Monday, June 19, 2017

Muslims Murder 250 Children.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Portuguese: 

Amigos e leitores,
o que um super dia activo, alguns preço salgado bola quase correu o meu amigo e eu fora da estrada hoje como eram descer de forma errada na estrada errada ! Deus era proteger-me hoje, novamente... Obrigado, Senhor !
I caiu por perder o meu saldo última noite, e puxado muitos músculos nas minhas costas e braços, mas vou ser bem em alguns dias de descanso. Devo ter mais cuidado a partir de agora, com a idade de 68.
Eu sei que muitos de vós pessoas tenham uma boa educação e assim eu gostaria amor para ouvir a partir de alguns de vós, em breve.
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Tom Schuckman

Hello  Friends,
   Few things make me more sick and disheartened than criminals who love to hurt, kill, murder and butcher innocent women and children....   but there are other sins of "omission," that are swept under the rug, denied, covered up, by HYPOCRITES in high places all over the world ! !   I think that it's high time that WE Christians finally say something  and demand that physical action be taken by not only our Gov't but all the other countries in the world --- or we should stop giving our money to the U.N., and other goofy money sucking hordes, orgs.,   and entities !    Those kind of people are mostly part of the NWO Elite,  anyway, and would turn on us like mad dogs,  anyway.   We could best spend that precious money else where to MAGA !   Spend some of it on LEO's  and to help our wounded, Disabled combat Veterans, instead.  

Far from a 'religion of Peace,'  the Islamic faith sponsors hatred, violence and barbarism !   Their history goes back so far into the past,  and if they are not starting new wars with their neighbors,  they love to kill each other !    Most of their people are illiterate, and they also marry their cousins, and are an inbred race of humans.... sorry,  but it's the truth.  
      For these reasons, the 'powers that be' have blocked some of my serious, truthful, Blog posts in the USA.   But then,  Satan HATES THE TRUTH, and so do all his servants and followers.   Nothing new there.... LOL.   

Well,  my girl friend and I were just traveling to Iron Mountain, Michigan, today, when a black vehicle came rushing at us in the wrong lane of a separated highway, and they almost killed us !   I swerved into the right hand lane instantly and avoided them,  but I was totally in-nerved, and startled,  big time !    And it dawned on me,  that just as the book of James says,  "Life is a Vapor."    We could have been dead in a heart beat, or hurt very badly !  
     And so,  what if we were not in a close relationship with Jesus Christ and didn't have the Holy Spirit in us and God's Grace ?    I am not ashamed of my Lord,  Jesus Christ, nor my hard won years of Bible study.    I owe Father God so much, including the forgiveness of all my sins,  past, present and future  ---- made possible by the ransom death of Jesus on the cross ! !    

Muslims Horrifically Murder 250 Children, but the UN Silences the Investigation


Last year the Muslim terrorists of ISIS  undertook a horrific massacre of innocents when they rounded up 250 young children and 6 young adults and murdered them in a bakery.

What makes the tragedy even more disturbing is that world leaders at the United Nations have refused to acknowledge the atrocity, they’ve refused to publicize the horror to the world, and they’ve refused to bring justice to the murdered children.
The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), along with their affiliate the European Center for Law and Justice (ECLJ) appeared before the UN Human Rights Council this past week in an effort to shed light on this situation and on the plight of Christians throughout the Middle East.

Thank you Mr. President,
In February of 2017, the ECLJ submitted its second written and oral testimony to this Council requesting that the United Nations (U.N.) join other international bodies and publically proclaim that Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq and Syria are victims of genocide and deserving of international assistance and protection. Yet again, this body has remained silent while the Islamic State (“ISIS”) has continued its barbaric work.
The actions of ISIS against Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq and Syria clearly embody the definition of genocide as enshrined in the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. The ISIS campaign to destroy these religious minorities and decimate their homelands and cultures undoubtedly meets the definition of genocide, and as long as the UN does not recognize it as such, these vulnerable groups remain unprotected and in peril.
We got the report of  a Christian Syrian woman who saw “‘Christians being killed and tortured, and . . . children being beheaded in front of their parents’”. She said, “250 children . . . were put in the dough mixer, they were kneaded. The oldest one of them was four-years-old”. ISIS tortured a boy while demanding his father and two others renounce Christianity, before executing all four by crucifixion. Eight Christian women were publically raped and beheaded. There are “mass graves of Christians”
The victims of ISIS’s genocide deserve the recognition and protection of the international community. It is imperative that the U.N. acknowledge the ISIS campaign for what it is – genocide – end these atrocities, and seek justice for the victims.
While the ECLJ calls for swift and decisive action by the international community to stop the genocide and protect the victims, it also understands that first the U.N. must recognize that the atrocities constitute genocide.
The ECLJ’s “statement calls upon the U.N. to declare that the atrocities carried out by ISIS against Christians and other religious minorities are genocide.  The victims of these acts of genocide desperately need recognition, protection, and support from the international community.”
Once again the Muslim terrorists of ISIS have managed to find new ways to shock and horrify us all, and the “leaders” of the free world stand idly by and allow it to happen. Even worse, they don’t simply ignore what is happening, they refuse to speak out (or better yet, act out) against the horrors.


Onan Coca

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