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Next Sovereign Debt Crisis.

Tom's Journal.

     I am scrambling to just post this piece and then rush out side to catch some valuable sun rays on my face -- and it really helps me in so many ways, regardless of what some say...

First of all,  Finance is a dull, boring subject for most Americans, and that is why they are in so much debt, without a "Nest Egg -- $$$$$," which is most likely in the wrong place....  sorry to say.   But we shall read that the people in Japan are even worse off than us, in many regards.  
       Sometimes, a college Math book will give you the answers in the back,  but the instructor wants to see "HOW" we came to that answer !   Same with the logical,  KJV Bible....    we know the final outcome,  but we want to see how it all plays out.     The more you learn --- the more humble you feel,  because our brains were actually "Made --- Created," to live and work and learn,  FOREVER !!   Both on earth,   also in Heaven !   I can prove all of this -- but don't have the time right now,  as I said in the beginning.   --"Got to make hay while the sun shines."   
    Since we don't know exactly when the Rapture will come --- we also need to learn a little bit about money, investing, and thinking smart.... and even the tiny ant knows enough to store food for the Winter !  

BTW,  have you noticed just how super violent the mean streets of Chicago are getting now days ?   Just think about their sanitary system when the power goes out this Summer, and no water,  when the grid fails,  from one reason or another......   And so I warn all my dear friends who must travel thru such cities....  carry provisions, protection, some canned foods, and toilet paper if you MUST drive thru those dirty, crime ridden cess- pools,  please.    
      I might get lonely U.P. here in the far, cold, North,  but we are relatively safe, quiet, peaceful, and protected.    Praise the Lord.

And Friends,  please pray for me,  too,  these next few weeks or so.   I have some challenges on the horizon that puts just a little fear in my heart.....   but now, having made my peace with all,  I am resigned to what ever future the Heavenly Father has for me, in life or death.   It's just too bad that we sometimes have to endure even more weight and stress on our hearts,  from greedy offspring, who are not really worried about us, personally,  but the contents of our legal Will.    This is NOT the time that I need even MORE stress !     So.... pray also that the Lord deals with such matters, in my life, now or soon.

     Psalm 140: 1,   "Deliver me, O Lord, from the evil man:   preserve me from the violent man:   2.  Which imagine mischiefs in their heart;   continually are they  gathered together for war.    3.   They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent:  adders' poison is under their lips."    
      Psalm 141: 1,    "Lord,  I cry unto thee:   make haste unto me;   give ear unto my voice,  when I cry unto thee."   Verse 5.   "Let the righteous smite me;  it shall be a kindness:  and let him reprove me;  it shall be an excellent oil,  with shall not break my head:  for yet my prayer also shall be in their calamities." 

One of the reasons that I LOVE the KJV Bible, is because it is so POETIC,  beautiful, smooth, and Shakespearean !   And 2.,   It is so very accurate, even though some would say it's not the "Oldest" copy...  but it is the most ACCURATE COPY.    The more we study it, the more humble we become, and closer to God,  but only IF we have a pure and humble heart, and the Holy Spirit !
         But just think for one moment, friends in Christ.... and others....   How would you like to be left behind on the earth,  and the Holy Spirit just vanished and is no where to be found in all the earth ??   That would be a  horrible bummer !   In the book of James, it says that,  "Life is a Vapor."    It's along story going back to the Garden of Eden in Genesis... and even though our minds/ brains WERE made to live forever,  something happened to change everything.   So Father God had to make an adjustment, and send His Son, Jesus Christ, who had a "Pre-Human existence" down to earth to gain back our freedom, also the forgiveness of our sins, and all we have to do is to have certain, strong, Faith and Trust in our Lord, Jesus, to Believe in Him, and become one of His Followers, even though we are still sinners and very imperfect.  

Well, now the clouds have moved in and I missed my chance for the sun,   but not the SON !  
      All of us have some hidden fears and anxiety, or we are LIARS !   I am certainly not going to publish my own fears in this format,  but my close friends know me well.   But I will not give my enemies a chance to work more stress and evil into my heart at this point.   And if we are really, true Christians,  we DO have lots of ENEMIES on earth,  also in the spirit work of Satan and his demons !!   Just beware, and try to not let yourself be deceived.    Just read,  John 15: 18.   But you would be much better off if you just read the entire book of John !!

Warm Regards,

Shocker: Next Sovereign Debt Crisis Four Times Worse

Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D. | Monday, May 8, 2017 at 7:30 am

Many people don’t recognize the true value of an individual’s contribution to society until he or she is gone.
That’s not quite the case with our colleague, Larry Edelson. He did have a large, loyal following before he passed away. But it still applies to him in this sense: The Edelson Institute he founded now has an even larger group of devoted fans than he had.
I’m among them. And as I dig more deeply into his big-picture forecasts, I uncover even stronger evidence that supports them.
A classic example: Larry’s prediction of the coming sovereign debt crisis. Repeatedly and consistently, he told us how it would strike in three distinct phases — first hitting the European Union, then Japan, and finally the United States.
He explained how it would corrode society, corrupt politics, and raise the risk of war. Plus, he predicted what’s widely known today as the global money tsunami, the tidal wave of flight capital flowing into U.S. markets.
Now, the Edelson scenario is unfolding in aces and spades.
That’s why two weeks ago, I gave you the answers to five critical war questions, including the names of three defense giants that stand to benefit the most. It’s why last week, I showed you how the crisis is unfolding in the European Union (New, Bigger Shockwaves in Europe). Plus, it’s also why today’s the day to look ahead to the next big phase …
A Volcanic Sovereign Debt Crisis in Japan
Most people seem to have forgotten how massive Japan’s economy still is. Its GDP is double that of the United Kingdom, India and France. It’s three-times larger than Canada’s. Moreover, with nine of its banks among the 100 largest in the world (compared to ten in the United States), its banking sector remains among the most powerful in the world.
Massive Wealth, Quickly …
If you’d welcome a way to build massive wealth in a very short period of time … and if you like the idea of doing it with renegade companies that are about to go “mainstream” in a big way, this short report will probably be a god-send for you. Read more here …
Yes, China’s economy has surpassed Japan’s in terms of sheer size. But compared to China, Japan is far more integrated into the global financial system and it will impact it more directly, especially during a sovereign debt crisis.
The big elephant in the room: Japan’s government debts are off the charts!
I witnessed this phenomenon firsthand. I was there in 1980 when the debt problem first emerged in a big way. I launched and edited Japan’s first newsletter on global bond markets. And I talked to virtually everyone who understood how serious the problem could become.
Even back in 1980, many feared that Japan’s giant government debts could strangle its economy, sink the stock market, or worse.
They didn’t want to talk about it publicly, themselves, but they implored me to write about it in the strongest possible terms.
“If we complain too loudly,” they said, “it could damage our relations with the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Japan. But as a gaijin, you’re kind of expected to be more outspoken. So don’t pull any punches!”
Here’s the irony: In those days, Japan’s government debts were only 50% of GDP. Now, they’ve soared to 239% of GDP, or nearly FIVE times more. (See chart.)
That’s far bigger than the debt load weighing down on Greece (close to 160%) or Italy (about 130%). Plus, it’s nearly double the debt burden of the U.S. government and its agencies.
“Wait just a minute,” I said to Larry when he first made this argument years ago. “Japan and the United States are not directly comparable because Japan’s households save a huge portion of their income, which helps finance their deficit. America’s households save far less.”
True? When Larry and I first talked about it, yes. Now, absolutely not!
Over the years, Japan’s household savings rate has plunged from 20.4% of disposable income to a meager 2.4%. (See red line in chart.)
In contrast, the U.S. savings rate has declined gradually from 13.3% to 6.2% (blue line). In other words …
  • Japan’s savings rate used to be close to double America’s.
  • Now, in a radical reversal, it’s less than HALF of America’s.
Sound alarming? It should. Because if you multiply the risks illustrated in the two charts, you’ll see that the danger in Japan is far greater than most analysts think.
Risk #1 comes from the sheer size of the debt problem, which is 1.7-times worse than the United States (239% versus 138% of GDP).
Risk #2 comes from the scarcity of domestic savings to finance the deficit, which is over twice as bad as in the United States.
Result: All else being equal, their sovereign debt crisis could be about four-times worse! (And ours won’t be a piece of cake either; America’s government debt load is, itself, the worst of all time.)
What Wall Street insiders don’t want you to know:
Why the U.S. stock market is slated for sudden destruction — but only AFTER it spins off two massive fortunes for investors who make the right moves now: Read more here …
How could that impact U.S. investors? For an answer, just remember that bond markets around the world are closely linked: When bond prices collapse in Japan, that crisis can easily spread like a contagion to U.S bonds as well.
Everywhere in the world, heavily indebted governments will have to …
  • Pay a lot more to borrow money from the public, driving all interest rates higher, or …
  • Raise taxes and cut spending dramatically, a big blow to their already-sagging economies, or …
  • Some combination of both.
Bad for bonds. Bad for stocks. And bad for investors who are overcommitted to either.
Just don’t assume that this is going to happen all at once. The crisis could ramp up slowly at first and then erupt when least expected.
To make sure you’re prepared, stay tuned to the free updates provided by The Edelson Institute.
Good luck and God bless!

Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.Dr. Weiss founded Weiss Research in 1971 and has dedicated his entire career to helping millions of average investors find truly safe havens and investments. He is Chairman of the Weiss Group, which includes Weiss Research and Weiss Ratings, the nation’s leading independent rating agency accepting no fees from rated companies. His last three books have all been New York Times Bestsellers and his most recent title is The Ultimate Money Guide for Bubbles, Busts, Recession and Depression.

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