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Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Swedish: 

Hej vänner i Sverige,
av alla platser som jag drömt om att besöka senare i livet, Sverige var platsen! Jo, när jag var 18 och hade inte tillräckligt med pengar sparas för College, Jag slutade delta i USA:s armé, och fick skickas till Tyskland och sedan 2 år i Vietnam, bekämpa kommunisterna - kom hem och började min egen familj. Jag arbetade som svetsare och en automatisk tillverkning arbetaren -- På Chrysler, för över 30,5 år och pensionärer i späd ålder av 54, med alla fördelar. Men jag har alltid velat vara en författare och även började skriva min egen bok, redan 1995, men fick dras bort från det gamla talesättet: "grädden alltid stiger till toppen", och viktigare saker att komma upp också.
Jag har alltid trott att det svenska folket var mest stilig, smartaste och snyggaste i hela Europa. Men nu har Sverige ett allvarligt intrång i den fientliga, oförnuftiga, islamiska, "flyktingar" -- av yngre män i vapenför ålder, som vägrar arbeta eller assimilera in din stora svenska kultur. Tja, jag är inte den som ska tala om vad du ska göra, förutom att jag älskar min frihet och frihet.
Varma hälsningar,
Tommy Schuckman
"Jesus är Herre".

Hello  Friends !
     I have posted another super fine attachment from Hal Lindsey, again, here in my humble blog !   I think it is very special, and for the new people, it could be the beginning of a "New Life" for you !!   
       Dear People, all over the world,  it is a very different, wonderful feeling that washes over you right after you make that all important decision to accept Jesus as you Personal Lord and Savior!   Oh,  you may still be poor $$$$,  but the Holy Spirit bestows some of His "Fruits" upon you instantly and things seem better, and probably some extra wisdom is imbedded into your brains and heart.   And yes, the bible says a lot about that organ inside our chest, called the heart.   But that is only the beginning of a long  journey --- filled with more discovery and hard study of the Word,  but it is also very exciting and rewarding !    Now, the 'fruits of the Spirit,'  are mentioned in Galatians 5: 22, as I have noted them here many times...... 'Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, goodness, Self-control, etc..... and there  are 9 of them.  Why not look them up for your self and memorize them, so that you can also teach some of this stuff to others who NEED to find and follow our Lord,  too ! ?! ?  
         Let me veer off for a second to tell you about my early morning....  that the cold and WIND were so fierce this morning that it cut right thru my warm clothes and chilled me to the bone, and also took my breath away, as I went out for breakfast, and then kept a VAMC  appointment !    I am a good judge of wind, and I would say that I saw and felt wind gusts of over 40 MPH this morning, and wanted to shop for a few food items/ things after my appointment but got back inside my fine Dodge truck and just went home to thaw out and catch my breath.  
       I am so thankful for someone new in my heart and life, but taking it slow,  but I have a new happiness inside that wants to burst out of my chest.    A pretty, blonde, Christian lady, who likes me...  and I,  'more than just  like',  her.   However, she lives so far away..... but maybe we can somehow meet.   I am keeping the rest to myself in case things don't work out, and I won't look like  a silly old fool again.   But I have been searching for a lady like her for a very long time.... not a perfect human being,  but a Christian who loves Jesus, and knows her bible well.    And I still plan to move South to the State of Wisconsin, this Spring.    I am asking for  your prayers on this subject....   but after you read the article below,  you will understand that we all might not have the luxury of TIME on our hands, as we realize that things could change over night !    Anyway,   I think that the book of Ecclesiastes, Chapter 4, and verse 9, is so true,   "Two are better than one;  because they have a good reward for their labour."   ---KJV Bible.  Just so you know that the Old English KJV translation which I believe to be the most pure rendition, has different spellings that 'modern, messed up, spurious translations....' don't.   But some languages, 'evolve' over time, too.   Just like the term, "Gay," USED to mean happy,  but now days means something much "different !"  But just read the entire 1st Chapter of the book of Romans to get God's viewpoint of the so-called, modern,  "Gay agenda !"   But the sick, Liberals-Dims [sic-- is]  --- as in verse 27,  "And likewise the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another;  men with men working that which is unseemly,  and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet."    Hint:  STD, also stands for:  sexually transmitted disease... AIDS, HIV, Syphilis, etc, etc.....     
          Some might say that the older KJV Bible is harder to understand,  but that means that people now days are somehow,  "Dumbed Down" -- and that might be true, compared to our ancestors who came from across the huge ocean and had to learn English and ASSIMULATE into the American culture!  But because of the goofy, messed up educational system we now have in America -- no wonder our kids cannot learn much  !!   But, please, go figure, that if learning a foreign language was required to gain salvation and Heaven --- would we all not do it ???   If we knew that a pot of pure gold was buried in our back yard,  would we not get a shovel and start digging, today ??    Shake your head, "Yes !"  ----   The answer is:  Yes !   I don't care much for the subject of Math,  but I know and use it every day !   So... by the same token,  I have also studied, Latin, French and German,  but fluent only in English.   Smart folks say that we will be studying many different languages when we get to heaven !  Woo- Woo !

Now,   I have admitted in this humble blog,  that  when I came home from the war in RVN --Vietnam, in,  30  March of 1970,  [ and being a helicopter door gunner never made me a 'hero,'  but it had it's inherent DANGERS.... lol., flying 7 days a week, month after month.... and I did TWO TOURS OF DUTY OVER THERE..... that I was 'emotionally bruised' quite a bit, but at that time, the VA and most doctor's didn't know or understand what the hell, PTSD, was....   Combat -- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

  And many others  had that same thing  too,  with  varying degrees, but just tried to 'suck it up' and move on,  except that it has to come out SOMETIME and manifest itself, IMHO, and I have read up and studied it a lot thru the years.   I was having nightmares at night,  and serious flash backs in the day time at work, when I was making chocolate at Nestle Co., in Burlington, WI.,  being married to the young woman carrying my child.   All the classic symptoms of PTSD,   but I just let it go and tried to live a normal life.    The smart thing I did back then was to go to the VA in Milwaukee, WI., and at least document it !   Then I went on with the struggle of life, just trying to bear it and live with it until later, when things seemed to fall apart.... and really come to the fore, some 30 years latter, when I was getting ready to retire from Chrysler, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA....   but I think that my knowledge of the bible seemed to help me deal with things.  
       Well, about the same time, back  in 1970,  I also got sucked into a  false religion cult -- the JW-- Org., and that lasted for 22 years, the same amount of time that my first marriage lasted.    I started finding 'chinks in their armor' -- in their doctrines, and I had lots of questions that they could not answer, and so I 'exited' that "False Religion," and  shortly  after,  found the Lord, Jesus Christ, and then had to re-learn the bible.    A lot of what the JW's  teach is true --- but they are all wet and wrong on the most important subjects,  like the deity of Christ, which they deny !!   And that people can only get to heaven or 'Paradise' thru their own direct "channel"  ---the Governing Body, in New York and the Watchtower tract and bible Society.   Listen friends,  that is a big fat LIE !!    The ONLY mediator in the universe between God and man, is Jesus Christ !!   Burn that into your brain, now, please !   And of course, I can support every bible related thing I say, with the scriptures,  but they cannot.   They hate me with  a passion, and wish I were "gone."  
      I am far from perfect, and admittedly a sinner,  but I know that I am on the right track, now, and PTL  --- Praise the Lord !  And,  fine, godly people like Hal Lindsey, below, also know how to dissect the Jehovah's Witnesses,  and all other false religion, including Islam.....   probably better than I do,  but we all need to understand this information and SHARE IT.  

My heart goes out to so many homeless Veterans on the street today, in the USA,   where a strong man could die from exposure out in that cold wind !!    Jesus saved ME back in 1995 when I was in a similar stressful way, and what a terrible, scary, way to live in the cold Winter of Milwaukee, WI., living above a nasty tavern with cock roaches all over the place, and a community bathroom, shared by many....   but I was also the "Lead man" of the Welding Department down in the 16th Street valley, and I bought a beater, '72 Chevy, that barely ran,  but things started to get better soon after I found the Lord, and I got called back to work at Chrysler that same year in the Spring --May.   But I still carry all those memories of 'Hard Times' with me, in my pea pickin'   And you'd better believe that I am so determined never to allow something like that ordeal happen to me again, and I have built in several safety nets,  just in case....   but my Main Support is my Lord,  Jesus.    I am still a sinner man,  but heaven is my home.   Iron Mountain, MI., is just my temporary address.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

March 10th, 2017
In a speech in Florida last month, President Trump referred to the problems Sweden is experiencing because of its lax immigration policies.

As usual, there was an immediate mainstream media and social media response. Both ridiculed the President and his supposed lack of information. One reporter at the Huffington Post asked what the President was smoking to make such a claim.

Even the Swedish government responded. Their spokespeople tried to make it seem that the President was ill-informed about Sweden. The overwhelming stream of immigrants from the Middle East was having no ill impact on Sweden.

Then the truth began to emerge. Again.

Two prominent Swedish politicians wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal. They said that there is, indeed, a crisis in Sweden caused by the constantly increasing number of Muslim immigrants who refused to assimilate into Swedish society. They said that, in fact, President Trump had understated the problem.

The Swedish Minister of Integration -- who had publicly ridiculed the implication of President Trump's simple statement -- had to publicly apologize for her own overreach. She had misspoken and, indeed, sex crimes in Sweden are on the rise. She is now the one guilty of understatement.

Since the Muslim invasion of Sweden began in 1975, sex crimes have not only "risen," they have exploded! In fact, between 1975, when Sweden began accepting large numbers of Muslim immigrants, incidents of rape have increased 1,472%! From a national total of 421 rapes in 1975 to 6,620 in 2014. And I'm sure 2015 and 2016 will add to that number appreciably.

For years, Sweden accepted about 50,000 Muslim immigrants per year. In the last few years, that number has skyrocketed. Some reports now estimate that from August to December, 2016, Sweden took in about 160,000 immigrants. Mostly young, military-aged men.

Though I have not discussed this on the program, I have seen e-mail from Swedish residents who describe the conditions under which they now live. Many of the elderly are now afraid to leave their homes at night. Women, who once freely shopped and dined alone, now only go to the stores with others. And only in the daytime.

They all say that they don't recognize some parts of Swedish cities. One older gentleman said that some historic parts of once-pristine Sweden now look like third-world ghettos.

But you will never hear this in the mainstream media. Why? Because the globalist-elites who control the media do not want you to know. Their basic goal is to so weaken independent Western societies that they must join forces with other weakened nations to survive. That's what the international trade associations like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are ultimately all about.

Each nation cedes its individual sovereignty to a higher, unelected authority. We then trust the globalist bureaucrats to keep us safe and make everything okay.

To accomplish that they must break down nations that possess strong Judeo-Christian moral values. So they constantly attack the family, traditional sexual roles, race relations, democratic government institutions, and free-market capitalist economies.

And the quickest way to do this is by promoting open-border immigration policies to overwhelm the ability of the state to cope with the added expense. Especially those policies which favor major influxes of Muslims. Large numbers of Muslims flooding into a free, democratic society inevitably destroys it. Islam is not compatible with democracy or individual freedom.

That's precisely why Donald Trump, Geert Wilders, Marine La Pen, the Brexit movement, and others are so vehemently opposed by George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban, Carlos Slim, Jorge Ramos, Barack Obama, and other globalist-elite types. Trump, Wilders, La Pen, and Brexit-inspired movements promote a return to national pride and sovereignty.

And that's precisely what Satan does not need to prepare the way for the rise of his Antichrist. The Antichrist will need to control the world by controlling the nations. He will also need a strong and cohesive European superstate. And, currently, the European Union appears to be falling apart. On March 1st, Forbes headlined a story: "An Investor's Guide to the Collapse of the European Union."

The globalists' plan to subvert individual free European states by promoting the Muslim immigrant invasion hit a snag with the rise of the nationalist movements in several of the nations. But Vladimir Putin may have stepped in at the last moment to save the day.

The one thing that may trump the rise of European national pride (no pun intended) is the emergence of a serious common enemy. Putin's Russia just may fill the bill.

Russia's increasingly aggressive behavior within its sphere of influence has alarmed many European leaders. Putin's invasion of Ukraine and theft of Crimea, his harassment of NATO and European military ships and planes, his placement of nuclear-tipped missiles in Kaliningrad, and his alliance with Iran and support of Bashar al-Assad have all contributed to a state of unease among European leaders.

In fact, Sweden and Finland are cooperating militarily to prepare for a confrontation with Russia!

A strong defense against a common threat may become more important to Europeans than the ability to control their own borders and actually be autonomous. Already, EU bureaucrats are proposing that all individual European armies should be abolished and a single, large, and powerful European Army be established. Under Brussels' control, of course.

I think it's undeniable that all of this is leading to the emergence of the Antichrist. We are clearly in the gap period between the first 483 years and the final seven years that Daniel describes in chapter 9 of his book.

The potentially imminent economic and demographic collapse of the EU and the rise of a possibly coalescing influence from Russia to drive them back together, points to the emergence of a "revived Roman Empire" from which the prophet predicts the Antichrist will arise.

Wow! This is prophecy come to life! And it promises only to get more exciting! And scarier!

So now would be a good time for you to make certain that you're ready to leave this boiling cauldron of a world when Jesus suddenly returns to snatch away all of His true believers in the Rapture.

If you have never accepted the free gift of pardon from your sins that Jesus purchased for you with his death on Calvary, do it now. It's simple.

Just honestly confess to God that you realize you are a sinner and cannot live up to His holy standards. Believe in your heart that Jesus is the Son of God and took upon Himself the guilt for your sins. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins and cover you with His own righteousness. Then accept the pardon from those sins that Jesus purchased for you when He personally paid your death penalty with His life. It's a free gift! You cannot earn it or ever deserve it. All you must do is accept it! Then thank Him for His unbelievable mercy and grace!

If you did this with sincerity and humility toward God, you have just joined God's forever-family. You are now ready to enjoy an eternity of happiness with God Himself after your life here ends or you are snatched away when He returns for His bride.

Congratulations on making the most important decision of your life! You will never ever regret it!

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Hal Lindsey

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