Saturday, January 28, 2017

God's Reprieve for America.

Tom's Journal.

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The term,  Reprieve,  means, "to put off for a time...."     The word, Pardon, is different.  
    In other words,  once upon a time in the O.T. {Old Testament, Holy Scriptures} a terrible king in Israel did much harm to the people, and God was going to end his life soon.   But that king saw his gross error, was sorry, and repented.   So God had mercy on him and allowed him to live another 20 years, or so.   So,  he was not pardoned,  but got a "Reprieve."   And we see such great mercy through out the Hebrew Scriptures...O.T.    But I need to tell you all, if you didn't already know,  that there is a definite limit to God's Mercy !!   And also,  we do not ever want to test God, or find out the limits of  His kindness and Mercy.    Or.... do you feel 'lucky today,  Punk ?'    Do you  really want to 'gamble' with God ?   Ha!  Not I !   I may be a slow fellow,  but I am not  a metal midget !   And just because I ate another 40 hot peppers with my delicious Mexican lunch today...  doesn't mean I want to try for 100 the next time !   And, Carlos Cantina, in Iron Mtn., MI., deep fries them briefly a special way to make them so tasty, along with my stir fried lunch, and a cold drink.... yum !   I sure don't go there every day... $$$.   God permits me these little special luxuries now in my old age....  age 67... and 68 on Feb. 20th, 2017.   But if you folks have read my blog for a while, you'd know that I was once HOMELESS in Milwaukee, WI., in the cold Winter of 1996-5 !   And I will never, ever, forget that time, when not ONE human being came to help me in any way !    Hey!   I know how to hurt and avoid people too,  but I try hard NOT to.

And, yes,  the Dims [low life Democrats- Liberals] FEAR the new CIA Chief, Mr. Pompeo, because he will now uncover all the deeper lies and illegal secrets of Obama and his band of demons !  
    And I personally think,  that it's NOT about 'showing mercy, or being kind to those law breakers,'  but let us ferret out the truth of the matters covered up,  because who knows that in a few months there just might be a 'fire to destroy all the evidence.'    Yes !  "Strike while the iron is hot !"  -- The branding iron also used to be applied to bleeding cuts to cauterize  them -- stop the bleeding, in the old days, and even in modern forms of new surgery, instead of giving so many un-needed blood transfusions that might carry AIDS, STD's,  Hepatitis,  etc.   Even the VA Doctors U.P. here told me to avoid too many invasive procedures like 'needle sticks.' etc.   I am so thankful that the "good" doctors are kind enough to give me such personal advice and direction.   And for that matter, the VAMC system in the Upper Peninsula of Northern Michigan, for the most part, has been very professional and unusually KIND and respectful to me !!   And I want everyone to know that fact.

I think that you will really get a few laughs out of the web site I have 'cut and pasted' to this post, so you will want to 'ear mark' this site, and also pass it on.
    Have a great night, and watch out for the slick Winter  roads !

----Tom  Schuckman

Amerika, mit Präsident Trumpf, die beste Position, Position, beispielsweise für ganz Europa, mit unserem neuen Programm. Das meiste von dem, was er tut, ist nur Gesetze bereits auf den Büchern, und werfen Sie die illegale Mandate durch Obama der illegalen Huhn-Mann. Wir werden wahrscheinlich finden Sie einige Tage, wie die CIA arbeitete hinter den Kulissen zu schleichen, dass 'Huhn' in unserem Amt. Und so viele Leute schauen so dumm! Viele patriotische Amerikaner Präsident Trumpf, als Gottes letzte Gnadenfrist. Jetzt ist es an der Zeit, machen Sie sich bereit für einige wirklich harte Zeiten, sogar mit einem Genius an der Spitze.
Tommy   Schuckman 

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