Thursday, April 13, 2017

Patience and Understanding.

Tom's Journal.

Hello  Dear Friends and Readers,
     I can only stand just so much 'News' on TV and other places, and then I get the feeling that I might be a "News Junky,"  and I don't want that moniker.    What I want is to be "Well Rounded,"  educated, as much as possible, along with my favorite hobbies, subjects, and personal interests.  
      And somewhere along the way we have got to plan for the future ---  short term, and long term.   So if you have been reading my humble Blog for any amount of time,  you know which way I am pointed every day and every night.   It warms my heart to share things with others that I feel are beneficial.   Since we really don't know when we might DIE,  it only makes sense to have that covered, too.   To tell you the truth,  when I was a young person, born in Milwaukee, attended a Catholic grade school, then moved to a small farm in Wisconsin, and went to school in a ONE ROOM SCHOOL HOUSE, where one teacher taught all 8 grades !   One time as I gazed at our family's West 40 acres,  I saw that our pigs got loose and were starting to up root our green Winter Wheat crop that was about 8 inches high.... destroying the wheat.  So I immediately got the teacher's attention and took all the other farm kids---boys, to herd our swine back to their pen and secured them.    That was fun and exciting, and in a farming community, we handled a man's sized work load, and the teachers cut us some slack.   It was,  "all hands on deck" at harvesting time !!   Bailing hay was a way that we boys could hire ourselves out and make some money,  right about the time that our Racine, WI., County Fair, was going on, so that money came in handy.   I also showed my beef cattle at the County Fair and got into the Farm Tractor pulling contest.  
      I am painting this broad back drop because in those good old days, when I was ages 13- 19,  we didn't know or see much violence except an occasional fist fight over a girl, perhaps, nor drugs, gangs, serious crime, etc.   In that sense, we were "sheltered," and innocent.   People had respect, dignity and honor in the early 1960's.   Kids in the big cities had a much different life and even riots broke out in Milwaukee and other places.    I also had a emotional problem between my religious teachings of love, kindness, self-c0ntrol --- and some of my father's leanings.   I mean --- you can't have it both ways.

So when I finally joined the Army to see the world and learn valuable things to help me in life,  everything changed as we were taught many ways to kill other men --- the "enemy."   
    And I do remember,  that I thought I was a normal, balanced, bright young man, and was puzzled to find other guys who came for a broken home with only one parent.... and they had some 'head problems,' and were NOT balanced.   So this was another reason why I felt that marriage should be forever, or to death do they part.    Broken homes ruin a kid's life !   And everything seems to work out just fine when the man, husband works at a steady job,  but things get really rough and tense when/ if he loses his job for any reason.   Like when I worked for Chrysler, in Kenosha, WI., for 17.3 years,  it still was not enough to hold my job, and 6000 people were laid off in one day !!   And my wife left me two years later.  So I know what stress and loneliness, hardship are, for sure.   And also being in a false so-called,  'Christian' religion just exasperated my challenges,  plus a good, healthy ton of Combat PTSD.  
        I have come a long way since then, and corrected many flaws,  but I am still working on them.    I gave up hard booze and never get drunk anymore, and I quit smoking in 1973, and never looked back.   I envy folks who are so balanced, always happy, with Christian self control, and joy.   I am much  better off now than ever before,  but I THINK that I do better in a happy, harmonious marriage setting.   But I think that it's a fine line to provide and spoil a lady/ or a wife ---  without letting her steal you blind, take everything and then skip out the back door.   The Bible speaks about the term:   Discerning.   "   And here is something to just think about and ponder:

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  •    I am not trying to take it out of context, nor misapply this scripture,  but I am sure that you all get the point.   And seeing as how we do live in a stress filled time, the "End Times,"  --- the apostle Paul told Timothy exactly what to look out for !   Just read,  1st Timothy, the 4th Chapter.   And,  2nd Timothy, the whole Chapter 3 !  "But know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come..." --Verse 1.   And at 2nd Tim. 4: 16, Paul said that,   "but all men forsook me:  I pray God that it may not be laid to their charge."   
        I have surely been "forsaken" too many times, no matter whose fault it might have been, and I will never say I was/ am perfect,  yet I keep learning.   I know that I just cannot have my own way, and other folks already had their families before I came along,  so I must be even MORE PATIENT and long-suffering, and kind.   But how many of us have all 9 fruits of the Spirit ??   Ha!  
        I also ran into a few women who were secretly,  drug addicts, and they wanted me to give them money all the time to support their habit.   Fact:  the whole world is going to heck, and we Christians pray hard every night for God's KINGDOM  to COME !!  But that means we all will be judged.   Are we all ready to meet our Maker ?
          I have a very fine, nice, kind, friend who is smarter and more mature than I am, and she has already,  "cleaned me up" quite a bit and helped me.   I am embarrassed to learn just how far I have to go to be, "Normal,"  LOL !   And I just ate 2-- baloney sandwiches for super, so there goes my dang diet, again !!   Well,  I drink a lot of water, and things are slowly working out for me,  but I really need to have more PATIENCE, and so I ask all of YOU good people to please pray for me.  

    Please pay attention to the Info and Intel about the American $$$$ -- dollar going down the tube,  and I regret, perhaps very soon !!   I even heard something dire about the date,  4-21-17,  but then,  I have been fed wrong information, too many times......   so I won't bet the next month's rent on that "News...."     But still, we all need to be doing as much as we can.     And I still believe that investing in tangible SILVER, is a smart, intelligent thing to do,  especially when/ if the American Dollar is worthless !     As I  have said many times,  I was proud to vote for Mr. Trump and glad he is our new POTUS !!  But all the king's horses and all the king's men, won't be able to put our American Dollar, back together again.... after Obama ruined it !!  Sorry.  Read the handwriting on the Wall !   Please remember..... even a smart, wise, business gentleman will have trouble doing a good job for THE PEOPLE, if he is hobbled, hog tied and hamstrung by the "Shadow Gov't" that Obama has put together even a year ago !!!   Beware,  Be Safe,  but double the groceries and store up pure drinking water, every week !    Make sure that your firearms are clean, lightly oiled and then wiped off, with plenty of Ammo.    Tell  NO ONE about what you have in your house, or about your plans or fire arms, etc.!   Teach all your children how important it is to just keep their mouths shut, and be discreet !   Pray to Father God,  OFTEN, day and night, and teach your kids the right way to pray, and read the Bible with them.

    Warm Regards,

    ----Here is the back yard of the sturdy house I owned in Union Grove, Wisconsin, in my name, only !  We grill out almost every day when it was warm outside !   but I lost my good wife, Sharon L.  Schuckman,  in death, about 5 years after we got married, and that fact really hurt me inside, and broke my heart.....   I believe with all my heart that she is in Heaven, now.   Bless you,  Sharon, for driving all the way from Ohio, to see/ meet me, and become my dear wife.

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    Heli gunner Tom said...

    From a Navy friend named, Greg, from IL:
    Thanks for sharing that, Tom. Interesting how we look back at the "good old days", then come to the present and wonder what has changed?. Is it us? The world in general? i know one thing: too many people have walked away from those old days in complacency of the comforts they have attained.... because of the Lord's blessings.....forgetting it was HIM that brought us here; forgetting to thank HIM for all His blessings; forgetting to make room in our lives for Him. He weeps for our failures, but has never abandoned us. We need to return, not so much to the old days, but to the Lord! Until we do, we are doomed!