Monday, March 13, 2017

New List of 'Agent Orange,' Ailments.

Tom's Journal.

A new great song !!

This is the song every REAL patriot in this country needs to hear right now!

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Headline Military News
VA Could Add to List of Agent Orange AilmentsLast week Tom Philpott reported that the VA Secretary was working on his 2017 priorities. Included in the list were reforming the 'Choice' program and the possibility of adding new ailments to the list of service-connected illness associated with 'Agent Orange.'  Read More
Army Develops New BootThe standard issue combat boot most Soldiers wear today has proven to not work as well in hot and wet environments. So, the U.S. Army has developed a new jungle boot that some Soldiers will see this year.  Read More
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VA Seeks to Reduce Cost of 'Choice' ReformsVA Secretary (Dr.) David J. Shulkin used congressional testimony Tuesday and recent meetings with veterans' service organizations to preview new steps the VA might test for containing costs as it reforms the Choice program to smooth access to VA-paid private sector healthcare.  Read More
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House Committee OKs Bills on VA Choice Program, AccountabilityThe House Veterans Affairs Committee approved bills Wednesday to extend and expand the Department of Veterans Affairs' Choice Program and provide for more accountability of VA managers.  Read More
Featured Discount: 15% Off All ColumbiaReceive a 15% Military Discount Sitewide on all Columbia purchases.  Read More
Top Enlisted Marine: Legal 'Gaps' in Addressing Online HarassmentFour days after news broke that the U.S. military is conducting a wide-ranging investigation into active-duty Marines who circulated nude and compromising photos of their female colleagues without consent, the issue took center stage in a congressional hearing on military personnel.  Read More
Lock in Your Low 2017 VA Loan Benefit Rate TodayQualified borrowers can buy or refi with as little as $0 down, and have no PMI payments with great rates and financing up to $424,000.  Read More
AF Promotes 1391 to SMSgtThe Air Force has selected 1,391 master sergeants for promotion to senior master sergeant.  Read More
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AF Focuses on Mental WellnessRecognized as one of the four domains of Comprehensive Airman Fitness, the Air Force describes mental wellness as 'the ability to effectively cope with unique mental stressors and challenges needed to ensure mission readiness.'  Read More
American Legion Offers 'Legacy Scholarship'The American Legion Legacy Scholarship application for 2017 is online for new and returning applicants to fill out.  Read More
Blue Angels Add to 2017 ScheduleThe U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, added a performance at the 2017 New York Air Show, which will take place July 1-2.  Read More
Commissary March to SavingsHere are some of the savings promotions coming to your local military commissary during March.  Read More
Extensions for 1st Term Sailors on Sea DutyThe U.S. Navy has announced that first-term Sailors on sea duty now have more time to request extension of their expiration of active obligated service to complete their sea duty assignment known as their prescribed sea tour.  Read More
Lawmaker to Services: Feed Troops BetterAn Ohio congressman wants to know why there's so much junk food served on base -- all while the military is losing thousands of troops a year who can't meet height and fitness standards.  Read More
VA Loan Limits for High-Cost Counties: Updated for 2017The VA loan guaranty program limits the maximum guaranty amount to $424,100 for 2017, but the limits are higher in these counties across the country.  Read More
National Brain Injury Awareness MonthMarch is National Brain Injury Awareness Month. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, or a penetrating head injury which disrupts the normal function of the brain.  Read More
VA Studies Aspirin's Cancer BenefitsThanks to a team led by a VA Department of Veterans Affairs researcher, new studies verify their theory of cancer-prevention benefits based on aspirin's effects on platelets, the blood cells that form clots to stop bleeding.  Read More
Navy Sponsors Naval History Essay ContestThe U.S. Navy is sponsoring an essay contest. Essay topics can include study the history of the U.S. Navy as well as any other historical, maritime history that relates to our maritime strategy.  Read More
NEX Online Open to Vets Starting 11/11/2017Beginning Veteran's Day, Nov. 11, military exchange online shopping privileges will be extended to all honorably discharged veterans of the U.S. Military. Prior to Nov. 11.  Read More
Overview: Learn About Your Military BenefitsWe have compiled an extensive list of all the real and true benefits available for veterans and their families, including free medical care, discounted hotel rooms, free hunting and fishing licenses, medical care, job training and more.  Read More
Research Shows Great Results for GI Bill UsersIn a research project called the National Veteran Education Success Tracker, Student Veterans of America identified the many ways student Veterans using the Post-9/11 GI Bill are outperforming their peers based on success rates, degree-types, and graduation.  Read More
Your VA Copayment Debt OptionsVeterans are responsible for the copayments associated with VA health care. If not paid in a timely manner, these copayments will be referred to the Department of Treasury for collection.  Read More
Paycheck Chronicles: Balance Your Checkbook Lately?An online consumer poll reports that only 21% of respondents balance their checkbook regularly. There are several reasons why you should balance your bank statement regularly.  Read More
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Women Veterans Needed for ResearchIt has been difficult for Department of Veterans Affairs researchers to recruit enough women to get statistically valid results in biological and medical research.  Read More
Housing Allowance Survey for Troops in GermanyService members in Germany who reside off-post in privately leased or rental housing have the opportunity to influence their rent and utility fees by taking the annual overseas housing survey.  Read More
Veterans and Multiple SclerosisMarch is National Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month. The VA MS Centers of Excellence are committed to serving the health care needs of veterans with MS.  Read More
Spotlight Benefit: Army Emergency ReliefArmy Emergency Relief (AEF) is a non-profit charity, operated under Army regulations, that provides financial assistance to Soldiers, active and retired, and their families.  Read More
Veterans Adaptive Sports and Training in MaineThe Veterans Adaptive Sports and Training Program at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine promotes lifelong health and well-being of veterans with disabilities through regular participation in a wide array of physical activities and sports.  Read More
Veteran and MilSpouse Job Fairs in VirginiaThe Non-Commissioned Officers Association will be hosting two veteran and military spouse focused job fairs in Virginia this month.  Read More
Army 'Life in Korea' Essay ContestThe U.S. Army is sponsoring an essay contest open to all U.S. service members, civilians and their family members. The entry deadline for entry is May 5, 2017.  Read More

The Great Defender.

Tom's Journal.

A new great song !!

This is the song every REAL patriot in this country needs to hear right now!

Friends,   Here is the sad truth about Military --VA Priorities regarding "Agent Orange," and Vietnam Veterans !   And some pig faced folks think that it might coast too much to help these Disabled Veterans out near the end of their lives !   Shame  !


Hello  Friends and Readers,
    Today, on my fearless but humble blog,  I feel that I must deal with a very old OPINION... or Argument about a Ammunition/ Bullet Caliber, called the .45 ACP.   Yep !   'Some like it hot --- some like it cold.'  I suppose that most like it in between !   But what good is getting and sacrificing a good chunk of you pay/ wages on Preparations  of food, drink, and pure drinking water --- with nothing to protect your goods and family with the moral equivalent of the  venerable SWORD that served our fore fathers of many generations ago ??   Yes,  I am talking about buying, securing, cleaning and knowing how to use a FIREARM !   And today we are looking at the venerable,  .45 ACP.   Please study it below and educate yourself now.

Really now,  good, fine,  Gentlemen, and smart Bible readers,   what husband and father would just stand by while marauders and drug crazed low life's pillaged, looted and molested his home and family, and then carry off his goods that he worked so hard for  ? ?   If you go to Revelation 21: 8....  the first thing of importance,  first of the list of things that God most dislikes, are COWARDS !   Let me put it to you this way,  friends,   Cowards do NOT have a rosy, nor respected  future!  Just  go figure,  that if you buy or build a new house in a good area,  you would also want to INSURE it, plus buy some fire alarms and fire extinguishers, right ?   You want to protect the love of your life,  wife and kids, too.   So,  now days, a good sword may not be enough to stop a whole gang of Islamic  Illegal    Aliens that Obama let in the back door, who are likely to cut off all the heads that are not Muslim !   So you need to look into different fire arms before you invest.  
        Personally,   I like and choose a good, 12 gauge pump,  shot gun, first, and you can get them pretty cheap, and also teach your wife to shoot it properly --- but keep it in a secure place so that  your children   don't  fool around with it when you are gone !!  Very Important !
       Next,  you might want to look into a good pistol,  like a 9 mm or a .45 ACP,  to fend off the bad people who think that you should feed them.... but they refuse to work.   Hey,  we want to pray and hope for the best  --- but we also want to prepare for all emergencies.   It just makes a lot of common sense to me,  and I also have and carry my CCW Permit ---- concealed pistol license, in the State of Michigan.    Sorry,   but I NEVER, ever, tell anyone what I have in MY house.    "Loose lips  ---Sink Ships !"   You don't need to brag or tell anyone what is in your house !   And TEACH your children never to talk about such things, either !   Please.

You and I might never know what will come down the pike in a month, a year or so, so it pays to be ready for the next blizzard,  or riot.   Educate your self NOW !

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

The Great Defender: You’ll Want This By Your Side When It Hits the Fan


45 acp
[Editor’sNote: Simply put, things can to hell in a hand basket very quickly following a disaster. The widespread breakdown of the social order leads to looting in disaster prone areas which leads to the importance of being able to defend one’s home, family and their preps during a disaster breakdown. Because home defense is such an important consideration, it is important to familiarize yourself with the best firearms and ammunition choices out there. Jeremiah Johnson has been relentless in writing information on this subject and brings up another well informed article on this ammunition choice.]

ReadyNutrition Guys and Gals, over the past weeks, we have gone into great detail on firearms, caring and maintaining firearms, and why preppers should diversify their ammunition supplies. This week, we are focusing on the .45 ACP – a worthy cartridge with a long and unique history, and it is also worth your consideration with regard to home defense and survival, for a number of reasons we’ll outline here today.  So, without further adieu, let’s get started!

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The History of the .45 ACP Cartridge

I want to discuss the .45 ACP cartridge.  This information is worthwhile and the cartridge itself has a great deal of history behind it.  In 1898 the Spanish-American War (characterized by Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders) came to a close, but the Philippine insurrection did not.  The Moros (Philippine islanders) were able to take a hit from the .38 handguns and the .30 Krag rifle the Army had in service…and keep coming.  They could not, however, “soak up” the .45 Long Colts and the 12-gauge buckshot used from personally-owned Colts and Winchesters.  Yes, back then, many could carry their own choice of weapons.
Two officers were crucial in determining the choice back in 1904.  At the behest of Brigadier General William Crozier (appointed Chief of Army Ordnance in 1901, a new position created by President Theodore Roosevelt), a board was formed comprised of two men.  Colonel John T. Thompson (Ordnance) and Colonel Louis A. LaGarde (Medical Corps) were tasked with finding the optimal sized cartridge for the U.S. Military.  LaGarde’s report contained the following summary:

“The Board was of the opinion that a bullet which will have the shock effect and stopping power at short ranges necessary for a military pistol or revolver should have a caliber not less than .45[caliber].”
                Shotgun News, November 1, 2011, p. 13; article:
                 “High Standard M1911A1,” by Peter G. Kokalis

There we have the first glimmerings of the beginnings of the .45 ACP, and I must mention the author of the article referenced, Peter G. Kokalis was the Senior Editor for Shotgun News with a lifetime of experience in shooting and reloading, as well as being a combat veteran.  Kokalis summarized the .45 ACP cartridge’s capabilities most eloquently.  In essence, he clears up a lot of misconceptions relating to kinetic energy of a round.  Most people equate high velocity with knockdown power.  For long-range shooting, this holds to be true in many cases.

Short-Range Combat

What we’re dealing with here is short-range combat…where you (the homeowner) are protecting your house and family from a break-in at close ranges.  In such ranges, you will need stopping power.  Here are some terms you need to keep in mind:
  1. Wound Track – the path of the bullet through the body, also referred to as the “permanent cavity.” Three factors influence this wound track:
  2. Yaw – the way the bullet tumbles through the body after impact
  3. Expansion – of the bullet itself, also referred to as “mushrooming”
  4. Fragmentation – the way the bullet disintegrates in the body after impact as it moves through the tissue
  5. Temporary cavitation – the path opened up as the bullet travels through the vital organs…a path that “rebounds,” or bounces back into original position, though not without damage to certain organs
Depth of penetration is the most important factor, as Kokalis outlines here, in this excerpted segment of his article:

“Most important of all, is the fact that penetration is without doubt the single most important parameter in the wound ballistics equation.  It has been determined that in law enforcement and self-defense scenarios, a minimum of 12 inches, and up to 18 inches of penetration will produce the most effective results – required to reach the body’s vital organs.  Once we’ve obtained the necessary penetration, the bullet that makes the biggest hole will do the most damage.
 As a result of the above, there is only one possible conclusion.  The .45 ACP cartridge is the most effective handgun round – among those commonly available – that you can use in a gunfight.  Even anecdotal evidence over the last 100 years has proven this to be so countless times.”

Kokalis went on to explain that a 230-grain JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) expands (on average) from .45 (that is .45 of an inch) to .65 with approximately 15.5 inches of penetration.  I must add his final words in the article, as they should drive the point home:

“This can be summarized in one sentence: use the largest caliber with the heaviest bullet, propelled at moderate velocity.  In other words, deploy with a handgun chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge.”

To clarify what he meant by “moderate velocity” is that other, faster bullets tend to go right through the target at close distances, whereas the .45 ACP (considered a low-velocity round at – on average – 930 feet per second) has both the penetration power and will “open up” for greater internal damage to the target.
To add my own words to Mr. Kokalis’, I have used other calibers, such as 9mm Luger, .38, and .45 Long Colt.  The .45 ACP is an excellent round that is also multipurpose when using different types of ammunition.  The +P rounds (in brands such as Buffalo Bore) turn your cartridge into a super-penetrator that can and will defeat body armor.  It is also a good round to protect against large and ferocious predators.  You can pick up the standard FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) rounds at 230 grains for under $40.00 for a box of 100 at your friendly Wal-Mart for target shooting.

A Frugal Ammunition Choice

They’re easy to reload, and economical: the .45 ACP will not bankrupt your savings while giving you that large caliber round with the stopping power you need.  As to the piece you wish to throw it out of, take your pick.  The 1911 is tried and true (in my humble opinion one of the finest handguns ever made), and has served our military nobly throughout its existence.  So, .45 ACP?  Try it, you’ll like it: the round will serve your needs well, and at a price you can afford.  Keep that powder