Friday, March 3, 2017

The Other Side of the Story.

Tom's Journal.

   This post here and now,  is really a 'follow up' of my last post that I penned earlier, today.   It is the "Other  Side of the Story."   Before I dealt with the world and U.S. financial melt down and failing economy  ----   but here is the underlying flip side,   the NWO -- the New World Order !   Yes,  it does sound scary,  but what's more,  it is the truth of the KJV bible.   Just check out Revelation, Chapter 13, as I have mentioned here a few times, already,  dear friends and readers !  

I have more to do right now,  but I hope you gain a lot of insight just as I have in reading the smart, gut wrenching truth just below.
    Have a great day/  or night.  We have below zero temperatures up where I live.    I am just hoping and praying that I can move farther South, to the great State of Wisconsin, this Spring,  if the good Lord wills it.   Please pray for my success.   Thank You !

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

March 3rd, 2017
As I've told you several times in the last few weeks, I believe the real battle for America has now begun.

The election of Donald Trump as our 45th President didn't end the struggle. It started it.

Even though he is an imperfect man, and will be an imperfect President, it is daily becoming more obvious that President Trump is committed to restoring to America the values and strengths that the previous administration worked so hard to destroy. And almost succeeded.

That's why former President Obama has remained in Washington, unlike any other President in the past century. He is working to build an organization to oppose President Trump every step of the way. In fact, rumor has it inside the Beltway, that Obama is committed to driving Mr. Trump from office through resignation or impeachment.

Is that rank arrogance or narcissism? Or is it something deeper?

I believe it is something deeper.

I believe that in the coming weeks, months, and years, we will see struggles and battles unlike anything we have witnessed in American politics before. Why? Because the powers of the air are locked in combat. This is supernatural, folks.

I have often observed on this program that we are seeing supernatural forces at work in these end times. How else could a politician with so few accomplishments, no real-world job experience, and so much baggage as Barack Obama have even made it out of the Democratic primaries even just a few years ago?

Governor Howard Dean ruined his chances with an enthusiastic scream. Michael Dukakis looked silly in a tank commander's helmet. George Muskie shed a few unmanly tears. Gary Hart was photographed with a girl sitting on his lap. Both fully clothed! All of them lost because of it and all were quite qualified.

Even George W. Bush's campaign was almost derailed because he got a single DUI ticket (and a small fine) decades before -- when he was a young man!

And how could a candidate like Hillary Clinton, who the FBI Director admitted had committed felonious offenses while Secretary of State, even win the Democratic nomination, much less almost win the Presidency? This is a woman who was fired from her first job on Capitol Hill by her Democrat boss for lying and fabricating evidence against Richard Nixon. And who was the subject of numerous investigations for scandals she instigated while First Lady.

Even a couple of decades ago, the Democrat Party would never have allowed either of these two candidates to see the light of day as their nominee.

But as we've grown closer to the end of this Age of Grace, the battle has heated up.

I think that is why we are seeing unprecedented rage over the loss of the election still being expressed by the Left. It seems many of them are becoming psychologically unhinged. It's unreasonable. And so much of it is factually baseless.

But I can't blame all of it on the mindless, often clueless, "millennials" and feminists and illegal immigrants who make up the bulk of the endless protests. I believe they are being used by the globalist-elites.

When President Trump promised to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), then honored his campaign promise and issued an Executive Order to start the withdrawal, I think it threw a wrench in the works for the globalists.

And when he encourages other nations, especially in the EU, to recover their national sovereignty and dignity, it inflames them all the more.

Why else would known globalist billionaires like George Soros, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Carlos Slim, and the list goes on and on (many of them most of us have never even heard of), dedicate so much wealth and political capital to defeat Trump's agenda?

And why would the European Union threaten to refuse to accept Trump's ambassador to the EU?

Because restoring America's sovereignty and returning it to its strength and prominence stands in the way of their one-world-government aspirations.

And I think it's more than safe to say that Satan plays a great hand in this. Delaying the rise of one-world governance delays the building of the apparatus the Antichrist will later use to govern the world.

Nationalism is the enemy of one-worldism. One-worldism is necessary for the Antichrist's rule. And the multi-national trade organizations are the deceptive vehicles to one-world government.

So, folks, opposition to President Trump and his agenda goes deeper than fake news, fake claims of racism, fake claims of misogyny (By the way, Donald Trump chose a woman contractor to build Trump Tower in New York, making her the first woman in history to build a skyscraper. Some misogyny!), fake collaboration with the Russians, fake Hitlerism, and the list goes on!

These may be just the opening skirmishes in the battle to prepare the way for the Antichrist himself.

And if that's not enough, last week the Democrat Party almost chose a known anti-Semite and supporter of radical Islamic causes as their new party chairman. Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, the first Muslim elected to Congress, was narrowly defeated by President Obama's personal choice, former Labor Secretary Tom Perez (also rather far-Left).

This week, I'll tell you a little more about Keith Ellison's history, his associations, and the people he holds in high regard. You will be shocked.

But, you may ask, why am I concerned? Ellison lost the party chairmanship to Perez.

Because Ellison was endorsed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. That means that he is realistically next in line to lead the nation's Democrats. And if Obama's popularity wanes, and Chairman Perez loses his patron, that may happen sooner rather than later.

Friends, this should be a clarion call to all believers to intercede daily for our President and the leaders we chose to help restore America's values, sovereignty, and strength. The Bible tells us that as the end of the Age approaches, the "birth pangs" would increase in frequency and intensity. I think they're coming fast and furiously now. Please pray earnestly for God to continue extending His mercy and grace to our beloved nation. Only He, not President Trump or a Republican Congress, can save us.

Finally, this week I am going to continue my brief discussion of what lies ahead for the blood-washed believer. Last week, I discussed the joy that awaits us in eternity. This week, I'll tell you a little about the "New Jerusalem." You will want to know. You'll be living there!

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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Read This Twice.

Tom's Journal.

   I love Greece and the Greek people ---  but this is just too much, going belly up for the FOURTH TIME !!   Like that Petula Clark song in the 1960's:   "It's a sign of the times."   What bank or auto company is going to trust you when you have no assets and you went bankrupt for the 4th time ?   It ain't gonna happen, Jack ! [sic].   And, forgive me, but the Greeks are considered a "3rd world nation" to such people like the Germans, etc., and they have a 'slower way of life, and mind set.'   So they are just going to have to eat the apple this time and LIVE POOR !   Sorry.

Money and Markets
Greece Courting the IMF for Fourth Bailout
By Larry Edelson
Larry Edelson
Dear Subscriber,
The Greek financial drama is playing out on the world stage once again, but this time European nations are looking for IMF involvement.
The problem is that all of a sudden IMF officials have alligator arms and can’t reach their wallets.
And it’s no wonder: After all, Greece is now positioning for its fourth bailout.
You read that right: Fourth bailout!
What’s different this time is that eurozone nations like Germany will only participate in a bailout if the IMF does. But the IMF views Greece’s debt situation as “highly unsustainable” and they’re trying to maintain their credibility.
To read the rest of Larry Edelson's

Foreword in French:

Bonne journée, les amis,
pour moi de critiquer tout un groupe national ou de la nation, serait stupide et imprudent. À partir de la plus haute à la plus basse Prince chien catcher, nous sommes tous jugés par le Dieu de la KJV Bible, et nous ne sommes qu'un battement de coeur à l'écart de l'autre côté de l'éternité. La chose la plus intelligente que nous pouvons faire maintenant, c'est de lire et étudier la Bible et croître près de notre Seigneur, Jésus Christ, parce que les experts ont dit qu'une énorme tempête économique sera notre chemin au cours de l'année ---- et la plupart d'entre nous ne sont pas riches ou bien préparés. Et si vous avez attendu jusqu'à maintenant pour commencer à préparer, je pense que la plupart d'entre nous vont souffrir. Désolé, mais c'est la façon dont je le vois. En outre, les riches bénéficient d'une protection et de hauts murs, de sorte que nous devrions considérer que trop. Un mot au sage devrait être suffisante.
Tom Schuckman
Email :

Dear  Friends,
      I know you good people think/ believe that I am 'JOKING' when I say that I will be living on baloney for the rest of March.   N0!   I have done that stunt before, and also told my story a few times on this very blog site, about 'falling thru the cracks,' during a hard time that was probably my fault --- partially, and just the wrong set of circumstances, after I 'burned all my bridges', years ago.  And now days,  Mr.  Tom  Schuckman, is a lot more HUMBLE ! !  The God of the KJV Bible had a lot to do with that.   Yes,  the most POWERFUL Spirit in the Universe did the same thing to the Babylonian king, Nubucannezer, thousands of years ago,  but their history books don't cover that part.... and I am betting that they had the same "News Media" that we have now,  the Lefty- Losers, like CNN, etc., and the other 'Alphabet soup' entities/ liars.    
        Look,   I don't want to see a good thing fall down now, either, but some say that President Trump was 'allowed' to win,  to inherit the HUGE pit fall of a coming economic tsunami --tidal wave, that will hurt most of us.... sorry to be the bearer of bad news,  friends.
     Please read this short article-- presentation, twice, and then start to think about all the other blog posts that also deal with Prepper and Praying.    I am not writing all this stuff just to look good !!   I am seriously hoping to help YOU and ME !    I AM ONLY HALF PREPARED,  after ending a relationship that left me in deep debt,  but I am not blaming someone else for my mistakes and personality faults/ failures and sins.    It could have been prevented and fixed,  but it takes two to do just that... sorry, again.   

What true Christians do have is the "Promise from Father God, and His Son,"  that somehow/  some way, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ will come back just before things get super violent and 'snatch up' His servants and followers, and put them in a 'safe place' before the SHTF,  or death claims us, one way or another.   We also have the  hope of the Resurrection,  but people trapped in 'false religion' are lost.    
     Now,   I am not picking and choosing any 'church' [which is an Old English term for Congregation], but rather.... the only thing that  you can be very sure of is the KJV Bible, and I also think that the NASB, is a fair translation, too.   That stands for:   the, New American Standard Bible.    The NIV is a bible that young kids and uneducated folks might read...  but not too accurate, IMHO.   And as I have stated so many times, here,  the KJV Bible is written on a 5th grade reading level !!     But the hardest part is just turning off the stinking TV and cracking the bible OPEN to start reading !!!   Yes,  even for me, although I just got my ordered Super Giant Print copy in the mail today, and it sits on my Oak  aisle that I personally made/ created, and carved a scripture on the opposite side,   next to my Computer Monitor on the kitchen table, in the Upper Northern Part of Frozen Michigan, USA.    And today is below zero, with dangerous ice outside to help me slip and break my neck !!   Remember,  I don't use the term, "Duh",  anymore..... lol, although I really WANT TO !    

OK, now,  we all know that the President suffers alone, smart enough and well informed to KNOW that his fiscal/ economic storm will visit us, perhaps this Summer, or in the 4th quarter,  but he must not panic the entire population, either.    He already HAS warned us all,  but you need to LISTEN !    He has advised us all to 'pay off our debts, now !'   Our unpaid for houses will probably lose half of their value, and the American dollar  might not be worth more than 13 cents !    I would consider stocking up on beans, rice, some canned goods, pure drinking water, Ammo, strong locks on our doors, and just don't blab to everyone what you have stored in your house !!   "Loose Lips -- Sink Ships !"   make really sure that you check people out -- before claiming them as close friends, and make sure they have a job and love the Lord, and not afraid to work hard.   Don't even trust you relatives,  because they can and will be some of your worst enemies.   Now,  I dearly love my sister, Linda and my Mom, and some of my close Army and Navy Veteran friends, trusted friends,   and would do anything for them....   but I am just saying that you should know people  well,  before you give them the key to your house !     JUST TRY GOING WITHOUT ANY FOOD for a week, and see how jolly you are !   I, personally, have experienced that feeling, friends !   So, I would know.   

Well,   I am always open to 'constructive criticism,' and your personal opinions, and you all know my email address by now.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman