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Surviving -- Alone.

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Foreword in Croatian [Yugoslavia].   That smaller country is not far from where the President's wife,  our First Lady,  Melania Trump,  comes from !   

Zdravo prijatelji
moje majke rođena i odrasla u glavnom gradu Hrvatske, ali također je govorio njemački. On je došao u Ameriku sa 12 godina, bez novca u džepu, ali trudila sam se biti nadzornik za rudarsku tvrtku u Milwaukeeju, Wisconsin. Sjećam se toga kao strogo, ali dobar, darežljiv čovjek. Moj otac je bio zaposlen, njemačko-američki, WW2, mornarica, koja je također kupila lijepu, malu farmu, gdje smo odrasli i naučila sam mnogo stvari koje su oblikovale naše živote u drugi život. To je KJV omiljeni citat iz Biblije, koje želim podijeliti s vama: željezo oštri željezo." ---Mudre izreke 27:17. I Isus je obećao da ćemo se vratiti u skoroj budućnosti očistiti zemlju. Ali on će spasiti svi njegove sluge i vjernicima, prvo, ushićenje! Pripremite se.
S poљtovanjem,
Thomas G Schuckman
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Hello  Friends,
     For many years,  my favorite book out of all 66 in the KJV Bible, was, Ecclesiastes !   I thought it was a great book of WISDOM and COMMON SENSE, and it still is !   I also accumulated many other great books to help me understand the bible, like Commentaries, bible dictionaries, maps, time lines/  spans, etc.   But we all need to remember that it is the Holy Spirit that allows us to see the truth of the scriptures !   So here are a few sets of scriptures that are among my favorites, and also pertain to this blog post, today:

Ecclesiastes [Eccl.],  4: 9,  "Two are better than one;  because they have a good reward for their labor.   10.  For if they fall,  the one will lift up his fellow;  but woe to him that is alone when he falleth;  for he hath not another to help him up."   11.  "Again, if two lie together, then they have heat:  but how can one be warm alone ?"  

And in Genesis, Chapter 2, verse 18,  "And the Lord God said,  It is not good that the man should be alone;  I will make him an help meet for him."   What that means, is a "Help Mate." ---Old English from the years of 1610- 1611,  Shakespeare's time on earth, vernacular.    Sorry.... that the "new, modern" translations have altered, changed, perverted and truncated many scriptures in the bible, taking away the deity of Christ,  and there is a curse attached to that foul deed, listed at the end of Revelation.    Beware !  
       So,  I am just showing you all that what I say, also has  a biblical back ground and support  to it.    That many good men feel as though they are 'invincible' in their youth, just as I was, too,   and also well trained in wood lore, skilled, educated, and self reliant,   but accidents and "Murphy's Law" happen to all of us, sooner or later.   Adding to that, I have personally escaped death and serious injury too many times to remember.   Yes,  smart people do gain much wisdom as they grow older,  but then their mortals bodies wear out so that we are not able to accomplish what we all did when younger !  
     Remember, that Jehovah God [Psalm 83: 18], didn't create for  Adam,  the man, --- a servant/ slave, sex toy, or an ox or donkey to carry things for him !!    God created for Adam, a "Help Mate" with a smart BRAIN, so they could sit down at the picnic place, talk, eat some cheese, baloney, rye bread, and have a small glass of red wine, dear friends,  and they could talk, reason, communicate about most everything !   Adman and Eve must have had the sweetest, deep, love, and joy.....  until they BOTH sinned.    But that is another story --- blog post.

I hope you all get a lot of wisdom and common sense from this following short story.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman
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I am the Soldier on the far Left with darker hair.  At the Camp BearCat, RVN,  EM Club, 'after work.'

Surviving – Alone

by Ron B
I have always thought of what ‘might’ happen which would leave me defenseless or at thE mercy of others. Many times of my adult life I have been alone.  I was forced to consciously start thinking differently when I could no longer easily communicate with friends or even strangers for that matter.
Being alone, a single mistake can be one’s end.  Like, changing the brakes on my car didn’t require major planning or undue concern.  Just jack up the wheel and remove it; remove the hub; remove the brakes and replace them with new pads and replace everything, go to the next wheel. The end..
However, living alone ten miles from the nearest populated settlement could present challenges.  Traveling south on the paved road, then turning off down a gravel/sand secondary road, a green canopy blocks the Sun for the next two miles and quietness and solitude take a seat beside you.  From there, a short drive down a seventy-five yard deliberately neglected, overgrown trail brings one to an eight-foot tall, custom-made, steel gate.
With the nearest humans/ strangers about a mile away and no one schedule to visit, you are definitely alone.
Cell towers went out a few months back and most satellites were burned out by the same solar flare.  Old reliable, the land line, went dead with the tremor which came a little later. After all of this, I began to have the feeling someone was out to get “me” but everyone was affected.
So, on a bright sunny, Saturday morning, I chocked the rear wheels of my old Ford wagon with bricks and placed the scissor jack under the axle and started cranking.
The crank turns easily and the full height is reached fairly quickly. I attempt to break the lug nuts loose but the wheel turns. I forgot to loosen them before I raised the wheel! Damn, wasted time!  I lower the wheel until it touches the ground, then loosen the lugs. I run the jack up again to it’s maximum height.
‘All is well.  I’ll have this little job knocked out, finished in no time. Then into town for a hot weekend!’
With lug nuts off, the wheel comes loose and dangles from the studs.  Placing my legs on each side of the tire, I grab it on each side, pull it off and roll it to the side.  It wobbled a second or two, then fell flat.
‘Sweet- Now I’m cooking!’
I remain seated on the grass, straddle the wheel hub. I scoot up a little closer so I can tap the sides of the hub a little easier. I tap with a claw hammer, turning it slowly as I break it lose from the brake pads and the dirt and grease caked around the edge.   Tap, tap, tap. It moves a little, so I continue to tap along the edge. Dirt and grease drop from the edge and the sound of my tapping changes. It should be coming off by now, so I grab the hub on each side and snatch it toward me.
For some reason, the car leans and the jack tilts toward me. I push back hard and the jack goes vertical. Then, for some reason, it rebounds and leans toward me again. This time it doesn’t stop. The scissor jack had sunk into the grass and was unlevel, leaning toward yours truly. The movement of the car broke its bound with the jack. The soil and grass underneath the jack squeezed out on each side.
The base of the jack eased away digging into the dirt, pushing the top toward me. The hub and  car dropped slowly and moved toward me. In slow motion and to my total disbelief, the hub stopped directly over my crotch. In justified panic, I snatched myself to one side, saving my most precious! Lucky, lucky, lucky!!  God was watching over me!!
My luck left me about as quickly as it had arrived. The hub hadn’t stopped and it had to land and it did. In saving my precious manhood from certain destruction, my right leg had moved directly into the path of the falling hub. It may have been slow motion at the beginning, but instantly the hub landed directly over my thigh just above the knee, the steel burying itself deep into the flesh, hitting the bone. The bone snapped with a hollow “thud”.
As  I screamed, the blood busted out, squirting a foot or so into the air while the contact area turned purple, then black.  I screamed, again and again. My wailing and moaning replaced the screams, then I wept from the intense pain shooting up my thigh in waves of fire.
I couldn’t think rationally, the pain pushing away every thought.  Slowly, the leg started to go numb and my thoughts slowed down. There had to be a way to get out from under this thing.  The dirty, greasy steel protruded from my leg, the skin pushed upward, seeming to embrace the intruder. While my mind tried to explore the possibilities of escape in an orderly, rational manner, I could not focus.  I could see no escape, short of a truly divine miracle!
Then the thoughts came, “Why didn’t I …  Why hadn’t  I …  Maybe I could…what?”
No….. there were no wolves nearby to hear his screaming. No one just happened to stop by to say hello or check on him. The pilot of the low flying plane did not notice the man lying partially under the Ford Wagon in front of the old house with the large, white columns.
However, his basement was filled with a year’s supply of canned food plus a three-year supply of freeze-dried meals.
The deep, drilled well pump operated off solar cells which charged deep-cycle batteries. The inverter changed the DC to AC and a transformer kicked up the 120 volts to 220-240 volts needed to drive the well pump.
A nice garden grew just off the yard area. The beans were strung up and full of blooms. The row of cabbage was weed free, getting bigger each day.  The corn patch was full and green, the leaves heavy with water, the tassels dropping their pollen onto the silk from each ear.
The freezer was filled with vegetables, domestic meat and game harvested last winter.
The gun cabinet was filled with weapons of various gauges- each designed and purchased for a specific purpose. The drawer beneath the guns contained several boxes of ammo for each gun plus several knives.  A locked, steel cabinet in the basement contained somewhere around 100,000 rounds of ammo of various gauges.
The CB base unit on the kitchen counter crackled with voices every few minutes. The short-wave scanner picked up voices in various languages, some from Cuba, others from Brazil and Peru.
Life was good.