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TREASON: Shadow Gov't.

Tom's Journal.

Friends and Valued Readers,    I am very grateful and thankful for all of my interested Readers from all over the World, who visit me on my humble Blog:   TOM'S  JOURNAL.    I also encourage you all to write in and email me to tell me more about your selves, where you live and your interests and commentaries on varied subject,  Please.  


----Tommy Schuckman
    Michigan,  USA.

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Good to know,  basic self defense !

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Happy Resurrection Day.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in German:

Liebe Freunde in Deutschland,
spiele ich mit meinen 2 - feine Katzen, aber sie sind voller Unglück und Liebe zu spielen - kämpfen Sie mit uns die ganze Zeit, und Sie Durcheinander mein altes Haus, auch. Aber sie sind gute Firma für eine alte, behinderte Menschen, die allein leben. Ich habe gelernt, dass ich meinen Mund über Sein einsam halten sollten, und es nur für mich behalten, weil Beschweren mich nicht helfen wird, die eine oder andere Weise, und vielleicht reizt die nicht näher spezifiziert werden. Ich will nicht, dass Menschen, weg zu fahren, aber Sie zu meinem bescheidenen Blog: Tom's Journal, zu helfen und von Ihnen hören zu zeichnen! Meine Email Adresse ist:
ich möchte alle meine christlichen Brüder und Schwester in der Welt, eine "glückliche Tag der Auferstehung." Ich habe auch wünschen und beten, dass unser neuer Präsident Trump sicher, geschützt und vom Heiligen Geist geleitet werden möchten, und Vater Gott. Wir wissen nicht, was morgen kommen wird, so dass wir immer bereit sein und bereit für unseren Herrn Jesus Christus zu sterben, in einem Herzen schlagen.
Ein großer Tag im Frühling haben.
--- Tom Schuckman
Michigan, USA.

Happy  Resurrection   Day.
    Maybe you all think that it's just a thin line of distinction or the same thing,   but I do not celebrate Easter,  which is one of the very FEW 'MISTAKES' in the KJV Bible, which actually has reference to a Germanic goddess of fertility.    Sorry to seem so picky,  but I must drive that stake home every April.    And then you start to 'see' just how thin, shallow and ignorant people's Bible knowledge is, and they want to run away.   Like the young blonde RN nurse, age 23, who looked on as my regular older male, RN,  Steven worked hard to re-bind my bandage on my lower leg from an old motorcycle injury.   Steve is OK, and a great guy who loves to hear about the Bible and Jesus Christ.  
       I know.... it may seem like I am just super picky, and hair-splitting, today,  but it bugs me that MOST people in America are so super ignorant with a nonchalant attitude towards anything relation to the Bible, with their pure laziness to even look things up,  when they have one of the greatest TOOLS of all mankind.... the Personal Computer,  the wealth of knowledge for all History ! ! !
     And in the beginning,  I wished and hoped to be able to buy a computer and learn everything about them !   So,   I have now bought about 4 of them, and of course, the greedy merchants make them so that they only last for about 4-5 years, or so, and you have to be very careful that some crumb bum doesn't hack into your system and steal you blind.   Yes,  what ever good thing that Man invents --- another man will find a way to corrupt it or use it for evil...  like stealing money or pornography,  etc.    You see/   understand now,  that is the reason why Father God heaped on super hard work for Adam and Eve after He kicked them out of the Garden of Eden,  just to scrap out a simple existence ---- so they would not have time to use their super intellect to dream up even more wicked things to do !   Most people don't know that little known fact !  
      Men and ladies often marvel at my 'head knowledge;  but I fall short in too many ways, like my laziness,  depression that I struggle with, with it's ups and downs, saying the wrong word at the wrong time, pissing people off, hurting the feelings of my loved ones, etc.
     Remember to visit:  James --Chapter 3--- read all.   but,  James 3: 8, says,   "But the tongue can no man tame;  it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison."  And don't I,  Tom Schuckman, know it ? !!   In fact,  many women bring it to my attention in a loud, stirring manner, often, and I prob. need it repeated, even though it hurts like a wasp sting !    With only 5--Chapters, the book of James is -- pound for pound -- so  POWERFUL !   And in chapter 5: 12,  it says,  "Let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no."   Most people, now days,  just don't care for that kind of scripture, at all.   They prefer as much "wriggle room" as they can get, to bend, twist, shape, truncate, stretch, pull, etc., to circumvent the truth.... and later on laugh with their little buddies in the back room, drinking Martini's  far after the cows come home.   After the 2nd Martini,  your face actually gets numb, and what a deadly poison, that even the Russian  head of State,  Nikita Khrushchev marveled at !   But they also produce some wicked hang overs !!  

      I am sure that most of you all over the world have much to do this week end,  so I will be on my way, now.

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

Here is my dear son,  Andy T.  Schuckman,  painting my old house in Union Grove, WI., about 7 years ago,  now passed away, and sorely missed.....

April 14th, 2017
As we approach Resurrection Day of 2017, I believe our world is facing greater dangers than any time in recent memory.

On the one hand, our new, besieged President deals with the threat of imminent nuclear war in Asia. On the other, he faces the prospect of conflict with Russia and Iran (which also could easily go nuclear). According to the Bible prophets, those two powers will one day lead the coalition of nations that will invade Israel.

As the danger ratchets up -- just as the Bible predicted -- so does the urgency to understand the hope that provides all believers peace in the midst of these dark times: the promise of the resurrection!

As is my custom, each year during Holy Week, I present a program I call, "The Week That Changed the World." The timing of the events of that week is critical. Jesus Himself set the timetable.

In this edition, I'll tell you why I think we're mistaken in commemorating "Good Friday." It should be "Good Thursday!"

And you probably know that the Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First Fruits dramatically and poignantly foreshadow the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. But there may be some aspects of the preparation for those feasts that surprise and move you.

Finally, I'll discuss the overwhelming evidence for Christ's resurrection presented by "The Undisturbed Grave Cloths."

Please tune in and tell someone else about the show. Share this blessed hope with others who are fearful of the future.

Rejoice! Jesus Christ lives! Happy Resurrection Day!

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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