Saturday, April 8, 2017

Missle Strikes !

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Norwegian:  

Hei venner og lesere fra Norge,
vel, vi alle lurer på hva som vil skje nå, etter President Trump lansert mange Tomahawk-missiler i den syriske Air Base. Ingen ønsker en ny krig, men gassing kvinner og barn bare kan ikke gå uten konsekvenser! Det KJV bibelen sier at det vil bli mer wars, før og etter vår Herre, Jesus Kristus, kommer tilbake for å ta opp hans følgesvenner og troende, og jeg håper å være i sitt nummer. Jeg har lest og studere salmer et parti, i det siste, og finn gode fred og styrke i at endeavour.
Jeg har mange lesere fra Norge, og jeg tror det er noe spesielt om ditt folk! Hvem bryr seg hva Eu mener, eller krav, eller truer med å gjøre hvis du nekter å følge deres retninger ! Vi vil alle være ansvarlige for å far gud, en dag. Min e-postadresse er: --- varm hilsen Tom Schuckman.


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Dear   Friends,
    I know that it's been a long time since American Patriots and Veterans felt euphoria from a brave, take charge leader like POTUS  Donald Trump, and I am feeling good about it too !   However,  this is just the time that we still need to keep our wits to understand Bible prophesy unfolding right before our eyes !   This just might be the 'calm before the storm.'   The world is still in a slip-sliding trip, doing a slow burn, financially !   Beware !  

The One World Gov't, folks are still working hard behind the scenes trying to collapse the System for a reason,  so they can take over, and Satan is pulling the strings on this world wide movement.   Revelation, Chapter 13, tells us about the NWO -- the 'New World Order,' and how it will affect everyone on earth.   It won't be pretty.   But in order to get there, the PEOPLE of the WORLD must really want/ beg for such a program, and to get to that stage, total, and complete anarchy must take place.... a total breakdown of all Society, which will include world wide food shortages and hunger!   Think!   Obama has done a great job of messing up everything imaginable, pissing away tons of our tax dollars, and actually funneling much of it to our ENEMIES... the Islamic terrorists in many lands and Orgs !   And now, with too many nasty wolves trying to slow our good POTUS down,  President Donald Trump,  he is still making a lot of progress, despite both Democrats AND RINO's trying to 'hamstring' him !   Just think what progress he could make with a little bit of help from his 'friends.'   Well,  there you see what I mean, concerning the power of the evil empire of Satan the Devil and his earthly servants, the 'World Elite' of secret organizations, with 'nice, cuddly, names and titles.'   

Hey!   I feel good at this point, too, and I want to celebrate !   But hee is a great entreaty from 'A Psalm of David,'  at Psalm 141: 4,    Incline not my heart to any evil thing,  to practice wicked works with men that work iniquity:   and let me not eat of their dainties."  

And Psalm 140: 4,  "Keep me O LORD, from the hands of the wicked;   preserve me from the violent man;   who have purposed to overthrow my goings.  5.   The proud have his a snare for me,  and  cords;   they have sp3ead a net by the wayside;  they have set gins for me.  6.  I said unto the LORD,  Thou art my God:  hear the voice of my supplications, O  LORD."    Wow!  Do you see how this prayer is so important now, today, and also fits the challenges and snares set for our POTUS,  Donald J.  Trump,  who is also a Christian ??   OK,  he is a 'new Christian' who has not memorized Chapter and Verse, as we have, who have been in the Word for many years, who love and honor the KJV Bible, and used it as a mighty shield that actually stops bullets !  Yes,  "Body Armor !"   I, personally, feel Strong and Enamored, when I read the Psalms and Proverbs, etc.   Thank You, Lord, for giving me your Word, the Bible !

Now,  it is NOT my intention to scare anyone with the articles that I 'cut and paste' on this humble Blog post, and others,  but there is nothing wrong with being prepared, and the Bible calls us "wise" to put up stores of food, etc., for emergencies.   Remember, in ancient days/ times, and even 100 years ago,  our ancestors were mainly  agricultural people,  who depended on slaughtering their beef, hogs, in the Fall, also storing up various grains for food/ feed, for themselves and their livestock.    I studied 2 years of high school agriculture and loved farming, in S.E. Wisconsin, and hoped to have my own farm some day,  but it never came together..... as I went a different direction in life, working in an auto factory, also studying Welding and other trades to support my family, etc.    But the knowledge and desire were always there and my teenage years of hard work on my parents' farm.   Those were the "good old days", for me.
      But the "End Game" is what we want to concentrate on NOW !   Because all the "signs" are starring us in the face, RIGHT NOW, and we would do well to PREPARE.  

Now,  believe it or not,  Father God is testing us, and allowing us to experience trouble and pain in our lives, for a reason.   He is refining us like fine gold and silver, cleansing us for the time when we will be taken away to a "Special, Safe, Beautiful, Place" right before the SHTF, called the Rapture.   Or.... did you all think that we should go up to the "New Heavens" all dirty and filthy, with bad habits ?  And so these next, fine, verses, should really help us to understand the reason for the season, right now, in our lives!   "Search me, O God, and know my heart:  try me, and know my thoughts:  24.  And see if there be any wicked way in me,  and lead me in the way everlasting."   ---Psalm 139: 23-24.   Friends,  that is MY Prayer ! ! !   Because I know that I am still a simple, helpless human being with bad, evil desires and an old man with 'some serious character flaws,'  that I recently discovered,  shown to me by a close friend whom I care for and respect.   And so I have embarked, again, on a "Mission" to allow the Holy Spirit to help me root out those deeper thoughts and emotions that have hampered and helped destroy past relationships and gotten me into trouble.    My big mouth, for one thing.    I will say no more about myself, right now, lest you all leave me forever..... LOL.  

Now,  My other Mission and Endeavor, helping other combat Veterans.....   I hope that some of my blog posts have helped you, too !!   Please don't be afraid to contact me, and if you are serious,  I will also give you my phone number so that we can chat, and become friends.   But, 'the cream always floats to the top,' and preparing for the speedy return of Jesus Christ, must be our main priority,  dear friends !

Have a great day.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

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