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Obama Killed Our Economy.

Tom's Journal.

    I also understand  that other countries all over the world are suffering right now, like Venezuvala, where they are eating the dogs, cats and wild birds, and that is just a preview of the coming Socialism that might soon be at our American door step, if the dumb Dims-Liberals-Communists, god-haters get their way.    The fledgling Trump Administration is fighting for it's life at assorted, 'Old Guard' Obama left overs and career politicians, from both parties !   What a shame when a proud, valiant Elk is hamstrung by a pack of wolves in the forest !   And my last post had to do with a "Shadow Gov't" headed by the snake -Obama and his corrupt Dims.  

Now,  some Preppers are deep into survival stuff and there is nothing wrong with stocking up on smart things in case of emergencies that happen all the time in our once great Country of America, snow storms, tornados, floods, Hurricanes,  black outs, huge fires,  etc.    But if they have not yet found the Lord, Jesus Christ,  their real future is in peril.   Why not have you and yourself covered for all eternity.... and not just for the few years left befor3e the SHTF--scenario, now ??  
       Start praying, reading, studying the KJV Bible and be humble enough to allow the Holy Spirit guide your life and family,  now !
Seek God now ---- while He is yet holding out Salvation and Mercy in these Last Days.   It's an easy process,  but you must have humility to admit that you [we all are]  are a SINNER, and tell the Lord that you want to learn more about Him and do His will.

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Tom  Schuckman

Obama Killed Our Economic Freedom: “Stagnation, Unemployment, and Deteriorating Social Conditions”

Mac Slavo
February 15th, 2017
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Shocking Video - Must See

Anyone who feels like the American Dream is dead can now cite solid evidence of its abrupt end.
It seems that eight years of life under Comrade Obama was not only difficult economically, but was fiscally difficult for most American families because his administration had done so much to restrict economic freedom – until his time, a basic tenet of American life, and essential to fostering a vibrant economy in the middle and working classes.
A new set of rankings released by the Heritage Foundation in its 2017 “Index of Economic Freedom” revealed that the United States has been on a continual decline over the past decade, and especially since the 2008 economic crisis. Slipping down to 17th among 180 countries, and losing ground yet again, the country that so often celebrates its shining liberty is considered to be only “mostly free.”
A wave of unprecedented government intervention cut deeply into both freedom and prosperity for millions upon millions of Americans; the reliance upon Federal Reserve QE programs to stimulate the economy has killed businesses, and made other reliant upon government ties to make profits (mainly at the top).
via Daily
It’s already been eight years since the Great Recession, yet the U.S. economy has been just inching along, with its productivity flagging and millions being locked out of the labor market.
One critical underlying factor for this lack of economic dynamism has been the startling decline of America’s economic freedom, an unfortunate legacy of Barack Obama’s eight-year presidency.
The Heritage Foundation’s 2017 Index of Economic Freedom—an annual global study that compares countries’ entrepreneurial environments—highlights the urgent need for the U.S. to change course. For the ninth time in the past 10 years since 2008, America has lost ground.
The U.S. remains mired in the ranks of the “mostly free,” the second-tier economic freedom status into which it dropped in 2010.
Countries achieving higher levels of economic freedom consistently and measurably outperform others in economic growth, long-term prosperity, and social progress. Those losing freedom, on the other hand, risk economic stagnation, high unemployment, and deteriorating social conditions.
In fact, America’s standing in the index had dwindled steadily during the Obama years. This largely owed to increased government spending, regulations, and a failed stimulus program that enriched the well-connected while leaving average Americans behind.
Read the Heritage Foundation report “Blueprint for Reform: A Comprehensive Policy Agenda for a New Administration in 2017” here.
The government takeover of health care – and forcing Americans to buy into their program – has taken a significant toll. So has government takeover of finance, forcing taxpayers to bankroll a bailout for Wall Street, only to eat the continued decline in prosperity as a result of the terrible policies that solidified under President Obama. Meanwhile, business as usual in the federal government meant more cronyism and picking of winners and losers that ever before in U.S. history.
The attempt to push through a climate change/carbon tax cap & tax system, including proposals to make Americans pay more for everything green, to have homes inspected, pay penalties and fines, and ultimately, pay for the privilege of breathing the air and living on this planet have also signaled an impoverished and tightly controlled future.
However, even President Obama wasn’t able to accomplish everything he wanted; though the era of his worldview has greatly damaged the U.S. in many ways.
Eight years of being coached into debt for everything – from college loans that don’t lead to jobs, to homes you can never really own, and a monetary system that is declining rapidly in value all the time, has marred and stalled what is the very essence of this country.
Ultimately, his legacy is a very somber $20 trillion in national debt – a staggering double on the debt throughout American history up until the end of the Bush years.
This country faces grave decline, and can only turn around if the tax burden is taken off of ordinary people, if jobs and independent business again becomes possible, and if the damn government would just get out of the way.
Unfortunately, it could be too late. Many people now see a recession, and a possible larger collapse and depression, as systematically unavoidable. On paper anyway, someone must pay the bill for the past eight years of economic stagnation and decline.
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What 12 Financial Experts Predict for the Economy in 2017…It’s Ugly

"Shadow Gov't."

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends all over the Civilized World,
     I think that we all need to start talking about the real,  "Shadow Gov't" put into place by the snake that just slithered out of the WH, on Jan. 20th, as the good gentleman moved in, President Donald Trump.   As long as I have lived, in 68 years, I have never seen so much foul, dirty, low down, vulgar, stinky opposition against an incoming  U.S. President !!   Give the poor man a chance !!     The every day fake news borders on the insane as so many different types of losers dream up such STUPID things to say and do just to slow down our new POTUS, and  most of the Congressional Dems are guilty.     I honestly think that we Americans will have to help do something constructive and legal to push the 'Lefty-Libs/ Socialists back under their rocks, and soon.   And too much time is being squandered in everyday fighting instead of doing the Peoples' Business in Congress, etc.   Some one better gets things running smoother,  BEFORE the Chinese currency-- Yuan,  over takes the U.S. currency and that will drag us down all the way to the bottom,  and the Dims [sic] know it,  [but they and Soros are big time Global One World Gov't thugs,   so this is really a stalling game.   6 wild lions will eventually take down a strong African Cape Buffalo.   Beware....  and help our President, if only you can pray for his safety and health... please.  
        Pres. Trump is not used to this B.S. political mud slinging, and some think that-- right now he is wasting too much important time fighting the wrong people,  but someone needs to hamstring Chuck Schumer, and the oinks,   although he seems to do a good job of making himself a foolish, clown all by himself !   And what a total disgrace he is to his Jewish linage --- that  nasty, evil, oink !  

I also think that the gentleman/ author below needs more than our prayers,  just to survive and stay "Healthy."  We should write or email him to see what he thinks we can do to help him,  please.   His posts are filled with smart things and real News that we can use !  

Well,  I made those 2 -- large round steaks in my valued Crock Pot this morning and just in time before they went bad, and added a nice sweet onion and a bag of carrots, so that now it all cooked up and fell apart in the pot.   That kitchen appliance -- suggested to me by my local nice VAMC dietician was a great, smart idea, to do my own cooking at home more often, with my own fresh ingredients  without the preservatives and tons of salt.   And the young landlord, really my old deer hunting buddy who helped me when I was in a jam, came in to visit me, said that the cooking smelled so good !

I also called an old Army friend of mine who was an outgoing platoon sergeant in the same Aviation outfit as me, the 240th AHC  -- Assault Helicopter Company, @ Camp BearCat, RVN., 69-70, just to see how he was doing, and he told me that he lost both legs to complications of diabetes !  How sad and terrible !  Bill T., helped me out a few times when I really needed someone to stabilize me, after my wife and son  both died, and I was having my own knees replaced with stainless steel, etc.... and what a royal pain and deep depression I was in at that time.     I just hate to see my dear friends suffer !   But I believe that he knows the Lord.   His father was a Field Grade Officer in the Army, too.   I feel so sorry for his nice, beautiful family...

I am so grateful for a new friend that I have, and thankful that some folks can still see the kindness and goodness in me, as my beard is growing back nicely... PTL.  
    I went to WalMart today, early, which was so crowded with golden agers, and even U.P. here in Northern Michigan,  the people are starting to act rude and discourteous --- albeit, they were always very ignorant... lol.   I don't know if it's the poor school systems U.P. here, or the water,  but I have never found them to be very 'swift,' or brainy.... Ha!   I know... shame of me !  
     And there is a very good place in Norway, MI., called the Thirsty Whale, where they made some great hamburgers and fries,  but I end up paying almost $15 for everything !  I just cannot afford to tip them as much as I used to.... sorry.   So now you know why I am cooking at  home, these days.   Yes,  as I have mentioned so many times,  our food prices are just going thru the roof, maybe because they have to truck the goods up here so far, or we are inflated, with heard times, already.    WalMart is cheaper,  but their meats are 2nd class, IMHO.   I think that we all need to continue to stock up.  BTW, it seems that the price of gold and silver are also going up again.   Maybe we should look into Copper Coins... 1 ounce coins, shinny.   MMX.  

Have a great week end,

Tom  Schuckman
    I am the Soldier on the far Left with dark hair, at Camp BearCat, RVN: 69-70, at the EM Club, after a day's work, flying all day.

"Shadow government" targets NN for destruction... breaking news
Mike AdamsIn a whirlwind of developments over the last 24 hours, I have been threatened by the "shadow government" to destroy Alex Jones or they will destroy me.
After some additional digging, I found out that Obama is running a "shadow government" that's targeting Natural News and the independent media for a barrage of defamation smears and "fake news" attacks.
Brace yourself for a massive onslaught funded by Media Matters and organized by "sleeper cell" Obama. They want to silence us for lots of reasons, including our vaccine truth reporting, opposition to GMOs and support for many of Trump's policies.
It's an all-out media WAR. Click hear to read about how I'm being threatened.
Or read this article for more details about the "shadow government" that's now targeting us all.
Pray for my safety. They are going to try to silence me by any means possible, for all the obvious reasons.
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Sponsor: How to dissolve 50 years of artery plaque
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NOAA got caught faking global warming temperature data… so where is the apology for spreading fake science?
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has yet to apologize for publishing some fake climate science that apparently ushered

"You ain't seen nothin' yet." [sic]

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Russian:

Уважаемые российские братья и сестры,
я вижу, что многие из вас проявили интерес к моему скромному блог: TOM'S JOURNAL, и я благодарю Вас ! Я искренне полагаю, что все мы хотим иметь место под солнцем, с мира, гармонии и любви, и место для подъема наших семей, без страха быть подбит ядерной войны. Ни один орган не хочет, за исключением сатаны дьявола ! Мы библии smart христиане знают, что Иисус Христос обещает "восторга" до нас вещи действительно взорваться, но мы также переживает трудные времена, с китайской валюты над принимая американского доллара $$$ и что только его. Председатель Трамп является хорошим человеком и smart, но существует так много надавив на него даже сейчас ! Я надеюсь, что президент Трамп и президент Путин получить вдоль а также и залечить вещи, с тем чтобы мы все могли жить в условиях мира и гармонии.
Мой адрес электронной почты:
теплый привет,
Tom Schuckman
---инвалидов ветеранов Вьетнама: 68-70.
Мичиган, США.

Hello Friends,
     Yes,  our Victory of electing a good man who only wants to keep his promises, is over, as I thought it would be short lived.   Now, it's  "General Quarters --Man your battle stations !"   In the Army we would have heard the command:  "Fix Bayonets !"   The Viet Cong are coming thru the wire !   Yes,  put down the Shrimp and Champaign,  because we have a lot more work to do.   But then,  Soldiers of Christ bare an extra duty,  and that is to do the "Lord's Work," of  ingathering all the lost souls, and people that hunger for the TRUTH and the LIGHT,  Jesus Christ.  [And... I am a]
        Friends,   I like to look at my "Stats" that tell me vividly 'where my audience is'--- from what countries, with a numerical roll out.  So today, the huge country of Russia is way up there in my own Blog readership, with France, in the number two, slot, etc.   I really don't know WHY some of those countries love my blog so much, and wish some of their English speakers/ readers could/ would email me to explain things and give me the feeling on the street and public places, what they all think about this and that.   That would be so nice.   For a long time, the people in Germany and Norway, were somehow stimulated by my blog posts, with Poland and Greece, too.   Maybe some of those places are censored, too.    So,  from time to time,  I even have some of my words translated into   their foreign tongues, to reach out to them even more.  
      You know,  we bible smart Christians are so motivated by the Holy Spirit, to share the Gospel in many ways, and it's like a deep bubbling volcano inside of our hearts that MUST explode and SHARE the most important things that matter to us -- with others who show a thirst for the Truth of God, and the beautiful HOPE that the KJV Bible provides.   My own eyes are growing weary someday I will need surgery to see better,  so I will hunt and buy a GIANT print Bible for my Oak aisle that I made that sits next to my computer screen.   And on the back side, I carved with a Router, Phil. 1: 21,   "For to me,  to live is Christ, and to die is gain."    Precious FEW people even know what that means... and it seems paradoxical, for sure, and doesn't make sense.   For our God has confused the minds of the so-called, 'Elite, and the world's 'wise men,'  lol.   And it's NOT because we Christians are so smart,  but because WE have the Holy Spirit living and operating in us !!   And after we are gloriously Raptured up to that "Safe Place" with the Lord,  that also means that the Holy Spirit will no longer abide on Earth.   So... you8 can just imagine what it will be like... 'LEFT BEHIND.'  
       And as you all read the good post down below mine,  the world is already getting to be a nasty, fearful, place to live right now !   Still, I consider myself to be very blessed, and have the means to bless a few of my close friends, whom I trust.   And I just made another good friend, yesterday, and treated that person to some hot, delicious Mexican food at Carlos' Cantina.   But they are kind of pricy, and served me a huge plate of hot peppers, some of which I took home with me, and my Crock Pot is cooking right now, 2 large Round Steaks--Beef, carrots and Onion.   It's another chilly day in February 17th,  but the sun is shinning and I feel good.  

It would also be my fondest wish and hope that I can encourage many more hungry people in the world to realize the promise of everlasting life in heaven.... and that  you can and should KNOW FOR SURE that you are going to heaven.  The KJV Bible, written on a 5th grade reading level, tells us just that ! !   If you want to learn more, and positive proof of that, just email me:  

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

February 17th, 2017
Remember a couple of weeks ago when I told you that the battle for America is now starting? The election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States was only the beginning.

You thought you saw opposition during the election campaign. I believe that nothing then compares to what we will see now that President Trump actually has the power to fulfill his campaign promises.

I think his attempts to do the things he was elected to do will be opposed by the Left and by the Washington establishment with such ferocity and vitriol that it will stun most of us. Not only will the President and his allies be fought every step of the way by the Democrats and the liberal Left, but they will be resisted by establishment Republicans, the mainstream media, the crumbling European Union, many Muslims, the globalists who seek the elimination of all borders and national sovereignty, and millions of Americans who only get their information from the established media.

I think he will also be sabotaged by leftover elements of the Obama administration who remain in the intelligence and law enforcement agencies and will certainly be resisted by millions of federal bureaucrats who oppose any reduction in their numbers or their benefits.

Unlike any other President in the last 100 years, President Trump will also have to deal with public and behind-the-scenes opposition from his predecessor. Breaking longstanding tradition, President Obama has remained in Washington and set up shop within two miles of the White House. Returning to his roots (did he ever leave them?), he is back to community organizing and practicing the politics of division. He is actively building an organization, complete with professional staff and organized training programs, for the sole purpose of preserving his "legacy" and furthering the far-Left agenda he promoted in his second term.

There is so much more at work here than just domestic politics. I believe we will see a battle between the forces of evil (this is not hyperbole) and the forces of good (I would go so far as to say the forces of righteousness) that will require all of our determination to fight and willingness to intercede in prayer that we can muster.

A good example of this is the "Women's March on Washington" that was staged the day after President Trump's inauguration in Washington and cities elsewhere. Even London.

The mainstream media fawned over the crowds and the celebrities that attended. One outlet even called it a "huge, spontaneous groundswell."

"Huge?" Maybe. "Spontaneous?" Far from it.

It was highly planned and promoted for weeks prior. It was sponsored by dozens of organizations that are committed to either hastening the moral decay of America or hastening the end of our open and free society.

One writer for The New York Times (oddly enough, a female Muslim and Trump supporter) studied the make-up of the march's sponsorship. Here's what she concluded: at least 56 of the sponsors receive funding from notorious globalist and anti-American George Soros.

The sponsors included a wide range of groups like the American Humanist Organization, Planned Parenthood, Communist Party USA, American Atheists, Amnesty International, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), GLAAD, the National Abortion Federation, and Occupy Wall Street. Two things they all had in common (besides George Soros): they all oppose traditional American values and most of them -- at their core -- ultimately oppress women and children.

Most of the speakers used incendiary language and many were extremely vulgar. The march's organizers even promoted headwear that was labeled with such double entendre that I won't repeat it here. But a few years ago, even liberal feminists wouldn't have used the term in public.

I think it can be safely said that the promoters sought to devalue women's dignity and value as much as possible. And they succeeded.

But at least the march was relatively non-violent.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the march on the University of California at Berkeley.

When I worked with Campus Crusade for Christ at Berkeley in the late 1960s, it was the heyday of the "free speech" movement. At Berkeley today, apparently "free speech" is but a distant memory. If that.

In fact, if you don't say exactly what the faculty and many of the students want you to say, they will shout you down and/or block your audience from attending.

If that doesn't stop you, they are willing to break you, burn you out, or threaten to kill you. So much for free speech at the birthplace of free speech. But that is the logical result of more than a half-century of intense indoctrination by professors and faculty diametrically opposed to most of the values that made America great and, ironically, provided their freedom to teach and the very campuses on which they lurk.

When the Senior Editor from Breitbart News attempted to speak on campus recently, riots erupted. Fires were set. Windows were broken. Police were attacked.

Amazingly, the speaker was the sort normally lionized by the Leftist faculties at most American universities. Milo Yiannopoulos is openly gay and very overt about his sexuality.

Milo's problem, though, and the reason the protesters wreaked such havoc, is that he is a vocal supporter of President Trump. I guess we know now that a politically conservative position trumps a flagrantly homosexual lifestye. Wow! Who would have seen that coming? Isn't it amazing how "political correctness" can be so finicky?

One of the instigators of the chaos at Berkeley was an organization called "BAMN," an acronym for "By Any Means Necessary." Though it's a national organization, the local chapter led the violent protests. And the local chapter is led by a woman, Yvette Felarca, who has gained national notoriety for her televised physical abuse of someone who disagreed with her at a demonstration.

Ms. Felarca also has quite a reputation in the Berkeley area for her rabid support of other causes that often go contrary to the beliefs of most Americans.

But what makes Ms. Felarca's behavior and history so interesting, is that, by day, she is a middle school teacher in Berkeley, California.

Doesn't it make you wonder who is teaching your kids?

As early as 1838, more than two decades before he became President, Abraham Lincoln (who, by the way, did not win the majority of the popular vote), predicted what we are now seeing in America. He said in a speech that America would never be conquered by a foreign power using military force. He said: "At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer. If it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher."

Even though we now live in a time where ICBMs with unfathomable destructive power can reach America's heartland in minutes, I believe Mr. Lincoln's words are still true. If America falls, it will be the result of moral decay from within.

And I believe we are now in a death struggle with those forces of decay. That's why I think intercession on behalf of our nation should be a part of our daily prayer lives. Only God's mercy can save our nation.

Finally, we're all familiar with the story of the great flood that destroyed almost all life on earth in the days of Noah. What most people don't know is the astonishing story of what happened in the time before that calamitous event.

Unbelievably, humanity was even more depraved then than now. In fact, it was so corrupt and violent that God "was grieved that He had made man on earth, and His heart was filled with pain." (Genesis 6:6 NIV)

Then it got worse! Satan launched an ingenious plan to invade the earth and corrupt mankind so that God could never enact the pre-human judgment He had pronounced on all the angels who had followed Lucifer's rebellion.

He also saw this as a way to disrupt and destroy any plan God had for humanity's redemption.

So his rebel angels assumed human form and beguiled women to marry them. The children from those unions were incredible. In fact, in the literal Hebrew translation of Genesis 6:4, God revealed to Moses that those children were "the supermen who from ancient times were famous for their incredible exploits."

These were literal giants (from the Hebrew word Nephilim) who roamed the earth.

As the Nephilim infection spread, and the purity of the human race was threatened, God decided to "reboot" the human race. He chose Noah and his family because "Noah was a just man... and Noah walked with God." (Genesis 6:9) But, he also chose him because "Noah... was perfect in his generations...." (Genesis 6:9)

That also means he was "perfect in his genealogy." In other words, Noah was completely human. He was not from a family which had been intermingled with the fallen angels.

With Noah and his family safely in the ark, God destroyed the world with the great flood. He did it not only because of the terrible wickedness of humanity, but also to preserve humanity. The Nephilim all died in the flood. The fallen angels were bound in chains and cast into the darkest abyss to await final judgment.

This guaranteed that fallen angels could never again co-mingle with humans. It then cleared the way for God to enact His plan to redeem mankind from the sin it had chosen in the Garden of Eden.

Understanding the fall helps us understand the Old and New Testaments. It gives us further insight into God's plan for humanity.

But it also illustrates the unbelievable power of the evil forces at work to destroy all of God's creation. It should convince us that we cannot face those powerful forces alone. We each need the living power of the Holy Spirit in our lives to be "more than conquerors." (Romans 8:37)

If you have not received that Holy Spirit power into your life by accepting the atoning work of Jesus Christ on Calvary, you can do that right now. Just acknowledge that you believe Jesus Christ is who He says He is, the Son of the Living God. Confess that you are a sinner. Ask for His forgiveness, grace, and mercy. Then believe that He will do what He says He will do, and accept the free gift of pardon He died to purchase for you.

If you did that with sincerity of heart, then you just joined God's forever-family.

Ask God to lead you to a church where the pastor teaches true Bible principles, not just a feel-good self-improvement doctrine. You need solid Bible teaching to help you grow strong in the Lord and the fellowship of other believers to encourage you.

Read the Bible. I suggest starting with the New Testament book of John. And pray daily for God to help you grow in His strength.

Congratulations! You now face an eternity of happiness. In the joyful presence of God Himself.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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