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"Power in the name of Jesus."

Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends,
      'Ain't it da truth,' [sic]  that we all have HEARD the "Truth" before, and perhaps many times,  but when it is brought up again in polite conversation or in print,  it seems to hit us right between the eyes, and with great FORCE !  
         That just goes to prove that we all need and benefit from continued repetition and reminding,  plus careful study/ reading of the Bible.   And now after some 'constructive criticism,'  I know that I should capitalize that term,  "Bible,"  all the time.   A dear friend of mine admits that I am open minded,  among other things.   I have always said that I could learn from other people's mistakes and total failures...  even tragic  traffic accidents.    "A man has got to know his limitations"    ---And the limitations of his vehicle !   When/ If   I allow my emotions to get a hold on me [just as the bible warns, in the book of James],  I make the wrong decisions, and mess up, royally.    Or....  "I zigged,  when I should have zagged."    And paid thru the nose because of it.    Some folks pay with their lives, or the lives of others.    And if a Company or a Platoon leader/ commander makes a mistake,  his men get killed.    And as I have mentioned before,  over 1000 Officers were assassinated over in Vietnam by their own men --- because they were simply too stupid,  too proud,  made too many unsound moves, and the Army unit was simply safer and better off without them !   Try to kick out so many 90- day wonders, too young -- too inexperienced 2nd Lieutenants,  that land in-country, and most combat Veterans can tell you the results.   Too many KIA's and wounded,  "friendlies."    Better to swallow your pride and allow a seasoned, battle- proven NCO help you out,  sir.  

But fast forward,  again, to today....  things are indeed moving at break neck speed,   when a person has his/ her 'biblical glasses' on,   so that the masses of people here in the USA are feeling different about their every day business and headings.    Ha!   It's sometimes funny and so predictable how our Stock Market, stops, sputters, pivots and changes on the least bit of new revelations, and happenings, world wide !    It would confuse the finest 'blood hound' dog.   

I have high praise for my sister, Linda, who is over seeing the quality care of my Mom, who recently fractured her hip in a fall, and now in Rehab.   I well know all about that stuff !   Been there --- done that, too.   But not my hip,  just two knee replacements were traumatic enough for me --- the first in a VA hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA,  and I will never go back to that facility.

  I must send them a special card, etc., to help out.
     I am trying to eat less, and so cannot seem to focus, correctly.   But maybe next week I will feast.  

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

March 24th, 2017
Contrary to the predictions of many observers, Geert Wilders did not win the election for Prime Minister of the Netherlands last week.

His party, the Dutch Party for Freedom, had the momentum and many of the country's voters were fed up with the current liberal immigration policies. They are fearful of the chaos they see in Sweden, France, England, and Belgium descending on Holland.

Then, the President of Turkey gave the Prime Minister of the Netherlands a gift!

In the days before Holland's election, Recep Tayyip Erdogan (the Turkish politician who is trying desperately to overthrow the longtime secular government of Turkey and install in its place an Islamic Theocracy like Iran) "forced" the Dutch government into a showdown.

Turkey is holding a national referendum on its constitution in mid-April. The net effect will be to concentrate more power in Erdogan's hands so that he can accelerate the rush toward an Islamic Theocracy.

Turkish law allows Turks who are living in other nations to vote in national elections held in Turkey. Many countries do this. However, Erdogan was sending members of his government to other European nations to campaign among the Turks living there on behalf of his proposed changes to Turkey's constitution.

Well, in the days leading up to the national election in the Netherlands -- coincidentally, an election many analysts predicted the sitting liberal Prime Minister would lose -- Erdogan decided to send two very high-ranking members of the Turkish government to campaign in Holland.

The current Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, decided to get tough (though he had apparently not done it before). He refused to let the Turkish officials appear at the campaign rallies.

In fact, Rutte wrote an open letter to Turkish immigrants living in the Netherlands (and placed it as campaign ads in newspapers across Holland). Among other things, he told them: "Act normal or go away... go back to Turkey!"

Rutte's refusal to let Turkish government officials campaign in the Netherlands "infuriated" the Turkish President. He blasted Holland's Prime Minister. Erdogan ordered his ambassador to return to Ankara. He said that Holland was no longer Turkey's friend. He threatened to flood Europe with migrants. One of his senior officials implied this snub might cause a "holy war!"

The net effect was that, suddenly, Holland's formerly liberal, pro-European Union Prime Minister appeared to be Rambo, defending the traditional values of the Netherlands and protecting its native citizens.

Exit polls showed that, at the last moment, many Dutch voters decided that current Prime Minister Rutte wasn't so bad after all. And since he was standing up to the Islamic migrant invasion, maybe they shouldn't take a chance on electing Geert Wilders, the far-right, anti-Islamic nationalist with the wild shock of blond hair!

So Rutte won. But his party lost.

Apparently, Dutch voters felt that even though they didn't want Wilders as Prime Minister right now, he is on the right track and many of his concerns and solutions are relevant. So they gave 20 seats in the Parliament to the Dutch Party for Freedom. That makes it the second largest bloc in Parliament. (Up from one seat just two elections ago!)

On the other hand, though they returned Rutte to office, his formerly dominant party was only able to hold on to 33 seats in the Parliament, just barely keeping it as the largest party. That will force it to create a coalition with other parties to continue governing.

In other words, Dutch voters declared that even though they were not fully comfortable with Geert Wilders as Prime Minister, they definitely wanted him and his policies to play a major role in Holland's future decisions regarding Islamic immigration.

Wilders is just one element in the turmoil now convulsing the European Union. The United Kingdom recently decided to leave the EU ("Brexit"). Five other nations are seriously considering following suit.

Sweden is quickly descending into chaos as Muslim migrants gain an almost unmanageable hold on several Swedish towns and cities.

Many are predicting that the far-right nationalist candidate for president in France may well win the upcoming election. She, too, is opposed to the continued Islamic migrant invasion of Europe.

Some observers believe that the one-two punch of "Brexit" and the shocking election of Donald Trump as U.S. President, is fueling the unrest among European nations. Instead, I think those two developments have given hope to many Europeans who feel they are losing their national identities and sovereignty to faceless, unelected EU bureaucrats who are using the overwhelming Islamic migrant invasion to "fundamentally transform Europe" into a single superstate.

And they don't want that to happen.

So, if America and the UK can stand up to the globalist-elites, then maybe they can, too!

In the West, we are seeing a surge in "nationalism." It challenges the recent tsunami of "globalism" that has threatened to engulf our planet. It is oxymoronic that we are witnessing both -- a concurrent rise in "globalism" and its antithesis, "nationalism."

But, the Bible predicts that in the last days of this age, this is precisely what will happen. In fact, it will be the rise of these competing movements that will cause the re-shaping of the world alliances to enable the ascension of the Antichrist. It will also set the stage for the power blocs that confront each other during the Tribulation.

Folks, this is Bible prophecy unfolding before us.

Also on the show this week, I will be discussing the recent attempt by a United Nations commission to label Israel as an "apartheid" state. I know this is becoming old news, but something different happened this time. The UN Secretary-General rejected the report and forced the commission to withdraw it.

Some will say this is a miracle. Some will say it's a byproduct of the new administration in Washington. Whatever the reason, procedural or ideological, it's a good thing. For now. But it further emphasizes the constant attacks upon Israel as a nation and the Jews as a people.

Again, just as the Bible prophets predicted for these days.

Finally, when I wrote Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth back in 1972 (45 years ago), Satanism, witchcraft, and the occult were a dangerous novelty. Today, they are mainstream.

The Daily Mail of London reports: "The demand for exorcisms has skyrocketed across the country and priests are struggling to keep up with it." Even Pope Francis has urged Catholic priests to immediately call for exorcists when they encounter this increased Satanic activity.

I thought a priest in Indianapolis put his finger on the problem. Fr. Vincent Lampert said, "The problem isn't that the devil has upped his game, but more people are willing to play it."

Over the last few years we have witnessed an exponential increase in the exaltation of evil in our society. Our media is happily flooded with programs that focus on the Satanic and the occult -- often glorifying and glamorizing it. "Lucifer" even got his own show! Churches and pastors have failed to effectively highlight and counter the rising influence of this evil even in the lives of their congregants.

As a result, between false religions like Islam and humanism and "accepted" Satan-influenced societal practices like unrestricted abortion and ever-degenerating sexual lifestyles, we are almost overwhelmed by sheer evil.

What can we do? How can we respond? How can we survive?

There is only one way.

Call upon the name of Jesus.

There is more power in the name "Jesus" than in any other word ever uttered from the lips of God or man (Philippians 2:9-11). When we use His name in prayer, God, the Father, knows all that that name encompasses.

Not only does the name of Jesus bring salvation from our sins and the promise of eternal happiness, it provides the power to overcome the fiercest attacks of Satan.

This week, I will share with you how to effectively use the precious name of Jesus in your daily life to bring peace and victory into the troubled world around you.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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