Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pres. Trump nails Welfare Frauds.

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    Finally some common sense rules to bar those who abuse our Food Stamp/ Welfare system, when we the people can least afford to supply druggies and Welfare Queens !!    I am all for this new rule.... actually the law was there all the time,  but Obama never wanted to enforce it !   
   Why,  I feel so much better already !    Smile.


TRUMP Is About To ELIMINATE These 2 GROUPS From FOOD STAMPS. Do You Support?

Professional welfare queens have been living off our dime for long enough but we have NEVER had a president with enough courage to put a stop to it… until now.

The Department of Agriculture has announced a series of new rules that will allow them to enforce laws enacted by Congress three years ago. The rules will block lottery winners and serious criminals from receiving food stamps. (via The Daily Caller)
In early 2014, Congress signed an updated Farm Bill into law to crack down on abuses of the Food Stamp program. The Bill prevents criminals convicted of murder, aggravated sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and abuse of children, and other similar state offenses from being rewarded with government handouts.
It also blocks parole violators and fleeing felons from receiving food stamps.

Successful gamblers will be blocked from receiving the benefits if they win $25,000 (before taxes) or more in a year. The winner’s entire household would be taken off food stamps until their income level returns to an eligible level.
The federal government provides funding for food stamps and the state determines who is eligible. The new rules will require states to develop automated computer programs to verify who is supposed to receive benefits, eliminating any chance of abuse.
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The automated programs will also verify the immigration status and income level of food stamp recipients, which will destroy the ability for illegal aliens to continue it abuse our system with state support.


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We are currently spending $45 billion per year on the food stamp program. I think we can agree there are far more people having a hoagie for breakfast or selling their stamps for drugs than those that are actually using them to put actual food on their tables.
It is not surprising that these rules were ignored for three years. Former President Obama proved his reluctance towards following the law of the land, considering himself above the law and the lawmakers in Congress and the Senate. Luckily, Donald Trump has committed himself to being the “law and order” president, and the rules are starting to be enforced again.
It is now harder than ever to be an illegal alien or criminal in America, which is as it should be. We cannot reward these criminal and anti-social behaviors.
I hope this is just the first step in a much needed scaling back of the food stamp program. No one who is capable of working should be getting freebies from We the People! Get off your butt and actually earn your money for once in your life!
President Trump has his work cut out for him, but I am confident he will finally get this entitlement abuse under control and end the decades of welfare abuse in this country

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