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CIA former Director Exposed.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in French:

Bonjour les amis et lecteurs, je
vous remercie tous pour la lecture et le partage de mon humble blog : TOM'S JOURNAL. Des adversaires puissants essaient de couper mon blog pratique, parce qu'ils détestent la vérité. Satan est leur maître et seigneur, et l'esprit de ce monde satanique a obtenu la plupart des gens enfermés dans un "Rat Race", où la survie est juste assez dur comme beaucoup de faim, en ce moment dans l'année 2017 !
Mais il y a toujours un "revers", du bien et du mal, et les vrais chrétiens peuvent avoir, et ont le bonheur et la joie, même maintenant ! En fait, "Bonheur" est un "sous-produit" de servir Dieu ! J'ai mes propres problèmes personnels, des problèmes de santé publique, de la douleur, et des handicaps, trop, que je traite de la corruption VA système qui aime prendre des médicaments importants loin de nuire à la lutte contre les anciens combattants qui en ont vraiment besoin ! ! Juste ainsi vous savez tous ce qui se passe dans le bon vieux, USA.
Thomas G. Schuckman
Mon Email :

   Now days, as in all parts of History,  it's not a matter of being discovered and brought to Justice.    It's who you are and who you know that might get you off a stretch of Jail Time !   The scales of Justice can and do get perverted all the time !   And whole generations of people can suffer in the mean time.  

While it's true that too many wars erupted in the heart of Christendom,  just look at how long the Middle East has been under the yoke of Islam and other heathen entities !   And it seems like women suffer the worst in the East.   But the real tragedy is that many millions of souls are "Lost" for all eternity.  
     The only bright spot in our future is that Father God won't allow this to happen for too much longer --- and right now is God's time of mercy,  that people all over the world now have the Computer so that they can learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ,  plus special Christian Radio forums,  like WVCY--Christian Radio !    Jesus said,  "Look and you shall find."   

So,  although Satan has turned the earth into a 'rat race,' and so many do well just to stay alive and find FOOD for their families in places like Venezuvala -- under the Socialist heavy boot,  the time will soon come when the Lord Jesus will call up His servants and followers,  to a "Safe Place," far away from the coming disaster down below on Earth.    What are YOU doing to help share the Gospel ??

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

Honestly,  Here is a picture of me,  Tom Schuckman, with my oldest daughter, Barbara, with a little sun burn and a full beard,  here, that pretty much looks like me today,   June 2nd,  2017.  >>>>>  down below.

Lori,   sorry, but this is about the only recent picture of me......  with an old 'friend,' that sometimes helps clean my old house for me, and I compensate her with some cash.    One hand washes the other....        ---Down below >>>>>

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton And Former CIA Director Just Exposed In Bombshell Plot

How far will someone go to remain in someone’s good graces? Well, if you’re aiming to please a Clinton, one may never know.
That is until now. It has been uncovered that former CIA director John Brennan linked up with Estonian and British spies with hopes to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency. He was the reason behind the relentless investigation into Trump. Brennan and his brainwashed colleagues enabled the spying, conducted by Hillary supporters, on Donald Trump. (via The Guardian)
Because of this, the FBI were led to probe a computer server that was connected to Trump Tower. This allowed Hillary and her minions to spy on President Trump. How corrupt does one have to be to carry out something like this? This is corruption at its worst. (via Spectator).
We live in a disturbing reality where democrats are practically encouraged to behave like this. When a party isn’t reprimanded for their wrongdoings, they will continue engaging in purposefully corrupt behavior. It’s almost as if the media wants them to act out like this in order to provide an illegal window into the insides of a Trump presidency.
If this were the other way around, and Donald Trump was enabling nefarious tactics, today would be a festival for Leftist news outlets. This is why Conservatives need to be extra aware of current events. The media will do whatever it takes to keep a story like this from public eyes.
The reasoning behind John Brennan’s actions easily correlate with his desire to keep his job. He resented Trump for his so-called “Muslim Ban,” because it hit a little too close to home for him. We’re talking about a man who spent a year in Cairo learning Arabic and studying Middle Eastern culture. (via The Guardian).
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John Brennan is worse than just a Koran-thumping defender of Islam, he’s a morally deficient thorn on the side of ethical politics. No wonder he gets along with her so well. He and Hillary should rot in jail together, but we know the Left won’t allow that.
Liberals are doing all that they can to get Trump out of office. He brilliantly dismantles their narrative, and they resent him for it. The fact that they’re willing to collude with foreign sources to conduct illegal surveillance proves just how desperate they are.
If Hillary were elected, she’d pick up right where Obama left off. We wouldn’t be discussing border security and job creation, we’d be forced to normalize the lies like “there’s more than two genders,” and “radical Islamist extremists are simply misunderstood.”
Trump tackles the real issues, but that’s not what the Left wants. They wish to be coddled by a demagogue as they spew out their ridiculous delusions. They don’t have that anymore which is causing them to act out illegally.
Anyone who willingly goes to the Middle East can’t be trusted. John Brennan: your actions are abhorrent and you’ve been found out. Just like we will continue to find out the truth of everyone like you, and expose them for who they really are. Drain

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