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Nuclear Threat ?

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in French:

Bonne journée à tous mes amis et lecteurs dans la France,
un combattant aguerri, âgés et handicapés comme moi peut être content avec les choses simples de la vie, parce que j'ai lu le grand livre, la KJV Bible, qui me dit que notre père Dieu, dans le ciel est un 'heureux Dieu,' et il veut que nous sur terre pour être heureux, aussi. Le livre de Jean, chapitre 14, verset 27, dit : "Que votre coeur ne se trouble point, et ne s'alarme point." Mais c'est toujours mieux de lire le chapitre en entier, s'il vous plaît. Jésus a également parlé de la "prince de ce monde, Satan le diable, venue, et en faisant glisser vers le bas pour beaucoup d'êtres humains, avant que le Christ revienne pour nettoyer les choses sur terre... Méfiez-vous, et soyez prudent !
Et de nos jours, nous avons la merveilleuse InterNet et des ordinateurs, de sorte que nous pouvons juste "Reach out et touchez quelqu' dans un autre pays. Je sais aussi comment traduire en langues étrangères anglais, alors voici mon adresse e-mail :
Thomas G Schuckman

Foreword in Portuguese:

Olá Queridos amigos e leitores,
temos outro ensolarado, domingo, e tenciono sentar do lado de fora para obter os raios do sol na minha pele, que cura-me e me faz feliz. Estou abençoada para viver em uma grande localização setentrional nos EUA, com muito baixa a criminalidade e a violência, louvai ao Senhor ! Mas não há tanta boa emprego U.P. aqui que paga um salário suficiente para viver, IMHO [na minha humilde opinião]. Tendo uma boa educação universitária é inteligente e rentável, ou um bom comércio especialidade. Eu costumava ser um soldador, também trabalhou para a Chrysler Motors Corp, para mais de 30,5 anos, aposentado agora, e também uma mobilidade Vietname veterano: 68-70.
Eu encontrei o Senhor Jesus Cristo, na vida, mas agora sou "salvo" e sabemos que para um fato que eu vou para o céu quando eu morrer ! A KJV Bíblia me diz desta promessa de Jesus Cristo a Si mesmo ! E o clima somos ricos ou pobres, que é uma grande sensação, com certeza !! Meu endereço de e-mail:
espero que você desfrute de minha humilde, mas lucrativa, Blog: TOM oficial. Também estou na face de endereços.
Thomas G Schuckman
"Jesus é o Senhor".

Hi  Friends,
     Jumping to the most important part in this important article below....   It was BHO, the last President who dismantled our Missile Defense System,  before the good President Trump came in office !   I just want you all to remember that, please !   And for what ?   So he could GIVE his Islamic friends in Iran tons of cash money for releasing a few prisoners, also aiding and abetting our invading enemies in the Continental USA, too !   This stuff just stinks on ice.    Period.  

When examining History [I know that it is just a "dry subject" that I somehow fell in love with when I was a young man...LOL],  I learned that it's not always about who has the biggest Army or Navy,  but the wise ones craft hidden plans to confuse the enemy nations, and win !   Well,  you all know that I will 'toot my brass horn,' right ?   The KJV Bible has so many great, TRUE, stories, just waiting to be discovered, read, and even valuable to today !!  Even as British Commanders in WW-2,  realized and seized.   So too, the ONE TIME ever mentioned in the Bible  at,  Revelation 16: 16, is the term:   "Armageddon."    ----"And he gather them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon."     ---You see, that ignorant people who have NEVER read the Bible always think that Armageddon can or should refer to some huge world destruction from a Hollywood movie of some 'space rock', comet, or some World War -3, episode material/ story.   The real true story is that the final Forces of Good and Evil --- Father Jehovah God [and please:  I am NOT a Jehovah's Witness !!] final fight/ war against Satan the devil and his various wicked angels and human followers.  

You see, dear friends,  the evil human forces simply cannot gain entrance to heaven to fight against Almighty God....   so they attack God's people on Earth, as is happening right now -- big time !   How ignorant can humans be -- to think that we are somehow "safe" in America, when people in Canada and the USA are chipping away at our religious rights and liberties, every day !   Praise the Lord,  that we have a short "reprieve" right now with President Donald J.  Trump, [a new Christian, who still needs to bone up on his Bible studies, albeit God has his heart...], who is holding back the flood of evil water by sticking his finger in the crumbling dam,  just like the children's story of the little "Dutch boy."     And we all know that the 'wicked people who serve Satan' are trying to kill him and even his family !   Who could ever replace his smarts, bravery, noble heart ?  
       Well,  when a person is healthy, young and rich,  he is surely tempted to 'sow his wild oats' and play around,  but now his life is changed for the better, as he wants to save America from the evils of Socialism and worse.  
     What should WE BE DOING NOW ?    Just coasting along, having continuous parties every Saturday  night, or doing illegal drugs for fun ?   Shake your heads:  "NO !"   Now is the time to get close to Father God, and His only begotten Son,  Jesus Christ.    Because the ONLY way we can ever get to heaven when the Rapture comes and the world melts down, is through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.   "Lord" is just another term for Master.... and Service to the Christ is simple, easy and beautiful, IMHO.   And this kind of service is both an 'inward and outward' thing, involving BELIEF and the fruit of the lips.   Yes,  people,  after you know the simple and beautiful Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,  you will need to also read the book of Romans.  Do not be afraid of the KJV Bible, please.   Because all you really need is a dose of humility, love, and the Holy Spirit, to really understand these fine books.   And here is how you can get the Holy Spirit:   Just ASK FATHER GOD for the Holy Spirit, in natural prayer.   Prayer is a respectful, humble, loving communication between a human and the Father in heaven,  but because we all are imperfect, human sinners,  we MUST end each prayer with the few words:   "In Jesus name,  Amen."   That is like putting a postage stamp on your letter before you mail it.   And then your prayer will "fly."  
      So, just what shall we pray for?   Turn to the book of Mathew, chapter 6, and verse 9, where you will find what is called:  the "M0del Prayer," ---aka,  "the Lord's Prayer,"  but it should be called,  "The Sinner's Prayer."  
      Just like buying a can of soup in the grocery store, the ingredients are labeled in a prominence of importance and quantity.  Such as:   "Water, Tomatoes, Beef, Veggies, seasonings, etc."    So, in listing the importance of what we SHOULD BE ASKING FOR:   Our Father in the heavens,  let your name be sanctified [or be made holy].   Let YOUR  kingdom come, let your will be done, both in earth, also in heaven.   Now look:  If God's Kingdom were on earth -- we surely would not have all this violence and murders, rapes, theft, greed, and Satan worship....  but some day Earth WILL BE a place of quiet, rest, beauty and peace !   And so on....

But now, I am going to give my readers a bit of peace and relief, OK ?   The big battle of Armageddon is reserved, especially, for the powers of Father God --- and Satan the devil, and all his legions of evil.   So.... go figure,  there can not be a super World War - 3, that will destroy the Earth !!   But there could be some 'limited nuclear contact,' and small wars in the mean time....   so it's good to prepare, in several ways,  Physically and Spiritually.   Because if we spend all of our money on payday like a 'party animal' on strong drink, illegal drugs to get high, and foolishness, what will happen in an emergency ?   Store up and Prep with some rice, beans, canned goods, etc., pure drinking water.   And also put your Faith and Trust in the Father -- the Most High God in the Universe, and His Son,  Jesus,  and pray to the Father often.  
     You can and should be HAPPY in this world, too,  by growing in a close relationship with the Lord, and studying His Word, the KJV Bible.   Here is a great place to get:   The DEFINED KJV BIBLE.    Email:     --- and invest in a great large print [easy on the eyes] Bible, and I prefer Leather bond, so it will last a long time, and read it every day !   Smile.    But if you are low on cash and credit, you could also go to a Thrift Store, like:  Good Will Stores,  St. Vincent De Paul stores, etc., and perhaps pick up a good Bible for 50 cents !    I hope I have helped some of you fine people, today.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G. Schuckman

------ the good old days of long needles in both knees, at the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA --- VAMC [Veteran's Administration  Medical Center].   The male RV was a good man with a kind heart,  but sadly too many of the staff and workers at that VA facility,   are not so kind, or competent.....

N Korea: Most Urgent, Dangerous Threat to US National Security

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 15:40
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(Before It's News)
Image result for pics of north korea nuclear threat
By John W. Spring
According to U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis, North Korea’s advancing missile and nuclear programs are the “most urgent and dangerous” threat to U.S. national security. However, based upon my research and analysis of the past several years, Pyongyang’s “advancing” missile and nuclear programs are already, and have been for quite some time, able to strike at America’s heartland from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast. So, not only is North Korea now able to destroy Los Angeles on the West Coast, but it is also able to obliterate New York on the East Coast. Apparently, the latest long-range ballistic missiles or ICBMs are also able to travel faster at far greater speeds or velocities. After a long-range ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead is launched from some underground location on the Korean Peninsula, it would only take about 30 minutes or a half-hour to reach and strike Los Angeles. As for New York, it would probably take only 45 minutes to arrive and annihilate that metropolis–only 5 minutes more for Washington.
Furthermore, although we now have a U.S. Missile Defense Agency, which appears to be very dedicated, America does not currently have any effective Missile Defense System that can stop a long-range ballistic missile or ICBM carrying a nuclear warhead from striking and demolishing a designated target anywhere on the Mainland of the United States. Because the previous program had been scrapped during the Obama Administration, America is almost starting from scratch.
North Korea has also developed an Electromagnetic Pulsation Force or EMF program, which can be deployed on a satellite that is launched into orbit in space. An EMF attack on America could be able to incapacitate all electronic equipment that would paralyze nearly all activity that would include: communication, energy transmission and most advanced forms of transportation as well as most machinery needed for heavy industry. Nearly everything in the US would come to a halt.
Meanwhile, we must monitor China and Russia during this North Korean Missile Crisis in 2017.

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