Sunday, January 1, 2017

I Missed the Parade !

Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends,  and  Happy New Year ! !

     I was so tired last night that I went to bed about 10 PM, and fell asleep fast, under the warm covers.... Praise the Lord.   And I guess we shall all get a heavy dose of super cold Arctic air blast in a week, too.    The people that live up here in the North are somewhat complacent and used to this cold weather of Winter,  but in Summer it all turns into a real Paradise, IMHO.    Very fragrant, sweet smelling, thriving, beautiful life.   The people don't mind living poor, and they just accept it.   But there are always "takers" and users in the mix, as the beat goes on.   So,  there always seems to be a 'give and take' sort of life, and we should all have a balanced point of view, I think.    And maybe I should not blame the people up here -- but maybe the educational system that 'dumb's down' the kids in the first place.    

But maybe I am just missing my old 'intellectual comradery'  of days past.   And MY kind of dear people are dying off, or are too far away.   And the reason I chose to cut and paste this morning's clippings was to warn people of what could come in the near future.   Yes,   I realize that I have been singing this tune for a number of YEARS, now,   BUT TRUE CHRISTIANITY is more than just a 'label,'  but a "Way of Life !"   And once the 'trap has sprung'  there will be no going back,  sorry.  
     You know,  a man can have a good, loving, happy life, and then his spouse dies and leaves him so all alone, so that he is then up the creek without a paddle,  and that good spouse cannot be so easily replaced.   Yep!   I know that others who are just not so articulate will tell us,   " just move on with your life."    But I will tell them.... "Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it !"   Yes,  talk is very cheap, but action is Power.   But that's a whole other story and blog post.   I am not a great man,  but I am special, and in a special group of people  --- The "Warrior Class",  but also in the blessed retired class, and I enjoy being able to eat out often and do pretty much what ever I want, but within my means/ income level.    However, most  people only want us around when there is some dirty job to be done, that they don't have the stones to do.   I am Disabled now, at age 67, and somewhat limited, and struggling with a new decision that has to be made.    I know what I want,  but I am limited in how much I can do by myself right now.    I rely upon God and His Word, the Bible, to help me, and praying hard now to make things work in a few months or so.   Back at the ranch,  God's divine Plan waits for no one, and as smart and capable Mr. Trump is,  he might be swamped with all the machinations of the devil and his 'human helpers' who want to pull down the USA as we know it --- to effect the OWO.. or the NWO, that the Bible says,  WILL REALLY HAPPEN, no matter who is in charge or who is in the WH at the time appointed.   So...  what are we Christians to do now ?   Number One:  Keep on loving, praising, worshipping, and praying to God the Father  ---- THROUGH Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and allow the Holy Spirit to work on us, so that we may be good Christian Soldiers, and see all this through.   Remember, dear friends,  that THOUSANDS of our fellow Christians in other lands, have already LOST THEIR LIVES -- THEIR HEADS, for Christ's sake, so their fight is now over, and they are in a chosen, crowned, better state, now.     They have "walked the walk," and spit in Satan's nasty face.   I admire their guts and glory, and my time is still to come.  

Some 40 years ago,  I was personally ready and willing to sacrifice my own life for something that I BELIEVED IN,  but that possibility would have landed me in hell !   Father saw something in my mind and heart that He could use, and so He saved me through out those years, when I was living 'Dangerously.'   AS I have said so many times.... I SHOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD, a hundred times !       But you know,  when you look back in retrospect,  "What have YOU done for the Lord, all of your life,'  and who have you LED to the Lord, holding their hand as they prayed the 'Forgiveness/ Salvation Prayer??'   That, in itself, is an awesome, powerful, thing and event !   I am NOT bragging,  just relating the true facts, and looking at the big picture, of how the Father uses a simple, sinful, old, goofy man that so many others poke fun at and deem worthless !   What the whole world thinks, says, is NOTHING, compared to what the Lord has in store for them.  And the apostle Paul aptly said:    "that the wisdom of the world is foolishness with God."    ---check it out, please:  
 The Wisdom of Men and the Power of God | Desiring God
The Wisdom of Men and the Power of God ... the content of that faith is regarded as foolishness by the world's wisdom. ... for Paul the "wisdom of ...
  • 1 CORINTHIANS 3:19 KJV "For the wisdom of this world is ...
    1 Corinthians 3:19 KJV: For the wisdom of this ... 19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. ... 22

  • One half of the US population is looking forward to 'Our New Man' to 'drain the swamp,'   and that too, is a very dirty job.   I am sure that Mr. Trump will give a good account of himself,  but the table is stacked against him, as the devil's disciples, like Obama....and John Kerry, etc., are sinning, big time,  against God and Israel    [remember Genesis 12: 3 !],    are already doing their dirty, destructive work to make him fail,  because Mr. Trump will steal their so-called lime light and glory !   In fact, Trump is busy doing just that now, before he is sworn in !

       There are 3 subject lines in the following part of this post that I must draw your attention to, friends.... such as:  Crippling Debt, a Worthless Fiat Currency, and the last one, 5 Predictions that should keep you awake at night.  

    I would dare to say that most Christians are NOT rich or well to do, and that alone keeps them very humble and close to the Lord.    I just happen to be blessed,  but I feel so very close to Father God, and Christ, and I could not move an inch without the H.S.  [Holy Spirit] !!   Some would then say that I am weak or misguided,  but then,  that sort doesn't even have the H.S. !  
         In my faulty thinking,  life with a nice, warm, kind woman,  would be so much easier....  but God's better knows what I need.... to depend on Him,  alone.    I just check out 2 well know Moving Truck Companies, and for the little bit I own,  they want almost $3000., to move me from point A -- to point B,  and that doesn't even consider the next place's rent !!   So... I have come up with  a different solution, that I will keep under my vest, and close to my heart.   And I intend to investigate my possibilities starting tomorrow at the VA.   The people up here just want to milk me dry, and take, take, take.  And what a selfish mindset.   Do they really think that they will better themselves by taking things that they never worked for ???   --Duh.    And I will bet that they brag to their girl friends how bad they ripped me off... they have no shame.   ---Also  remember, please,  that a woman will NEVER KICK YOU OUT until they have wrested away your last dollar !   Ha!  Somethings just never change, in life, as wise old King Solomon used to say,  "there  is nothing new under the sun..."
          As I learned in Finance,  First, you need to write things down,  like your goals, and how you plan to get there.   That good Financial training is Priceless !!   And I use it for so many things and purposes.   But for the tiny, little 'nest egg' that I have, it took me 5 years to build it up, and the Lion's share of it was safely ripped off before I was set on my new journey one year ago !   I have the documented proof of that with MMX.   As the old country song goes... "She got the gold mine --- I got the shaft."      ----Jerry Reed "She Got the Goldmine, I got The Shaft" - YouTube
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    Lyrics to 'She Got The Goldmine (I Got The Shaft)' by Jerry Reed. Well, ... Song Discussions is protected by U.S. Patent 9401941. Other patents pending.

  • Well,  I will eat some left over pizza now.   Blessings to my good faithful friends who always cheer me up:  Ruth, Patty, Vicki, Steve B., Heidi,  Judy, Greg,  Crew Chief JJ, and Jimmy H., etc.,   and those I just forgot...  sorry.

    Have a great, safe, sober, Day.
    Warm Regards,
    Tommy  Schuckman

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