Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Comey's Justice.

Tom's Journal.

     Building on what I have been posting these past 2 weeks,  thee seems to be TWO SETS OF RULES/ LAWS in America.  One for the common, working man and woman, and another for the "Connected, Rich and Powerful."   The Powerful almost have every type of immunity and can throw all kinds of road blocks in the way of justice.    Except for the "Final Justice,"  that Father God will deliver, right on time.  

But  two wrongs don't make a Right, and as Christians we much all try hard to follow the Rules set up by our Lord and Savior,  Jesus.

Tommy Schuckman

BREAKING: Someone From Comey’s Past Just Came Forward With Some BAD NEWS

The Obama spying scandal continues to grow in scope. Now, the FBI under its former director, James Comey, are accused of aiding Obama.
Late last month, the investigative website Circa released declassified documents revealing that the FBI illegally spied on American citizens. Now, a former employee is SUING James Comey for allegedly allowing that illegal activity to take place. (via Circa)
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Dennis Montgomery, a former intelligence contractor, has filed a lawsuit against former FBI Director James Comey and other top-level government officials.
The spying scandal, which originated when President Trump accused Obama of spying on his political campaign, is shaping up to be larger than the Edward Snowden leaks.

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In 2013, Edward Snowden, who was also an intelligence contractor, illegally copied and leaked classified information to British journalist Glenn Greenwald.
Snowden worked was a contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA) and revealed the chilling details of the NSA’s global spying apparatus, including the program known as PRISM.
Under PRISM, the NSA compelled seven major telecommunications companies to monitor and store information on their customers, including American citizens, in clear violation of American law.
Now, Dennis Montgomery is revealing that the FBI has similar programs that may be larger in scope. Snowden revealed that the NSA was collecting data indiscriminately on American citizens while the FBI’s efforts are targeted.
According to Montgomery’s allegations, the FBI was illegally targeting and spying on American citizens for political purposes, including judges, members of Congress, and major businessmen such as Donald Trump. This illegally obtained information was sometimes shared with third parties lacking security clearance.
Montgomery is now suing former FBI director James Comey for covering up evidence of the widespread and illegal spying. Montgomery claims he approached Comey and provided him with overwhelming proof of the illegal activity and that Comey refused to acknowledge the crimes and attempted to cover up the evidence.
Montgomery has been offered limited immunity so he can explain how he was able to smuggle 47 hard drives of highly classified information from multiple intelligence agencies.
Montgomery is proving himself to be a true patriot. He is risking everything to expose the extent of Obama’s crimes, and he is using the proper channels to do it — instead

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