Wednesday, July 5, 2017

America's Fraud President --- BHO.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Swedish: 

Hej vänner och läsare.
Jag vet inte exakt varför, men den vänliga människor i Norge, Sverige, Ryssland, Frankrike, etc., läs min anspråkslösa blogg: TOM'S JOURNAL, mer än min Native American ! Jag tror att en kraftfull, onda män gillar George Soros och vänstern socialister-- demokrater, försöker att undertrycka sanningen från många patriotiska och rutinerad bloggare, gillar mig. KJV Bibel säger mig att aldrig ljuga eller vilseleda någon Gud och hatar lögner ! Och vi vet också att Herren Jesus Kristus snart kommer att återvända till jorden -- till Rapture upp hans fromma och anhängare, och sedan skall han vända sin uppmärksamhet till ogudaktiga människor ljuga, stjäla, våldtäkter, mord, och lura sina grannar osv. Vi vill inte vara "kvar" när det händer.
Jag vet också att många amerikaner är "förberedelse" genom att förvara upp med mat, rent dricksvatten, skjutvapen, ammunition och silver, för när det finansiella systemet misslyckas.... och vissa säger att ett krig kommer att distrahera oss alla från finansiella smälter. Vi bör inte bara förtrösta på HERREN, men viktiga saker för nödsituationer. Det är bara min ödmjuka åsikt. Men jag vet att min bibel... och tror på frälsning genom Kristi blod offret.
Varma hälsningar,
Thomas G Schuckman
min e-postadress:

Hi  Friends,
    I am so happy to post this report about  Barry O !  !   And I can hardly wait to see him report to the Congress and Senate hearings about his crimes, UNDER OATH !   I may just pop open a chilled bottle of Champagne, too !  

In my Financial job at PFS, we had a few Mottos and Proverbs.....  like:  "The Best Revenge is Massive Success."   If a person has been wronged, slighted, or abused,  working hard with the 'right tools' of success can often change the lives of people in a large way.   I learned some things when I was middle aged,  but I knew that if I worked like a mad man -- I could better myself.    Reading the KJV Bible can also change a man or a woman from being poor in spirit  --- to spiritually RICK, kind, brave, wise and thankful for all of God's sweet gifts in life !     And there is much more than just the life we have now.   When a human puts his/ her faith in God's grand promises --- they have something worth a lot more than just gold or silver.   They can KNOW FOR SURE that they will be "translated" into a beautiful spirit creature -- with the same intelligence but much better, with the same personality --- but purified and made holy !  
       But the hitch is:   We must get special help from above to be HUMBLE, sorry for our past sinful behavior, and accept the good discipline from the Bible and the Spirit.   
     For the book of Hebrews, Chapter 12, verse 5b,  "My son,  despise not thou the chastening of the Lord,  nor faint when thou art rebuked of him.  6.   For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth,  and scourgeth every son that he recieveth.   7.   If ye endure chastening,  God dealeth with you as sons,  fir what son is he who the Father chasteneth not ?"   

And there is a lot more on that subject, with plenty of wisdom back in the book of Deuteronomy.    I taught the Bible well, to my three children when they were young,  but had to correct my teachings after I exited a False Religious Cult.    Many people say that the chances of finding the Lord and the Real Truth of the KJV Bible are slim.... after you've separated yourself from False Religion, like the JW's or the Mormons, etc.   But it can be done !   I am making myself available to help any one who is in these religious cults, if I can.    I will do my level best to help others who show some humility and promise.    My email address: 

When I am on-line, especially writing in my Blog --- time goes fast.
   I need to stay home in the morning, especially, to meet a VA appointed repair man who will [hopefully] repair my Power Scooter Lift in the back of my truck.    I have begged the local, 'too laid back,'  too independent, slow, lax, whacked out, Iron Mountain VAMC, for a whole MONTH --- to please fix my Scooter Lift, that gives me so much quality MOBILITY !  !   In fact, it almost takes an 'Act of Congress' to light a fire under their dead butts !!   And 99% of all the negative BS you read and hear about on the News is correct !   Even after our good President Trump has moved mountains, the VA is still a huge, bloated, slow moving, messed up bureaucracy that needs to clean out the dead wood, so that Disabled Veterans and retired Military people and their families can finally receive the Medical Health benefits that the deserve !!    And Illegal Aliens get better Health care than our heroes and service people who have kept us safe all these years !    I guess that we will NEVER get what we truly deserve,  but I will keep fighting for the bare minimum of service and rights, until I am DEAD !   In fact so many Disabled Veterans are already DEAD --- because of lack of care, and fumbling around, and removing the wrong junk from HEALTHY Veterans !   That is one reason why I refuse to go to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, VAMC, after they messed up the replacement surgery of my Right knee !   I will not let them just sweep that crime under the carpet !

I will bet that Obama will get better health care after he is in prison....  LOL.

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

ALERT: Obama Caught ‘Acting As President’ In Indonesia, Trump Gives Him Brutal Surprise

Learn more about RevenueStripe...

Learn more about RevenueStripe...
July 4, 2017 11:09 pm 
(Angry Patriot) – You would think that if you were a former president, you would want to respect the person coming into office after you. You would KNOW the job is challenging, and that the new president needs space. Apparently, Obama couldn’t care less about his successor.
In some weird reality, Obama still thinks of himself as the president and is making visits to countries like South Korea to talk to elected officials. Obama has been acting like this since he left office, and now it is finally coming back to bite him in the butt. Once Obama gets back to the United States, he is going to have to testify before Congress about the allegations that he knew well in advance about the wiretapping on Trump AND the rumors of Russian interference (via YouTube).

Originally, Obama stated he was going on a “family vacation,” but it seemed to have turned into something much different. It is almost as if Obama is pretending to be the president. The former president’s behavior is odd, disrespectful, and also violates the Logan Act.
The Logan Act is a federal law that carries a punishment including prison time. The law says that no unauthorized citizen can negotiate with foreign governments. According to what we can see here with Obama and the South Korean President that is very likely what he was doing.
Korea Herald reports that Moon spoke with Obama for about 40 minutes this week. During their meeting, Moon told Obama about his meetings with President Trump. Moon went as far as to ask Obama how he could improve his relationship with the current president. On what planet is this acceptable behavior?
Well, good ole’ Barry is going to be in for a surprise when he makes it back to the states. Newt Gingrich revealed on FOX & Friends, “Guess what’s about to happen: The Congress is about to have to call Barack Obama in to testify under oath about when he knew about Russia meddling.”
Things are going to start falling apart for Obama in a hurry. People are going to get exposed for their deception. Obama was involved in this scandal, and should not be able just to walk away.
Every Patriot in this country knows that Obama has one goal in mind: to dismantle Trump. The former president went against every standard in the world and made himself look like a fool.
Now he is going to have to face the music when he is done playing “shadow president.” What makes Obama think he has the right to deceive the entire country, then act like he is still relevant to the world when he is just another washed up liberal.
Personally, we cannot wait to hear what the former President has to say about the Russian meddling. He KNOWS something that we don’t, and if he lies under oath, it will catch up to him in one way or another. Better yet, if he decides to lie, he is going to be looking at obstruction of justice charges!
It is about time we start holding these people accountable. The behavior from the Left is unacceptable. PERIOD.

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