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Foreword in Norwegian: 

Bra dag, lesere og venner,
Jeg bare lurer på hva resten av verden gjør, og tenker, i dag, med så mye drama og trusler utfoldelsen noensinne én dag. Når dårlig, onde land har tilgang til kjernefysiske bomber og ICBM - missiler, folk begynner å lure på hva som vil skje. Det er ikke for mye den vanlige mann kan gjøre, bortsett fra å forberede, og lagre noen mat, våpen og ammunisjon, og øl i deres hus. Men jeg, personlig, også har en tillit og tro på min herre, Jesus Kristus. Som du leser lyd fakta og årsaker nedenfor, vil du forstå hvorfor vi kan ha en reell tro i Guds lover !
Jeg håper dere alle har en god dag, og også dele min ydmyke melding, blogg, med andre, vennligst.
Ha en flott dag.
Tom Schuckman

Hello  Friends,
    Speaking of the truth,  it looks like nothing big has happened in the world like I guessed it would,  so there goes my credibility....   but on the other hand,  I am damn glad that nothing negative did happen !!   We shall see.   All I know is that Precious Metals keep going up in price,  and the prices of food and now gasoline are going up too.    So,  go figure.  
        I had to visit the local VAMC this morning to get a re-dressing of my old motorcycle wound that opened up again.  And the good male RN,  Steve G., told me that they were using a sheep "Placenta"  worth about $1500., placed on my open wound to help it heal !   So....   those people up North at the I.M. VAMC, do take care of me, most of the time, and I am thankful for the small and gentle mercies of God, and man.   
     It's a windy, but very sunny, cool day, but the grass is getting green again !    It's like a Paradise in the Upper Peninsula of Northern Michigan, USA,  in the warmer 3 months of the year,  but the Winter can be brutally COLD !     It still much better than living in the big cities, filled with crime, violence and drugs.   The laid back folks up here are mostly poor,  but they don't care.   They THINK that they can mostly live on Venison, a very tasty dish, but they had all better plant their gardens soon.   I used to hunt deer, too,  but only for meat, and my family just loved that gamy, tasty meat in a great stew, etc., with lots of fresh sweet onions, carrots, potatoes, etc.     Right now I am having a German beer mixed with V-8 Vegetable  juice... cold,  plus some healthy Herbs to heal me.  

Well,  it's no wonder that many people in the USA are stressed out a bit, when another nuclear country is threatening us, and they have 70 submarines that could sneak up to our shores.   And for the past 8 years,  Obama -oink, the Muslim, has been seriously tearing down and reducing our military !!   Of course he gave all the "saved money" to our enemies who hate and launch rockets on Israel, also kill our own troops in the Middle East, etc.    The last time I heard, he was hiding somewhere near a Pacific Island in his Yacht.   I am sure that he has millions $$$$ to bribe other counties to take him in, so he can hide and abide.    Maybe he's got a better looking lady, now.....   Ahhhh, just kidding/ joking.   Beauty doesn't mean a dang thing anymore,  when the heart and mind is so corrupt and greedy. 

I am feeling full from a great breakfast, satisfied, with a few nice friends, and a good relationship with my Lord.   If it were about 70 degrees, I would be outside with my shirt off, getting some much needed sun on my skin,  which always heals my skin and spirits !

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

April 21st, 2017
The world held its breath on Saturday, April 15, when North Korea celebrated "The Day of the Sun." That was the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-Sung. He was the founder of the repressive communist regime that we know as North Korea.

He was also the grandfather of its current loony-in-charge, Kim Jong-un.

There was reasonable speculation that Kim would test a nuclear device on that day to demonstrate to the world his defiance and North Korea's menacing prowess.

There was also reasonable speculation that the United States might respond militarily. After all, the U.S. had just dropped a MOAB -- the "Mother of All Bombs" -- on the tunnels and caves of the Taliban and ISIS in Afghanistan.

We also know that North Korea conducts its nuclear weapons program from tunnels and caves near its coast. Was the recent use of MOAB just a coincidence? Or was President Trump sending Kim Jong-un a warning?

In the end, Kim opted for testing a missile instead. He probably regrets that now. The missile launch failed after just four seconds.

Of course, the U.S. isn't the only nation in the world where the media manipulates the news. Footage of the launch failure was withheld and I'm sure the population of North Korea continues to think the test was a brilliant success.

But Kim's failure isn't much reason for celebration. In fact, I wonder if the humiliation might spur him to make up for it and try something else to shake up the world.

The BBC reports that North Korea has "a fleet of about 70 submarines." We know Kim has, at least, some crude nuclear devices that could conceivably be delivered via submarine to the coasts of various nations around the world.

So until the question of North Korea is resolved, the world will rightfully continue to be a bit on edge over Kim and his toy chest of missiles and nukes.

But there may be a little progress on that front. After Chinese President Xi Jinping's recent visit with President Trump in Florida, China seems to be more willing to use its relationship with North Korea to tackle the issue. Or, at least, put a lid on it.

Only time will tell, though.

Speaking of unresolved issues. Syria continues to top that list.

Following a brutal chemical attack on the rebel stronghold of Khan Shaykhun that left scores dead, including dozens of children, President Trump ordered an attack on the Syrian airbase from which the attack was purportedly launched.

In the span of one minute, 59 Tomahawk missiles rained down on the airfield in western Syria. Mostly aircraft and  support facilities were destroyed, but the attack sent a shocking message to the world: the rules of engagement have changed.

The following week, the United States dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb on a series of tunnels and caves in eastern Afghanistan. In the raid, many tunnels were destroyed and almost 100 ISIS fighters were killed. No civilians died.

The world in general seemed appreciative. However, quite a number of American celebrities and leftists were mortified. No surprise.

Many of them accused the President of using a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Afghanistan. And that's generally considered to be a war crime.

Clearly, though, the MOAB -- as impressive and destructive as it is -- does not qualify as a WMD. Far from it! However, it is undeniably effective, both as a weapon of war and as a warning to other criminal forces who attempt to hide their activities beneath the earth, i.e., North Korea and, perhaps, Iran.

One thing is certain, though. The American actions in the last few weeks have put the world on notice that things have changed. It appears that America is back as a stabilizing fWatchman Warning" on orce in the world.

In my "last week, I wrote, "The world staggers like a drunk on the edge of a cliff." It desperately needs a strong -- and moral -- America for stability. But, even more than that, it needs God's help and intervention as never before.

So does America. The Washington Post reports that because Seattle is experiencing an epidemic of drug overdoses, it is creating "safe sites for addicts to inject illegal drugs."

Remember the drug craze of the late 60s? In 1968, we were horrified that 5,000 Americans died of drug overdoses.

In 2015, 52,000 Americans died of drug overdoses. No media outcry. Only yawns and sexual harassment lawsuits.

The Bible expressly predicts that one of the distinct signs of the end times will be a dramatic increase in drug use and our dependence on drugs.

In 2011, the Global Commission on Drug Policy declared that the famous "war on drugs" had failed. Today, there are popular television series in which the hero or heroes model drug dependency for their young viewers.

Accepting drug abuse means thousands of young people will die every year who need not have died. It also means the destruction of families and will ultimately lead to the death of our stable society.

Finally, I want to take a last look at the Resurrection this week.

One Easter Sunday I remember looking around the sanctuary where we celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. I thought, "If this day did not happen, then we are nothing but a room full of fools. For we are following a liar. Or a lunatic."

The Resurrection of Jesus from the dead is a central tenet of the Christian faith. Remove it and there's little left.

That's because the veracity of everything else Jesus said and taught depends upon His declaration that He would rise from the dead. If He lied about that, how can we trust anything else He said?

Without the truth of the Resurrection, you can't even call Jesus a wonderful teacher or a great man.

People who cannot accept His claim of deity often say they still regard Jesus as a great philosopher and humanist; a dedicated teacher of truth. But that isn't even a credible option!

If a man claims to be God and isn't... if he offers to forgive sin and can't... if his claim to be the promised Messiah is false... then he is not a great teacher of truth. Jesus was either a liar and a charlatan, a pitiful, deluded fool, or He was who He claimed to be: the long-awaited Messiah-King of Israel.

Thank God that the record of historical evidence -- and the weight of fulfilled prophecy -- show why no other figure in all of human history has ever, or could ever, qualify to be the promised Messiah of God. Only Jesus of Nazareth.

This week, I will examine some of that evidence.

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