Wednesday, May 10, 2017

AKTI -- New Law Bill Introduced.

Tom's Journal.

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Hi  Friends,
    I am always happy to see, read, and share, stories or news about GOOD, logical, common sense Bills that help and aid all law abiding, Patriotic Americans !   Yes!   Sometimes we even get some legist --ration thru that makes sense and helps the common man who works hard and also has to protect his family !   All I can say is:   It's about time, and the wheel of Justice turns ever so slowly....   

And if I have not shared the 'news' yet,  the VA discovered that I wasn't telling any fairy tales or fibs when they finally found a "challenge" with my heart last week when I complained of "chest discomfort !"   And so they wanted me to go make a 4 hour drive to the Milwaukee VAMC for a procedure,   but I told them,  "No  Thanks !"   I plan to have that procedure done at a top ranking, civilian hospital, maybe in Green Bay,  Wisconsin, some time later, but mature, competent, AMERICAN DOCTORS, not some young, Pakistani underage punks who still cannot speak English,  sorry.... and I do not intend to insult anyone !    But I have seen just TOO MUCH bad stuff go under the radar  and also heard too many horror stories about our Veterans getting hosed.

And I recently had some very enlightening, productive talks with some doctors and staff U.P. here in the Iron Mountain, VAMC, where I took notes, and they did too!   I believe that they have benefited me and helped me figure some things out, and when I finally have my game plan working,  I will be happy and glad to share it with you all.  

'Ours is not to ponder why,
Ours is but to do or die.'  

What I learned today from 2 fine staff members who direct a "Peer Group,"  was:   to list a person's challenges in one column on a piece of paper, and then list you "Victories" in the "B" column.   However,   I am constantly looking for resolutions, and mechanisms in problem solving.    OK,  we know that we do wrong --- but why do we do wrong,  besides already knowing that we were born imperfect with Adamic sinfulness.    I know that I shall never be perfect while I am on earth,  but how can I work some kind of strategy out to STOP the sin process before it is made manifest and active.    Just like today,  I guess I was trying to see how funny I could be when dining out with a lady,  but my comment toward another person started to get too spicy and a bit negative.   I remember comparing the slack jawed, uneducated, folks up here --- with people that attended a better school system further South near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   And how so many people who are supposed to be dealing with the public, on phones, just don't deliver a professional speech and listening pattern ! ! !   That just pisses me off and aggregates me ! 
      What in the heck are they doing in a place/ job of responsibility in the first place ??   I doubt if they could learn how to shine shoes or weed a garden !   Sounds like Democrats.... LOL !  

And then it's my frustration with not losing the weight that I wanted, or lack of self control,  and you'd think that all my sessions with the VA staff could at least net some small measure of success --- but some of those 'staff members' desperately need a serious diet more than I do !  

But then, as I told 2 staff members today, as I was in the waiting room, I over heard a Veteran telling about his injuries sustained in battle, and a younger man than I,  too.   So I felt that I had not suffered near as much as he did,  and he just had to share his story with another human being, this morning.  

And as I am writing this post, my 2-- cats just have to come near me and FART so foul, and gassy,  worse than any dog !!   I am about ready to buy some kind of better smelling herbal oil to mask their odor !   GOOD IDEA !   I lock them out of the bathroom and my bed room or they mess it all up,  just trying to be a pain in the ass.    But they do catch the mice in the house,  so they do work for their room and board.  

And as for me,  at this point in my life,  I honestly don't need to buy anything else,  but have everything that I need or want.    I just invest some of my money and pay the bills with the rest.  
        But one of these days our economy will tank and the SHTF time will be upon us all.    That is when my "Prepping" will have all paid off, I hope.    The only problem is that I wonder if I will still be alive to see it all come together.    I fell that now days,  most people are just plain selfish and very ignorant,  mainly because they don't read the KJV Bible or have the Holy Spirit in them.   I feel that I am doing all that I can to share the Gospel with them.   But then,   if I don't spell out a scripture on this blog post, but only cite it   -----  how many people are going to take the time to look it up....  even if they COULD locate it in the Bible ! ?    You see,  they just don't think that it's worth their effort or time.    And example of this so-called,  "Care" is the story in Genesis about Essau and Jacob.    Where Essau sold his valuable birth right for a bowl of stew !!   Hummmm,   I have a brother like that.... LOL.   And now.... I am not saying that I am any better than him or worth more in God's eyes,   but I KNOW that if he really had the Holy Spirit in him,  he wouldn't be such a sour grapes, crabby, negative man, 2 years younger than me !   So, after all these years,  I know that I am not wanted in his house, so I don't even bother him in any way.    I have got my own fish to fry.

Why stir the pot  ---  why even take a chance on upsetting certain people ?   Just like me parking in the wrong place today, and a rotund VA cop came over to chew me out when I left, and I told him:  'That will NEVER, ever, happen again.'   And I was kind, courteous and respectful to him.    Now,  he was in the right, and I was in the wrong,  but there seem to be a number of cops at the VA who feel very superior to US VETS !   And I just happen to know for a fact that in the military, after the Infantry,   Military Police people has the lowest I.Q. of all the other MOS's !   Ha!   Not that I care....  but really.  

More some other time.

Warm Regards,

  Interstate Transport Act Introduced
AKTI is pleased to announce that a bipartisan bill to protect law abiding knife owners when traveling was introduced today.  The Interstate Transport Act will provide federal protection for knife owners traveling between states.  It is the continuation of an effort AKTI has lead for many years to better protect lawful knife owners when traveling across the country.

We thank Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) for leading the effort and continuing to see the value in this legislation.  The bill has been referred to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, and is co-sponsored by Senators Daines (R-MT), Heinrich (D-NM), Risch (R-ID), and Manchin (D-WV).

“The Interstate Transport Act provides common-sense protections for knife owners traveling through the United States,” Senator Wyden said. “Our bipartisan bill would protect public safety, respect states’ rights and ensure knife owners who are following the law are not punished for traveling between places where knives are legal.”
Read Joint Release from Senators Enzi and Wyden
(Pictured AKTI President CJ Buck wtih Senator Enzi)

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