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"Time is a Clarifier."

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Foreword in Danish:

Hej Venner,
Jeg ved at alle har deres egen mening, men vi har konstitutionelt patrioter i USA, der elsker "retsstatens forfatning" og universel retfærdighed. Hvad der godt for én gruppe mennesker skal også være godt for alle andre! Tja, de nylige afsløringer er kommet ud at forklare alting. Og vores Far i himlen ser og ved alt! Derfor har apostlen Paulus skrev et brev til den kristne menighed i Korinth ..... i 1 Kor 13, 3: "hver mands arbejde skal åbenbares, for den dag skal opgive det, fordi det skal blive åbenbaret med ild, og ilden skal prøve hver mands arbejde af hvad det er." Men hvorfor ikke læse hele kapitlet, please ?
Ja, jeg taler om den nylige Benghazi mord, som skete for et par år siden, som tog livet af nogle af vores bedste specialstyrker militære mænd unødvendigt, men lederne af vores amerikanske regering løjet om det hele, og forsøgte at dække over det. Men nu sandheden kommer ud, og den onde, onde løgnere skal drages til ansvar, hvis vejret nu eller latter.
Venlig hilsen
Thomas G Schuckman
Min Email: Tschuckman@aol.com

Hello  Friends,
     After I got out of the Army,  back on my Dad's farm in Wisconsin,  we both began to make our own wine instead of paying the high prices at the store, and so we studied, read, investigated and talked to others in that field and hobby.   We bought some large glass containers, called Carboys [Sp?] that held about 5 gallons, and experimented  with different fruits and juices, and we learned so much !  
        When you initially pour the juice into the container/ cask,  you must cover the juice effectively or the "bad bacteria" will get in and spoil the wine, or convert it into vinegar....  great on your salad -- but not good to drink.   And that is a science in itself !   But we bought a "fermentation lock," that  plugs out the bad air,  but allowed the inside air to escape and "breathe."   Some other folks might use a 'breathable'  cotton towel, or fabric to allow the wine to breathe---  but filters out the bad bacteria, insects, etc.    Actually, in the OT --times of Ancient Israel, in that hot climate,  if you placed a bowl/ container of GRAPE JUICE outside your dwelling, it would TURN INTO WINE all by itself,  because grapes have a naturally occurring YEAST on their outside skins that would work the juice  in to wine.   As was the custom,  Jesus also DRANK WINE !   But he never got drunk !!   The Bible does not condemn the normal, moderate consumption of Wine....  but it does condemn DRUNKENESS !!   Just read,  1st Timothy 5: 23 !      ---- So then after some time, the 'sedimentation,' or "lees" settle to the bottom, and after the proper aging time, we would siphon the wine out into smaller serving vessels or gallon jugs.   So the 'Lees' on the bottom are not to be disturbed, as they help "CLARIFY" the wine,  etc.  In other words,  the sediment on the bottom help to pull most of the impurities out of the wine, making it more a  CLEAR, Quality, product.   And you can also FILTER it into other smaller containers later, using a ladies, CLEAN, panty hose/ stocking, or some 'cheese cloth.'    I am just telling you all some simple tricks of the trade, to save you all some money.     We just found it interesting, as a hobby.   And in times of distress and poverty, the more you know --- THE BETTER OFF YOU ARE. 
      So,  too,  "Time is a Clarifier" in another sense ---  that ALL of our sins and transgressions  will certainly come to light as time goes on,  and NOTHING is really hidden from our heavenly Father,  the God of the KJV Bible !!    I can also look up that Scripture for you, if you like,  too.     [Please visit,  1st Timothy 5: 24 --- to compare]
      Just think...  when we were young,  our human parents saw through our lies and mistakes,  just as we older folks can easily see through our own children's mess ups !   How much more can our Creator see the real truth, and He can also see into the FUTURE !    Can we really lie to the people around us ?   And if we can,  what will we do at the Judgment Seat, of Holy God ?  
      Well,   I just took a hot shower, and I feel so clean.   But I also feel so clean after I have confessed my sins to the Father, and the Bible tells me that He does forgive me,  if I am honest and contrite.   Though I might be prideful before men --- I am not that way before God,  because that would be stupid, and useless.    After all,  we ought to know by now who butters our toast, and allows us to breathe in pure air.    Our Father loves the humble, contrite, heart.  

General Petraeus was and still is a hero in my opinion/ eyes, even though he fell from grace and was 'thrown under the bus' by the great liar in chief,  Mr. Wimp, who could never be an eruption on a real S0ldier's back side !     The Marines also have a super low opinion of "Mr. Wimp," too,  but that's another story....LOL.  
     I thought that the true story below was brilliantly crafted, so that the truth is finally out in the sunshine....  but it still needs to be shared all over the world !   But remember,  if true Justice isn't served now on earth,  we  KNOW  it will be set straight and served up right, in the next life.   

BTW,  about a week ago, I visited the Iron Mountain, MI., VAMC, requesting an IMPORTANT medicine from my civilian doctor at St. Mary's Hospital, in green Bay, Wisconsin, to help thin my blood, so I won't have a stroke.   And of course the back woods VA -- U.P. here in the Woods, dropped the ball again.... as I just found out today when attending another visit to re-bandage an old motorcycle injury on my Left leg.   Well,  I can just about COUNT on the VAMC up here to drop the ball, and have a wondered look on their faces, of puzzlement.    I was just a bit irate and frustrated,  but cordial, with my good manners....  trying to explain that this new medicine was very important... and a matter of life and DEATH to me !    Duh...... !   After all,  we are only disabled combat Veterans who helped defend the Freedom of America,  and the U.S. Gov't PROMISED that they would take care of us, contractually,  if and when we ever got hurt while we were in uniform.... Ha!     Well,  I know for sure that half the folks in the USA don't give a crap about the Military, as they voted of 'Hillary Clinton' that treasonous Liar !
       But... SOMEDAY, those kind of 'trash people' will have to face a Higher Judge, and account for all of their heinous crimes and sins, including Abortion !  

Have a nice day.

"Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."  ---John 14: 27.  

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman
My Email:   tschuckman@aol.com    

Here is the rest of the info on the Benghazi incident:
This being true, why are Hillary and Obama NOT being  prosecuted? 
Because no one has the guts to stand up to the "good old boy" established "CLUB".
From Wikileaks:  

       So here's the REAL story.  Amb. Stevens was sent to Benghazi in order to retrieve US made Stinger missiles supplied to Ansar al Sharia without Congressional oversight or permission. 
Hillary brokered the deal through Stevens and a private arms dealer named Marc Turi. 
Then some of the shoulder fired missiles ended up in Afghanistan and were used against our own military.
It was July 25th, 2012 when a Chinook helicopter was taken down by one of our own Stingers, but the idiot Taliban didn't arm the missile and the Chinook didn't explode, but had to land anyway.
An ordnance team recovered the serial number off the missile which led back to a cache of Stingers being kept in Qatar by the CIA. 
Obama and Hillary were now in full panic mode and Stevens was sent in to retrieve the rest of the Stingers.  This was a "do-or-die" mission, which explains the stand down orders given to multiple commando teams.
It was the State Dept, not the CIA, that supplied them to our sworn enemies, because Petraeus wouldn't approve supplying these deadly weapons due to their potential use on commercial aircraft.  Then, Obama threw Gen. Petraeus under the bus after he refused to testify that he OK'd the BS talking points about a spontaneous uprising due to a YouTube video. 
Obama and Hillary committed treason and THIS is what the investigation is all about, why she had a private server, (in order to delete the digital evidence), and why Obama, two weeks after the attack, told the UN that the attack was the result of a YouTube video, even though everyone knew it was not.
Further...the Taliban knew that this administration aided and abetted the enemy without Congressional approval when Boehner created the Select Cmte, and the Taliban began pushing the Obama Administration for the release of 5 Taliban Generals.  
Bowe Bergdahl was just a pawn...everyone KNEW he was a traitor.  So we have a traitor as POTUS that is not only corrupt, but compromised and a woman that is a serial liar, perjured herself multiple times at Congressional hearings.  Perhaps this is why no military aircraft was called in...because the administration knew our enemies had Stingers.
Forward this again and again and again until everyone reads the true story.


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