Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Chilies fight Cancer.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Ladies !
   And now, today on Jan.  11th, 2017,  I am going to prove that I do NOT hate women !   The fact is,  I like them too much and let them take advantage of me [although after this last inning in the game I think I have learned my lesson... lol].   And I also want to make something very clear, that some goofy people have said of me in the past that the reason I have pumped iron [was a power lifter most of my life, rode motorcycles, etc] was because I wanted to appear 'Macho.'   Eating hot peppers makes me feel good all over !!  It also aids in digestion, and it doesn't hurt my poor old butt when I have to evacuate the next day,  either.   They taste good to me and compliment my meal  --- get it ??  But there are also a few 'tricks' that I have learned thru the years to make hot peppers easier to eat.  
        1.   Put food in your mouth at the same time that you bite a chili ---pepper, and chew them together. 
        2.   Try NOT to wash them down with beer as that seems to intensifies the heat.
        3.  Dairy products like cheese, tend to knock down the heat, too.
        4.  Take a little bit of the chili [pepper] first to see how hot it is.
        5.  Order a glass of ice water on the side to drink if the heat is too much, and that will cool off your mouth.
        6.  Many Mexicans cannot even stand to eat their own chili's and they just cannot understand who I can eat 30 of them with my meal,  but they also 'deep fry the chili's' for me and that makes them taste great, IMHO.   And putting some salt on the pile of chili's also seems to cut down some of the heat  --- but then, you DON'T need to salt your food so much, either, as you really get enough salt in your diet anyway.   And,  smart folks who have the brains to "spice up their food with hot chili's  DON'T NEED ALL THAT EXTRA SALT !   And all that salt is not good for you anyway !  

And a little history about the peppers/ chili's is that the hottest ones in the world are found in places like Thailand, not Mexico.  The Thai [and I been there twice on R and R, while in RVN --Vietnam] would bring any Mexican to tears...  LOL.   But in the old days when people didn't yet have refrigeration to keep food fresh, the meat, etc., in the market place was just hung from a hook in the outdoor shops, and covered with flies, and it also rotted.   So to mask the rotten taste the people used peppers and spices to cover up the foul taste.  When the people finally got refrigeration,  they were still in the habit of using pepper to spice their food, and so they just kept that tradition.   Anyway,  that's what I heard and I am sticking to that story.  

Don't be afraid to try new things !

---Tommy Schuckman

The spicy, active ingredient in chilies found to kill off cancer cells

Image: The spicy, active ingredient in chilies found to kill off cancer cells
(NaturalNews) A burning, hot sensation in your mouth isn’t the only trick chili peppers have up their sleeve. Rather than spicing up your food, German researchers found that capsaicin, or the active, hot compound in chili peppers, could stop breast cancer in its tracks.
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, affecting about one in eight American women. Scientists have classified breast cancer according to the presence or absence of three receptors that are known to promote breast cancer proliferation. The receptors are estrogen, progesterone, and the epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2).
While breast cancers that test positive for HER2 typically respond well to available treatments, others that test negative for all three receptors (also called triple-negative breast cancer) are harder to treat, with damaging chemotherapy being the only available treatment option.
The German research team led by Ruhr-University Bochum’s Dr. Habil Hanns Hatt and Dr. Lea Weber, however, found that capsaicin may offer new hope in the treatment of this particularly aggressive cancer type. (RELATED: Learn more about health-enhancing foods at

Spicy molecule causing cancer cells to self-destruct

For their study, the team analyzed the effect of capsaicin on SUM149PT cell cultures, which are a model system for the aggressive triple-negative breast cancer type. Previous research suggested that several transient receptor potential (TRP) channels influence cancer cell growth. These TRP channels are membranes that control how much calcium and sodium goes in and out the cancer cell.
Olfactory receptor TRPV1 is one of these channels that received a great deal of attention from researchers around the world. For their study, the German researchers aimed to investigate the role TRPV1 plays in breast cancer growth and development. They hope their findings may lead to better understanding how TRPV1 could be used in breast cancer therapy.
“To our knowledge, no studies have yet conducted a large-scale comparative study of the TRP channels expression profiles in breast cancer cell lines,” said Dr. Lea Weber.
When Dr. Weber and colleagues added capsaicin and helional, a chemical compound which creates the scent of a fresh sea breeze, to breast cancer cell cultures for several hours or days, the spicy ingredient attached itself to the edge of the cancer cell, known as the cell membrane, and activated TRPV1.
When TRVP1 was switched on by capsaicin, calcium and sodium distribution spun out of control and cancer cells began to divide more slowly and self-destruct, which halted the tumor in its growth while leaving healthy cells unharmed.
What’s more, surviving cancer cells were no longer able to move as quickly as before, implying that their ability to form metastases in the body was significantly reduced. (RELATED: Many common food ingredients kill cancer cells. Stay informed at

Exciting breakthrough in the treatment of cancer

While it is too soon to make any conclusion, these findings are an exciting breakthrough in the fight against cancer. However, the researchers noted that the effect cannot be achieved by consuming chili peppers or inhaling the capsaicin compound. They said that that capsaicin is most effective when taken in pill form and attached to another drug that effectively targets cancer cells.
“If we could switch on the TRPV1 receptor with specific drugs, this might constitute a new treatment approach for this type of cancer [triple-negative breast cancer],” says Hanns Hatt.
Furthermore, capsaicin has also been shown to inhibit cancer cell growth and induce cell death in several other types of cancer, including colon and pancreatic cancer.
The study was a collaboration between Dr. Hanns Hatt and Dr. Lea Weber, and several institutions in Germany, including the Augusta clinics in Bochum, the hospital Herz-Jesu-Krankenhaus in Dernbach, and the Centre for Genomics in Cologne. The findings were recently published in the journal Breast Cancer: Targets and Therapy.
See more news about cancer prevention at

'Switch to World Money.'

Tom's Journal.

What must be realized is that the strait jacket of bureaucratic organization paralyzes the individual’s initiative, while within the capitalist market society an innovator still has a chance to succeed. The former makes for stagnation and preservation of inveterate methods, the latter makes for progress and improvement. Capitalism is progressive, socialism is not.
The champions of socialism call themselves progressives, but they recommend a system which is characterized by rigid observance of routine and by a resistance to every kind of improvement. They call themselves liberals, but they are intent upon abolishing liberty. They call themselves democrats, but they yearn for dictatorship. They call themselves revolutionaries, but they want to make the government omnipotent. They promise the blessings of the Garden of Eden, but they plan to transform the world into a gigantic post office. Every man but one a subordinate clerk in a bureau, what an alluring utopia! What a noble cause to fight for!
Against all this frenzy of agitation there is but one weapon available: reason. Just common sense is needed to prevent man from falling prey to illusory fantasies and empty catchwords.”
Ludwig von Mises’ 1944 book “Bureaucracy
MP: Mises makes an important point that it’s capitalists who are the real progressives, not the socialists. Exhibit A: Venezuela.

Thomas Neviaser

Also, nur was wird die neue 'Währung' Aussehen? Ich bin immer neugierig. Eines ist sicher, es schadet nie, auch in greifbare "Metalle" wie Gold, Silber, Platin, etc. und ein paar Bier, Schnitzel, Brot und reines Trinkwasser investieren.
Einen schönen Tag noch, Freunde, und scheuen Sie sich nicht, mir eine e-Mail:
und der Name meiner bescheidenen Blog: TOM'S JOURNAL.
Herzliche Grüße,
Thomas G. Schuckman

Hello  Friends !
    Next Door to my old house in S.E. Wisconsin -- in Union Grove, a very small town, that I really WISHED I's KEPT, was my neighbor who claimed to be a 'Christian,' who never, ever swung a paint brush on his house, that, IMHO,  brought down the value of all the rest of us good, home owners who did take care of our properties !   I so regret letting my property go.... and at least I would have a place of my own right now, in a good, safe, low crime area,  but still within a short drive to larger cities with good food and values/ friends/ relatives.

BUT !    Go figure that, perhaps the good Lord had something else in His mind, and if I would not have made a move 6 years ago, and not got hurt a few times, and not landed in a few hospitals and Rehab places  --- I would NOT have witnessed and shared the Gospel and Salvation story to many, yes, many RN's, other nursing staff, doctors and people, to lead them to the Lord [by direction of the Holy Spirit,  of course].   That's just my guess and assumption, at how God works, as I have many times posted on my humble blog.   And I have posted my own story of how I came to be Saved, here, too.   And if we have not learned a lot and experienced many things since we turned 21 years old,  maybe some of us were living under a rock... LOL !  

       In the beginning of the movie:  "Platoon," the Director posted a scripture from the book of Ecclesiastes,   ECCLESIASTES 11:9 KJV "Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth ...
Ecclesiastes 11:9 KJV: Rejoice, O young man, ... in the days of thy youth, and walk in the ways of thine ... Bible Rejoice
       But what's so cool and interesting with the Bible is that it usually happens that the writer first poses a question  --- but then ends with the RIGHT/ PROPER Answer !   So,  here is that answer in verse 10:  "Therefore remove sorrow from thy heart, and put away evil from they flesh:  for childhood and youth are vanity."  So,  here is the sum total of the whole business:   "Rejoice, O young man in they youth, and let thy heart cheer thee cheer thee in the days of thy youth,  and walk in the ways of heart,  and in the sight in thine eyes:  but know thou,  that for all these things God will bring thee into judgment."  

Even though a loving, kind, godly,  parent will try their best to raise a child right,  kids are just going to get into trouble sometimes.   And then, one way or another, when we start growing up,  we will 'reap what we sow.'   If we have NO parent that teaches us right from wrong.... and I mean the BIBLE right from wrong... not BLM -- B.S.  [the 'B.S.' stands for "berry].  And the 'BLM' -- also, B.S., stands for the George Soros sponsored $$$$,  and Obama- oink/ goof,  supported  --'Black Lives Matter.'   LOL,   and that was Obama's real "Legacy," folks... Ha! 
        And after you read/ listen to this all important audio/ Video below -- you might find out what 'ELSE' Obama helped to support and promote, and perhaps about 95% of our own U.S. Congress, at least knew about, but did and said, NOTHING !!   Well,  friends,  putting shame on certain people is kind of moot and late at this point in time,  but rest assured that those evil 'humans' have their get out of Dodge and D.C. card, and their hoards of gold, etc., and secret places over seas of some tropical island, ready and waiting.   The damage is already done as most of us were sleeping or watching some lame TV program.   And it makes sense to me that even the 'News Media' who are paid Millions $$$ also know, and also prepared,  while the working class always gets the shaft.... sorry to be so blunt, folks.  

I know that I am predictable and very transparent, and that may bore some of you away by now,  but the ONE BIG DEAL -- ACE up our sleeve, that the rich and powerful DO NOT HAVE, is Jesus Christ, and the KJV Bible ! !   Yes !  And we are truly grateful, thankful, Joyful, Happy about.
    But, it still wouldn't be a bad nor sinful thing to be somewhat 'PREPARED,'  friends !   And even the books of the bible support my theme of putting something aside for emergencies and disasters.   So,  without repeating so much,   just find a few minutes' time to check out my message today, if you can.   Personally,  I thought that I invested too much in certain areas,  but now I think that I am within my 'safe zone.'  

And the snow U.P. here is really WILD and woolly !   I just slept in for the first time ever !   I don't think that I really care to go out anywhere today, and I honestly don't need to.

My email: 

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

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