Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trump's New VA Secretary.

Tom's Journal.

Beautiful German Song:

Foreword in German: 

Und Liebe Freunde,
Es scheint wie die Deutsche Bundeskanzlerin Merkel wird nicht zu viel mehr, und es ist nur meiner bescheidenen Meinung nach, dass Sie in Ihrem viel mit der Globalistischen Eliten warf, und verloren, mindestens für jetzt. Oder vielleicht haben wir gerade eine Pause im was sich irgendwann auf der ganzen Welt passieren -- insgesamt Sozialismus. Nachdem alle, "Gott kann nicht lügen." -- Titus 1: 2. Es ist so lustig und interessant, wie ich sehe meine Muttersprache Englisch in Deutsch, und was für eine schöne Sprache! Ich erinnere mich an meine Deutschen Onkel und Vater um Bier trinken und singen die alten deutschen Liedern sitzen, wenn ich ein kleines Kind war. Das waren die guten alten Zeiten des Friedens und des Glücks. Ich kann und darf nicht versuchen, die Uhr zurück zu drehen, oder soll ich noch in der Vergangenheit lebt. Aber echt, wahr, können Christen in die Zukunft blicken, wenn Jesus Christus die Erde regieren wird!
Herzliche Grüße,
Thomas G Schuckman

Dear  Friends,
     One of the main features of my humble blog is to help out, educated, Inform, and validate my Veteran Brethren/ Fellows, any and every way I can, to make their lives a little bit better/ easier.   And so I try to 'cut and paste' different insightful pieces of News and Info, there,  and I think that we shall see some major improvements  with the new Trump Administration.   Well,  it can't get any worse than the contemptuous 'dirt' we've been served up by the Obama -gang of lazy, disrespectful, retards...  really !   I would know.    And not to be too dramatic,  but many of us Veterans believe that Obama's VA system honestly wanted and tried to "Shut Us Up, permanently,"  and just look at how many Vet's died from lack of service/ medical care, and suicides from total despair !!   Shame !   Democrats should get that kind of treatment !   Ha!  And yes,  this IS that type of highly emotional subject matter !
     And yet, at the same time,  Obama's Islamic, Illegal Alien buddies by the boat load were and are getting, first rate medical services, much better than many combat Veterans, plus, free housing, money,  food, education, and special handling ----  AND, they literally get away with MURDER and RAPE, half the time !!!   Hello !  
     Well,  we thought that would just continue to drag on until the Lord came back in the Rapture....   but President Trump is here now.    Smile.   We understand that Pres. Trump is much lower than our Lord,  but he seems to be 'picking up the slack' fairly well, just within his first 2 months !   PTL !  

I had two VAMC appointments this morning, even in the treacherous snowy blizzard up in Iron Mountain, MI.,  and you just cannot decided to stay home, unless you want to get into trouble and get scolded by to 'powerful [ in their own mind ] goofs'  and so grateful that I had  4WD, in my Dodge pick up truck, so it was, of course,  "hurry up and wait."   That used to be an old, 'sick Army joke,'  lol.  You see, in the Army, they would always run your ass off to get to the destination "On Time,"  --- but then we had to wait, anyway.  Thus,  "Hurry Up and Wait."   But for all Military people, the prospect of being late is too fearful,  so we always, ALWAYS, get there at the VAMC early... and never take that chance of being late.   You see, when I got back home from Vietnam in 1970, and went to the VA [Medical Center--- in Milwaukee, Wisconsin] for the first time, we observed one Veteran coming in to his appointment ONE MINUTE LATE,  and they told him in a very demeaning, hostile way to go home and reschedule !!     Yes,  The crumby VA staff actually yelled in his face, in front of everyone in that waiting room..... Get It ??   And many Vet's had to take off work, just to go to that VAMC-- stinky place for service,   AND many NEVER came back, which is what the VA actually counted on !!  That that savings can then be used on the Liberal Left's Illegal Aliens !   It's that cute ??

But now days,   things are a LITTLE better... LOL.   But it's a lot like older people in a Nursing Home....  just waiting and hoping to DIE,  because the conditions are so bad.... and I would know a lot about that stuff, too !   I was at one of those horrible places while healing up from internal poisoning.... being septic.    All I can say is:   Those POOR people.   And what those folks call,  "FOOD," wouldn't serve as the slop that we fed our Hogs on the farm in the 1960's !   I kid you NOT !   Even if you are rich,  those places can be very lonely and depressing with no one to talk to.... as most of the residents have already, 'lost their ever loving minds.... are mentally basket cases, with dementia and Alsziemers disease, as my own Mom, has.   I feel so bad for her, and wish I could be closer to her, and if all goes right many I can do just that, this Spring.   Lord help me.    Her birthday was yesterday.   

Well,  dear friends and readers,  I will wager that we only have Winter for another 30 days !   I feel like gambling, today... Ha!  

But let me also throw out a simple question to all the smart folks out there, with an I.Q. higher than 70....   'If you could chronicle all the past baloney--tricks and lies that the Dims [sic] Libs have been laid out to trip up the Trump Administration from November 8th onward ---  couldn't you "SEE" that they are running out of 'tricks'  by now  ? ? ?   Any normal man or woman should be able to see that,  so why not just "GIVE THE MAN  A CHANCE" to do what he said he would do,   please ? !   He doesn't even have his whole cabinet installed and running YET !!
       BTW,  I promised a few people that I would never use the term,  "Duh," again,  so this is the very last time.   So what else can I use to replace that 'negative term,' of disappointment ?   OK,  help me out here, my fine feathered friends !

      Let us all give thanks for all the Lord's little blessings, and slices of happiness in our lives, and a few people already know what I am talking about....    but I am not ready to 'let the cat out of the bag, yet.'   Let's just say that I have more to live for, again.   And I don't mean,  "HBO."   But the bible talks about, ' a friend that is more precious than a fleshly brother.'   And now days, so many "Brothers" can really stab you in the back,  because of jealousy, and sheer meanness, etc., and even many 'so-called Christians' often times do just the same !   Are they really "Christians ?"   We shall let the Lord Jesus, decide.   It's not up to me to judge them,  except that:   Actions speak louder than words, and if it looks like  a duck and walks like a duck... it IS a duck.  
       And,  next time Jehovah's Witnesses knock on your door, invited them in and then ask them, 'why have they removed/ truncated, Acts 8: 37, from their "version" of the bible ?'   Before that, though, first ask them, "If they believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God."   They will get very red in the face and won't have an answer....  Ha! !   It's makes for great entertainment, friends.
But here is another fav. scripture to check out today, if you have the time, folks:   Psalm 9: 17,   "The wicked shall be turned into hell,  and all the nations that forget God."  And verse 19,   "Arise, O LORD, let not man prevail:  let the heathen be judged in thy sight."     --HInt:   If we are Unbelievers --- we are the same as the heathen....    Did President Trump's great address last night sound as if he were a heathen ??    I don't think so !   I like that man !   Let's all give him a chance to do his stuff !

Warm Regards,
Tommy   Schuckman

Trump’s New VA Secretary DROPS THE HAMMER, Announces Removal of INSANE Rule

For Trump, one of the biggest issues he has sought to correct is the Veterans Affairs Department and the lackluster care our veterans receive. Now, he is following through!
VA Secretary David Shulkin has announced a proposal that will be aimed towards the expansion of available treatment for veterans. He wants to get rid of the “40-mile, 30-day rule,” via Stars and Stripes.
For those who don’t know, the “40-mile, 30-day” rule limits where a veteran can receive medical treatment — a veteran has to wait either 30 days or live up to 40 miles away from a VA clinic before they can receive aid from outside the VA system.
This keeps a lot of veterans away from the healthcare they need, and a lot are unable to receive private healthcare, which is often better and more personalized.
This is not by any means a “privatization” of the VA, but it gives veterans the choice of where they want to receive their healthcare. As of now, not a lot of veterans have that choice, and the wait times at the VA are long and usually operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.
The government should not be dictating where our former service members get their healthcare, and they should not just be limited to receiving treatment from the VA and nowhere else. How would you feel if you were forced to stay with a doctor you didn’t like and who didn’t listen to you?
A website by the name of Disabled Veterans stated that Shulkin will also be focused on increasing employee accountability as well as the increasingly high rate of veteran suicides in the United States.
When limited to the VA, with often times dismal care and an excessive number of appointments that day, the doctors and nurses don’t often pay attention or listen when a veteran needs help. And so, with no one else to turn to, they commit suicide. And the loss of a veteran’s life is inexcusable.
President Trump did strongly consider privatizing the VA, which many veteran groups were against, but he seems to be leaning more towards the public-private VA system that will give our former service members the option.
“We want to be thoughtful about how we propose what the new choice program will look like, and do that in conjunction with Congress, and to make sure we are fulfilling the president’s promise and commitment that he has made to the country’s veterans,” stated Shulkin.
It’s about time a president made our veterans a priority in this country, and hopefully Shulkin will be enacting this plan so that our veterans can get the care they need, want, and deserve to have. No veteran should have to continue to make sacrifices, especially