Saturday, April 1, 2017

'New World Currency ?' Seek Jesus.

Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends,
   Let me tell you all from the 'get-go,'  that I am NOT into scare tactics ---  but I just want to be informed, and I have an expertise in a few areas after living on planet earth for a long time, and I wanted to be a "Master of One Trade,"  but found out latter that I needed to be a "Jack of all Trades,"  now days, just to survive.   I found myself coming up short, even though I became a good, well educated Welder, and worker in Wood/ Carpentry, and had some close friends in the same trades who helped me out once in a while, and we shared/ compared notes, etc.   We also got together as families for cook outs, parties and good times !   We hunted deer in Northern Wisconsin, strictly for meat, and never sport !   I also know how to butcher, and learned that trade from my Dad, on the family farm.  
        But my Print Reading for Welders,  Instructor, in college always told us that,  "You can never learn too much !"   So,  the more you learn the better prospects for a man or woman to get a job !  Also be successful in LIFE !   
     So, I know it sounds strange and funny,  but I took the other fork in the road one time to learn the Finance Trade of Investments and Term Life Insurance, etc., so I was well educated in that field too.   it was very important because we all swim in shark infested waters with unscrupulous 'sales people' just wanting to separate US from our  hard earned MONEY !!   I used to TEACH good people how to beware and watch out for such, 'snakes in the grass,'  but buy and invest in the good stuff !   Personally,  I would NEVER buy any kind of "Whole Life Insurance !!"   It's a stupid trap to skin you alive $$$.  contact me for the best information or what to buy and study.
       But now.... even with a good, strong body and a wise, smart brain....  if we are ignorant of the KJV Bible and Salvation thru only ONE person in the Universe,  Jesus Christ  [not Mary or any "Saint"]--- we are L O S T !   That is why I try my best to help steer people toward the Lord Jesus Christ,  because we are living in the "Last Days" and Jesus is the only way out of here.... as things get worse every day,  the Bible promises that all who believe in their hearts, and firmly declare with their lips, that "Jesus Christ is our only Lord and Savior"  and Heaven will be our home...  for sure !   If you have not already done so,  please [and I am NOT begging anyone !] pray for Jesus to come unto you NOW, and also the Holy Spirit, ask forgiveness for all of your sins that you can remember, and begin reading the whole Gospel, plus the book of  Romans.   That will get you going on the basic start of true understanding and PURE WISDOM !   And remember, please......  that you can NEVER learn or know, too much,  dear friends and readers.
      Ok,  now you are cooking with gas !
      And you can also email me if you like and I will try to clarify things for you:  
       I am a sinner and also have a long way to go,  but I know that I am "Saved" and going to heaven.   I pray for God's forgiveness every night, and try hard to not make the same mistakes/ sins,  but I am a mere mortal / human,  and we all need the Grace, Help, Spirit, to help us make it thru this wicked, Satanic, system/ world.

Please remember one big thing,  that many parts of the world are now 'exploding' with Islamic violence, murder, rape, vile theats,  and a Christian can literally lose his/ her head, JUST FOR ADMITTING TO BE A CHRISTIAN, or a Jew !   But if we are to die....  run out of ammo.,   we can rest assured that the very SECOND after we die --- we will be in heaven with Jesus !!              "Fear not those who can kill the body,  but not the soul."   You will be like me, as I gain solid strength and wisdom by reading and searching the books of Psalms, Proverbs, and all of the other 66 books of the Bible.    I like the King James Version of the Bible,  but I think that the NASB, and even the NIV are better than nothing......and they are simpler, more basic types/ versions.....  easy to understand Bibles  that have  helped many gain the special Knowledge that we all need.   A very Special Bible, is the,  DEFINED KJV BIBLE, and can be had/ bought for a low price at this email address:     --- I have a few of them too, and the take the older, archaic "OLD English" terms and "Define" them at the bottom of each page !!   Also, just go to:   "e-sword"   on your personal computer, for FREE, and learn tons of great Bible stuff !!  And there are also some great fundamental Christian radio stations that have helped me, and many others thru the years.  Support them if you can.

Below is some scary stuff,  but I know that some of this stuff, or more will most likely 'visit' us right here in the USA, perhaps a year or 2 from now, or SOONER ..... but do you feel lucky today?   Do you feel like gambling ?   I don't.   IMHO,  our American Dollar won't be worth too much in the months ahead... so why not pay your bills down now, and stock up on rice, beans, BACUN, and pure drinking water, a good shot gun and ammo, too, and learn to use it SAFELY !   Who knows when the next tornado might blow by us  and knock out our power, etc. ?    But that is just my humble opinion, as a Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.   I am not a rich man, either.  
I think that I will also stock up on V-8 Vegetable Juice, and repair my Weber Grill, soon !   Steaks and Italian sausage taste much better grilled out side.   But let's all be Balanced, please.    Make a list of Priorities, and work your way down.

Warm Regards,
Tommy  Schuckman

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