Friday, May 26, 2017

A Letter I intend to send to my local News Paper.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Folks,
   For the most part, I am happy to say that the local Iron Mtn., MI., VAMC treats me very well, usually with respect and dignity, and I always treat the Staff and Doctors with respect and kindness, too.
    Recently I had a scare with some  "chest discomfort,"  and had it checked out just to make sure, and they discovered a 'problem.'   I don't want to present all my medical infirmities, but I am age 68.     So,  they wanted me to get my condition checked out at the VAMC  in Milwaukee, WI., but I had a really bad experience there when they  totally messed up my Right knee replacement --so that now my Right leg is also 3/4 of an inch shorter than the other,  and I refused to ever go back there,  but I "elected" as is my right  to see a Professional, mature, American, doctor, at St. Mary's Hospital in Green Bay, WI., whom I do trust with my life, and he wrote a script for me after our first meeting,  for some medicine to 'thin my blood,'  [rat poison]  --Rivaroxaban.   Now...  that was 3 weeks ago, and I hand carried that script to the VA in Iron Mtn. the very next day, to the Pharmacy,  but they have been giving me the same old 'song and dance' why they STILL cannot get that Medicine for me, and it is very important, because I just do not want to have a stroke !   I have talked to them in person now -- 3 times and 3 --weeks in a row,  but they are still jerking me around with all  their 'standard baloney' that the VA has been giving many Veterans, ever since we got back from Vietnam in 1970's, and even caused the death and serious injury to many of our "brothers and sister in Arms !!"   But the past D.C. Administration always had plenty of money and care for all the Illegal Aliens who broke the Law of the Land, sneaking over our national borders !     The good President Trump has already made some positive  changes with the VA's --SOP [Standard Operating Procedure],  allowing  us Veterans to seek outside medical help if we could not  get simple satisfaction at the VA,  but the VA likes to stone wall us by saying that they have so much "red tape," and hoops to jump through....  Ha!  
    Truth be told,  the VA has been messing up our  Combat Veterans, ever since Combat Vet's like me  first set foot in their Hospital for the first time, in Milwaukee, WI., back in early 1970, in my case !  That's when the examining 'doctor' was smoking a cigarette and coughing all over me,  while he examined me..... Duh.   I understand that some hospitals are better run than others, and the one in North Chicago used to be a little "House of Horrors,"  but now they are one of the best, IMHO.  
    I used to be a Huey Helicopter 'door gunner,' in Vietnam and served 2 long tours over there, and came home by the Grace of God, worked and  retired from Chrysler,  30.5 years, in Kenosha, WI., went back to college, twice, to learn more Welding, etc.,  and now a writer, of sorts, and also post a humble  Blog:  TOM'S JOURNAL, read by many in the World.   I just want to live out the days I have left on earth with the sun in my face and the wind at my back,  thankful to be alive,  when so many of my old Army friends are on the Vietnam Wall in Washington D.C.  Indeed, there are MANY older combat Vet's who still stick together and communicate with me, yet. 
    I hope I don't get into trouble for putting this in print,   but something has to be said,  and I also speak for my other fellow Veterans, who have also suffered from the corruption and incompetence,  where ever it may be found.   I believe that this is the time to help out our President and our Country.
Thomas G. Schuckman
Norway, MI  49870.
Here is me,  Tommy Schuckman, at age 19, shortly after I got to Vietnam:  68-70, at a place called,  Cu Chi, close to the Cambodian border,  U.S. Army Aviation.
"Iron sharpens Iron."  --Proverbs 27: 17  CrazyLoyal
Disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran: 68-70
   Thomas G. Schuckman