Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tips for Driving Screws.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends,
     How are  you all doing on this Saturday in February ??  Stay Warm and Cozy if  you are blessed enough to have a loved one near you, and give thanks for everything you have !!   Since I lost my good, wife, Sharon, in death, about 7 years ago, and one month later, my only, good, handsome, smart, son, Andy T. Schuckman,  I have been somewhat depressed, blue, and lonely.... sorry to cry in my beer, today....   Yet, my God and Father still loves and blesses me with a warm place to stay... am renting a big old house from an old hunting buddy way U.P. in the Northern part of Michigan, USA.   The "DEFINED KJB BIBLE,"  always sits on the Oak aisle on the kitchen table, next to my large Computer, so I can look up certain scriptures to prove my point, from time to time, and it also gives me some 'peace of mind,' reminding me that God's Word is perfect, true, infallible and Mighty.   Titus 1: 2., says that, "God cannot lie."
     So, even though I don't understand some of His ways and methods,  I know that Father God loves all of His children,  Followers and Believers, and thru Christ, they will all be 'Saved' and be well rested in heaven, some day... sooner or later.     That is much better than '72 fake, false virgins' in a fake/ false, heathen,   religion, any day of the week !!    

Now,  it is true that men love a lot of handy-dandy, helpful devices, short cuts, and tools, that make their lives a little happier and easier, so that they can get their work done on time, and then sit down and rest with a cold drink while watching great stuff, like Super Bowls, and such, with their pretty satisfied wives in tow, near by, enj0ying life, too.   And ... Let the MAN get up and carry good stuff to the woman just as much as she does for him !!  She has sore feet and an aching back too ! !  The Bible says that men should love their wives -- as they also love themselves.   Buy some silver and maybe some gold coins and one ounce bars for your hard working wives, and kiss them on the cheek, and tell that you LOVE them, often !   Take them out for a good, hot, breakfast at a GOOD restaurant, and treat them as a lady, not a servant !
      I made so many DUMB, STUPID, mistakes in my relationship with ladies, in my life, and now weep and morn all those goofy sins, and would just like ONE CHANCE to do things over again.  But the Lord will change my course as He sees fit.   Maybe there is the right woman out there who is looking for a reformed, gentleman like me who wants to support them in every way.   I am looking for a non-smoking, smart, kind, Christian woman, about age 60- 69, and I would be willing to relocate to a place near here if I can really trust and know that she loves me, for sure.

Back at the ranch,  just look at and read the different ways that you can drive in a screw with out getting hurt, or messing up.
    God bless and protect our U.S. President and his wonderful family !

Tommy Schuckman

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February 1, 2017
15 Great Tips for Driving Screws
15 Great Tips for Driving Screws
You’re driving a screw and it breaks, or you strip the head, or you’re trying to get the dumb thing started and it pops off the driver bit and tumbles to the floor. Ugh! We feel your pain. Driving screws can be a real exercise in frustration, but it needn’t be. Here are 15 tips to help make your next fastening chore a little less screwy.