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Overcoming the Fear.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Dutch:

Hallo vrienden en avid readers:
het lijkt alsof de mensen in uw land waren ooit de meester van de zee, en voorspoedig op een bepaald punt in onze wereldgeschiedenis. Mijn oude leraar Engels op de middelbare school was het Nederlands en hij leerde ons zoveel over het leven, zelfs als hij ook gecoacht op jonge mannen op het American football oefenweide. Zijn naam was Joe Kaster, met rood haar en ik vond hem veel dank verschuldigd.
Cijferslot u mensen moeten iets interessants gevonden in mijn blog want ik had ongeveer 39 hits van je landgenoten. Ik wens jullie allemaal een goede dag, en misschien zullen sommigen email me in English, please.
Hartelijke groeten,
Thomas G Schuckman

Hello Friends and many Readers,
      I was raised in Catholicism and attended a Catholic grade school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, until my parents bought a nice farm in S.E. WI.   So my mind set was "shaped" from an early age, as I am sure that also happens to most other kids.    When I went to war in South East Asia, for 2- momentous years:  1968-70, I also studied and learned about different cultures, studied a little Buddhism, while visiting Japan and Thailand, on R and R., etc.,  but after I finally came home, back into civilian life,  I got sucked into a false- religious, JW- cult, the "WatchTower Org.,"  but finally escaped after 22 years --- that 'COULD HAVE BEEN SPENT MORE PRODUCTIVELY,  pursuing   more worthy causes, goals, and helping my dear family learning the REAL Truths in Life  !!'    I could have saved much money, time, energy, and feelings of guilt.... besides learning  the more pure, KJV Bible from other, much better sources, and real Bible scholars---instead of FALSE religion from Brooklyn, NY !     That does bother me a little bit... a wasted life, of sorts,  and forcing my family into the WRONG mold!   Yet,  all was not lost and wasted, in spite of my taking the wrong paths,  and getting to HEAVEN is the most valuable goal, after all.   I tried to reverse all of that teaching and did explain it all to my 3 children,  and succeeded......PTL. 

It seems like I tried very hard to impress my father, by earning  several "feathers in my cap" and my "silver spurs"    via a good formal, college education,  the U.S. Army,  and worked at one place for 30.5 years with a good pension and benefits, also having a good, personal, relationships with Father God and Jesus,  so I KNOW where I am going.   PTL--Praise the Lord.     The main failing in my life was hooking up to several relationships with women who were NOT Biblical Christians, and so they held nothing sacred to be bound with [such as the KJV Bible] nor contracts, nor promises --- to remain faithful in marriage, and so THEY dissolved the marriages,  much to my sorrow and woe.   But it's important to say that a man needs to 'make sure that a woman is a REAL, born again, Christian, before going any farther in a relationship.... and just attending some church every Sunday doesn't make any human a "Christian" --- than standing in a auto garage makes a person an auto mechanic, nor a car !!   Ha!      They will someday be held accountable, as will we all.   But I have learned to change many personality traits and failings in my life, too.   I constantly rely of the Holy Spirit, for my every day strength and God's merciful Grace. 
     But,  right now we have some HAPPY  SUMMER DAYS, and I have a wonderful lady who cares for me, and we are for all practical  purposes and circumstances,  engaged.     I am happy, again, and thanking the Lord for good and gentle mercies.  PTL.

Now,  the good points down below give good food for thought,  but they are the ideas of mortal, imperfect, man.   Search out the gleaming, WISE, Word of God,  yes,  the KJV Bible, that I brag about all the time,  and I know what I am talking about.   
    So sorry that MOST people in the world will ONLY resort to God and His Holy Book, after they have hit "rock bottom," when they are already skinned, poor, down and out, and beaten bloody, by the devil and this sinful, wicked world of Satan.   I guess that is the same way it happened with me,   too.    Dang.... Bang.  
      So many of us just wonder and ask God,  why He has not laid down His mighty Hammer, already, and caused the "Rapture" to come, yet.    Go figure:   If He had done all that by now -- just think of all the souls that would not have been "harvested,"  but "Left Behind,"  including many who read my humble Blog posts !    [please visit this fine web site to buy your special,  "DEFINED KJV BIBLE,"  a fine "Tool" to better understand the pure, KJV bible, and study better, too:  ].    And how many of you nice people even thought about passing any of my blog posts along to your many friends and email buddies ?   But I am not scolding --- just a gentle idea, and I would love more circulation and more email friends to visit with.   Albeit,  soon my little world will be even more happy and content !   I have some high hopes and promises.  

"Two are better than one;   because they have a good reward, for their labour."   ---Ecclesiastes 2: 8.   --Written by wise, old, King Solomon. 

"There is gold, and a multitude of rubies;  but the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel."   ---Proverbs 20: 15.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

Overcoming the Fear of Your Own Mortality

The truth about life is that it has to come to an end someday, and the fear of our own mortality can be overwhelming. When we’re young, we think that we’re going to live forever, but there are certain bumps in the road along our journey that makes us realize that we are in fact mortal.
This could be a brush with death, seeing a relative or loved one pass away, or just merely the passage of time. For almost anyone, death is a scary thing, and this is because there is so much living that we want to do first. In addition, it's a leap into the unknown, and this can most certainly lead to fear.
Some of us may have personal philosophies on what happens to us after we die, whereas others may not. Regardless of how we think about death as individuals, there is significant change associated with it – going from a state of life into whatever there is beyond. As I’m sure you know, change in life can have elements of grief associated with it, no matter whether the change is positive or negative.So what can be done to get over the fear of our own mortality?

The reality of life presents us with a stark choice. We can live out our days in a state of fear of the inevitable, or else we can decide not to worry about that which we have absolutely no control over. The only thing we can control is the present.
Unlike in science fiction, time machines don’t exist, so there’s absolutely nothing we can do to change whatever it is that happened in the past. Similarly, although we can shape our future to a certain degree using the power of our thoughts, there are also many variables that are out of our control, so it clearly isn’t worth worrying about either.
Think of the future in terms of a car journey that went awry. Maybe you had to stop for gas, change a flat tire or ran into a detour. Despite those things changing your arrival time, you still managed to get there in the end, albeit later than you expected. Your future is the car journey, whereas the things that went awry along the way are simply the unexpected curveballs that life can throw at you.
It’s incredibly sad to think that many people spend their entire lives failing to enjoy the present moment – the only thing that they have even a modicum of control over – due to being stuck in the past or worrying too much about what’s yet to come. Keep the present firmly at the forefront of your mind, because you can only make the best of now. Spend this moment in the way that you want to, rather than adding it to your list of regrets (not that you should harbor any in the first place…).
Making the best of the present moment

In a nutshell, you make the best of the present moment by making a point of being in the present moment. A fantastic example of this is your drive to work. Think about how many times that you arrive at your workplace with no conscious memory of the journey that you’ve just completed. This is because you were likely to be thinking about a hundred other things that you needed to finish on a given day.
These incessant attempts at multitasking and thinking ahead are actually hastening people’s deaths – think about how many road accidents occur because a driver was distracted rather than focusing on driving!
Making a point of being in the present, using the aforementioned example, will allow you to notice the scenery, changes to business and houses that you would never have noticed before, and many other little details that would have just passed you by.

In conclusion

Despite the emphasis on living in the present to dissipate fears of our own mortality, there are of course times where it’s okay to look back, or plan ahead. The key is not to get overwhelmed by regrets of the past or worries about the future, as that will lead you back to square one. Keep in mind that we are all mortal beings, but also keep in mind that life is far too short to be controlled by that which we have no control over at all! Last but not least, remember to be thankful for the opportunity you had to live life in the first place...

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