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    With all the screaming, shouting, lies from the Media,  I guess it's super hard now days to think that  you are doing the right thing.    And then, it's the way you are raised, most of the time, that gives a child what ever mindset he/ she has in making some important future choices and investments of their time, money, and sacrifice,  with too many kids turning to DRUGS !  And then every few years some new 'designer drug' comes out and just sweeps across a region in the USA and snatches dozens of lives !  
     Now,  everybody knows that poor old Tom has his share of challenges and problems.... lol...  but yet so many folks who know me personally, only WISH they were in my shoes !   Because I just happen to have a descent pension and health benefits,  but I worked so hard all my life that I SHOULD have SOMETHING to show for my crippled up old body... Ha!  
       The KJV Bible doesn't use the term, "Luck" --- that I have ever come across,  but the book of Ecclesiastes does talk about:   

    ECCLESIASTES 9:11 KJV "I returned, and saw under the sun ...
Ecclesiastes 9:11 KJV: ... Ecclesiastes King James Version (KJV) ... Wesley's Notes for Ecclesiastes 9:11. 9:11 'But time and chance happeneth to them all.'
      I hope that you will take a moment to just look that scripture up, because it is not only beautiful,  but so meaningful.
      However,  some folks take the dim view that, 'why should they even TRY to work hard and get ahead... because they think that everything in life is stacked against them from the start !!   And that is just NOT THE CASE !   In fact, the same book of Eccl. written by wise old King Solomon also says that we SHOULD work hard and also be happy in our work, and also experience happiness in our youth.... and give praise to our  Father  --God, also called Jehovah, or Yahweh, or YHWH.   Jesus is His only begotten Son, and our Lord and Savior, through which EVERYTHING was created... the Master's Hand.   I hope I have not mixed you up... so far.  
   I remember a smart man once said, that the Bible was written for the "Middle of the Road" sort of man/ guy.... who is 'balanced' in his mind and heart.   We want to have a hot fire burning in our hearts for the Lord,  but not to be unbalanced in our attitudes regarding everything else in life.   Some kids dream about being this or that, or getting filthy rich, powerful, famous, doctor, attorney or Indian Chief,  what ever.   God wants us to be happy,  but He also knows that some will suffer, get injured, die, be poor, etc.    We need to know the entire bible to understand that our life NOW is a 'mist'  according to the book of James, and that we are here only temporarily, and that there is 'another world' besides this physical one that we know and see here now.    So that should have some bearing on how we act, feel,  think, and conduct ourselves as Christians.    On the other hand there are other 'religions' who also feel strongly about their belief systems, such as Islam, the so-called religion of "Peace."   But they condone chopping/ cutting off heads of those who do not believe the same as they do.   They consider their, and all other women to be 2nd class citizens, almost like cattle or livestock, so they can beat or even kill them without fearing any punishment !!      But what really gets me started is that the Muslim people believe that a good or righteous man of their Faith in Allah dies and goes to heaven or some paradise where he gets 72 virgins to wait on him and give him pleasure, forever.    But I always wondered what a good, righteous woman gets in their after life !  It just doesn't add up, or make good sense to me.  

As far as what will happen to the price of bananas and "Precious Metals" in the near future,  we also have experts to please everyone.... lol.    I just went out to lunch today to enjoy my favorite Mexican cuisine at Carlos' Cantina, and I enjoyed 40 hot peppers with my excellent meal !   It actually helps my digestion.   After that I went to the grocery store and bought 6 cans of sliced  Beets, and some fresh fruit, etc.   I had a written  list but still forgot to buy some Ginger Snap cookies to munch on when I decide I don't want to eat a big meal,  but sort of 'fasted' yesterday to lose weight, etc.  
       The reason I am telling you all of this stuff, is because I believe in being balanced, and  ready for most anything that might come up.   Just look at the News on TV and how the weather has killed more people in Georgia from tornadoes and wet storms and flooding on both coasts right now !   So,  I do believe in being as prepared that we can without spending every last cent of all those emergency things.    
    Just think now:   What if the authorities tell you to get out of town NOW, any way  you can,  but your auto or truck is out of gas and you have no relatives to put you up in other cities or towns ??   You see,  you are S.O.L.  [surely out of luck].   Unfortunately,  most Americans  live for today --- or  from paycheck to paycheck.   You can thank Obama for some of that crap.... lol.   So, now,  most of us adults in the room know that change is hard and we older folks don't like change very much.   There is a new Sheriff in town, actually D.C., and to cure our national disease,  many of us are going to have to work much harder just to stay afloat.   Joining the Army or Marines was not a picnic in the grass, either !   But we did it, and most of us were blessed so that we came home from a war.   Well,  you really never 'get out of the Army,  but you are a Soldier all your life.'    When I became a Christian, what I really did was:  'Change Armies' to now serve under a better General, and Commander in Chief !   So even though we must change again -- we have done it before, and we will continue following the Right Leader.   Even if it means our death.  
     America is in such DEEP DARK DEBT right now, that if we can even survive, it will certainly be a miracle !!   We may be asked to do some very hard lifting and sacrifice,  but for those of us who have been supporting both the rich and the poor for a long time --- we will try our best to pull the plow.   But we will NOT continue to carry the lazy, spoiled rotten 'Welfare Queens' and gang bangers and girls with 15 kids, each from a different father, and all the millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS that snuck over our border thinking that they will just do nothing but eat our bread and taxes !!   And those pigs are really angry because they know that they will finally have to work and sacrifice,  same as the working man and woman have always done !!!    I hope that you understand this new fight,  friends.  

Have a nice day.


Dr. Doom Marc Faber: “Global Liquidity Will Move Into Precious Metals In The Next 3 – 6 Months”

Mac Slavo
January 22nd, 2017
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Shocking Video - Must See

Economist Marc Faber, who is known in many circles as Doctor Doom for his oft gloomy forecasts, says that stock markets are overvalued, but stops short of saying that a crash is imminent. Though valuations are high and sentiment is dangerously optimistic, Faber argues in a recent interview with Fox Business that there are huge money flows still making their way into U.S. equities.
And over the next three to six months Faber says much of that liquidity from foreign and domestic investors may start moving into precious metals and precious metals stocks:
[There won’t be a sell off] in the near future… but if you look at the valuation of stock they’re high. If you look at the valuation of the US dollar it is high… If you look at the money flows in the last few weeks a lot of money has flown into US equities, both from domestic investors and international investors… as a contrarian this is not a particular good sign.
However, there is a lot of liquidity in the world… the liquidity will move into precious metals and precious metals stocks… so I would be long gold shares, silver shares, platinum and the underlying physical…
I also think that sentiment is much too optimistic about stocks and far too pessimistic about bonds…
Full Interview:

Faber may be on to something, as demand for gold via ETF’s is surging at levels not seen since the 2011 run up in precious metals prices, suggesting that for those on the sidelines now may be a good time to buy gold and related assets.
As the elite meet in Davos to discuss banning cash, investors around the world are flocking to safe havens. Nowhere has this been more visible than in China, where so much money moved into BitCoin that it broke through $1000 stopping just shy of all-time highs.
The sudden and precipitous rise of the digital currency is an indicator of what may happen with precious metals should they become the next go-to safe havens for panicked investors.
With the strength of the US dollar today and President Trump recently warning that a strong dollar is not good for trade, it is quite possible that a policy shift with the new administration could weaken the dollar, adding further upward pressure on the gold price going forward.
If Faber is right, there is a perfect storm brewing for gold and silver.

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Advanced Tactical Gas Mask

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Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 9,555 people
Date: January 22nd, 2017
Website: www.SHTFplan

The new VA Accountibilty Bill.

Tom's Journal. http://tomschuckmanjournal.blogspot.com/


Все люди хотят то же самое, свободы, хорошее здоровье, достаточно денег для оплаты счетов, хорошего образования для их детей, и мира. В этом мире нам может не получить или эти вещи, но высокие духовные качества имеют свои границы Библия говорит нам о том, что в скором времени Господь мой Иисус Христос, вернется на земли в Rapture до его верующих, служащих, святые, на "безопасное место", прежде чем он очищает земли всех зла. Изучение библии и хотя сейчас еще есть время ! Поместите вашу веру и доверие в Бога Отца и сейчас.
---Томми Schuckman
Мой адрес электронной почты: tschuckman@aol.com

Hello  Friends,
      I had a very nice lady come over to help me clean and organize yesterday, and she accomplished so much for me, so I said:  "God bless you, Miss Manners !"   And I want NOTHING more than her trust and friendship !    Everyone shows their appreciation in different ways, and I just like to help people where they need it the most.   If they are poor, I try to help them out, also give them gifts or goods that they see in my humble hovel here in the cold U.P. [Upper Peninsula] of Northern Michigan, USA, which is right North of the Wisconsin border.   It's a paradise in the Summer time,  but it can get very cold and snowy in Winter.    
      Anyway,  a human can live in a tent, like I did, for 8 months, in the RVN [Republic of Vietnam], and still be clean and orderly !   We had electricity in our Aviation company of helicopter repair, the 357th Trans. Co., in Bien Hoa air force base, so I even had a small refrigerator, fan, and my radio, etc., and shared the area with 8 other souls.   We had to use "Out houses" to defecate in, and 'rocket tubes with a funnel on top surrounded by 4 sheets of plywood,  but we were visible to all of God's creation when we were 'going...'  --lol.    It was a funny, goofy experience living there,  but we also lost a bunch of soldiers from incoming  122 mm rockets and mortar fire, day and night.    So our 9 man tents didn't stop any shrapnel, but we could run into our bunkers when under attack.   But some of us drank to excess and often just laid in our bunks -- taking our chances.   Now how did I end up going THERE !!  ??   I was talking about the 'lady who helped me clean !'

As far as passing a good and propter Bill to take care of the corrupt, greedy VA system,  I think that it's about time !    I have personally been verbally and physically ABUSED in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, VAMC,   a number of times !!   And I didn't deserve it !   AS a matter of fact, when ever I used to go there for any treatment, I was sure to be on my very best behavior !   But some of the staff KNEW DANG WELL that they could do just about anything they wanted to the Veterans and get away with it !!   And, IMHO,  if some upset Veteran just "Lost It" and came in with a firearm to set matters right,  I kind of sympathized with him,  even though I would NEVER advocate violence, ever.   As a matter of fact, one time I even PREVENTED another, 'excited Vet' from killing one of the rotten, abusive staff, because I didn't want the Vet to get into trouble.   Yep, most of us combat Vets can kill another human with our bare hands, in a heart beat.
       Praise the good Lord in heaven,  that I found Him in 1995, and the Holy Spirit has been with me ever since, so that any foolish notions or bad habits with me are rare !   I do not wish to hurt/ harm/ kill,  ANY human being !!   But I do have the moral and scriptural right to defend hearth and home, loved ones too !   I am well provisioned and very well trained to use many alternate means to defend and protect, and I even teach good people how to accurately throw sharp knives and tomahawks.   Also a sharp shooter with most firearms, plus the bow and arrow.   However, my main battle sword in the KJV BIBLE !   And just like my literal, steel knives, from "Buck and CoolSteel.com "  --- I keep my KJV Bible "Sword" sharp in my mind and heart, too.    And God's Word,  the Bible, is STRONGER, and more Mighty,   than any steel weapon made by man.   Some day people still on the "outside" will see and  understand what I mean.  

Yes,  what President Trump is doing and signing into Law every day, it seems,  will have a good, profound, effect on America.   You know, dear  friends,  when most of us were coming up in the 1960's with TWO parents caring and raising us the normal way, we learned that the dull drudgery of doing our chores and going to school was a normal thing and saving some money to buy a new bike, older car to take 'Betty Sue' to the Junior Prom or Home Coming dance was something SPECIAL, dignified, and joyous.    Oh,  how I wish I was transported, "Back to the Future," with all the brains and knowledge I have right now in 2017 !!  Wow !    Just think how many bones I might have avoided fractured and all the PAIN !   I wish I could have been a better father and husband to my family.  
     But then, as I look at today,  I know that I am in good shape, financially than MOST OF THE WORLD !  I owe all of that to my Lord and Savior.   And it makes me feel so good inside when I can and do help a few good people in a pinch when they really need it, and I believe that God smiles upon me when I do those kind things.  
      The old book inspired of God,  Ezekiel, says that someday,  people will be throwing their money into the streets !   Because they will know that money can never buy their way into heaven, nor paradise.   Money is NOT the root of all evil, dear people !  
       It is the 'Love of Money'   that gets us into trouble !    Just click on the Link !

      1 Timothy 6:10 (KJV) - For the love of money
1 Timothy - For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many ...

You know what ?   it's just like Mr. Trump saying things about the lying, nasty, Liberal Left so-called, 'News Papers and Media.... LYING ALL THE TIME with their lying liberal agenda, sponsored by the globalist elite !   It's also the same with FALSE religious teachers/ leaders that contort, twist, malign the Holy Scriptures into their own perverted, satanic evil !!  The KJV is PERFECT in every way, and God doesn't lie.  Period.   But men CAN AND DO LIE !  So the only way to make sure that you know the absolute Truth of the bible is to learn it for yourself!   Here is a great place to buy a good, KJV, large print, easy on the eyes and pocket book, Bible:   biblefortoday.org     -- !     Learning to manage your own money is much the same thing, and budgeting.   And Yes, I also studied Finance and Investments, too.   

Well,  that's it for today, and now of off load my groceries from the truck.
  have a good day.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman
Email:  tschuckman@aol.com   


After years of scandals, it is still nearly impossible to fire bad employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Even worse, whistleblowers who speak up about wrongdoings face the fear of retaliation.  

The VA Accountability First and Appeals Modernization Act seeks to change all that. By protecting whistleblowers who bring wrongdoings to light, and allowing the VA to swiftly remove incompetent or problematic employees, this piece of legislation could make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of veterans and their families.

Tell Your Senator to Support the VA Accountability First and Appeals Modernization Act!
It took over 700 days to fire three key employees involved at the Phoenix VA scandal, where employees manipulated wait times while veterans were left to die untreated. When a VA employee in Alabama brought a veteran suffering from drug addiction to a crack house and left him for the night, he was fired - but only after more than a year went by.

Events like these are why we need more accountability at the VA. To tell your Senator to stand by our veterans and support the VA Accountability First and Appeals Modernization Act, click here.

In Freedom,
Dan Caldwell Signature
Dan Caldwell
Director of Policy