a flag on a hill (or even on the moon) the whole world sees this nation, and it was the best nation in all the world in area and time, it was God ordained!.....but than the democrats took God away from the youth, and now we have three and four generations that are Godless! and that is why (God ordains all governments) and send us Obama, to put the WOE on this nation as a wake up, you see, God can use evil also, and Satan controls the democrat party in a few words.......time is short, no man know the hour and day but Jesus gave us the season! so stay near the door posts of Jesus and in your life time you will (most likely) hear His Shout when He takes the church.......God Bless Brother.


Mr. President, Your Predecessor Actually Wire Tapped ALL Of Our Phones… What Are You Going To Do About It?

Mac Slavo
March 4th, 2017
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President Trump went on a Tweet storm this morning, presumably because at some point in the last 24 hours he learned that his predecessor President Obama reportedly “wire tapped” the phone lines in Trump Tower during the 2016 election campaign.
In the process of tweeting, the President actually confirmed what many of us already know – we are being actively monitored by a domestic police state.
We can fully sympathize with the President’s outrage over being wiretapped, but it should be no surprise to our readers. Back in 2011 we noted, to accusations of being conspiracy theorists, that everything Americans do is being monitored, including real-time monitoring of our locations, conversations and even video.
At the time, our claims may have seemed ridiculous to most Americans. However, it was soon revealed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden that U.S. intelligence agencies had an incredible new program designed to do exactly what we originally described: full-on monitoring of literally every digital interaction in the world. We’re talking emails, phone calls and even the ability to remotely and secretly turn on the microphone and camera on your digital devices.
The conspiracy theory once again turned out to be conspiracy fact.
We realize this may be hard to digest for most, but the technology is very real and very capable, as evidenced by the following video clip from the recently released Snowden movie, which shows just how advanced the intelligence community’s capabilities really are:

While we have absolutely no doubt that these high-level surveillance tools were actively monitoring then-candidate Trump in 2016, it is necessary to stress the fact that the surveillance state did not disappear with Trump’s victory.
Thus, Mr. President, if you are outraged about being monitored and recorded, even when you have done nothing to warrant such surveillance, we have but one question: What are YOU going to do about it?
The Surveillance State Did Not Disappear With The Trump Victory: “It Is Still Lurking And Completely Intact”
Americans, Everything You Do Is Monitored
Twenty TRILLION Phone Calls: “They’ve Been Collecting Data About ALL Domestic Calls Since October 2001”

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