Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Path to Victory.

Tom's Journal.

   Do you want the honest TRUTH,  or just more Baloney !   I never wanted to be misled, lied to, fed a load of bull manure or any other kind of untruth.   
     Here is one reliable way to always get the truth..... go to the EXPERT in the field that you want to study.   If you want to learn about Finance and Investments,  you would not go to a plumber or a brick layer,  would you ?   And you certainly would never go to a Banker or a Politician !!    And if you ever want to buy some Life Insurance,  NEVER buy any kind of:   "Whole Life !"   Term Insurance is the best kind.    I was licensed in both Life Ins., and also in Investments.... "Security Licensed."  6 and 66.     And as for the best investments right now...  I would certainly include physical,  Precious Metals, and NEVER, EVER, keep them in a bank or with any other person that you don't trust with your life ! 

And before you check out some so-called,  'Christian church,'  first read and study your own copy of the KJV Bible.   The NASB, would be my 2nd choice,  but there are too many "Modern Bibles" that I would never trust.   

But right now, it would be important to research the Koran about real Islam.   Never believe the Left Stream 'News Media,' for their interpretation of Islam !

Warm Regards,

Tom Schuckman 

The Path to Victory Begins with Knowing the Threat
Understanding  the Threat, by John Guandolo, June 11, 2017:
“Fight and slay the unbeliever wherever you find them, capture them and besiege them, lie in wait for them in each and every ambush.”
Koran, chapter 9, verse 5
Since 9/11/01, Americans have been told by their leaders the problem the U.S. faces from “global terrorism” has nothing to do with Islam.  The threat, so the leaders say, is from “extremists” – or some other equally useless euphemism.  Now that barbaric violence perpetrated by muslims has become commonplace around the world, the enemy’s talking points (read: information operation) have adjusted, and U.S. and other Western leaders and analysts have followed suit and adjusted as well.
Now we are told the problem is “Wahhabi Islam” or “a 7th century version of Islam” or “Salafi Islam” or muslims following a “perverted version of religion” or anything which has nothing to do with authentic doctrinal Islam.
All of these phrases used to describe the threat are meant to mislead the non-muslim community into believing there is an authentic version of Islam which is peaceful, loving and non-violent.
Actually, the Global Islamic Movement, including all sharia-adherent Islamic organizations and sharia-adherent muslims, does practice “Salafi” Islam and a “7th century version” of Islam.
The al Salaf al Salih – Salafi – are the “obedient” or “rightly-guided predecessors.”  They are those who follow the commands of Allah found in the Koran and the example of Islam’s prophet Mohammad most closely – i.e. the teachings of Islam.
7th century Islam is 21st century Islam.  There is no difference.  Those who attempt to differentiate are implying Islam has changed somewhere along the way.  This hypothesis has no support from authoritative Islamic doctrine and never will.  Muslims who do not adhere to sharia do not constitute another “version” of Islam.  These muslims, per sharia, are called “Apostates.”
While various cultures and schools of Islamic jurisprudence have variations on certain aspects of the sharia’s application in certain communities, all sharia does and always has mandated war against the non-muslim world until the entire earth is under sharia.
Islam requires all muslims to obey the Koran and the example of Islam’s prophet Mohammad.
Did Allah change his mind or make a mistake when he revealed the contents of the Koran to Mohammad?
If not, then how and when did Islam change?  It has not changed.
What did Islam’s prophet get wrong when he married a 6 year old, beheaded hundreds of Jews at the Battle of the Trench, tortured, condoned the killing of those who mocked him or commanded war against all non-muslims?
There is no place in a war plan to counter the Islamic threat for anyone articulating the threat in terms that are not clear and factual (truthful). When analysts, pundits, or “experts” claim the Islamic threat is “un-Islamic,” they are either ignorant and unfit to offer their opinion, or lying.  Both support the enemy.
The only times in history Islam has ever been “non-violent” is when non-muslim nations had the muslim ummah (global muslim community) under its boot.  There is no example in history when irrational actors fully intent on world domination were talked out of their position.
ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas, Tabligi Jamaat, Hizbollah, Islamic Jihad, Boko Haram, Abu Sayef, and all the other Islamic jihadi organizations say they are fighting jihad in the cause of Allah to establish sharia under a caliphate.
Take them at their word.  They are at war with us, therefore, we are at war with them.
A reasonable discussion about solutions can only happen when those involved in the discussion understand the problem.
In the wake of tremendous violence in Europe and the United States by muslims against non-muslims, the threat must be clearly stated by leaders.  Islam is the problem.  Islam is the threat.  Islam commands muslims to wage jihad against the non-muslim world until sharia is the law on the entire earth.  There is no other “version” of Islam
Now, all thoughtful, realistic strategies for victory must begin there, and leaders who fail to speak truth and deal with this threat in the realm of reality need to be removed for the sake of the security of free people and the the continuation of free governments.