Monday, January 16, 2017

So Many Worries right now.

Tom's Journal.

    I have been knowing this stuff about Gold and China for many years now,  but hardly anyone would believe my rants...  so I just moved on.   Also,  few people know and realize that there are estimated MORE, real, born- again, bible savvy,  Christians, "underground" in China.....  than in Europe and America, COMBINED ! !   Let that sink in for a minute.   Christianity is outlawed in China -- but very much alive, secretly, [underground] !   
       Just like,  God instructed the Apostles [after Jesus' death, in the book of Acts] to preach to the Jews, FIRST, but then turn to the West, and that's how we Westerners got the Gospel instead of the East.   So, if Paul would have gone East, first --- we would have got the Gospel from China's missionaries.    In the end, Europe and America kicked God out of our Society,  because we were, collectively, sleeping at the switch, and allowed our good Christian principles to erode and vanish in the wind.   God gives His Gifts, Grace, and Blessings freely.   But once we turned our backs on His chosen nation, Israel,  we reap His wrath and strong displeasure !   
    Now,  I keep using the term, "collateral damage."   By that, I mean that not all of America elected Obama, nor did Germany elect a Socialist Chancellor, Angela Merkel.   But since we collectively DID, we all bare a "Community Responsibility," or sorts, and we will all suffer to some extent.   Yet,  God has made a 'provision' for His Faithful servants and followers, in the name of His most precious Son,  Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior !   And part of that provision is The Rapture !    Oh,  I know that many poke fun at and make sport of we Christians for that belief,  but they will be "Left Behind" in the dust and terror, in the end.   THAT is why the preaching/ sharing work is so important RIGHT NOW,   because we know NOT the day and hour of the Rapture ....  but we know the season, and we are living in it, now !   I hope you all see the point of all my blogging, and take hold of the Truth, and Act upon it, TODAY !   We are commanded NOT to beg people to fall in line and share the Gospel.   But I have done my level best to share this precious Information with you on a regular basis, dear fellows and friends.    Act and Prepare !

----Tommy  Schuckman

An unthinkable crisis is set to hit THIS YEAR,
If you are not aware of this catastrophic early warning sign, watch every single word of this now because it may come as a complete and utter SHOCK to you.
Recently, a major shift in our worlds leaders has begun and it could spell near-certain doom for the United States economy...
Here is why
China (the largest Country in the world) who the United States is also indebted to the tune of Trillions...
Has recently begun their dramatic bid to CHANGE THE GLOBAL WORLD CURRENCY from the U.S. Dollar to their own money, the?Yuan . You see, until recently China has always had to use the U.S. dollar for trading with foreign countries, because the U.S. Dollar has been the Global Currency...
However, they have grown sick of this and feel their economy is much stronger right now than the United States, and so the Yuan should be ruler and king. The Chinese are also fed up with the United States inability to pay off its large and unthinkable debt to them, and they realize it will likely never happen so they have begun taking measures to recoup their losses.
Sadly, the Chinese are correct in their assessment and their economy is in much better shape than ours for a few reasons:
First off, in the past few decades China has been buying up more Gold to back their currency (the Yuan) than any other country in the World and is now the second largest holder of gold and fast-approaching the #1 spot.
This is very important, because until 20 years ago most of the U.S. currency in circulation was backed by gold, yet because of the recent balloon in debt we now have about 2% of gold-to paper currency ratio
While China is moving closer and closer to breaking even by the day!
Other Countries can see this happening too, and they are no fool. The Chinese are not only the LARGEST population country in the world, but they are also booming in a time where all other economies are on life-support.
Which leads to: China is on the verge of a World takeover, and it is once again tied to their bid for a new World Currency.

    Ben Ford

Hi  Friends, and Buddies,
     I am just wondering how far back our American Culture retreats every year that our so-called, 'educational system' fails all the children in school ?   We are actually drifting back wards  --- not progressing, any way you cut it !   And if we compare our structure with Europe or Japan,  we are already in the dust.   And we COULD be in the same boat with Greece and Venezuvala, in a year or less,  if a smart man like Mr. Trump doesn't work his magic !!   And it looks like some bad, children with low I.Q.'s have already hobbled him from the get-go.   

Well,  folks,  it just may be that so many of us are still fighting to save our ship,  but all the enemies of America have collectively torpedoed our brave ship, and pretty soon, the Captain will issue the order to:  "Abandon Ship !"     Just like that old country song,  by Kenny Rogers:   "You've got to know when to hold 'em.   Know when to fold them.  Know when to walk away....  know when to run.."

      Kenny Rogers - The Gambler - YouTube
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    Kenny Rogers - The Gambler Label: United Artists Records 1978 Producer: Larry Butler Written: D. Schlitz Capitol Records

  •      Can you just imagine all the people on the 'outside' -- all the unbelievers, shaking in their boots, not knowing the true answers, who put their faith in mere men/  mortals ??   Heck !   I would be afraid and nervous, too, if I didn't totally understand what the KJV Bible said about THESE Times.  
           Friends,   I may be slow to learn, stupid, goofy, very human, and make MANY mistakes, errors, and commit too many sins [although I am honestly trying as hard as I can to listen to the Holy Spirit, and do God's Will while I am yet on earth...],  but I have a firm grip on the Truth of God's infallible Word !
          Below is enough bad dreams and nightmares than we ALL need to scare us half to death, so that we never have to watch another "Horror Show" for the next 20 years !    I don't watch that trash anyway... LOL.   

    When mature, senior, Congressmen and women use all of their status, and "political capital" to fling boogers at the incoming, new President-Elect, and go out of their way to trip him up [sic] and break the peace at an Obama induced racially divided atmosphere, right now  --- it's like throwing gasoline on the fire ! !   In other words, in Military slang,  those kind of people are using their hard won, honorable "status,"  as a gun platform, from which to fire on their enemies !   But they are really urinating on the U.S. Constitutional time honored System and is almost 'holy.'    And one or more of Mr. Trump's high, respected Councilors NEEDS to hide his Tweeter for a year or two.   Sorry....   but I could think of two beautiful women that he loves and respects... to do that job.   Or just let his 'attack dogs' do the job for him, and keep the heat off of his back.  

    So,  all this rot also messes up my own time table, so that I have to 'readjust' everything.   Shoot !  I will never, really be prepared,  but I still know how to pray.  
          I think it's the book of Isaiah, where to speaker refers to the idiocy of a human chopping down a nice, tall, tree, and then carving a heathen idol out of it to bow down and worship it,  but also using some of the wood to make a fire to cook his supper.    Point:  Does it make much sense to worship a piece of wood and also cook your food,  it being A 'CREATION,'  and not the CREATOR ?   IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.   And even in the heathen world -- it all makes sense that there 'had to be a creator.'   And He is not dead, and He actually cares for us and wants all of us to survive and be happy !   It's a very simple story, and if you all can manage a Book written on a 5th grade reading level --- YOU CAN READ AND UNDERSTAND THE STORY OF THE GOSPEL !   Now,  most people who can read on that simple level of 5th - 6th grade,  just reading 2 books, like Matthew and the book of Romans, can and will lead you to the TRUTH of Salvation, and make all the difference in the world between everlasting happiness in heaven --- or eternity in a bad, nasty place of hurt and shame.  
         For those of us who are a bit older, and have suffered from either disease, hurt, unfairness, injustice, severe pain or evil,  the simple knowledge that God promises a solution to all the bad and evil floating in our world now.   I can and will, respectfully, teach, one way or another, all who desire the truth of what will soon happen in our world, and how you can positively deal with it, right now !
       Here is my email address:    And then after we connect,  I could also share with you, my private cell phone number, too.   How easy that would/ could be ?   I want NO compensation for that knowledge, ever !!  To accept anything in return for that Info, would be a grave sin, IMHO.   Someone did stuff like this for me one time, when I was down and out,  and it has just become my J.O.B. ever after, and also the reason why God keeps me alive, at age 67.   And God blesses me in many ways,  and He will also bless YOU if you are serious and honest about this important subject matter.  

    Yes, dear friends,  these certainly are scary, troublesome times, with lots of fear and worry.   As I have mentioned many times,  I have studied Finance, and also had my Securities License to move and market stocks and bonds/ mutual funds,  so I know that we are sailing in rough waters, where instant trouble could be among us ---especially now that Obama has committed a dangerous sin against our friend and ally,  Israel !!   I figure and many others too, that we have now incurred the wrath of the Heavenly Father,  because we hurt His beloved Israel, with which He still has a sacred Covenant !  See:  Genesis 12: 3.   And there will sure be much "Collateral Damage."   So...  whose side do YOU want to be on, after the SHTF... when the stink hits the fan...

    Please continue to pray for me,  friends.   And I honestly do not trust Face Book very much with my sensitive, personal things these days.   Beware,  Big Brother.   'Loose Lips -- Sink Ships.'

    Warm Regards,
    Tom  Schuckman

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