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What Obama Secretly Did to America.

Tom's Journal.

This takes about 5 minutes to read, but it is worth every second. Every Liberal should read this as well. This is so very Important,  Friends !!          
This is something every person in America must know!!!!!
As President George W. Bush's top speech writer, Marc Thiessen ( The Kelly
File on FOX ) was provided unique access to the CIA program used in
interrogating top Al Qaeda terrorists, including the mastermind of the 9/11
attack, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad (KSM).
Now, his riveting new book, Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America
Safe (Regnery), has been published. Here is an excerpt from Courting
"Just before dawn on March 1, 2003, two dozen heavily armed Pakistani
tactical assault forces move in and surround a safe house in Rawalpindi. A
few hours earlier they had received a text message from an informant inside
the house. It read: "I am with KSM."
Bursting in, they find the disheveled mastermind of the 9/11 attacks,
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, in his bedroom. He is taken into custody. In the
safe house, they find a treasure trove of computers, documents, cell phones
and other valuable "pocket litter."
Once in custody, KSM is defiant. He refuses to answer questions, informing
his captors that he will tell them everything when he gets to America and
sees his lawyer. But KSM is not taken to America to see a lawyer Instead
he is taken to a secret CIA "black site" in an undisclosed location.
Upon arrival, KSM finds himself in the complete control of Americans. He
does not know where he is, how long he will be there, or what his fate will
be. Despite his circumstances, KSM still refuses to talk. He spews
contempt at his interrogators, telling them Americans are weak, lack
resilience and are unable to do what is necessary to prevent the terrorists
from succeeding in their goals. He has trained to resist interrogation.
When he is asked for information about future attacks, he tells his
questioners scornfully: "Soon, you will know."
It becomes clear he will not reveal the information using traditional
interrogation techniques. So he undergoes a series of "enhanced
interrogation techniques" approved for use only on the most high-value
detainees. The techniques include waterboarding. He begins telling his CIA
de-briefers about active al Qaeda plots to launch attacks against the United
States and other Western targets. He holds classes for CIA officials, using
a chalkboard to draw a picture of al Qaeda's operating structure,
financing, communications, and logistics. He identifies al Qaeda travel
routes and safe havens and helps intelligence officers make sense of
documents and computer records seized in terrorist raids He identifies
voices in intercepted telephone calls, and helps officials understand the
meaning of coded terrorist communications. He provides information that
helps our intelligence community capture other high-ranking terrorists.
KSM's questioning, and that of other captured terrorists, produces more than
6,000 intelligence reports, which are shared across the intelligence
community, as well as with our allies across the world. In one of these
reports, KSM describes in detail the revisions he made to his failed
1994-1995 plan known as the "Bojinka plot" to blow up a dozen airplanes
carrying some 4,000 passengers over the Pacific Ocean. Years later, an
observant CIA officer notices the activities of a cell being followed by
British authorities appear to match KSM's description of his plans for a
Bojinka-style attack. In an operation that involves unprecedented
intelligence cooperation between our countries, British officials proceed to
unravel the plot.
On the night of Aug. 9, 2006, they launch a series of raids in a northeast
London suburb that lead to the arrest of two dozen al Qaeda terrorist
suspects. They find a USB thumb-drive in the pocket of one of the men with
security details for Heathrow airport, and information on seven
Trans-Atlantic flights that were scheduled to take off within hours of each
* United Airlines Flight 931 to San Francisco departing at 2:15 PM
* Air Canada Flight 849 to Toronto departing at 3:00 PM
* Air Canada Flight 865 to Montreal departing at 3:15 PM
* United Airlines Flight 959 to Chicago departing at3:40 PM
* United Airlines Flight 925 to Washington departing at4:20 PM
* American Airlines Flight 131 to New York departing at 4:35 PM
* American Airlines Flight 91 to Chicago departing at4:50 PM
They seize bomb-making equipment and hydrogen peroxide to make liquid
explosives. And they find the chilling martyrdom videos the suicide bombers
had prepared.
Today, if you asked an average person on the street what they know about the
2006 airlines plot, most would not be able to tell you much. Few Americans
are aware of the fact al Qaeda had planned to mark the fifth anniversary of
9/11 with an attack of similar scope and magnitude. And still fewer
realize the terrorists' true intentions in this plot were uncovered thanks
to critical information obtained through the interrogation of the man who
conceived it: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
This is only one of the many attacks stopped with the help of the CIA
interrogation program established by the Bush Administration in the wake of
the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
In addition to helping break up these specific terrorist cells and plots,
CIA questioning provided our intelligence community with an unparalleled
body of information about al Qaeda.
Until the program was temporarily suspended in 2006, intelligence officials
say, well over half of the information our government had about al Qaeda-how
it operates, how it moves money, how it communicates, how it recruits
operatives, how it picks targets, how it plans and carries out attacks-came
from the interrogation of terrorists in CIA custody.
Former CIA Director George Tenet has declared: "I know this program has
saved lives. I know we've disrupted plots. I know this program alone is
worth more than what the FBI, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the
National Security Agency put together have been able to tell us."
Former CIA Director Mike Hayden has said: "The facts of the case are that
the use of these techniques against these terrorists made us safer. It
really did work." Even Barack Obama's Director of National Intelligence,
Dennis Blair, has acknowledged: "High-value information came from
interrogations in which those methods were used and provided a deeper
understanding of the al Qaeda organization that was attacking this country."
Leon Panetta, Obama's CIA Director, has said: "Important information was
gathered from these detainees. It provided information that was acted upon."
John Brennan, Obama's Homeland Security Advisor, when asked in an interview
if enhanced-interrogation techniques were necessary to keep America safe,
replied: "Would the U. S. be handicapped if the CIA was not, in fact, able
to carry out these types of detention and debriefing activities, I would say
On Jan. 22, 2009, President Obama issued Executive Order 13491, closing the
CIA program and directing that, henceforth, all interrogations by U. S.
personnel must follow the techniques contained in the Army Field Manual.
The morning of the announcement, Mike Hayden was still in his post as CIA
Director. He called White House Counsel Greg Craig and told him bluntly:
"You didn't ask, but this is the CIA officially non-concurring." The
president went ahead anyway, overruling the objections of the agency.
A few months later, on April 16, 2009, President Obama ordered the release
of four Justice Department memos that described in detail the techniques
used to interrogate KSM and other high-value terrorists. This time, not
just Hayden (who was now retired) but five CIA directors - including Obama's
own director, Leon Panetta objected. George Tenet called to urge against
the memos' release. So did Porter Goss. So did John Deutch. Hayden says:
"You had CIA directors in a continuous unbroken stream to 1995 calling
saying, 'Don't do this.'" In addition to objections from the men who led
the agency for a collective 14 years, the President also heard objections
from the agency's covert field operatives. A few weeks earlier, Panetta had
arranged for the eight top officials of the Clandestine Service to meet with
the President. It was highly unusual for these clandestine officers to
visit the Oval Office, and they used the opportunity to warn the President
that releasing the memos would put agency operatives at risk. The President
reportedly listened respectfully, and then ignored their advice. With
these actions, Barack Obama arguably did more damage to America 's national
security in his first 100 days of office than any President in American
But how many people know this?.... only the few that read this email from
beginning to end.

                 Obama is a traitor to America.


    Well,  Just look what we have here,  but I been knowing this stuff for years now !   LOL... and we Americans make fun of the German people during WW-2, that they didn't realize how evil  Herr Hitler was..... Hummmmm !   I guess the good Lord didn't give an equal amount of common sense to everyone...  especially the Liberal- Dims in the USA...   And I can explain just how I was duped into getting suckered into a 'religious cult' after I got home from the war in Vietnam, too.    The fact was and is....  few people can explain and defend their own, so-called, "Christian" religion !!   In fact,  few pastors or priests can keep up with me, or hold a candle to me !   And here is the definition of an "Expert:"   'Someone who knows everything that there is to know about one set subject.'   Period.   And I know how to read a dictionary and other books very well,  and fast.  

The fact is,  and I hope it comes out some century for all to know.... duh,  that Obama's mommy was a registered Socialist/ Communist and had strong ties to the CIA, way back then, and he father also had Socialist leanings in Africa.   And just WHERE do you think that Obama got all that money and "push" to attend the Ivy League Schools ??    Places like SA [Saudi Arabia] and friends from there plus the CIA gave him and greased him into those school.   Even though he also double dipped  as a so-called  foreign student deferment status thing,  etc.   And stepping up that high from being a 'community organizer' from the poor side of Chicago ??   Come one,  guys...    And all that time in office --- golfing, he had his Muslim plants subverting all kinds of important channels, posts, places where they could ambush President Trump from every angle!   Even a blind man could see,  'The writing on the Wall.'

Well,   I know I won't be so popular as I keep repeating what the Apostle John wrote on the penal island of Patmos in the year about 96 C.E.  [or A.D., if you prefer] in the book of Revelation, ab0ut the One World Government... and the One World Currency.   We know that it will probably be some kind of 'credit system' by swiping our Right hands across the store check out place,  just like the check out gals swipe a head of cabbage now days.   And you all don't that Chapter number by now,  I am not repeating it !  

How much and how long our relative Freedom will hold out in America will depend on how long our good, brave POTUS lives, and how hard and fast we can hold Congress' feet to the fire, to get Pres. Trump's SCOTUS in office.  
        I just happen to be a man of action, as all of my close friends already know.... lol., and 'one must strike while the branding iron is HOT !'   If you need to cauterize a fast bleeding wound,  you need the iron hot, not like warm, fellas.   You can't do a half, sloppy, job.  

It was the same way one time in 1973 when I was working down by the Lake front plant --- at AMC --American Motors Company, right next to the Lake Michigan port of Kenosha, WI., and the plant hired a whole 2nd shift because -- when you have the demand,  you'd better make cars as fast as you can, and the only way is the RIGHT way !   One of those old proverbs.... 'It's cheaper to make it right the first time, then to repair it a 2nd time.'   So, when the repairman, or woman, has to put the same nut on the bolt a 2nd time,  we are talking about "expanded threads" on the bolt, etc., that is just not as good as if the job were done RIGHT the FIRST TIME !!   Only people who worked in an auto making plant would know that stuff, Jack.  
      Anyway,  so of those 'city slickers' didn't last more than lunch time, where they left the plant and never came back....  because it was "TOO HARD" for those thin skinned ghetto people who always complained that WE factory, auto workers were "OVER PAID !"   That used to really piss me off to hear that kind of bull jack !   And,  another one of my favorite proverbs/ sayings, was,  "Nothing was impossible for the man who didn't have to do it !"  
    Well,  it was the same way in high school foot ball.  Lots of hard, tiresome practice, for a little glory on game day !   And the locker room smelled like a 'Ben-Gay factory !"   Sure it hurts to use new muscles and strain things, get hurt,  but that's the difference between the 'men and the boys !'   Same thing in the good old Army,  and if I ever here that we Veterans didn't earn our benefits....  someone COULD/ Might get readjusted.   I am pretty good and readjusting folks.... lol.   But my smarts and knowledge just didn't "JUMP into my brain box, either !"   I had to work hard and sweat for them, 'burning the midnight oil.'   And while we are handing out a few bouquets,  let us not forget the women and mothers, mentioned at Proverbs, chapter 21... the whole chapter !   Good, blessed women's work is NEVER done !   They are so precious in the eyes of God, and their husband !   I love, cherish, respect, and admire, the hard sacrifices of my Mom, and the fine Lady that I am going with now.   May God bless them, Both !

OK,  friends, and  readers,  most of the stuff I write and post about is geared to help, entertain and encourage my fellow brother Veterans and those who need help, advice and Info.    I am sure that they all get a few laughs and chuckles from my humble blog.... at least I hope so.   but I wish I could get a little feed back once in a while, via the "Comment portion" attached to the end of each post, down below, or even am email:  
    I have a great Navy retired friend, named Greg L., who does most of the return comments,  but I would love to see more, if you please.   I am also into 'constructive criticism.'   Since that is the only way I will progress and hopefully get better.    Please bear that in mind, folks.
       I also know how to translate my blog posts from English -- in  to other languages, and right now the nice people from Norway, are my biggest readers !    France, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Russia and even China read me, too.

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

At my old house, in Union Grove, Wisconsin --- where I should have stayed....    The trip to the U.P. was a total disaster, and now I will have to MOVE, AGAIN !   But I am moving back to a place called,  "Civilization,  aka ---Wisconsin!"    And the  restaurants there are so much better, too.   The people all have an I.Q. of over 70... not like the U.P. goofs...... duh.

Ex-CIA Agent Comes Forward, Admits What Obama Secretly Did to America
(Angry Patriot) – Many of Obama’s decisions on national security were nonsensical, but former CIA agent Clare Lopez has shed light on Obama’s agenda, and he was not on the people’s side.
Lopez believes former President Obama was an undercover Muslim who was working on the side of the terrorists. “There is no doubt this administration switched sides in what used to be called the Global War on Terror,” she explained, via The Geller Report.
This is an explosive charge, but it actually makes a lot of sense in light of many of the bewildering missteps made by Obama in the Middle East.
We know Obama’s father was Muslim, which makes Obama a Muslim according to Islamic law, but the connections are more twisted than that. Obama was raised a Muslim, and he lived in a Muslim country during his formative years. He was known as a religious child who excelled when studying the Quran.

When you understand that Obama is really a Muslim, you can understand why he offered support for the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood. Or, why he wanted to punish Israel while pulling U.S. forces out of Iraq to create the power vacuum that lead to the creation of ISIS.
Clare Lopez believes the Muslim Brotherhood was able to infiltrate the federal government and the Obama administration. As an example, Mohamed Elibiary was appointed a senior member in the Homeland Security Department. After his appointment, the department attempted to broker a partnership with the terrorist organization.
Additionally, the Democrats have surrounded themselves with Muslims. CIA Director John Brennan is an adult convert to Islam, and numerous ties between Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, and the Muslim Brotherhood have been discovered.
One of the major goals of the Obama administration was to remove America’s influence and power from the Middle East by withdrawing troops from Muslim territory. This was essentially the same goal that was pushed by Osama bin Laden.
Clare Lopez could not understand why Obama would “consistently seem to apologize for Islam, even in the face of such atrocities as the Foley beheading,” and why he “[took] pains to assure the world they don’t think IS, or whichever perpetrator it was, has anything to do with Islam. How can they possibly believe that genuinely when everything these jihadis do tracks directly to the literal text of Quran, hadiths, and Shariah?”
The only explanation is that Obama is a secret operative of the Muslim Brotherhood. Under Obama, America went from winning the War on Terror to allowing the creation of ISIS and countless other terrorist organizations.
Now, Obama is remaining in Washington D.C. with the intent of ousting President Trump because he knows Trump is planning on reversing course and destroying ISIS and other terrorist groups.

ALERT: Shock Discovery Made About “Judges” Who Struck Down Trump’s Plan. Media

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