Saturday, March 11, 2017

Not Blind Anymore.

Tom's Journal.

Hello  Friends,
      I have heard of too many stories about people's last dying days and strange things happening, and all the sadness that just kills the  human soul.    I know my KJV Bible well, and take heart in all the great and wonderful promises of God, and Jesus Christ.... and that alone gives me the power and will to march on, and smile.    My own Mom is going downhill right now, about age 87, with her challenges, and I so need to visit her SOON !   I hope that I can take someone with me, and that always makes the trip better and more palatable,  especially if I stop at the Red Lobster restaurant in Racine,  Wisconsin !   The fine, well known eating places in the Kenosha, WI., area are on a scale that simple folks up where I live could not even imagine....  Ha!   But,  for all the things I read,  those places might not be around/ nor affordable in the near future.
       OK,  friends,  I don't wear a 'tin foil hat'  and I am not "Chicken Little"....  but I do see the 'hand writing on the wall,' and I am just trying to be realistic.  
     I been pounding the same Mantra for a few years now, and studying a few experts who have devised reliable formulas for accurate predicting when the next big wave will come, and it has to do with,  The One World Gov't...   and the One World new form of Money !   President Trump IS a very good, smart, man !   But not even he can stop the huge tsunami controlled by the sneaky World Elites !   All they heathen pigs need to do is:   'pull a switch,' and then the lights go out all over the world !    So where does that leave us --- after you read, and re-read, the 13th Chapter of Revelation 13  ??   Now, don't be afraid to read the bible, dear friends  --- it won't  burn out your eyes or kill you.    Although my eye sight seems to be getting worse, these days....  but I do so much reading,  being retired and all alone, most of the time.   

And now I have 2-- cats in the house,  but they are both hiding on me most of the time.    I got a new pretty, grey, male cat with good strong  muscles, that I call 'Smokey.'      All I know is that he picked up my spirits here, and made me feel good inside.    And he has nice, sharp CLAWS !   

Anyway,   I made a decision today, further tweaking and changing, fine tuning my future plans, also putting a lot more trust in the Lord now.    Everything else is 'vanity' --- as wise old King Solomon said in the book of Ecclesiastes.   And besides,  it a super world wide melt down happens soon ---from what ever "trigger mechanism,"  the same end game will be here.   So, the Rapture must come BEFORE all the other disasters appear.  
      I guess that I had hoped, for selfish reasons, that this, old, satanic system of things would last a few more years,  but now the dark shades are off, as I see too clearly now, just how rotten a sewer we are living in,  as we got used to the stink and decay.... sorry.
   More proof, later.

Warm Regards,