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Paul Harvey and the News.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Finnish:

Hei ystävät,
siellä vain sattuvat olemaan paljon suomalaista ihmisiä Yhdysvalloista, ylempään niemimaalla, Michigan, USA, joka on hyvin kaukana pohjoisessa ja Wisconsin. Ne ovat hyviä amerikkalaisten kanssa, mutta edelleenkin paljon omia tullille. Finn's made he hyödyntävät maailmansodassa - 2, taistelu Venäjän tunkeilijoita vastaan. Olette siis arvostettu ovat rohkeita sotureita ja vapauden rakastajien.
Jos joku teistä osata englantia, ota sähköpostitse, jotta voimme oppia tuntemaan toisensa paremmin.
Lämmin Terveisin,
Thomas G. Schuckman
My Email:

Hello  Friends,
     I guess by now, most of you can figure out how to get this fine web site sent to you very own home--computer,  to read and review what is going on in the world with persecution of Christians.   Yes,  Satan the devil IS TRULY bearing down on all Christians all over the world, including the USA !   In a way,  it's a real TEST to see if we will 'run for cover,' hide, deny our faith in Jesus Christ or abandon Him.   In a way,  it's just like some of the mountains I had to climb in my life.... and still am.   I made decisions when I was age 18 that shaped the rest of my life,  my mind and heart.
       I know that probably talk about the Army too much,  but it's a big thing for a young man to leave all the comforts of home and family, to take a big chance of joining an "Organization" that might get him or her killed or maimed, dying in a foreign land !    Anyway,  it was a big part of my adventurous life, and I have so many memories.... also a few nightmares.    But I WANTED to reach out and experience some danger, etc., to be "part of something much bigger than myself."    I wanted to learn, pour a foundation, get some good training and education, one way or another.   And, my experiences opened many doors for me and got me many great jobs later on in life.  
     Learning the Bible and the Gospel also is very important,  because it not only shapes your life for the present --- keeping you out of trouble and mischief,   but it surely determines your future in the  After Life,  where we will spend eternity !   We don't know when we will die, or when the Rapture will come.... but Satan knows that his time is very short on earth, misleading most of mankind.   We can surly expect the crap to hit the fan,  and I am "planning" for an economic meltdown all over the world -- and in the USA sometime this Summer of Fall.   Call me crazy,  but I just like to prepare and stay ahead of the game.

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

June 2nd, 2017
Remember Paul Harvey?

"Hello, Americans. This is Paul Harvey. Stand by for news!"

They say as many as 24 million Americans each week listened to Paul Harvey's daily radio broadcasts of the news; not because they wanted to hear the news, but because they wanted to hear what Paul Harvey thought about the news.

And his comments about the events of the day were not overt expressions of opinion. Instead, they were often communicated by his tone of voice, his chuckles or moans, or the way he introduced a story or transitioned to another.

He might say that something someone had said was, "Today's quote worth re-quoting."

After a disgusting story, he might offer something refreshing. He would say, "Now wash out your ears with this."

Sometimes, before or after reporting on a story from cultures utterly alien to the American experience, he might say, "It's not one world."

His point was that even though we all live on one planet, our differences might as well imply that we are not from the same world. He would assure us that we shouldn't be surprised by what we had just heard -- or were about to hear -- because it's the same planet, but not the same "world." Our "worlds" are different.

And that planet seems to be getting smaller every day. Amazing developments in transportation and communication technologies guarantee that.

For instance, progress in Iran's missile technology may make a significant reduction in the practical size of Planet Earth.

In 2016, in defiance of U.S. and Western sanctions, Iran test-fired a series of ballistic missiles. Western analysts say they were actually ICBMs, or Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.

An ICBM is capable of carrying a nuclear weapon from Tehran to New York -- in less than half an hour.

And if Paul Harvey were reporting this story, he might well say, "But it's not one world."

Why? Because the Iranians have a value system that is an upside down version of our own.

Consider this. Last year, Iran's ambassador to Lebanon admitted to the press that Iran pays $7,000 to the family of any terrorist who is killed in the "Jerusalem Intifada." In other words, if you die while killing Israelis or visitors to Israel, Iran will pay a bounty to your family.

The government of Israel has long had a practice of tearing down the house of the family of a terrorist who has attacked Israelis. It is intended to deter future terrorists. But if your house is torn down by the Israeli government because you killed Israelis in an act of terror, the government of Iran will give your family an additional $30,000 to rebuild an even better house. That's an incentive to cause carnage.

It's not one world.

And as the numbers of mostly male Muslim migrants arriving in Europe from the Middle East soar, so do the numbers of sexual crimes. The respected newspaper, Finland Today, reports that even though immigrants comprise less than 4% of Finland's population, they account for three times as many rapes as the other 96% of the population.

It has long been acknowledged that sexual politics and sexual crime run rampant throughout the Islamic cultures of the Middle East.

It's not one world. But it is a shrinking planet and that means the evil over there will someday arrive here.

In the last few years, Islam has brought us yet another horror: the genocide of Christians.

This is especially alarming in the areas controlled by ISIS. For instance, Mosul is the second largest city in Iraq. It was the home of one of the first Christian communities outside of Israel. It's a heritage traced back almost to the time of Christ.

In 2015, ISIS captured Mosul. As far as anyone outside of Mosul knows, there are now no Christians left there. The more fortunate were forced to leave, convert, or be executed. The less fortunate were given no choice. They were simply executed.

Christianity Today estimates there is intense persecution of Christians, much of it ending in execution, in more than 50 nations of the world.

Knowing that he has only a little time left, Satan is intensifying his assault on the Gospel all over the world.

New Testament writers admonish us to, "Remember the prisoners, as though in prison with them, and those who are ill-treated, since you yourselves also are in the body." (Hebrews 13:3 NASB)

Thousands daily face the threat of death because of their faith. We are instructed to remember those who are in chains as though in chains with them. That should not only affect how we pray, but the action we demand from our government in their behalf.

American Christians do not presently face genocide. But that doesn't mean we don't face significant problems right now. Whether it's ISIS threatening to kill you or cancer threatening your life, it's still your life on the line.

Whether you're in Iraq or Kansas City, some of you face challenges that are monumental. No matter. The Answer is the same: Jesus. Your hope, your consolation, and your direction all lie in Him.

On this week's program, I am going to share with you what to do if "Your God is Too Small!"

And finally, I want to take a few minutes to consider the lesson Jesus taught us when He humbled Himself to wash the feet of His disciples. It's not nearly as mysterious as many believe.

I think it will help you to understand what you need to do to remain in vibrant daily fellowship with Jesus Christ.

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