Thursday, November 30, 2017

Concealed Carry.

Tom's Journal.

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Foreword in Russian:

Здравствуйте читатели в России:
большинство из нас в Америке знают и понимают, что люди в вашей стране не так уж и отличается от нас. Вы и мы, просто хотят быть свободными, чтобы жить, работать, и поднять наши семьи в мире и гармонии. Бог Отец - Господь, хочет, чтобы его тот путь. Это то, что я был в Русский синодальный перевод Библии, и других документов за последние примерно 40 лет. Тем не менее, люди только что получил из рук, согласно книге Бытия во времена Ноя, и росли слишком злая, безнравственный, и жестокие, так что Бога Отца уничтожено. Сейчас, в год, 2017... жизнь становится настолько опасным, что даже США в настоящее время беспокоит Северная Корея стрельба МБР ------- ядерных ракет у нас и уничтожение нашей страны и других !
Мы все хотим быть в Божьей милости и доброты, что бы ни случилось, и Его дар для нас, Его Сын, Иисус Христос, и небо ! Все люди на земле имеют право и свободу самообороны, в соответствии с Библией, но это должно быть последним средством, по моему скромному мнению. Как может даже быть "победителя" в ядерной войне? Многие хорошие русские люди пришли в США, и теперь они счастливы с хорошей жизнью. Я рад за них, тоже.
С уважением,
Томас Г. Schuckman
"Иисус - мой Господь и Спаситель".

   I just cannot say enough about SAFETY, and having a "Cool Head" in regards to firearms !   First,  My father trained me with my first .410 gauge shotgun on the farm for my 13th birthday, single shot.  He was in WW-2, Navy SeaBee, and wounded in Saipan.   Then the U.S. Army trained me at Fort Campbell, KY., USA, Basic Training.   Let me tell you, guys and gals,  in real life, the better, positive, learn a trade/ skill college education will take you far,  but it's best to get a "well rounded" education including a complete, full, KJV Bible ENRICHMENT STUDY, too.   Just read it.   Period.  
       Father God, Yahweh, places a lot of value on LIFE, especially HUMAN LIFE,  but there are also penalties for wrong doing, and plenty of Scripture to support lethal self defense and protecting your loved ones.   But many times the 'local law' leaves some gray area and court cases can twist and pervert justice.   So,  I have purchased a special 'gun attorney' installment...  just in case I ever have to use a gun in self defense,  and I pray that never happens !  
     Now,  we smart humans also invest in fire alarms, smoke detectors, auto, house, and life insurance,  fire extinguishers and contingency plans....  JUST IN CASE SOMETHING LIKE A DISASTER HAPPENS !     It's just good common sense, folks.   And did you know that the majority of illegal aliens who cross our Southern Border  [hint- hint], rarely carry auto insurance... as they think it's a waste of money, etc. ??   So you know all that baloney is passed on to you and I !   But the country that those folks come from have very strict laws, and throw Americans in prison with joy and laughter !   What's wrong with that picture ?    American,  Beware !

Now,  the Left Wingers will, of course call us, "Racists" for just posting truths like I do.   But the KJV Bible prophesized that these very things WOULD happen.  Don't be amazed  --- Be Prepared and Forewarned.   You might want to share this humble post with your friends.   And the good, President Donald Trump is just setting things/ the truth straight, and fighting fire with fire.... no less.   We have to ask ourselves:   "Do we Want to Win the Battle,  or just fall deeper into the quick sand in the Swamp ?"    President Trump may be 'DELAYING' the final Judgment just a bit --- and this time really should be SPENT on helping other good people get off the fence and on to God's side, and ready for the Rapture !   But on the other hand,  Satan the devil, is also 'harvesting' as many goofy humans as possible,  because he knows that his time on Earth is short !   He and his demons will soon be thrown into a deep, dark,  abyss, locked up for 1000 years !   See:  Revelation, the last book in the Bible.

Warm Regards,
Be Safe --- and know all the important Safety Facts and Drills.

Tom  Schuckman

"Jesus is Lord."

The 3 Things You Absolutely Must Do If You Carry Concealed

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We learn many things in the course of becoming a person who chooses to conceal carry. In my case it started with a keen interest in military history and firearms, which started me on collecting. As I trained and used the guns I collected I also read about military and civilian development of firearms. I began thinking about the legal and moral responsibilities of using the weapons on a geopolitical level and personal level, i.e. when I walked out of the house carrying.
I quickly found out that handgun safety and effective operation of the gun you choose is just the tip of the iceberg. Proper gun, holster and clothing choices are an ongoing learning experience based on many factors. There’s a lot of article and book reading you can do on these subjects to learn more. When, why and how to use your weapon if ever necessary is equally discussed and every bit as important. if not more so. I look to the great Massad Ayoob and his writings on the topic for my own guidance. His experience and no-nonsense, sobering opinions are without equal. I strongly suggest reading his stuff if you carry or are considering it.
Through all of this there are a few points I consider crucial that just don’t seem to come up as much as cool new guns or ammo. Believe me I love guns and ballistic tests I could read about them all day but if you are gonna carry you better keep it real!
It’s important to be comfortable with the operation of your gun and to have it be comfortable literally in how you carry it, but do not become complacent. You have power over life and limb on your hip which means you must be as clear and consciously awake as you possibly can be. That relates to not carrying if you are drinking. Not carrying if you are doing drugs (prescription drugs can interfere with clear thinking as much as illegal recreational drugs). Not carrying if you’re experiencing extreme emotions (anger, sadness, anxiety, jealousy, etc).
An increasing problem is the attention given to hand-held devices. When you’re out in public and you’re carrying, pay attention to the real world. Earbuds literally cancel one of your most important senses. If you have a gun anywhere on your body you simply can no longer afford to be oblivious. Someone might see your gun and come up and try to take it from you. Or a situation might develop around you and because you had headphones on, you missed it. You could shoot the wrong person because you didn’t know what was really going on, or you could be caught up in violence because you weren’t paying attention.
Plan with your family for what you will do if shit hits the fan and you must protect them and yourself. You will not be able to do much if your family is screaming and clinging to you or standing in your line of fire. They must know to get behind you if at all possible–never in between you and the threat. And have a personal plan for what happens after you have had no other choice but to use your weapon to stop a threat i.e. you put your gun on the ground, open the chamber, you sit calmly with your hands in plain view awaiting directions from law enforcement which are on their way because YOU have called them even if others have as well.
Anyone looking for trouble or with a need to show the world what a bad ass they are has absolutely no business with a gun concealed carry or in any other circumstance. It’s actually the exact opposite. When you carry a gun for the purpose of protection you can never be the aggressor in any form, be it road rage , a neighbor that wont be quiet in the middle of the night or somebody saying the wrong thing to your girlfriend on date night! As warranted as that may be you must be aware of what you your actions would look like to a jury in a court setting.
Your ability to carry is merely a final line of defense when all else has failed. It does not make you Superman or above the law. For those who choose to carry the benefit of knowing there is a final line of defense if we ever need it obviously outweighs the hassle it takes to do it or we wouldn’t do it. So if you choose to carry and accept the personal accountability it requires you to do these 3 things every time: Stay awake. Make a Plan. Be humble

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Prophecy. Russia and Iran.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Portuguese: 

Olá amigos,
vejo que muitas pessoas no Brasil estão lendo meu humilde Blog: TOM'S JOURNAL, ultimamente, e estou lisonjeado e grato ! A partir de Espanha e França! Eu sou apenas um homem feliz, Deficientes veterano do Vietnã: 68-70, ex-helicóptero Huey, 'door artilheiro." Eu estava tão jovem de volta, então, a idade 19 ! Mas tenho aprendido e experimentado tanto através dos anos, e também aposentado de motores Chrysler, em Kenosha, Wisconsin, Estados Unidos da América. Agora, eu vivo tão extremo norte em Michigan, e agora o inverno é em cima de nós e frio ! Mas os verões são um verdadeiro paraíso, e somos gratos por cada ano de vida.
Mas estudando a Bíblia KJV, ou a NASB, estamos totalmente compreender que o nosso mundo está começando a ser mais perigoso agora que estamos a lidar com uma Coreia do Norte nuclear, e até mesmo a nossa enorme, poderosa nação poderia ser morto em uma questão de minutos !! Verdadeira Bíblia alunos saibam que não vai acontecer, antes de Jesus voltar antes do arrebatamento. Louvai o Senhor, por sua abundante misericórdia e bondade !
Obrigado por ler o meu blog.
Thomas G. Schuckman
"Jesus é o Senhor."
"Deus não pode mentir." ---Tito 1: 2.

     As I have ALWAYS told you and advised you ---  FIRST check things out in the KJV Bible and do the research --- before you jump into a different belief system, group, church or mind set,  please !   Father God has put all the answers we need to get Saved and Prosper on Earth before the big mess hits the fan.   Be happy, Wise, Steady, Humble and be nice to all people....  if you can,  but especially your spouse, kids, and loved ones !  
       I thought today... that I had better get some small carpentry job in the  house done while the beautiful sun was shining,  but I needed the assistance of my pretty, wife, to do it.   And then [Murphy's Law],  we could not find all of my needed tools to complete all the actions,  so we did the best we could.   But if I were in better shape I could have certainly located the right tools -- and 'someone' misplaced or hid,  but it didn't happen.   And so I might have to buy a few more tools and make sure we ALL know where the tools are, from now on.   I made a little shelf in the kitchen to help me organize my things, near the computer,  and I still have to complete the task so that it looks nice and proper.  

But it's the same things with all the people in the USA, for instance, going about their daily lives, but KNOWING that someday, Jesus WILL COME BACK and 'clean house !'  
       The ancient Israelites also knew that the Messiah-- Lord Jesus WOULD CERTAINLY COME thru the 'line of Judah [the Lion] at the right time, soon after Malichai  was written and the Jews were "repatriated' back to Jerusalem, etc.,  but they got so involved in 'feathering' their own nests/ homes, that they lost sight of the Bible Prophesy.   The History of the Nation of the Israelites is like a Chinese road map.... up and down,  repeat- repeat.   They do good for a short time -- and then they do bad and get into troubled with the Lord God Yahweh !   But before we look down on them and point fingers  -- we in America need to look at ourselves !   God has mightily Blessed us here in the USA,  but then we have turned away from him and become like the heathen nations.   Yes,  the Master will return,  but how will He find us and doing what ??   We ought not to be seen with our pants down !   If you don't believe me,  just look at the News.

More Later,
Warm Regards,
Thomas G. Schuckman
"Jesus is Lord."

Nov. 28, 2017 A real White House/ Do you believe Jesus will return on Dec. 12, 2017?/Russian,Iran,Turkey alliance
Posted: 28 Nov 2017 04:43 PM PST

I pray each and everyone of you who has come to my prophecy site will have a blessed Thanksgiving! As with Easter it isn’t about the eggs it’s about Jesus. Although Turkey is one of my favorite foods Thanksgiving isn’t about the meat it’s about giving thanks to Christ for blessing the U.S. even in the face of this generation turning away from Him.

My first edition off my prophecy book was released in 1997. In that edition I warned people to watch for a Russian, Iran alliance which would point to the coming Ezekiel 38 war. Over the years as I up-dated my book I showed you how the Islamic nations would also join in on this alliance and in the end they would fulfill the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy. In my newest edition of my book  Chapter 11 is still entitled: “Invasion against Israel” This chapter begin on chapter p.364. It will show you a time line of what has happened over the years that is bring us to the fulfillment of this prophecy.  There is only one generation who could see such an alliance form and that is the generation Jesus referred to in Matthew chapter 24 when He said this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.  That is our generation. Now for the first time in History a Russian, Iran, and Turkey alliance has in fact be formed and these are the exact nations God told us about in chapters 38 and 39 of Ezekiel.  You can see this news I have been warning about for year in a new video.  Take this information to heart because Jesus is coming back even if you do not believe He will. Now is the time to get right with Christ!Download The Last Chronicles of Planet Earth November 20 2017 Edition written by Frank DiMora

The White House this year is really white. Thank you Mr. President and your dear wife for bringing back the Christmas spirit.

Yesterday I posted information from Lauren at  Lauren who is claiming Jesus will return on Dec. 12, 2017. If you want to know all the details please read my post from November 27, 2017. My question to everyone coming to my prophecy site is this. How many of you believe Jesus will come back on Dec. 12, 2017?  If you say no please email Lauren and tell her why you believe Jesus will not come back on that date. Be careful because I would hate to see anymore people mislead in believing this date once they read her material. Keep in mind in order for Christ to return the tribulation would have already started. We would have been living under the rule of the Antichrist, we would have seen the two witnesses come as prophesied, we would have been forced to take the Antichrist number, we would have already seen the Jewish Third Temple built already, we would have witnessed the Jews doing their animal sacrifices already as Jesus shows us, we would have seen every living thing in the seas die as the seas turned blood like. These are just a few of the things that show us Dec 12, 2017 is just another false date. What do you say?

Monday, November 27, 2017

Mueller's Dark Secret.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Norwegian: 

Hei venner og lesere i Norge:
Ditt land er en av mine favoritter, og jeg tror det er fordi det er så mange norske folk har kommet til Amerika og hjalp vår enorme land vokser til å bli stor. Ikke misforstå meg --- den korrupte politikk og "Falske Nyheter Media" og sosialistene er å dreie våre land til et toalett !! Og far Gud ser alle på dette på en daglig basis, og han har lovet å lage en "kur", snart ! Det KJV bibelen er også en flott 'bok av instruksjon,' og forteller alle av oss som er saktmodig og ydmyk, hva den foretrukne viktig ting å gjøre nå, Kjære venner! Men det er absolutt en "prioritet" for oss. Først, snakk til far i himmelen og bekjenner alle kjente synder, angre og be for Jesus Kristus å komme i ditt hjerte... For alltid, og den Hellige Ånd kommer til deg, også ! Aldri noensinne, mener at tidligere synder er for stor ! Gud er veldig barmhjertig ! Han selv han tilgir meg.
Deretter etter at du har studert Gospels og boken av romerne, bed ofte og dele evangeliet med andre. Det Rapture -- når Herren Jesus Kristus tilbake [SNART] for å ta oss unna rett før den store, store, wars av ødeleggelse komme, vil være så flott og fornøyd !!
Min beskjedne blogg: TOM'S journal. Min e-post:
varm hilsen,
Thomas G. Schuckman
Michigan [U.P.], USA.

Mueller ?   What a dirt bag !!   Enough said.

EXPOSED: Mueller’s Dark Secret Uncovered, He Wants This Hidden

When former FBI Director Robert Mueller was named as the special prosecutor in the Russia probe, the mainstream media quickly lionized him as an “honest cop.”
The Los Angeles Times has told a different story. Journalist David Willman has exposed the fact that Mueller’s reputation for excellence actually hides the fact that he is a notorious bumbler. 

Indeed, Mueller has fumbled on national security cases that could have been deadly for Americans. Other criminal cases have also been botched by Mueller.
In 1979, Mueller, at the helm of a government investigation, tried to convict several members of the outlaw motorcycle gang, the Hells Angels, of racketeering. Eighteen defendants went on trial, but only five were convicted. All five eventually had their sentences overturned on appeal.
Mueller’s team, which had dropped many of the charges against Hells Angels’ leadership, did not ask for a retrial.

Defense lawyer Richard B. Mazer said that Mueller and the US government “made a mess” of the trial against the Hells Angels.
After being appointed by President George H.W. Bush as assistant US attorney general, Mueller led investigations into New York mafia boss John Gotti, Panamanian dictator and drug runner Manuel Noriega, and the 1988 bombing of Pan-Am Flight 103.
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One anonymous prosecutor who worked alongside Mueller during this time described him as an “order-giver,” and someone who “doesn’t invite disagreement.”
According to Willman, Mueller’s “linear approach to evaluating evidence led him to fumble the biggest U.S. terrorism investigation since 9/11.”
The case in question concerns the FBI’s failure to unmask the person responsible for mailing letters containing anthrax to public officials. This act of terrorism killed five, and injured seventeen others.
Michael Mason, the former head of the FBI’s Washington field office, claims that Mueller “was always the leader of the anthrax investigation, period.”
It was Mueller who asked the FBI to focus the investigation on Steven J. Hatfill, a virologist at the Army’s Fort Detrick laboratories. Mueller even confidently told Congress officials in a closed-door meeting that Hatfill was the man responsible for the anthrax letters.
The evidence against Hatfill would ultimately be discarded as unreliable.
By all accounts, Mueller was slow to admit his mistakes regarding Hatfill. Mueller’s gruff persona does not allow him to admit fault or weakness, according to those who have worked with him.
It’s also worth mentioning that Mueller and his FBI provided Congress with terrible intelligence regarding Saddam Hussein’s WMD program. This bad intelligence directly led to the US invasion of Iraq, a war which killed over 4,000 US troops, over a million Iraqi citizens, and led to the creation of international terrorist organization ISIS.
Simply put, Robert Mueller is no shining example of excellence in law enforcement. The media’s attempt to say otherwise only serves their own bias against President Trump, and their belief in the legitimacy of Mueller’s Russia probe.
Is Mueller compromised?

28 November 2017

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Mueller also has a vested interest in tying President Trump to Russia, for he himself acted as something of a go-between for the two nations when Moscow asked for samples of highly enriched uranium (HEU) around the time of the Uranium One deal.
Mueller is no “hound of justice,” but another lapdog for the Washington establishment.