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E.O. Ban on Childhood Vaccinations.

Tom's Journal.

Here,  You see, friends,  I was not making things up at all, in all my prior posts about Veterans getting the 'dirty end of the stick' and abuse all these years ! !   Read:


Earlier this week, the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee unanimously approved David Shulkin's nomination to be Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Shulkin already has experience working in the department--he served as the VA's top health official under Secretary Bob McDonald--and is no stranger to the problems that plague the agency. But his plans for transforming the VA Department are yet to be seen.
During his confirmation hearing, Shulkin promised to reform the Choice Program and streamline the appeals processes for disability claims and pension compensation. Those are issues that have been acknowledged for some time now, and there are many more problems that Shulkin will need to address as VA Secretary.
For starters, the VA and its employees are still unaccountable to veterans and taxpayers. Shulkin can look to reforms such as the VA Accountability Act and the VA Accountability First and Appeals Modernization Act as great ways to ensure poor performing VA employees are terminated in a timely fashion, without affecting veterans' services.
If Shulkin is serious about reforming the health system so veterans receive timely, quality care, making small changes to the Choice Program is not the solution. The Caring for our Heroes in the 21st Century Act is a solution which would allow all veterans--not just those few who qualify for the Choice Program--to decide which health care provider will best meet their needs. 
With Shulkin's confirmation likely in the next week or two, Concerned Veterans for America would like to hear more about his plans to empower veterans with more choice and control over they care they receive. The VA Department has failed veterans for too long--we need a Secretary who has plans ready to implement serious reforms.

In Freedom,
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Dan Caldwell
Director of Policy

     And I was right about this stuff all along  --- from the 'get-go !'
     Read 'em and weep.   God hates Liars and those who harm children !


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Trump Signs Executive Order Issuing 90-Day Ban On Childhood Vaccinations

(katz / Shutterstock, Inc.)

Late Monday afternoon President Trump announced what may be one of his most controversial decisions to date when he signed an executive order placing a temporary 90-day ban on all childhood MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) vaccinations.
The executive order will require all pediatric doctors to refuse the administration of MMR vaccinations in all of their patients under the age of 18-years-old for the next 90-days or risk losing their medical license.
Additionally, the executive order implements a mandatory freeze on all MMR vaccinations from pharmaceutical distributors to health care professionals during these 90-days. According to representatives from the Trump Administration, a team will be immediately assembled to ensure compliance of the order and to identify any vaccines that have been distributed to medical centers within the 90-day freeze.
According to President Trump, a team of the best independent researchers, scientists, and medical professionals will be assembled to research the issue of vaccination safety and the potential link to autism within vaccinated children.
At the time of this writing, no announcements have been made regarding the individuals tasked to work on the above-mentioned group of researchers, scientists, and medical professionals, however, according to sources within the Trump Administration, the president has considered appointing his long-time personal physician, Dr. Harold N. Bornstein to lead the investigating committee.
The executive order has undoubtedly sent shockwaves throughout the country, however, many are pleased by the executive order and point to the decision as yet another campaign trail promise delivered upon by President Trump. Throughout the past several years, Trump has been very vocal in his support for additional research into the possible correlation between childhood vaccinations and autism.
On March 28, 2014, Trump tweeted:
Additionally, on September 03, 2014, he tweeted:
Medical professionals and parents of small children across the country have already organized to protest the president’s decision. Robert K. Huller, a university law professor told reporters that as unorthodox and potentially dangerous the president’s temporary freeze on vaccinations may be – ordering the 90-day ban is well within his executive abilities. Huller doesn’t believe a federal judge would be successful in efforts to block or reverse the executive order.
A White House official speaking on behalf of the administration stated “It has been clear to many within the medical community that there is a sickness inside us.  This sickness has been growing for years and seems to correlate with the rise in vaccination rates.  The President has asked the public to rally around his decision using the hashtag #cureforwellness.”
In addition to the executive order banning childhood vaccinations, President Trump has ordered the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to remove all vaccination related information from their official government website. The executive order requires the CDC to remove all vaccination related material

'Halftime Hell.'

Tom's Journal.

Hello  Friends,
     I realize that many of you --- including me, don't understand all this Satan worship stuff,  because we are just 'not into that sordid crap,' and the Bible clearly tells us 'commands us' to shun those harmful practices, completely.   Ancient Israel even called for he death penalty if someone were caught doing witchcraft !   And no one can eat from the table of the Lord, and the table of demons !    Our God IS A JEALOUS GOD, and rightfully so.   
       Now,  as a bible smart, well studied Christian, I could lay a dozen pointed, scriptures here right now concerning Satanism and the Occult.   But a simple, 'Rule of the Thumb' is:   Just stay far away from Satan and the Occult, and you will be pleasing to the Lord, and you will remain safe.    We need only educate ourselves of these evil things and people, using the Bible: 

        The Bible Condemns Witchcraft - Witchcraft Can Destroy You
The Bible Condemns Witchcraft. ... Of the various occult activities being done in Bible times, sorcery (witchcraft) was most widely named as practiced among the nations.
  • What the Bible says about Wicca/Witchcraft
    WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT WICCA AND WITCHCRAFT Introduction. Sponsored link. ... In this section, we are considering whether the Bible specifically condemns Wicca.
  • What Does the Bible Say About Witchcraft? |
    What Does the Bible Say About Witchcraft? Dan ... The book of Revelation contains several passages that condemn sorcery ... The Bible asserts that only God has ...
    The Bible and Witchcraft: ... the problem with Harry is that salvation from his predicament comes from leaving home learning witchcraft, a condemned practice.
    WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT OCCULT, WITCHCRAFT, SEANCES, NEW AGE, ASTROLOGY, ... they are always condemned by God. The Bible condemns all forms of witchcraft. ...
  • 25 Important

  • **********************************************************

  • Even I didn't catch on to the NFL Super Bowl half Time act, until later, and even thought that part of it was even Patriotic !   So, you see,  I don't even dabble in those dark, evil, Satanic, snake pits, that can and will hurt/ destroy us.   The Holy Spirit warns and protects us.   So that is another important NOTE,  never to quench or drive out the H.S., by getting so drunk or emptying our minds with drugs !    And there is also much Satanic music out there, huge song artists, who are in league with demon influence, etc.   STAY AWAY FROM THEM !  Instead,  start to memorize the scriptures, and start with Psalms and Proverbs.   Why do I choose stuff like:  "Iron sharpens Iron."  --Proverbs 27: 17  -?   Because it means that we ought to hang around with other strong Christians of like Faith, as one Christian surely sharpens another Christian.   In those fine relationships we can find beauty and strength !  Go for it !

  • Warm Regards,
    Tom  Schuckman



    Halftime HELL: Satan speaks through Lady Gaga to declare dominion over the Earth (while Pope Francis blesses) (satire)

    Image: Halftime HELL: Satan speaks through Lady Gaga to declare dominion over the Earth (while Pope Francis blesses) (satire)
    (Natural News) Before you get into this article, note that I’m marking it “satire.” Yet none of the themes unveiled here are actually funny. This is serious stuff… it’s just that 99.9% of humanity isn’t ready to cognitively grasp what I’m about to present here, so until people are more ready to face the reality of demonic evil in our world, I’m going to label all this a weekend joke. Funny, isn’t it? If it’s too much for you, don’t take it too seriously. The NFL is a joke anyway, right?
    The average Superbowl viewer is so totally clueless about reality that they have no idea what they’re even watching. Over the last several years, the NFL has slowly given way to the agenda of truly evil globalists, pushing quack science fraud (breast cancer “awareness” propaganda), anti-American hatred (Colin Kaepernick’s nauseating antics), cultural subversion agendas and vulgar halftime shows that frequently invoke Satanic imagery in ritualistic fashion (see the multitude of photos and videos below for proof).
    But those assaults on the human psyche are nothing compared to the “big agenda” of using the Superbowl halftime platform. I realize this may be hard for people to grasp if they aren’t informed about the deeper layers of wretched evil that have infested our world — the pizza shop pedophile stories barely scratch the surface — but the real purpose of the Superbowl halftime show is to ritualistically celebrate the power of Satan right in the open, declaring his dominion over the Earth by glorifying his imagery, words and worship on national television.

    Superbowl halftime shows are saturated with symbols of demonic rituals and Satan worship

    If you’re not aware that this has been happening throughout Superbowl halftime shows in years past, you are wildly uninformed about the depth and brashness of the Satanic symbolism shoved right in your face during every Superbowl “indoctrination” ritual. The symbols are irrefutably Satanic and linked to Illuminati agendas of human sacrifice, occult power and dominion of the minds of the masses. Here’s a tiny taste of what has been broadcast to 100+ million live viewers in previous Superbowl halftime shows: (see Lady Gaga’s “Hell puppet” imagery below, from the 2017 Superbowl halftime rituals)
    Egyptian “sun disc” ritual magic symbol which covered the stage during a recent halftime performance:

    Madonna’s “Mark of the Beast” dancing stage:

    Madonna mimicking a Satanic figure in her worship of dark power and demonic forces:

    Madonna dancing inside obvious Masonic symbolism, complete with protection pillars and early “Ox” symbols from which the Nazi swastika was derived:

    The “Eye of Sauron” — all-seeing evil eye of power projected onto the set while Madonna dances in worship to the demonic power:

    Madonna literally singing lyrics that invoke the “witching hour” of peak Satanic power before descending into the stage in a depiction of sinking into Hell:

    Beyonce flashing the Illuminati pyramid symbol during her Superbowl halftime performance:

    Beyonce’s Eye of Sauron all-seeing eye, repeating Madonna’s Satanic “eye” symbolism. Many of these symbols are ritualistically repeated multiple times across many halftime shows:

    Katy Perry’s Illuminati symbolism, indicating her worship of demonic forces and surrender to evil (from a music video, not the Superbowl halftime):

    See all this explained (and more) in this video:

    Giant CERN wormhole projected through the floor of another Superbowl halftime performance, accompanied by “dark matter” symbolism and depictions of Shiva, the goddess of destruction and death:

    Picture of Shiva, the Goddess of death and destruction, which is an actual statue staged outside the CERN research center:

    Composite image of CERN hardware with Shiva, the death goddess, inside the “wormhole”

    CERN wormhole imagery from a previous Superbowl halftime ritual is explained in this video:

    Lady Gaga as “Hell’s puppet”

    This year’s Lady Gaga halftime “Satanic ritual,” however, outdoes them all. That’s why Pope Francis blessed this year’s NFL broadcast for the first time ever: He’s a globalist plant, run by demonic forces who carried out a Vatican coup to replace Pope Benedict with an evil “globalist Pope” who would follow the bidding of Satan. (How’s that for a satirical synopsis of the most recent Vatican conspiracy?)
    He selected this year’s Superbowl for special blessings, obviously knowing in advance that he would be invoking the power of the Vatican to bless one of the most Satanic, demonic live Satan-worshipping ceremonies ever broadcast.
    It began with Lady Gaga being lowered into a red fiery platform on cables (i.e. descending into Hell), then dancing in a way that depicted her as a puppet on “puppet strings” (indicating she’s a puppet of Satan):

    Here’s a depiction of a female succubus from Anime, showing the sexual seduction of deceptive female Hell minions who lure you into surrendering your soul:

    And here’s how Lady Gaga depicted herself in a crotch-centric seduction dance while wearing eye makeup that almost perfectly matches the female succubus above:

    Check out the uncanny resemblance:

    Note the similarity of her almost “horned shoulders” with depictions of the female succubus, a minion of Hell:

    Lady Gaga even carries her own “power staff” based on a very precise geometry, as is frequently depicted by Hellish minions who wield power over the souls of others:

    As she’s singing, reddish Hell-like fire consumes the stage around her, from which red-colored “horns” of the owl symbolism are repeated throughout: (the “owl” is one of the key symbols of Illuminati domination and is even found in the layout of the streets of Washington D.C.)

    As fans celebrate he Lady Gaga demonic performance, they are awash in “blood” red lighting, providing the camera a scene that’s framed to show masses of Hell’s minions (with the horned owl symbols in plain view) worshiping the Gaga goddess, the puppet of Satan as she flies through the air with witch-like powers:

    Meanwhile, Gaga stands atop a tower depicting the kind of “evil architecture” typically associated with dark forces such as the Dark Lord Sauron in the Lord of the Rings. Notice the clear depiction of Hell with the fiery red pyrotechnics and smoke, all while “Satan’s puppet” dances atop a tower of evil while the bloodwashed masses cheer in celebration:

    Here’s a wider shot of the “stage of Hell” into which Lady Gaga descends, clearly depicting a “descent into Hell” where she performs and is worshiped by the blind, obedient masses:

    Here’s Lady Gaga on the keyboard during halftime, being obediently worshiped by minions whose light hues are controlled by “central command.” The message is that they are nothing but “human drones” to follow the bidding of their master, Lady Gaga:

    Lady Gaga’s blood-red stage with dancers dressed in white “psych ward” outfits, while it’s all sponsored by the PEPSI logo (Pepsi used aborted fetal cells in its soda flavoring research, see the link here).

    Here’s a top-down view that was broadcast for less than one second, making it almost subliminal. Can someone decipher the symbols and meaning of this obviously engineered composition?

    Here’s Gaga singing in “Hell” with fireballs unleashed behind her as a “sea of obedient human drones” follows orders to worship her as a true goddess of the underworld:

    The dancers are not only dressed like escaped psych ward patients… this black dancer appears like a hooded KKK member as multiple dancers flip their white hoods over their heads during a song routine… complete with pointy hats and everything, as their master Lady Gaga is elevated to a higher position on the platform behind the hooded black dancers:

    Why Satan is now right out in the open

    These Satanic rituals are being shoved in our faces on live television because Satanic forces across the planet are, for the first time in a very long time, finally being exposed for what they truly are. With Wikileaks exposing the Jon Podesta emails — and the truly evil Hillary Clinton being defeated by forces of good — the minions of Satan have come to realize they have a genuine fight on their hands.
    That’s why they are ratcheting up the mass poisoning of human minds with chemicals, heavy metals, info-terrorism and indoctrination efforts. The goal is to achieve such a deep poisoning of the human psyche that mindless mobs of obedient human slaves will literally bow down before Satan and worship his agenda as it is rolled out through CNN, Hollywood movies, pop culture music and extremely dangerous multi-dimensional scientific experiments (CERN, large-scale quantum computing, etc).
    Satanic puppet masters like George Soros are desperately pumping funds into front groups that specialize in disinformation and deception, hoping to push America into a bloody civil war, producing a wave of human pain and suffering on which the demonic forces feed. While the front groups get their financial funding from Soros, he gets his dark energy recharge from Satan himself, carrying out Satan’s plan to unleash chaos, mayhem, death and destruction across this realm through the strategic spread of hatred, intolerance and disinformation disguised as “liberalism.”
    Read more about the deep evil that has infested our culture at
    How’s that for a weekend satire piece?